Coral river
09:55:37 coral, river, mother
skeleton thats not so much fun yelling petrifies me
09:54:52 they/he/it α
yep. just hope i can get through this playlist before my mom wakes up to scream at me
Coral river
09:53:16 coral, river, mother
skeleton that sounds fun lol
09:52:54 they/he/it α
listening to low quality lyric videos so this problematic creator doesn't get paid for my listening but i can still cure my brain rot
Coral river
09:52:11 coral, river, mother
ghost im waiting to throw up have had the feeling all day and it wont just happen so itll either go away or happen
09:49:19 Ω Forseance
Ghost Eater
The puppo knows your weaknesses and she uses them to get benefits lol
Ghost Eater
09:47:56 Ω Hunting Souls
coral mother
im pretty ok ^^
how are you?
Coral river
09:46:16 coral, river, mother
ghost how are you by the way i wasnt reading names lol
Ghost Eater
09:45:26 Ω Hunting Souls
honestly ;-;
i can't bring myself to take it back from her, she looks so comfy
09:43:50 Woof,Hermit,Luci
heyo people
09:43:42 Ω Forseance
Ghost Eater
The puppo is to strong
09:42:55 Oki, Ki, Stupid1
FMC starts tomorrow! I'm so excited ^-^
Ghost Eater
09:42:35 Ω Hunting Souls
my blanket is being stolen by pupper again >.>
Coral river
09:42:31 coral, river, mother
the fact that all i have running threw my head is this is halloween
Coral river
09:42:05 coral, river, mother
oh nooo my brain went into spooky time ideas now im trapped lol
Ghost Eater
09:41:40 Ω Hunting Souls
desti's back?
hi desti!!
glad your eye is at least some what better ^^
Dead Space
09:41:28 Space
Hell yeah! Spooky time °^°
Coral river
09:40:50 coral, river, mother
its so hard to choose i kinda wanna do something with a jack o lantern theme
09:39:59 Ω Forseance
Destinations End
That is really good that the swelling has gone down to where you can read chat again ^^
Coral river
09:38:43 coral, river, mother
rave you know i can do a raven lol ill get a sketch started after i throw up


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Chained Anarchy Alliance Chat August 5, 2022 11:09 AM

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Thank you everyone that is participating in the AvA battles! You are all doing great <3
Chained Anarchy Alliance Chat August 5, 2022 06:44 PM

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Omg same.

Shadows Paradox said:
I gotta say the AvA is arguably my favorite activity within the alliance.

Chained Anarchy Alliance Chat August 9, 2022 01:19 PM

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Hey guys! ^-^
I'm now open for BE training if anyone's in need. The alliance will have a slight discount! Pm me for further information.
Chained Anarchy Alliance Chat September 2, 2022 08:15 AM

Iron Pack
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Hey! Does anyone want my wolves Swaying Flower or Stealthy Fox or Dawn of the Sky? I'm putting them up for auction, but just wanted to check if any of you wanted a discount.

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