05:55:11 anti-social soul

Get you an autosave feature man q-q

It looks good though!
05:54:50 mulberry ~ verzuwu
bagel ghost

at least you can eyedropper from the screenshot!
Just A Dreamer
05:54:20 Chip
I feel lucky I wanna try WP but don't wanna face heartbreak again
Rebel's rein
05:54:06 Bagel ghost thing
Great so I just finished this peice and took a screenshot real quick but then when I went to leave I forgot to save so now I have to recolor it all again

Leopard Lover
05:53:36 Leopard, LL
If you have only one alpha then you can't breed the wolf. Other than that nothing really happens.
Forgotten Memories
05:53:12 Don't Judge, Accept
Yin~ I did.
Im good, you?
Golden Creek
05:53:01 Evening
What happens if you only have one alpha left? Anyone know?
05:52:54 anti-social soul

Alright, see ya later!
05:52:34 anti-social soul
Hey Desti
Blood Demons
05:52:31 Blood
Thats good you can do it I believe in you and awesome, I have a lot of saving to do

I gotta go but talk to you another day :)
05:51:49 anti-social soul

Oo they're both beautiful!
Can I snatch Em? xD
I need to get some decor, my wolves are all naked :>
Destinations End
05:51:30 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Hey again
05:50:43 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- Vote comment
05:50:16 anti-social soul

I haven't won any but I usually place around 10th in the howling portion, I want to try and participate in all of them this round

I'm really gonna work on improving my art over the next month so take your time ^^

Yin and Yang
05:49:28 #3 Floofin
Can someone PM me? Please be okay with me ranting. Anyways, how is everyone?
Forgotten Memories
05:49:19 Don't Judge, Accept
I mean, like i said before, Bear's getting there. :'(
Just A Dreamer
05:48:34 Chip
-WP Click-

This will forever be my favorite albino
Queen of War
05:48:07 Queen
Yup, I sure hope( maybe) an important wolf dies soon so they can Rest In Peace ( i don’t really)
Forgotten Memories
05:47:17 Don't Judge, Accept
Queen, and Bear's Useless kids!
Black Swan
05:47:14 Swan Swannity Swan
My favorites are these two special girls <3 The albino has a black undercoat, and the mela has a white undercoat
-WP Click-
-WP Click-


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Restarting Exploring Levels September 18, 2020 11:27 AM

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I want to go back to forest level 1, but anytime I go back to it it doesn't save my progress. Am I doing anything wrong? Please help.
Restarting Exploring Levels September 18, 2020 12:48 PM

Dulling Melodies
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nope! You just cant save on lower levels :)
Restarting Exploring Levels September 21, 2020 09:42 AM

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Aw man! Thanks for the help!

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