04:26:09 Pissed Ostrich
-WP Click-

04:26:02 Rubberband Man
Motherfucking headphones are broken, or it's my computer port, which is even worse. I hope I still have warranty...
Alfred F. Jones
04:25:55 America (Lord Salt)
-WP Click-
I'm supposed to be saving my mushrooms, but damn it, he was worth the money-
04:25:42 Navy.Lucid.Pizza
Stretch. I know right! Hopefully the rest of this week is atleast half as good. The end of last week was a wreck.
04:25:41 ET, Orbit
You got a pelt defect and retired it lmao
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:25:01 Dragon of WP
I kept all 3 but i had hoped for a defect or 2.
04:24:51 Rubberband Man

that's great!!
Destinations End
04:24:13 Desti
Cool :3
Leopard Lover
04:24:08 Leopard, LL
..I love those :o
Give me sammiches and you'll have the most restful sleep
04:24:01 Navy.Lucid.Pizza
Wow, you guys... 0.0
I had a successful and positive trip to Red Lobster....
No fakes, or people trying to distract Franklyn, or access issues. Might go back there soon.
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:23:54 Dragon of WP
I got 3 limonites from Wolf Party this morning.
Sour Demon
04:23:48 grrr liam
rainbow- no wonder your ear almost died! So would it be okay to jump to 14g then..? idk.
Destinations End
04:23:37 Desti
And I'd only keep them if bred xD

Any custom I ever make will be all common
04:23:36 TS
I always get either rare, dynamic, uncommon bases or noses or eyes, i usually just retire them
04:23:13 Eon/Coo
What Plot should i Go with for an RP?
-WP Click-
The Rainbow Pride
04:22:47 Gothy
You don't really feel that one, there isn't much of a different between the 16g and 14g in my opinion. But then again I went from the 14g to a 00 xD
Demon ~ yeah I suppose so but people not buying better wolves in trade means more of the good ones end up in sanctuary and the players don't get the mush. Like it's mad, I have some real pretty looking wolves which I picked up for absolute peanuts xD
Sour Demon
04:22:40 grrr liam
I don't trust ebay ;-;. They could be used or something.. There's a body jewelry shop that I'm looking at and they recommend steel always? gah
Destinations End
04:22:32 Desti
The only noncommon pelts I'd personally keep are bonfire, lemonite, time and travertine
Vox Nihili
04:22:03 Vox
@ Zodiac

I have no idea what arby's is but beef sounds neat :>


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