07:54:11 Autocorrect
*^* gorgeous
Lineless is hArD lol how
07:54:11 Starlord, Relient K

That just sounds charming. I've only ever ended up with roo's

My first was a little tiny one named Sven, escaped his pen and drowned. Think I cryed for weeks. But I have two boi's now that are just the cutest. SO much pride-
07:53:18 Em / Flu / ila
Okay y'all hear me out-

Lineless chibis
Book Worm
07:53:07 MaeBelle04
I'm looking for anybody who used to rp with or knows anyone who rped with Mae's Wolf Pack or MaeBelle Pup please. Pm me!
Eclipse's Rain
07:52:23 Eclipse
Sleipnir: They were killed by a red tail like, 10 years ago but those precious things were little darlings! They make excellent mothers too! One of the D'uccles would get broody every other day it seemed, and she adopted chicks from other hens and everything! It was awesome! She probably had over 20 chicks she called hers during her lifetime!
07:50:52 Starlord, Relient K

Seriously!? bro-

The two I show are mille fluer
Eclipse's Rain
07:49:21 Eclipse
Sleipnir: We used to have a porcelain D'uclle. Those little guys are blessings <3
07:48:10 Starlord, Relient K
One of these days I'm gonna find someone who will draw a Belgian Bearded D'uccle-
Burning Roses
07:46:34 Your local therapist

Fair enough. :")
07:45:37 ET, Orbit
It's odd lmao as I know I'm not gonna leave, but I'm letting my wolves die off juuuust in case, y'know? :')
Burning Roses
07:44:43 Your local therapist

Ah, well that works.
But keep it anyways- *^*
Park Seonghwa
07:44:26 The OG Australian
Anyone want to do a MxM rp? PM me!
07:44:05 ET, Orbit
The 30k spam with Aku might be my last one for a while though. qwq
I'm letting my pack die off a bit.
Burning Roses
07:43:23 Your local therapist

So I can fuel your WP spam even more and because I can lmao
Book Worm
07:43:13 MaeBelle04
I'm trying to find my old rp partners, from an old ish account, but I remember no names. I want to continue those rps so bad! I sadly only remember two.
Burning Roses
07:42:52 Your local therapist

You're on :>
Whoever keeps the mush for 60 seconds or longer gets to keep it-
07:42:48 ET, Orbit
Boi you have literally seen my mush/apple count why did you give me moneys.

It is! I think I'll have to use it more often.
Eclipse's Rain
07:42:38 Eclipse
Having a my RP partners in a RP folder makes it super easy to see who's on/offline. No more scrolling through hundreds of random messages to find them
07:42:27 Nightshade
Im actually very upset.

I can't connect my new blue-tooth headphones to my laptop ;-;


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Server move question (Answered) April 17, 2019 01:59 AM

Tall shadow
Posts: 2152
So I can't get onto WP on my internet.

So I'm asking if the server move affects our internet in a way.

Cuase when I try to log onto WP on my internet it comes up with fatal error and maintenance.

When I log on the recent forum posts are this:

And the stats are:

Then when I log in this comes up:

I just want to find out cuase if I can't get onto WP on my internet I'm doomed

Edited at April 17, 2019 05:27 AM by Tall shadow
Server move question (Answered) April 17, 2019 04:28 AM

Posts: 1512
Yeah that was with me too. I just refreshed my browser when it was done
Server move question (Answered) April 17, 2019 04:56 AM

Game Moderator
Posts: 4062
You can try flushing your DNS. You'll have to Google it for your specific device. Once that's done, perhaps clear your browser cache and cookies and see if that helps any.

Or you could wait it out until your computer updates the new information by itself, but that might be a painful wait.
Server move question (Answered) April 17, 2019 05:26 AM

Tall shadow
Posts: 2152
Thanks for the answer but when I tried on my internet it was working.

But Thanks!

Edited at April 17, 2019 05:27 AM by Tall shadow

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