Forgotten Dreams
10:46:26 Chip/Dreamer
Not me buying 400 Chinese pottery instead of 40. I'm such an idiot sometimes
Stray Secrets
10:43:55 Stray.
I'm also good, thanks.
10:42:06 Mid, Jay (he/him)
im good stray, how about you?
10:41:49 Blood/Ríonach
Good morning chat from my time. How is everyone doing lately?
Edith Rose
10:41:06 Edith, Rose, Friday
Yeah same here, none of my ladies I'd say are particularly bad producers but I have notices certain studs who make them throw more duds than average (usually pretty basic studs as I tend to try and breed strictly to G1s)
Stray Secrets
10:37:58 Stray.
hey Midnight. how're you
10:37:27 Mid, Jay (he/him)
Stxrmmix <3
10:37:15 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
I fell asleep with a stream open by accident ;-;
Edith Rose
10:37:07 Edith, Rose, Friday
Hi Mid :)
10:36:33 Mid, Jay (he/him)
hi rose hey stray
10:36:31 V, Vox, Cor
My females all honestly produce pretty well, it tends to vary on who I breed them with though
Edith Rose
10:35:50 Edith, Rose, Friday
Doesn't it really depend more on the lines and stats of both parents? I know I have some females that simply produce better than others and I have certain studs I continue to go back to cause I think they produce particularly well *^*
Stray Secrets
10:35:37 Stray.
I keep forgetting to breed my girls, then I end up scrambling to find studs and having too many pop at a time. ;-;
The West Wind Wolves
10:35:33 West, Wessy, Nyx
Bro I love my aunt :D I'm making a huge garden project and she has instantly made it her mission to find me all the furniture and decor I need XD
Continental Wolves
dipping for a few minutes but i'll be right back
Stray Secrets
10:34:57 Stray.
no problem
Stray Secrets
10:34:26 Stray.
prey and predators spawn randomly, but stealth will help for tracking prey.
Continental Wolves
I used one of Otso's girls & 2 different stud all 4 litters popped put some boost & defect pups
Forgotten Dreams
10:33:56 Chip/Dreamer
Yesss! Some of my girls pair amazingly but others...never want to like anyone


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A Clash of Titans |:| Dinosaur RP |:| OpenMay 14, 2023 11:25 AM

Tenebris Umbra
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╔═━────━▒ ۞ ▒━────━═╗


╚═━────━▒ ۞ ▒━────━═╝

Age: Adult
Gender: Masculine

Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Pack or Herd: Tyrannosaurus Rex Pack

Rank: Dominant Male

Azen is a tyrannosaurus male with a tall stature. While he does not stand as tall as his mate, he is still an impressive size for a male of his species. The buck stands at 13.5 feet, if not an inch or two taller, though his length is a solid 40 feet long.. Well, was 40 feet long. Currently, he is just short of that, the tip of his tail having been severed off due to another. Regardless, he has a heavy weight to him with large muscles spanning around him, especially around his neck and legs.

He has a broad figure that is by no means lithe nor skinny. He is quite the opposite, with a heavy mass and several muscles. In fact, Azen probably has muscles upon muscles, offering him an intimidating appearance. He has a very wide figure, even slightly disproportionate at certain angles. His tail is perhaps his most prized possession. It's what gives him his length and compliments his looks. After all, Azen is a rather flashy male.

The buck has thick, leathery skin that is the colouration of a dark grey, almost blue. It's his predominant colour. Upon his back, beginning from the top of his head and ending at his tail, is a black that fades into this darkish-grey colour. It appears almost like he's wearing a coat. These may seem like dull colours at first, but oh, he isn't finished yet! Upon the side of Azen's body is a sudden flash of yellow, though it is slightly faint and only visible from certain angles. Upon his sides, on the yellow part, he has black stripes, like a zebra. There are only a few and most are faded, but they are clearly seen. Nonetheless, it gives him a bit of spunk and flash.

Going down to Azen's legs, the colour is more on the blue side rather than gray, with black spots spanned around his body, resembling an almost dotted pattern. It almost appears as if he's freckled. However, this is only seen when looking closely. From a distance, this pattern isn't very noticeable.

Upon Azen's back are small black spikes that stick out, mainly to protect his back from attacks. His facial features are very defined and sharp with muscle surrounding his jaw, cheekbones, and neck. For the most part, it's a dark gray, but the same yellow seen on his sides can be seen overlapping the colours upon his cheeks near his eyes. Azen's orbs are quite bright, and upon then, he has a red splash, giving him a unique look. It almost resembles eyeshadow. All in all, Azen is an impressive male, both in terms of power and looks.

Scars: The male is littered in scars, making it clear that he has fought immensely to survive. The male is missing a chunk of flesh on the left top side of his jaw, half a toe on his right leg, a few teeth, has a scar spanning from his right eye that goes to his nose, and more. Azen has been through it, and certainly has had his fair share of fights. What can he say, it's a difficult world.

Stern || Stoic || Reserved || Blunt || Keeps to Himself || Aggressive || Intimidating || Intelligent || Strategic || Determined || Sore Loser || Loyal || Protective || Male of Few Words

Azen is a masculine with a stern personal. He is stoic and serious, never truly one to play or have much fun. Sure, he'd try to entertain others, specifically his children, but he isn't very good at it. It certainly doesn't help that he is intimidating to look at. He is reserved, not one to truly reveal anything about himself or speak in general. He mumbles and huffs here and there, but never truly says much. If somebody asks him to, he supposes he can have a lengthy conversation, but often gets sidetracked or continues with a story. Not that they're any good. When he tells a story, nobody truly wishes to hear him vocalize another one again. Most are gory, and he tends to act them out in such a manner that it becomes a horror story. So, he simply refrains.

Azen is always one to have a plan rather than running into things blindly, after all, he likes to survive. He's a tough creature, giving it to others as it is. He is extremely blunt, never sugarcoating anything. He is never one to lie over anything and is an honest individual that delivers his words harshly. It's a difficult world. The sooner others learn, the better.

When challenged, Azen is not one to give up easily, and can even be considered a sore loser. He'd rather die than admit defeat. Even if he is defeated, he will heal, he will wait, and he will rechallenge his opponent. He will keep doing so until he wins or dies. When fallen, he stands right back up; he's resilient. Azen always strategies and comes up with plans as well, which certainly helps. Known to sometimes be merciful, Azen is a beast in fights that does not commonly kill unless he has no other choice. That, or if his family is involved. Then, he cares little about sparing others. If his family is or will be in immediate danger, Azen is merciless. After all, they come before all else. Of course, he only offers a single chance to flee. If an individual returns, there is no further mercy offered from him, and he will finish what he began.

The male, when angered, is a scary creature. He is not one to silently spew. No, he makes his anger vocal, often crashing through the woods like a truck when he has a target. It is a scary thing to see him charge at you, mouth ajar.

He is a determined individual, always confident and attempting to succeed in making those he cares about proud. While he has a quiet and toughened personality, he sometimes cracks out a soft joke, even if nobody laughs. Azen tries, which is all that matters. If his family needs advice, he'll try to give it, even if he isn't any good at it. It seems that the only thing Azen is truly good at is survival. When it comes to the verbal aspect, he leaves it up to his mate. He simply remains there for moral support or to add onto previous points. He is merely the physical aspect.

He may not be good company or, well, good at anything social, but he's reliable, and he's good at surviving. That's all that matters.

Crush: Sana
Mate: Sana

Muujiza - Adult Daughter [Rped by Matunda]
Adult Offspring 2
Sub-Adult Offspring
Sub-Adult Offspring
Unborn Hatchlings: Vera [Plant Mother]
[Polly, Spellbound, Open]

Edited at May 14, 2023 12:43 PM by Tenebris Umbra
A Clash of Titans |:| Dinosaur RP |:| OpenMay 14, 2023 11:25 AM

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Aberration said:
You got close ^^ Theris are about 30 ft in length and 5 tons in weight .

Matunda said:
Alright, she's fixed!
(I saw the theri in Jurassic 3, and kinda just guessed they're around a tyrannosaurus' height.)

Better now? :D
A Clash of Titans |:| Dinosaur RP |:| OpenMay 14, 2023 11:44 AM

Plant Mother
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« Vera »
Name Meaning:
Faith - Slavic origin
Newly Hatched
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Pack or Herd:
Tyrannosaurus Rex Pack
Vera is definitely what you would call "small and dainty".
The newly hatched female is only about 2'4 feet tall, so quite a lot smaller than most newly hatched rexes. She has a delicate-looking body, quite slim but it looks like she wouldn't lose a breath from running around for a while. She almost looks like a young hatchling of a velociraptor! Though her body is slim she has some leg muscle, so it wouldn't be easy to snap her in half, and you wouldn't really want to...she would make a fuss. And she wouldn't have a ton of meat on her.
Taking after her mother in her appearance, Vera has interesting colored scales. She interestingly enough has snow-white scales. Vera also took some of her father's stripy genes, so over her white base color the hatchling has wide, dark green stripes that go down her back and tail. The tip of her nose is also dark green. Vera's eyes are a bright yellow color, they practically glow in the dark.
Vera has a pointed snout, but wide, strong-looking cheekbones. When she grows up they could very easily rip an unsuspecting prey apart. But to sum up how the young female looks in one word...Regal.
• Dainty • Seems to be Well-mannered • Loyal • Sassy • Bossy • Mommy's Girl • Competitive • Over-confident • Adaptable • Humurous • Over-dramatic • Thinks she is the queen of everything • Dominating • Brilliant • Pick-me girl • Charming • Daring • Greedy • Observant • Impatient • Protective • Respectful to her parents and elders • Social Butterfly • Strong willed • Obediant • Sarcastic • Tough on the outside but is really sensitive • Skilled • Complex • Never stops talking • Respect her and she will...probably respect you • Acts a lot older than she actually is • A princess •
No thank you
Ew! I
Really? Is that a question? No!
Mother - Sana
Father - Azen
Unborn Siblings - [ Polly, Spellbound, Open, Open]

Edited at May 14, 2023 04:22 PM by Plant Mother
A Clash of Titans |:| Dinosaur RP |:| OpenMay 14, 2023 04:23 PM

Plant Mother
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Finished with my character^^
A Clash of Titans |:| Dinosaur RP |:| OpenMay 15, 2023 07:34 AM

Posts: 108
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You have no idea how excited I am about this. I am ridiculously obsessed with dinosaurs.
Can I snag ceratopsid dominant bull? It will be a styra.
I also would like a velociraptor slot please!

Edited at May 15, 2023 08:01 AM by Vulpixles
A Clash of Titans |:| Dinosaur RP |:| OpenMay 16, 2023 11:40 AM

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I will add it :)

Vulpixles said:
You have no idea how excited I am about this. I am ridiculously obsessed with dinosaurs.
Can I snag ceratopsid dominant bull? It will be a styra.
I also would like a velociraptor slot please!

A Clash of Titans |:| Dinosaur RP |:| OpenMay 16, 2023 09:23 PM

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All of my dinosaurs are finished! (I think-)

Edited at May 16, 2023 09:23 PM by Matunda
A Clash of Titans |:| Dinosaur RP |:| OpenMay 21, 2023 07:09 PM

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When can we have a discussion thread? :D
I wish to plot evily if my characters get accepted.
A Clash of Titans |:| Dinosaur RP |:| OpenMay 26, 2023 05:26 AM

Peaceful Vengeance
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Can I reserve 2 shant spots? For a male and female, wanting them to be a potential breeding pair if that's all right. Any other people playing shants are free to join I thought it'd be fun to get a love triangle sort of thing going (I know its not 100% realistic for animals, but it would be fun)
Also, can I reserve a spot for an unborn Rexy baby, gonna do a little chaotic boy.
I'll make these asap once I get a response :>

Edited at May 26, 2023 10:35 AM by Peaceful Vengeance

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