Pickle Rose
07:23:22 The things

Pm a mod with a screenshot as proof then let them handle it
07:23:11 Detective Vale
ok! thanks!
07:22:45 Callie, Spider Lover
Take a screenshot and PM it to a mod
07:22:44 Eternity, ET
Screenshot it and send it to Dash Attacked.
07:21:57 Detective Vale
how do I report weird creepy mail to a mod?
Pack Alpha
07:21:43 Alpha // Jo
Blue-Wow why not go to sleep.
Blue and Gold
07:18:52 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~

Thats nice, im super tired, as its 5:18am
Pack Alpha
07:17:56 Alpha // Jo
Blue-Im feeling actually much better today to be honest.
Maenads Of The Stars
07:17:42 Strai | Celestia
Morning folks
Blue and Gold
07:17:04 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~

Good, what about you?
07:16:28 Eternity, ET
Aren't you supposed to link to the artist's account with that lineart?
Pack Alpha
07:16:20 Alpha // Jo
Blue-Hello, how are you
Blue and Gold
07:15:09 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~
Hey Jo
Pack Alpha
07:13:20 Alpha // Jo
Hello Guys
bea artem
07:12:59 No.
I just had fun with it, and this turned out.

Love that. :')
Wolves of Asgard
07:11:15 The Dragonmaster
Made some good progress yesterday. The eyes need touched up.
Leopard Lover
07:10:31 Leopard, LL
It's a kangaroo/bat/axolotl

07:10:28 Med or Medi
Gotta go. See ya!
Wolves of Asgard
07:09:54 The Dragonmaster
It looks like a dragon crossed with a kangaroo.
bea artem
07:09:30 No.
I have no clue, but I like it. :)


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i'm a new player with questions June 14, 2019 10:43 AM

Snow Moon
Posts: 1
I just joined Wolfplay a few days ago and I'm loving it so far. However, there are a few things that I don't quite understand, and I hope to get answers here.

- What makes a wolf a 'good' wolf? Is it their coat colors, markings, stats, or all of these? How do I know if a wolf is worth my money?

- What exactly is a hero wolf? I've seen people talking about them in the chat, but I don't know what they are, or how to tell if a wolf is one.

- I've also seen people talking about training their wolves. Is this just bringing them along in Explore until they level up their battle skills, giving them character points, or something else?

I apologize if this is too much to answer. I'm just eager to learn more about the game, haha
i'm a new player with questions June 14, 2019 10:50 AM

Posts: 2666
Why hello there! ^^ I'm willing to help.

Here's my answers for these questions

1. A good wolf depends for every player. Some think a good wolf has a boost or defect (They also sell for more. Divine health, surpassing valor, chimera and vitiligo are the most wanted.) Some people want high coat rarities. this could be an all common(AC) high rarity wolf, or a wolf with a legendary or dynamic coat and many markings. There are also players who breed for high vitals, which brings us onto the next topic

2. A hero wolf is a wolf with all positive vitals.
it would look something like this if you scroll down on your wolf's page. :)

3. Yes, BE training is what they call it. You take wolves with you in explore and defeat prey and enemies. The higher your wolves battle experience(BE) is, the higher the damage gets, and they learn more offensive and defensive moves

I hope i could be of some help ! ^^
i'm a new player with questions June 14, 2019 10:51 AM

Life on Mars
Posts: 4354
1. Under realm, in trading post, search for comparable wolves to see what they would go for. The higher the rarity, character points (CP), and / or BE (battle experience), the more valuable a wolf will be. Some players also prefer clean-lined wolves (no inbreeding) and / or low generation wolves. Younger wolves tend to be more valuable than a comparable wolf of older age. Boosts and defects (which can only be bred for, not added to a wolf) also add to a wolf's value. The most valuable defects are chimera and vitiligo, which are extremely rare and can sell for several apples, and the most valuable boosts are Surpassing Valor and Divine Health. Heavyweight (HW) wolves and wolves with good vitals also tend to be worth more.

2. A hero wolf is a wolf with all positive weather vitals. On a wolf's page, scroll down to Vitals and look at the numbers besides Flood, Earthquake, Hurricane, Blizzard. The numbers give a boost or penalty to the wolf's battle damage during a natural disaster.

3. The purpose of training is to make a wolf better at exploring or battling. There's pup / CP training, which means bringing a pup along in explore so it can gain CP, and there's BE training. Wolves gain BE by killing animals in explore and through winning PVP. The more BE a wolf has, the better it will be at battling.

Edited at June 14, 2019 10:52 AM by Life on Mars
i'm a new player with questions June 14, 2019 07:04 PM

Pride Klaw
Posts: 1605
Willing to help!

1. It really depends on the person and what you do, some breed for high Vitals, Boosts, Defects, Pelt rarity and such

2. A hero wolf is a wolf with all positive Vitals, scroll down on a wolfs page under their character points and you'll see numbers with a + or - sign, the vitals effect how the wolf will do in explore when it's that weather

3. Yep! It's basically just leveling them up in battle or getting them BE (Battle Experience), the more you take them on explore and hunt/fight animals like fox, badgers, squirrels and rabbits the more BE they gain! Only the wolf that takes out a animal will get experience. If you want to hit them better I suggest giving them lots of resolve and some battle so it lets them do more damage

Edited at June 14, 2019 07:04 PM by Pride Klaw

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