Destinations End
05:23:58 Desti
Yeah, it really does. :)
Serial Dreamer
Desti, right? When I saw her in pup pose I though the red merle shoulder was going to look awkward, I usually prefer it on lighter wolves, but it actually looks fine in AF. ^^
Destinations End
05:21:25 Desti
Ooh. She really is pretty
Serial Dreamer
Considering buying her a Make Friends, Blackstar almost never gives me good pups. This one is really pretty too. :/
-WP Click-
05:14:47 Merry Sithmas
That's what I was thinking, because although the vitals aren't the greatest, or my DH program they are decent
Destinations End
05:14:15 Desti
Do not advertise in main chat
05:12:53 A Flow:er hath spoke
I’d be tempted to make him a female.
05:11:46 Hollow | Silver
Morning mates. How is chat?
Mistress Nyx
04:59:40 zelus
Hypatia: take it to sales chat
04:45:56 Merry Sithmas
-WP Click-

Should I make female or not? <.>
Broken Archangel
04:45:52 Samael ,Flawed
I thini i might hop off before i so any more damage night
Broken Archangel
04:45:08 Samael ,Flawed
Nyx sorry
Mistress Nyx
04:44:46 zelus
Also, it's subliminal advertising. Don't do that.
Broken Archangel
04:44:43 Samael ,Flawed
Nyx i regret that now :/
redneck christmas
04:44:37 bloodied jorts

i'm gonna say i feel a desperate need to buy that wolf and i know i shouldn't
Mistress Nyx
04:44:07 zelus
If you really don't want someone to buy it, don't advertise it the way you currently are. Someone's going to bid intentionally now.
04:37:50 Wilvy
@Samuel, oof, which wolf? :/
redneck christmas
04:33:45 bloodied jorts
why is kurtis the most desirable wolf in my pack like what?? lowkey everyone in my pack is goin' after her
04:30:59 *Twilight Noises*
FlIp mY BiO
04:29:10 Wilvy
Does my bio look readble, or should I pick a darker color? XD


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Forums > Member Help

Howling, Wrestling, Disposition August 21, 2018 01:19 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
It is a while to the next full moon games, but the previous (my first) left me with a bunch of questions. Maybe someone knows the answers? Thanks in advance!

1) Nearly noone seems to pay for the numeric Rating (an apple is an Apple, After all, I See that). Still I am curious: What is the range of the numeric Rating? (Minimum to Maximum?) What n.Rating has an excellent Wolf? (And how mich a poor/an average/below average? )

2) Is there a different result if the Same Wolf howls again and again or if your pack takes turns? I.e. does IT pay off to have more than one excellent howler?

1) Wrestling is only interesting until the pup becomes a juvenile? Or does IT help for anything older wolves van do?

2) Same question regarding the numeric rating ^^ - where is the range, what are good ratings?

1) how does the Disposition affect the game? Is it really important?

2) One of my wolves got the rating "agreeable". If I have a look using the trading Post, he suddenly is tagged "rebellious". Is he agreeable because he is a pup but will be a disobeying teenager later? Is he a Sith Lord in hiding? Or is it a glitch?

Thanks very much!
Howling, Wrestling, Disposition August 22, 2018 06:09 AM

Posts: 1857
I don't know question 1

For 2: I don't think so. An excellent howler is an excellent howler.

Wrestle 1: wolves older the 1 can not wrestle, so it's pretty much usless (from what I know). But, you can breed that wolf to another excellent wrestler and try to get excellent wrestling pups.

Disposition 1: disposition is how well your wolf listens to you. This affect battling. If your wolf is agreeable and you assign it to hit a certain enemie, it has a batter chance of hitting that specific enemy than a wolf that's rebellious.

Disposition 2: it's a glitch. It's been reported in bugs before.
Howling, Wrestling, Disposition August 22, 2018 06:26 AM

Dash Attacked
Game Moderator
Posts: 5125
I believe both howling and wrestling ratings range from 1-50.

For howling 2: Howling can be a bit of a gamble - some excellent bowlers are way better than others. I try to get one that consistently gets 25+ Howls back, but my current howler has gotten under 20 Howls a couple of times - and conversely, she's gotten over 30 a couple times. If you have a consistent howler, then I'd say you don't need multiple, but if you have an excellent howler that gets under 20 often and is quite risky, you might want to have more than one.
Howling, Wrestling, Disposition March 26, 2019 06:50 AM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
I have a question.

How do I participate in the full moon games?
<div align="right">
Howling, Wrestling, Disposition March 26, 2019 06:55 AM

Posts: 937
in games section
"Full Moon Celebration : 5th-9th of the Month"
not there yet
Howling, Wrestling, Disposition July 8, 2019 10:11 AM

Dawn's Eclipse
Posts: 26
My pup, Nightwatcher, has beaten all nearly adult wolves that he has come across.
Howling, Wrestling, Disposition July 8, 2019 02:14 PM

Posts: 2596
Adult wolves don't wrestle (if you mean wresting), they are pups put into adult bases.

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