12:42:26 Alli | Oldie
Go Jú :DD
Serial Dreamer
139 BE to go. x.x
-WP Click-
Pup 79 snarls at Covo as they get too close to their meal.

I just found m replacement alpha

Scroll down to “breed” on the wolf you want to put up for stud. It cant be an alpha.
Angel's Paradise
12:39:00 *Angel noises*
pvp anyone?
argent et noir
12:38:34 blanks.
12:38:32 ET, Orbit
Glowy markings are always fun. :D
If it looks odd above the lineart, try lowering the opacity a little. That usually helps me.
12:38:19 They/Them - V - Rat
I keep poofing. ;-;
Midnight Moira
12:38:18 Midnight, EU Badger

Lovely! I love it when avatars are so unique!
Too bad I can't get one since I have 2 mush left in my account :I
How do I put a wolf up for stud?
12:37:35 Cue || Ciuin
Hallbjorns, i know right *^*

Midnight, yep! It's my pack mascot/OC, Ciúin. :)
-WP Click-
I really wish he were female but then it’ll mess up my 1G pack
Midnight Moira
12:36:43 Midnight, EU Badger

Is the avatar albino?
12:36:23 Sheila|Angela|EL
Scun, I honestly love their art so much - I can't even. I had to pay extra because I couldn't bare only paying 400 mush.
Midnight Moira
12:36:06 Midnight, EU Badger

Hi friend! How's it going?
Panic! at My Romance
12:35:53 Lombre-Ragu-Cello
Ooh rings and back markings may be nice

It looks alright above the lineart, I have to fix it up a bit though
Warriors Of Dawn
12:35:52 Oof
I love it!
12:35:14 Cue || Ciuin
New avatar. ;u;
hi ^^ good, how are you?
Ugh, I've had SUCH bad luck with the parovirus. My entire team has been infected at one time or another and it's getting hard to keep up :/


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☠ Macabre Morgue ☠ January 24, 2018 12:05 PM

Vox Nihili
Posts: 2173
After our 1000th win, it's really time to create our very forum ^^

This Club is for Morgue Dwellers a.k.a members of the Macabre Morgue Alliance (Non-members who really like the theme of the Alliance are welcome as well).

Chitchat about dark stuff you like, Alliance related things, tactics, socialize in general and share your opinions and ideas!

We're also going to have contests and giveaways here, so I recommend bookmarking/subscribing for all members!

Perks offered by our generous members:

- Akugitsune328 #204590 : Free food, free breedings to non custom males, 50% discount from custom male breedings (PM them after the breeding with the stud's name!).
- ilannaq #222973: 15% off their art.
- Hoodie #229217 : 50% off from chimera breedings, free breedings to other males.
- Panic! at My Romance #172010 : 20% off art shop sales.
- blood demons #55503 : 50% discount breedings.

Edited at August 12, 2019 03:18 PM by Vox Nihili
☠ Macabre Morgue ☠ January 24, 2018 12:06 PM

Vox Nihili
Posts: 2173
"Nothing beats the smell of freshly made black coffee mixed with the lingering scent of decomposition and formaldehyde!"
- Cadaveria during her morning routine.

Your OC meets Cadaveria!

We're having another contest. It was bloody time, I know, and I apologize for being such a lazy bum :D

This time you should create an artwork or a piece of writing about your OC and Cadaveria, our beloved mascot. I encourage everyone to participate; don't be shy, you don't have to be a top-notch artist or a talented writer, just give it a shot, I'd like to see as many entries as possible!

This is Cadaveria :
She looks exactly like in her image (her stuff and carrion crows included); you can read her bio to get a basic idea about her personality. If you'd like to see an example of her speaking, go to page 42 and see the post where she announced the winners of our previous contest :)


- There will be two categories; artwork and creative writing. You can enter either or both. Enter as many pieces as you want.

- If you're going with the art, you should draw your OC along with Cadaveria. Your work may be digital or traditional or a photo manipulation, you can use any style though I'll obviously prefer something that goes well with the Macabre theme. A bit of humor is appreciated though. All Wolfplay art rules apply; credit your image, no tracing or art theft is allowed, and if you're using lines or stock images, make sure the source is free to use from a WP approved site and credit them properly.

- If you're entering creative writing, you should write a short story, a poem, a flash fiction or a little role-play post (you'll play both Cadaveria and your OC) or anything, really... about your character meeting Cadaveria. The setup, setting, plot and style are all up to you but keep it at least a bit Macabre. Morbid humor is always welcome. :) Again, all Wolfplay rules apply.

- Your OC can be almost anything; one of your wolves, your role-play character, your sona, any animal or creature you'd like. If you entered the '"Assistant Mortician Wanted" contest, feel free to use the same wolf again, now as a Morgue worker.

- Your OC however can't be fandom-related at all and if you enter the artwork category, it can't be human or too human-like as human art isn't allowed on the site.

- Post all your entries here in our forum.

- Got any questions? PM me or post them here :>


1st place: 3 apples (per category) + a surprise.
All participants get a surprise; it might be mush, gear, decor or a valuable relic.
I might add more prizes if there are enough participants.


24. July 30. July (extended).

Edited at July 23, 2019 01:00 PM by Vox Nihili
☠ Macabre Morgue ☠ January 25, 2018 12:28 PM

Serial Dreamer
Forum Moderator
Posts: 838
Greetings, fellow Morgue Dwellers!

I'm Serial Dreamer, and I've been on the site for quite a while. My pack is very Dominance-oriented, and I primarily breed for CH, weight, Vitals and beauty, also occasionally breeding for Rarity.

As someone who is very interested in psychology, I enjoy spending my free time researching about it - especially about the darker aspects of the human mind. I'm also a fan of crime dramas, so if you have any you'd recommend, do let me know. xD

I'm not the most social person in the world and don't like getting random PMs, but any and all Morgue Dwellers are welcome to shoot me a PM if they need help with anything or just want to chat. I promise I don't bite, all I ask is that you don't just send me a 'hi', lol.
Fellow Morgue Dwellers get discounts in sales and breedings from me, just PM me before buying/breeding. I will also give away free food if anyone needs it. I don't breed my females out, but don't be afraid to PM me about my males - I often forget to put them up. :D
As an avid explorer, I often have a lot of leftover items and will on occasion give away things like Jasmine and Toucan Feathers. ^^

I would love to learn more about you all as well! <3

As a little extra note, I think it would be great to see more art contests in the future if there's enough interest from the others! :)

Edited at January 25, 2018 03:08 PM by Serial Dreamer
☠ Macabre Morgue ☠ January 25, 2018 02:57 PM

Posts: 117
Greetings fellow Morgue Dwellers!

I am Whisperers. I have played Wolfplay before, I was second commander (kind of :D) in the Garou Nation Alliance under Vox a few years ago. Now she woke me from my slumber and here I am again to help digging graves. :)

I don't talk or write too much but happy to help if anyone needs me.

My pack is efficiency oriented. I don't think I have too many wolves with clean heritage or high rarity but they are strong in explore and the pack is slowly climbing up in the dominance ladder. Most of the warriors are DH and new SV pups are coming every game year to dominate. :)

Im not an artist but usually try my best to take part in every kind of contests. In my humble opinion all alliances need activities and goals they can work for and reach together. Without it we are just lone strangers. This is why I support every kind of contests and ideas.

Sooo... Our next contest should be a guessing one. Guess the date when we reach number one position on the Top Alliances Leaderboard. ;)

Edited at January 25, 2018 03:11 PM by Whisperers
☠ Macabre Morgue ☠ January 25, 2018 05:39 PM

Vox Nihili
Posts: 2173
Thanks Dreamers and Whisperers for your introductions, I hope many will follow your example ^^

Sooo... a bit about myself. Like Whisperers already mentioned, this isn't my first pack, I joined first in game year 24 as Árnyurak (and Red Talons and Industrial Wolves) and used to be the leader of The Garou Nation, maybe some older members recall the name, it was a badass and active Alliance and climbed up to a pretty good place on the leaderboards... whelp, and then I disappeared and my old packs died and so did the Garou Nation. RIP.

When I was reborn as Vox and got used to all the changes introduced to WP during my hiatus, I set my main goals: to have a very efficient all battle wolf Pack and to make another badass Alliance with lots and lots of wins.
I eventually succeeded in both ^^ Most things about my WP-related activity can be found in my bio, so I won't repeat myself.

Why Macabre Morgue ? I simply like alliterations and all sorts of dark and twisted things. >:)
I'm interested in everything related to thanatology and in exploring the darker sides of the psyhce - human experiments, serial killers, torture, warfare, psychopathy and all kinds of stuff that are very non PG-13 so I should probably stop here. I like macabre art, gore and everything gothic (architecture, literature and the music subculture as well :3), dark and thought-provoking films (thriller, sci-fi, psychological horror, psychological drama, weird arthouse films) and similar books and I absolutely love a plethora of various dark music genres. I also have a very morbid sense of humor (I tone it down because PG-13 and stuff), I'm very nocturnal and... yeah, you get the point.
So I figured I might as well make an Alliance for the like-minded. =)

Some of you are probably here because of the activity and the strength of the Morgue, not because its theme and it's perfectly fine, I hope Morgue Dwellers will work together to make MM better, stronger, fiercer and generally an Alliance you're enjoying to be part of, that's why I constantly poke ya all for feedback and ideas. :3

@ Whisperers: I'd say it's kinda impossible but hey, let's be optimistic and assume it's gonna happen :D

Edited at January 25, 2018 11:21 PM by Vox Nihili
☠ Macabre Morgue ☠ January 25, 2018 05:51 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Hello, Moruges!

I, am certainty not one of you. But my younger sister likes this kind of stuff. I dont know why.

Help me so i can talk to her.

☠ Macabre Morgue ☠ January 25, 2018 05:54 PM

Vox Nihili
Posts: 2173

TheThreePines said:
Hello, Moruges!

I, am certainty not one of you. But my younger sister likes this kind of stuff. I dont know why.

Help me so i can talk to her.


Just let her explore whatever dark stuff she's into and don't treat her like a freak for it ^^
☠ Macabre Morgue ☠ January 25, 2018 06:02 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
She is basically an emo with color

☠ Macabre Morgue ☠ January 25, 2018 06:11 PM

Vox Nihili
Posts: 2173

TheThreePines said:
She is basically an emo with color

I'm not into emo music/fashion but hey, it's perfectly okay. =) If your only problem with her is a music/fashion subculture, it means ya don't have a problem at all :3


Morgues tend to be particularly helpful in these situations xDDD
☠ Macabre Morgue ☠ January 26, 2018 04:05 AM

Posts: 820
Hello! I'm Finch.
I allow free breeding fees to my males and discount to my females or tribe mates. I like for my pack to be clean line, low in generation and have at least more talent or more rarity (one over the other).
Since I live in another part of the world I may not be online at the same time, so patience is key when trying to get a hold of me, but feel free to message me whenever you like.
I don't really role play anymore, so I won't respond in that type of response. I'm usually on my phone since I don't pay for internet at my home, but when I visit family I take my laptop so if it's something art for the next contest I'm not sure if I'd be able to, but it's perfecty fine with me, I like watching others have a blast!

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