Stranger Things
01:23:46 Alexei

That's what I did XD I remember when I ate food, that went well lol
Midnight Mystery
01:23:18 Midnight, Myst,

I have been playing with my lip for the past 5 minutes XD it feels so Strange
01:23:09 Eternity, ET
-WP Click-
Hurry up damn it
Stranger Things
01:22:20 Alexei

Oh my goodness. I hated when I had mine XD
Midnight Mystery
01:20:44 Midnight, Myst,
Fun I just had oral surgery
My mouth is numb now xd
01:19:17 Twilyroo
I forgot I need to post in a forum roleplay.
Lt. Chick Fil A
01:18:11 Autobot/ Turtle Lord
Lt. Chick Fil A
01:18:06 Autobot/ Turtle Lord
-WP Click-
Cat adopts!
$ky $haker
01:18:06 Elfie
I am so tempted to keep her but I need space :(
-WP Click-
01:18:05 Owner of TNMP
-WP Click-

A project to help the new members of Wolfplay! Please look over it and possibly join! We will also work with Clubs. If you are interested in working with us with your club or business, please PM me!

Gleaming Star Pack
01:16:51 Axiz
Today is my two months mark.
01:15:12 Wolfos/ Mezmo

Thanks, I might keep her but then again I might well her
Crow Forest

She's gorgeous

British Empire
01:13:40 Briton
So many things I need to do on WP, it's stressing me out. >.<
Wolves of Asgard
01:13:15 The Dragonmaster
The Dragonmaster has poofed. Have I missed anything?
01:12:52 Wolfos/ Mezmo
-WP Click-

A tweed with aqua eyes xD
01:11:51 dawg
the link is broken, I think
Maenads Of The Stars
01:11:49 Strai | Celestia
Broken link
01:11:48 King
Who want Stranger Things rp? Please be able to play male and multiple characters
01:11:01 Wolfos/ Mezmo
-WP Click-

This wolf my alphas just had xD


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Forums > Member Help

Question regarding "vacation" June 11, 2019 02:00 PM

Guardian Spirit
Posts: 4
I looked at the most recent four pages..didn't see this topic...

I just need a bit of a refresher here...

I may be out of town for an undetermined amount of time in a few days...and may not be able to access wolf play during that time.

How can I ensure that my wolves will be fine during that time?

Is there a way I can temporarily "pause" it were...while I'm away?
Question regarding "vacation" June 11, 2019 02:09 PM

Posts: 27358
Unfortunately there is no way to 'pause' your pack while you're away.

However, your wolves should be fine. They don't die of thirst or hunger. They only die of old age. If you have any wolves aged fifteen and over, they may be susceptible to death script every Monday, but besides that they should be fine. Just be sure to feed and water them once you get back.

Hope this answered your questions!

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