Cheshire Cat
04:22:31 The Patriot
-WP Click-
Honeybee falls
04:22:02 Stormy, Mitsuki
Pikachu, true that
04:21:15 Denki, Pichu
Remember kiddos, if you don't like who you are, you're always one traumatic experience away from being a completely different person! :D
Twist Of Fate
04:20:47 is she back?
We just have a half dozen little plants in a metal tub. It's just their first year, but we did get a handful of berries.
04:20:01 Quad
I think the horned worms are something I feed to my lizard. They're expensive too. Shoulda sent them to me, lol. Also I need some of those strawberry skills, mine never took off and I finally yanked them last year.
Pudding Cup
04:19:57 Road Work Ahead?
Maybe you can use some variation? Use a specific kind of opal gemstone, perhaps.
Twist Of Fate
04:19:28 is she back?
There's not a faerie. Or a rose...
Twist Of Fate
04:18:39 is she back?
And also a fern
Twist Of Fate
04:18:22 is she back?
Oof yeah there's an opal u.u
Different Times
04:18:10 Spell's Puppet/Kerm

All I've drawn today is an ink sketch thingy of my OC Emily XD she's a harpy/human hybrid
Honeybee falls
04:16:50 Stormy, Mitsuki
I want to and I hope to
Pudding Cup
04:15:29 Road Work Ahead?
I have doubt that there is a Opal around. But I could check if you'd like, it's a simple yet pretty name idea. :)
Rebellious Tribe
04:15:26 Rebel

Yes, draw a beast >:3
Twist Of Fate
04:15:22 is she back?
I've never had a slug problem except in my strawberries, but a few years ago we had a problem with horned tomato worms... o.o Those suckers look mean... And thry'll kill a plant overnight.
04:13:49 Starlord, Relient K

So pretty
04:13:46 Quad
Oh I was out there picking them off and salting them at one point. Slimy plant munching demons. They like to attack at night though.
Honeybee falls
04:13:34 Stormy, Mitsuki
rebellious, now i want to draw a beast
Twist Of Fate
04:13:17 is she back?
I dunno how many of those names are taken >.<
04:13:14 Wolf_Rescuer
I am drawing Warrior cats OC's
04:13:09 Denki, Pichu
-WP Click-
His eyesss... I wanna just get lost in how blue they look next to his coat...


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