Long Lake Pack
06:16:45 Rainy, Dear
hi yalls
06:16:38 Z, Chai
luc- ah dont know that show... sorry ^^ umm i dont have lucid dreams but i reality shift. also i dont know how much the song would even be worth once i finish it XD
Lucid Insanity
06:15:24 Luc
Wow, interesting. Dreams are interesting. Ever had a lucid dream?

Noice, songs are nice. Ask for the payment.

I'm watching House M.D. It's a pretty good show.
06:12:25 Z, Chai
luc- nothing much.. had an argument with my dad about my dreams... but i finished writing a song and now im writing a song for someone else but im hoping to ask for payment although i dunno if that would be rude ^^' what show are you watching?
Lucid Insanity
06:11:20 Luc
Doing pretty spiffy. I'm watching a show and I ate some Nella wafers. It's been a pretty good day. What have you been up to?
Just A Dreamer
06:10:35 Chip
-WP Click-

Paws? And coat opinions. Should I add an ugly Bree dye that'll probably cost me a week of horse feed
06:09:41 anti-social soul
I just realized I accidentally bred a wolf I had up for sale :/
06:09:03 Z, Chai
luc- im good ^^ you?
Lunar eyes
06:08:50 Lunar, moon
Esme of pack Peaceful Vengeance gossips with Melatisim, Dh sire.
What? How?
Lucid Insanity
06:08:05 Luc
good evening folks. How goes it?
Bloody hell I haven't been online in a while lol
Queen of War
06:03:25 Queen
I actually went through one stage where I bid on all the no bid wolves in the sanctuary.
06:03:10 Evo
Thought I'd gotten rid of a wolf I really wanted gone in an auction but instead the high bid came from someone whos den was full :)
06:02:41 Friday/Fridge
Your wolves played: Shattered Crystal accidentally knocks over a pup with its tail.

I...what the Chunky Monkey?
06:02:40 Amoux
Queen of War
06:01:37 Queen
he has a bid now
Dusk Till Dawn
06:01:15 Dawn
Your wolves played: Pup 78 sees a human's house and backs away carefully.

what are you doing?
06:00:44 Amoux
I feel bad for subaru he's been in the sanctuary for 2 days now with no bids :c
06:00:41 Z, Chai
hey how is everyone ^^
05:58:44 mulberry ~ verzuwu
i just remembered that one time when chat froze for a solid 15 minutes


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Where would I put up that I'm looking for a co rp host? September 23, 2020 02:10 PM

Lunar eyes
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Where would I put the above request?
Where would I put up that I'm looking for a co rp host? September 23, 2020 02:14 PM

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You can do that in the want ads or in plain roleplay. You could also put it on your page.
Where would I put up that I'm looking for a co rp host? September 23, 2020 02:15 PM

Lunar eyes
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Ok thanks

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