07:27:18 Xhavier
AaAaA, thank you! I really appreciate that
07:27:11 Lycan
So I am planning on getting a ranch. And I am looking for a horse to start with but I kinda need help with the breed. So does anyone know what breed of horse is good to start with?
Burning Roses
07:26:58 Your local therapist
I gave away 700 mush today-
Now I only have 86 left but it was worth it- *^*
Twist Of Fate
07:26:53 Twistie
Reddy :P

My dog has to wear the cone of shame and he is soooo pitiful.
That one Person
07:26:44 Navaya
yeah wellthat a problem i don't have friends in real life they all left me in the dirt
07:26:21 Reddy / Little
give me a moment! my phones dead and i have to find the charger.
07:26:04 ET, Orbit
Consumer of Boomers
Mate, that's just uncalled for. Come on, let's just leave the horse topic. :')
Flower Field
07:25:59 Shroom
What is it?
Consumers of Boomers
07:25:31 Mealworm
oml that's so many kittens for one litter!
good to know some folk care about their pets :)
07:25:12 ET, Orbit
I have successfully slept it off! :D

Bro I stayed up till 5AM and it was 100% worth it I'll doit again!
07:25:12 Lycan
I have a question for you all.
Twist Of Fate
07:25:04 Twistie
oh. my. god. give me pictures right this instant.
07:25:04 Henning ;>
such a bruh moment
Banana Dragon
07:24:39 Sky
Why? Have FRIENDS come out with shovels and bury him on YOUR property.If any FRIEND is willing to bury him on their property, then do that.
07:24:22 Reddy / Little
Good, but tired! My cat went into labour late last night and didnt finish having her kittens until like, sometime past noon. I was up all night with her and im exhausted ;w;

worth it though, 7 healthy adorable babies.
Consumers of Boomers
07:24:19 Mealworm
We get it, you care more about your money than you do the horse who's on his last legs. Moving on.
07:24:06 Xhavier
wow I'm getting super sentimental-
Dark Asylum
07:23:49 Kady
Im broke lol

Saving all of it for my

"Win an Item". Game
07:23:33 Xhavier
I was wondering if you were okay, for a while, I hope that nasty headache is gone!
Also I really appreciate you QwQ
You stayed up till 5AM yesterday, joking, drawing, and having fun with me. It's hard to find a good person, but I'm glad I found you! <3


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