08:02:40 kayden/acid

>~> shark bois must be drawn
08:02:20 Xavier - Beanin owo
Berry Blue
that is an offer

Its ok!! <333
08:02:00 Silly-Wan Kenobi
Windows 10 updates are the woorst I had one that took 3 hours of being stuck in a restarting loop like bruh figure out your program Gates.
Crescent Moon Pack
08:01:36 DG Queen
Silly, at least you had fun *^* I miss horseback riding <.<
Leopard Lover
08:01:20 Leopard, LL
Ahh, I hate it when it does that. At least it's better now *^*
08:01:01 The bish of advice

I will 100% give you my account name so ye can fren meee
If ya want :)
But you dont have to
08:00:57 kayden/acid
I sowwy qwq
08:00:36 Xavier - Beanin owo
Oh thank god-
Spooped me
Crescent Moon Pack
08:00:32 DG Queen
Im alright, thanks ^^ Had a panic attack after windows update kinda fucked up my laptop and threw it in a "updating-failed to update-restarting" loop but its all good now :D
Brelsotr Pack
08:00:07 Dragons of Gluttony
Anyone? Hello??
07:59:56 Silly-Wan Kenobi
Doing great :D rode a horse last night so my legs are screaming a little ^^'

07:59:19 kayden/acid
I didn't xD I would literally wanna die if I did though >~>
Leopard Lover
07:59:18 Leopard, LL
Yus. I never sleep this long- :o
How're you? xD
Crescent Moon Pack
07:59:04 DG Queen
Silly <3

How you doin'? :D
07:58:58 Xavier - Beanin owo
oh deer- qwq

Berry Blue
I might aswell make a spare account until I get the password :'0
Schatten Waechter
07:58:42 Schatten/Shatter
Since the downfall, humans have been hunted by beasts, and their only hope for survival is H.E.R.O, an organization set on rebuilding humanity.
You were taken from your family a year ago to be tested and trained by H.E.R.O, but you don't know why.
Will you figure it out or continue as a puppet of H.E.R.O?
-WP Click-
Crescent Moon Pack
07:58:41 DG Queen
Haiii <3

Did you at least sleep good during first half of this hour? XD
07:58:38 Silly-Wan Kenobi
Cres <33
07:58:27 The bish of advice
I wish ya the best of luckies though
Leopard Lover
07:58:08 Leopard, LL
It's a Cres! <3


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Server move question (Answered) April 17, 2019 01:59 AM

Tall shadow
Posts: 2167
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So I can't get onto WP on my internet.

So I'm asking if the server move affects our internet in a way.

Cuase when I try to log onto WP on my internet it comes up with fatal error and maintenance.

When I log on the recent forum posts are this:

And the stats are:

Then when I log in this comes up:

I just want to find out cuase if I can't get onto WP on my internet I'm doomed

Edited at April 17, 2019 05:27 AM by Tall shadow
Server move question (Answered) April 17, 2019 04:28 AM

Posts: 3497
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Yeah that was with me too. I just refreshed my browser when it was done
Server move question (Answered) April 17, 2019 04:56 AM

Game Moderator
Posts: 4437
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You can try flushing your DNS. You'll have to Google it for your specific device. Once that's done, perhaps clear your browser cache and cookies and see if that helps any.

Or you could wait it out until your computer updates the new information by itself, but that might be a painful wait.
Server move question (Answered) April 17, 2019 05:26 AM

Tall shadow
Posts: 2167
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Thanks for the answer but when I tried on my internet it was working.

But Thanks!

Edited at April 17, 2019 05:27 AM by Tall shadow

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