07:21:57 Detective Vale
how do I report weird creepy mail to a mod?
Pack Alpha
07:21:43 Alpha // Jo
Blue-Wow why not go to sleep.
Blue and Gold
07:18:52 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~

Thats nice, im super tired, as its 5:18am
Pack Alpha
07:17:56 Alpha // Jo
Blue-Im feeling actually much better today to be honest.
Maenads Of The Stars
07:17:42 Strai | Celestia
Morning folks
Blue and Gold
07:17:04 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~

Good, what about you?
07:16:28 Eternity, ET
Aren't you supposed to link to the artist's account with that lineart?
Pack Alpha
07:16:20 Alpha // Jo
Blue-Hello, how are you
Blue and Gold
07:15:09 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~
Hey Jo
Pack Alpha
07:13:20 Alpha // Jo
Hello Guys
bea artem
07:12:59 No.
I just had fun with it, and this turned out.

Love that. :')
Wolves of Asgard
07:11:15 The Dragonmaster
Made some good progress yesterday. The eyes need touched up.
Leopard Lover
07:10:31 Leopard, LL
It's a kangaroo/bat/axolotl

07:10:28 Med or Medi
Gotta go. See ya!
Wolves of Asgard
07:09:54 The Dragonmaster
It looks like a dragon crossed with a kangaroo.
bea artem
07:09:30 No.
I have no clue, but I like it. :)
Wolves of Asgard
07:09:04 The Dragonmaster
Bea..what is it?
bea artem
07:08:37 No.
I actually really like this creature. :P
07:08:25 Med or Medi
-WP Click-
Not bad.
Wolves of Asgard
07:08:22 The Dragonmaster
-WP Click-
I want to pop her right now. Tossed her at a Chimmie male.


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Forums > Member Help

Question regarding "vacation" June 11, 2019 02:00 PM

Guardian Spirit
Posts: 4
I looked at the most recent four pages..didn't see this topic...

I just need a bit of a refresher here...

I may be out of town for an undetermined amount of time in a few days...and may not be able to access wolf play during that time.

How can I ensure that my wolves will be fine during that time?

Is there a way I can temporarily "pause" it were...while I'm away?
Question regarding "vacation" June 11, 2019 02:09 PM

Posts: 27358
Unfortunately there is no way to 'pause' your pack while you're away.

However, your wolves should be fine. They don't die of thirst or hunger. They only die of old age. If you have any wolves aged fifteen and over, they may be susceptible to death script every Monday, but besides that they should be fine. Just be sure to feed and water them once you get back.

Hope this answered your questions!

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