06:00:39 Kas | Gen | Shoto

Bro I suck ass at BE training
06:00:16 KitKat/Stalker 1
-WP Click-
Shall I make an alliance? Please give me alliance name ideas!

so close to a good idea list^^ need a few more!
05:59:47 Ken~Kennedy
apperantly BE training is really needed. When I advertise, I get like 20 messages XD
05:59:02 Kas | Gen | Shoto

Haha same, but not much I can do/offer is really interesting xD
Interstellar Sun
05:58:17 Stellar, Yin, Fluff
Can she get some paws? -WP Click-
05:58:10 Ken~Kennedy
Any want ads, I immediatlhy notice XD
Sweetwater River
05:57:48 river/sweet/swater
05:57:31 Kas | Gen | Shoto

Lol great! I wasn't expecting it to be noticed so soon.
05:56:31 Ken~Kennedy
Oh! I was actually asking for your ad XD
05:56:24 Canis Dirus
anyone PvP?
Pack King
05:56:21 Lauren | PK
-WP Click-
New Literate mutant wolf/animal roleplay!

Sign ups open and lots of high ranking places still available please come have a look we still need a lot of roles filled!
Icywolve pack
05:56:14 Icy/Prime
Can be high quality as well
05:56:12 Ken~Kennedy
i mean in the game XD, as in HQ females.
05:56:09 Kas | Gen | Shoto
High quality:)
Interstellar Sun
05:56:03 Stellar, Yin, Fluff
Interstellar Sun
05:55:59 Stellar, Yin, Fluff
:0 Ohhh~ Im so hapy.
05:55:51 Pickles <3
head quarters, i think?-
Icywolve pack
05:55:25 Icy/Prime
-WP Click-
Wolf rp many spots are still open
Interstellar Sun
05:54:58 Stellar, Yin, Fluff
I know.
Broken Archangel
05:54:51 Samael ,Flawed
Yin go to breeding and got to pelt color


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    Design an OC // Open! November 25, 2020 09:48 AM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62255
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This does end today!! TODAY at 11:59 GT. I can not offer anymore extensions, so be sure to get your entries in by 11:59 GT!
Design an OC // Open! November 1, 2020 02:24 PM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62255
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I've been wanting to expand my little pack of oc wolves.

Right now I have

Xavian, Quinn, Marsala.... and that's about it.

I have also been wanting something that's interesting to redraw for me as anthro. I want to get into a bit more anthro drawing. But Xavian and Quinn just don't work for me like that.

So! I'm turning to all of you.

There will be ONE real winner.
I'm only selecting one design to keep. All the others can be sold off, reused, etc.


The prize is drumrollllll

2K mush and 1 Apple

It's not much because I'm not looking for a complicated design. But, it will go up the more entires I get.


As for Things I like / Don't like:

Neon / Pastel colors are a no. I don't mind vibrant colors but nothing eye bleeding.

Wings and Horns are a no.

Scarfs... yeah okay I'll let this one slide. I dont mind a scarf / necklace. But other than that, probably no gear.

I will be uploading this character to TH so I need a good way to credit the winner.

It has to be a wolf or canine. I'm not looking for a cat / etc. A wolf, Jackal, fox, etc. something blatantly canine. ... probably extra points for a Jackal, cause they're kinda cool, ngl.

Other than the WP art credit rules...?

go hog wild.

This will end: Nov. 25th 2020!

Edited at November 11, 2020 09:18 PM by Blue Stargazer
Design an OC // Open! November 1, 2020 02:26 PM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62255
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- Are you okay with f2U lines? || I am alright with line-art as long as I know / can credit back to the line-art artist.

- Are you looking for a Ref sheet? || As of right now? Not particularly. I won't be disqualifying entries that do include a full ref sheet, but just a simple fullbody would be alright with me.

- How many entries can we have? || There's no limit. But only one design will win.





- Adora (2) pg. 1

- Suchan pg. 2

- Amber Pack pg. 2

- starstomore pg. 2


Edited at November 21, 2020 10:57 AM by Blue Stargazer
Design an OC // Open! November 1, 2020 02:31 PM

Posts: 362
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mind if i enter?
You can use my toyhouse for credit lol

Edited at November 1, 2020 02:36 PM by suchan
Design an OC // Open! November 1, 2020 02:37 PM

Posts: 41
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What does TH mean?
I would like to enter as well.
Design an OC // Open! November 1, 2020 03:02 PM

Posts: 2466
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I'll enter!!

-are you ok with a f2u lineart?
-are you looking for a ref sheet?
Design an OC // Open! November 1, 2020 03:07 PM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62255
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Entering is open for anyone as long as they follow the rules.

@RavenShadow It's like a character hosting site.


I'm alright with f2U lines as long as I know how to link back to the original artist.

As for full ref sheet? Not particularly, just like a fullbody that's all. Something I can go off of when I draw them.

Design an OC // Open! November 3, 2020 06:59 PM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62255
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I've made a small adjustment to things. This character can be anything canine as long as it resembles something along the lines of a wolf/wolf-like creature.
Design an OC // Open! November 4, 2020 12:42 PM

Posts: 380
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I'd love to enter this!
Design an OC // Open! November 4, 2020 07:58 PM

Blue Stargazer
Posts: 62255
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Lovely! I can't wait to see!

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