Duskfall Hill
11:33:43 Dusky
Ah crap I have 13 days until my Premium runs out.

I got fired ;w; why must you do this WP, I must save my mons but I'm being tempted D;
11:33:04 Blu

Ohhhh. Hmm, so it sounds like it's hormonally developed, to some degree. Very interesting.

Okay, since this is essentially a Q&A, how do I bond with my rabbit better?
He's really opened up and gotten very vibrant since we first got him, and his sound-tolerance is outstanding, but he still gets a little nervous if I approach him intending to pet him (it kind of depends on the day though).
I've been trying to do some neutrality training, just standing super close to him but not interacting.
Ivory Shadows
11:32:45 Ivory

Oh completely, the only calm nice ones I have met are my cousins who has a showmanship buck and my moms who was handled so much as a baby it use to sit on the shoulder of whoever was holding it
Wolves of Alagaesia
11:32:12 Dragon of WP
Flemish giants are huge. Not my favorite breed. If I could get another I'd have to get a mini rex again.
Mafia Queen
11:31:12 Dinglefritz

Oh my gosh. Netherlands are Satan's children.
~Non Sequiter~
11:31:06 Can
Mafia Queen
11:30:48 Dinglefritz

It's just how we've bred them, for the most part. Like Rex fur goes backwards. XD Flemish giants aren't the most athletic, either, so some of it is just fat, since they're a meat breed.
Ivory Shadows
11:30:25 Ivory

Small = Angry for half of them lol. They get really pissy if not handled enough. They are beautiful though. My friend has a Rew Buck Brit and he is gorgous.


It is like a roll of skin with maybe a little fat but it is mostly a roll of fur lol. Depends on when the rabbit is spayed. Some do because its in genetics but Im not 100% positive. I dont have a lot of experience with spayed or neutered rabbits because they are unshowable.
Oh, my freaking God.

I have 'Once I was seven years old' in my head, and when I got to 'children that can bore me' I found a flippin' boar.
Mafia Queen
11:30:03 Dinglefritz

My buck is super outgoing, so it's hard to get him to stay still. But I've handled him since he was a couple weeks old, so he lets me mess with him pretty fine. ^^
11:29:36 Blu

Hot diggity damn, those are some thick buns.

Very interesting... so, why do male Flemish giants grow them, too? When, like, bucks don't usually care for kits?
Wolves of Alagaesia
11:29:30 Dragon of WP
Wolves of Alagaesia
11:28:54 Dragon of WP
My girl was easy to set up. But in guess it was because she was super shy. She would hide in the back of the cage at fair week. She did get best senior and best opposite. And best of her verity.
Duskfall Hill
11:28:44 Dusky
They also do it sometimes when they aren't even pregnant because rabbits are horny little things :')
Hmm. Do people do auctions for jasmines?
there isn't fat behind it, However it does have loose skin behind it
Shadows At Twilight
11:28:18 Dark envelops you...
-WP Click-
Gear/decor ideas?
11:28:16 Blu

Dang. I guess we could watch Home Alone again?


Ope, my bad, you right - you right.
Mafia Queen
11:28:10 Dinglefritz
Females use them to pull out fur to line nests when they're pregnant. They grow them regardless of spay status
Mafia Queen
11:27:35 Dinglefritz
Some breeds have dewlaps as requirements for both genders, though. Like Flemish Giants


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