09:20:20 Star or starilight
Wish I had a Vito or chimera samhains!
09:19:46 TS
ET. My only Viti left

-WP Click-
Halloween Spirit
09:19:41 Rushie
Gah, all these studs are really making me want to spam breed my girls >.<
Midnight Howlidays
09:19:37 Midnight, Myst
Anybody want to do a

- WolfxDog RP
- WolfXWolf RP
- Stray Dog RP
- Stray Cat RP
- Bear 🐻 RP
- Lion 🦁 RP
- Race Horse RP
- Dragon RP
- Sled Dog RP

Please PM me :)
Sassy Otaku
09:19:13 Salty Canadian
I might regret it but Imma breed one of my females to that viti wolf cause he's pretty
Haunted Armor
09:19:07 Dad of WolfPlay
That's what I typically do, I made 300 mush from 4 duds I trained to 400+ BE
Samhain's Day
09:18:54 [ Happiness Noise ]
To get a den expansion and then breed to a Viti**
Samhain's Day
09:18:39 [ Happiness Noise ]
I need more apples so I can breed to a Viti *^*
09:18:22 Eternity, ET
training** not trainer damnit brain.
09:18:07 Eternity, ET
Ahah make a dud a not dud via trainer.

He's up for public breeding, feel free. ^^
09:16:52 King
Who want Stranger Things rp? Pm me, please be able to play male (Mike x Eleven)
@brexit do you mind i breed to your vitilgo? when my female is ready? ;-;
Sassy Otaku
09:16:10 Salty Canadian
-WP Click-
I really want her pups, but I have a feeling they'll be duds
09:15:49 Tae/DH Queen
Heya chat
Haunted Armor
09:15:43 Dad of WolfPlay
Hm, maybe, but I'm gonna see where her training takes her.
09:15:07 Greenhouse Effect
-WP Click-
She gonna give me duds and imma not be surprised ;-;
09:14:27 TS
ET. No problem
09:13:58 Eternity, ET
Oooh nuu a dud. :')

-WP Click-
There are four different versions.
Thanks, hopefully in my absence, my rp didn't shrivel up and die.
what does vitilgo do brexit?


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Who is the youngest and oldest mod on the team and who has been a mod for the longest out of all ld you?
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Youngest as in age or time spent as a mod? If it's the former, I don't know. But Summer, Ciuin and Serial are our newest mods :)

Venn is the oldest mod. She was modded in March 2014, a week or so after she joined. I think :')
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Mistress Nyx said:

Mavi said:
Favourite part would be getting to help people and of course drinking staff tea.
Least favourite part is when we have to use punishments. I don't like doing that, I don't think anybody does.

Oakley said:
Mods-- What is your favorite part of being a Moderator?
What is your least favorite part?

I agree with Mavi's favorite and least favorite. The only thing I'd add to the least favorite is getting told off by players who get upset at us for reminding them of the rules. A lot of people see us as mean people, or robots even, when we're all actually extremely nice. We have tough skin, but sometimes it does get to us in the sense that it can make us feel like bad guys every once in a while. We love this community a lot.

And exactly.
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I'd say that questions regarding gameplay, such as what to do in certain situations belong in this forum, and questions for fun or to get to know the mods belongs here:
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Ah ok ^^
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PsychoSquad said:

Hi! I'm going to PM you about this, since it isn't really supposed to be on this thread.

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