Shadows Of Ember
08:38:04  🥔Ari
And can we just take a moment...
To appreciate this kitten's dedication to safety?
Park Seonghwa
08:37:51 High Warlock
Anyone want to do a MxM rp? Pm me!
08:37:43 Waterfall,Zane
will be poofing soon to make some dessert
08:37:21 gimme your presents
-WP Click-

Wolves of Alagaesia
08:37:21 Dragon of WP
Eek! So excited for my soon to be new vehicle.
Crimson Rose53368
08:36:54 Harley Or Zippy
Hi chat...Anyone wanna talk cause I need to talk.
Brelsotr Pack
08:35:58 Dragons of Gluttony
@Shadows&Mewni Thank you, both of you!
08:35:52 Waterfall,Zane
ninjago pm rp pm me Im fine with any ship MXM or FXm never don FXF but all must be cannon (MxM aka Kai x Skylor ZaneX Pixal and Jay XNya )
fan ships (Mxm manly) or with an Oce and Ninja
Shadows Of Ember
08:35:46  🥔Ari
[email protected]
Yes but Tom and Star constantly break up and CONSTANTLY fight!
Remember the Silver Bell Ball?
08:34:53 Princess Of Mewni
Vennenum-That makes sense thanks for explaining ^^

Ari-i personally am caught between starco and tomstar, love starco but I'm torn because Tom is such a perfect baby with anger issues.

Brelsotr- sure, I'll pm you
Shadows Of Ember
08:34:24  🥔Ari
[email protected]
I've roleplayed dragons.
I have a DT account.
King Nothing
08:33:32 Misha, Lithium
Bleach ask for financial advice from the secretary bird.
Brelsotr Pack
08:33:03 Dragons of Gluttony
Any dragon roleplayers on at all? Hello?
Rageing Stormz
08:32:41 That Pet Spider
And uncommon or higher rarity pelts

Have higher Rarity XD
Rageing Stormz
08:32:11 That Pet Spider
Pelts uncommon and higher in rarity happen at random chance in breeding
Shadows Of Ember
08:31:39  🥔Ari
[email protected]
That just takes us to error.
Okay but like someone tell me how two starter wolves make a R49 dynamic coat pup? -WP Click-
Crimson Rose53368
08:30:03 Harley Or Zippy
I am dying inside :C Today hasn't been my best day
08:29:55 ItzCyberWolfyPlayz
What do you think my Amber is gonna breed out?

-WP Click-
Brelsotr Pack
08:28:58 Dragons of Gluttony
Mewni..... do you like to rp as dragons?


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FMC: Leaderboards Clear-out [Possible Bug?] January 10, 2019 01:34 AM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Ok, it's back. Someone move this to bugs for being a glitch or suggestions. Suggestions because I would love for the leaderboard data to retain for a while, perhaps a week after it ends. :)

Bug because some leaderboards are cleared for some people, and not cleared for others.
For me, Pup Wrestling is the only board cleared. ^^

Edited at January 10, 2019 01:40 AM by BiO
FMC: Leaderboards Clear-out [Possible Bug?] January 10, 2019 01:43 AM

Destinations End
Game Moderator
Posts: 8387
I see every board besides the pup wrestling one.

It also only counted 12 matches out of 15 on pup wrestling; but I know for a fact I participated 3 times each day, so I should have the full 15 matches listed.

It appears that the 3 matches for the 7th weren't counted based on when the pups I used in the first two days were purchased and when the pups I used on the last two days were born.

Edited at January 10, 2019 01:46 AM by Destinations End
FMC: Leaderboards Clear-out [Possible Bug?] April 10, 2019 09:08 AM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Pup wrestling cleared again this month. :( Damn my curiosity.

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