08:45:39 SpiderPlant
She is very pretty anakin.
08:43:30 Kitties/Kit/Leah/MxM
-WP Click-
I need you to go into labour please
08:36:03 The Sith Of Bidders
No fern used either XD
08:34:10 Winter
If you wanna see them as a pup just import them into customs <33 :D
Congrats too
Destiny Of Angels
08:33:28 Strai | Bones | DOA
-WP Click-

Need 10 people to start
08:33:25 Goldy
Your wolves played: Harry🌌 sneaks around poking every wolf in the pack.

But why?
Crescent Moon Pack
08:33:21 DG Queen
Anakin, congrats!! Shes gorgeous as well :o
08:32:06 Winter/North
It happened to me more times that i remember @Goldy
08:31:41 The Sith Of Bidders
I just bred a G3 53 AC female pup 0.o
08:30:54 Goldy
My wolf gave birth last night while it was still winter and i never got to see her pup before it was a juvenile :(
Zombified Breyer
08:30:41 Nightmare Street
I have never had their food. I wonder how good it is
Crescent Moon Pack
08:28:07 DG Queen
Dash, that is such a mood. The social thing thingy, i mean
Dash Attacked
08:26:03 nyoom
Always choose Chick-fil-A, lmao
08:25:40 Silly-wan Kenobi
Do it for the little hashbrown nuggets.
08:24:54 Em / Flu / ila
I can't decide if I want to go to Chick Fil A for breakfast or not
Level 9 explore gave me 10 enemies 4 times guess I just have to play it out
Dash Attacked
08:22:14 nyoom
When you're like "hell yeah, I'm going to go to this social thing" and then show up and just.. really don't want to talk to people. :')
Zombified Breyer
08:21:42 Nightmare Street
Mountain lions have a lot of health. Geez but the mush is worth it
08:19:25 Silly-wan Kenobi
When you get to bears they drop even more ^^
08:19:03 Silly-wan Kenobi
Yeah once you have good wolves explore starts really paying off around level 13.


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Albinos June 8, 2019 10:28 AM

Shadow Howlers
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Why don't albino wolves have actual red eyes like an actual albino? You should make that an update. 🐾🐺
Albinos June 8, 2019 11:01 AM

Posts: 1246
They do have red eyes! Though it's more of a pinky-red, like actual albinos. It's very pale, but it is there.
Albinos June 8, 2019 11:59 AM

Game Moderator
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Albinos June 8, 2019 02:44 PM

Posts: 16761

I get what you mean. From afar I believed they had a light brown, but then I zoomed in (like Mavi's image) and noticed the pink eyes. And for a fun fact, not all albinos have red eyes. Rabbits have red eyes, as do reptiles and aviaries (birds). However, dogs, cats and wolves tend to have more of a pale blue or pink color, with pink around the eyes, nose, mouth, underbelly and paws. So, red wouldn't be realistic for those mammals. Deer and other herbivores might also have red eyes, like how rabbits and mice do. If you need any extra confirmation or want some images, you can google this up

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