Mistress Nyx
03:49:59 Peitho Paroxyisma
I feel like doing art ;-;
Pudding Cup
03:49:55 Pudding, Pudd
Chats going a bit slow it seems.
Tricksters Wolves
03:48:35 Loki, Archangel
Your wolves played: Divine Sanity (DH) flicks their ear in unease

Maple Tea Leaf
03:41:52 Peets/Tea Lover/LilM
Anyone want to RP in the PMs? I'm looking for another partner.
Twist Of Fate
03:41:02 Twistie
Wait, he took the pen without asking if he could have it.
Twist Of Fate
03:40:37 Twistie
So I brought my favorite pen somewhere and had it sitting on the table next to me. This pen has seen stuff. I have chewed on the end of it. So this dude literally asks if I have a pen, then proceeds to take my precious pen without asking. I sat there in silent panic wondering if he was judging me for this freaking chewed up pen. He stole my pen. Will he give it back? Will he be grossed out by its chewed up end?

He gave the pen back eventualky but like what the heck happened it's just a pen and I would have fought for that pen???
Panic! at My Romance
03:40:09 Lombre-Ragu-Cinap
I love going from an f minor to a c on a ukulele it's just a nice sound
Little Pit Bull
03:39:00 *Pit Bull Noises*
Thanks guys xD I'm terrible with technology.
03:38:24 Chinchilla
Why don't you just download it then reupload? That way you'll still have you credits and get the direct link.
03:38:19 >:³
Pudding Cup
03:38:18 Pudding, Pudd
Hey Desti!
Leopard Lover
03:38:02 is this a sickness??
Little Pit Bull
03:37:31 *Pit Bull Noises*

Is it possible to change make a direct link for her?
03:36:54 Chinchilla
If I sign-up for another RP...
03:35:38 Love
hi desti!
Destinations End
03:34:56 Desti
New ~ Horizons
03:34:41 I should be sleeping
A close-knit pack of stray dogs lived amongst the city streets. They took care of each other, they watched out for each other.

Then everything changed. The plague came.
Only a few more people need to join to begin! ^^

-WP Click-
03:33:33 *Iruna noises*
I needa find someone who can match my ideas of what I'm visualizing that that'll be my avi for the rest of the year XD
dojeje's wolf pack
03:33:29 doje, dojeje, wolfy
Semi-Lit wolf rp
-WP Click-
Please join
03:32:47 SpiderPlant
Oh, for sure. I got a great idea of what it is.


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Help with Storing Food and Items May 14, 2019 12:45 AM

Former Pack
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I'm sorta new here and am still learning the game. Is there a way to expand your hols so you can bury more things? I keep finding more relics that I can bury and they keep getting stolen. I have looked around and have not found a way to expand my horizons. Is there a way to do this?

Help with Storing Food and Items May 14, 2019 01:26 AM

Posts: 75
you need apples which you can buy using real money or from other players then go to Realm>Barter>Apples>item hole expansion or food hole expansion if you want to bury food
Help with Storing Food and Items May 14, 2019 07:23 PM

Game Moderator
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Most relics you can sell at Realm > Montak's. They have practically no use and are just pawned off with a badger.

Otherwise, you can do what's suggested above and purchase an expansion for 10 apples.

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