Dappled light
Good night!
05:23:51 SS | LSS | KQ
My mind is finally giving in to sleep- bye everyone, and thank you. Poof!
Please join my rp if interested 1x1.
-WP Click-
05:15:50 SS | LSS | KQ
Ok, thank you.
Demon Mistress
05:14:14 Kira
sales is the safer bet
05:10:10 SS | LSS | KQ
When speaking of gathering new alliance members, is it a Sales thing or can it be put in the Main chat? (For future reference)
Demon Mistress
05:06:08 Kira
@SS I might be able to help, pm me
05:03:54 SS | LSS | KQ
Stressing over this palette. 🥲 I cannot figure out how to remove the remaining green parts.

Dappled- Ello.

Stars- I cannot. It is 5:03am ;-;

KT- oof
I'm bored there are no rp's
Demon Mistress
05:03:17 Kira
Tired and bored
05:02:13 KT
Demon Mistress -
Pretty good, how 'bout you?
Demon Mistress
05:00:58 Kira
How is everyone?
05:00:36 KT
Heyhey, and same. (':
Listen to soothing music. Or your favorite song
Dappled light
Yeah I think I'll message the seller and see. I wouldn't want to take advantage of that.
04:59:31 SS | LSS | KQ
Ello chat. I am tired, but cannot fall asleep. 😞
04:58:36 KT
Wow, lucky you lol, they've been selling for thousands. Wonder if that was an accident.
Dappled light
huh interesting! I just got one for 5 mush which I definitely wasn't expecting. I wonder what I should do with her haha
04:56:04 KT
Dappled light -
Because a lot of packs focus on dominance, and SV wolves give them a pretty big advantage. And yes, that's good.


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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy ~ CLOSED] June 10, 2021 06:31 PM

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This is a reboot of the same title. Simply died from me going on a hiatus.


[ Who We Are ]
Literate ~ Fantasy

In which a group of seven kids in a small town manage to create chaos and blessings among themselves in the aftermath of discovering their true selves.


Wakefield. A smaller town. One of the those places where everyone knows one another, kids can wander off without their parents worrying, and just a jolly town. Right? Well, seven kids, all ranging from the ages of thirteen to eighteen, are blessed (or curesed) with horrid (or beautiful) powers. It is their job to now defend the world, but the only question is this - what else lingers out there?


This is a very character driven plot. Therefore, always throw in more ideas of your own, include everyone, and push the plot forwards.


[ Index ]

Info on World
Info on Powers
Character Roster
Character Sheet

[ Links ]



[ Advertisement ]

Seven teenagers. One town. One entity. Who knows what will happen.

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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy ~ CLOSED] June 10, 2021 06:35 PM

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[ Info on World ]

The town of Wakefield is rather small. The population is around only a thousand people, making the seven teenagers a bit more easy to point out. The town consists of a grocery store, few gas stations, and obviously housing - small apartment complexes can be found near the central, more populated point in the town rather than towards the outskirts. Wakefield is a rather quiet, peaceful place, filled with a variety of people.

The RP will take place in modern times with modern technology, but rather with a twist - anyone with any sort of 'gift' is considered a threat and is to be hunted down. The government has many undercover hunters within the world, therefore you must always keep your eye open if you are considered 'gifted.'

However, the hunters that the government sends out aren't the only thing that the children have to fear. A deeper, darker entity lurks in the shadows known as Thoh. Thoh takes on the appearance of a rather charming man - young, blond, blue eyes, tall, everything that is in your cliche movie with a love interest. Thoh is not what it looks like though. A dark, powerful, and menacing being - he was actually the one to 'gift' these kids these powers. Thoh is neither their friend or foe, though. It all comes down to how the kids perform.

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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy ~ CLOSED] June 10, 2021 06:38 PM

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[ Info on Powers ]

Gifted (or a burden put on the kids) by Thoh, the powers are not repeated at all. His limitations are nothing, therefore some powers are blessings and others are cursed. For example, some powers can help others in many ways. Others... Not so much.

Your first encounter with your power can be triggered by anything. A memory, and object, a certain word, a person, anything. You will feel very drained after experiencing it for the first time. Trying to control your power will take a while as well, but after about seven months of being aware you have a power, it is more easier to control and manipulate to your liking.

Using any power is draining, no matter how skilled and no matter how long you've had your power for. Using it in long bursts can cause many to faint, and sometimes just plain out die. Therefore, power usage is normally something you must keep an eye on with your own gut feeling, or you must keep it minimal.

People with powers can sense if other people have a power as well. The further away, the less you're going to feel it. The closer, the more you will feel it. If you're around someone who also has a power, you will feel very connected to them even if you don't know them. This is another way some people may find out they have powers.
Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy ~ CLOSED] June 10, 2021 06:39 PM

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[ Rules/Regulations ]

Obviously, follow any and all of WPs RPing and forum rules. There should be no reason as to why you shouldn't know them. If you need to, please review them.

This RP is literate, meaning you must write 300+ words per post. I do understand writer's block and not having much to go off of, but 300+ words should give you enough to easily respond to. If not, let me know and I will try my best to help you.

No Gary/Mary Sues, Weeping Willows, etc. Your characters also shouldn't be overpowered, you shouldn't be godmodding, controlling other people's characters, etc. You need to ask permission to harm/kill someone else's character. Basically, don't be OP.

Your character is allowed one power, and I will tell you if I think it's too powerful. Also, only one of each power. Powers that are forbidden (as of now, can be updated) are seeing into the future, time travel, mind control, mind reading, making others feel certain feelings, touching someone and they die, etc. I think it's obvious as to why these powers are banned.

This RP will be very character driven, therefore, I encourage adding subplots, drama, etc. However, do not cause drama outside of the RP. I do not want to see it at all, and if you have a problem, either contact me or a mod.

I will accept and deny forums as I see fit. Therefore, there are no reservations and this RP isn't first come first serve. Again, I will accept and decline as I see fit, and no reservations will be held. Also, I will not be adding anymore slots unless there is a shit ton of interest.

Yes, cussing is allowed.

LGBTQ+ is also allowed.

Hate the character, not the player.

Have fun!

These are all subject to change.

Edited at June 10, 2021 06:51 PM by Murdering_Crow
Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy ~ CLOSED] June 10, 2021 06:40 PM

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[ Character Roster ]

0/7 available slots

Ellie R. Miles | Female | 17 | Portrayed by Murdering_Crow
Zephyr Serket Kayamoi | Female | 18 | Portrayed by Overthink101
Xalu Evre Caez | Male | 16 | Portrayed by Ebanon
Jeremiah Hiep | Male | 16 | Portrayed by sleepy
Noah Ray Jamerson | Male | 17 | Portrayed by TheWanderers
Caleb Winters | Male | 18 | Portrayed by ThisIsAPackName
Eyphah Losett | Female | 18 | Portrayed by Norde

Edited at June 24, 2021 08:58 PM by Murdering_Crow
Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy ~ CLOSED] June 10, 2021 06:42 PM

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[ Character Sheet ]

Everything here is what you need filled out. However, you may add more things to the sheet if you'd like.

Power (delete this; you may include their first encounter with it):
Strengths (delete this; need at least 3):
Weaknesses (delete this; need at least 3:
Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy ~ CLOSED] June 10, 2021 06:42 PM

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This RP is now open/closed!
Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy ~ CLOSED] June 10, 2021 06:43 PM

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"I'll fucking kill you!"

Name: Ellie Ryan Miles

Nickname(s): El

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian, pretty open about it

Power: Necromancy - Yup, Ellie can talk to the dead and even raise them if she wanted. The only catch? Abusing this power will literally kill her. She uses this ability very little to prevent this from happening. Ellie could talk to spirits to use their own energy and make her stronger, raise the dead for a short amount of time, and simply just talk to them. However, using this power for more than thirty minutes will either kill her or make her really exhausted.

Appearance: Standing at five foot nine, Ellie stands with a skinny and slight lean build. She has a rather longer torso, which is where she would achieve most of her height. In general, Ellie has lanky limbs and defined joints, mainly like her elbows, knees, and her skinny fingers/hands in general. Her skin complexion is made up of a slightly pale tone with warmer undertones, giving her a slight sickly look at times. This adds on to her begs that linger underneath her eyes, any visible scars and blemishes are much more prominent on her skin. However, Ellie has a clear face (from acne) apart from the scattered freckles that litter her face across her nose, cheeks, and slightly on her forehead.

Ellie's face shape is square but is a bit more rounded off to say the least. She has a defined jawline, making her face appear a bit more narrow. Ellie has a slim nose as well, being rounded to add on to that theme that seems to circulate around her. It comes down from her smaller forehead, coming straight down and curving in before coming out to a rounded point. Her nostrils are a bit small as well. Anyways, below her nose are her pale pink lips. She has a heavier lower lips, her top lip slightly thinner and the general shape of her lips are not only round, but slightly on the wider side. Moving on to her eyes, Ellie has bright, round eyes. Outlined in dark, yet thin eyelashes, Ellie's eyes are a hazel but lean to the more green side of the spectrum. They are darker as you near her pupil, giving a sense of depth. Above her eyes are her eyebrows, which are decently spaced apart and have a more angular shape to them. At the front, they are rounded off, but reaching the end they are tapered off into a point. They are slightly lighter than her actual hair color, and are normally cleaned up as she tends to sometimes pluck some stray hairs or wax them even.

Ellie was blessed with not only a full head of hair, but also healthy, thick hair. Her hair lingers just above her shoulders, normally the top half is pulled back into a bun or the whole things is pulled back into a low bun or low ponytail. It is a dark brown, some lighter streaks found in the Summer time from getting natural highlights. There is a slight wave to it, but other than that, it's pretty straight. At times, she might do something else with it... Like maybe leaving it down, curling it... Yeah, Ellie doesn't care too much for what she looks like.

Ellie's closet normally consists of darker colors. She can normally be found wearing slightly baggy skinny jeans (normally black or just the regularly blue), a sweatshirt, a men's flannel over the sweatshirt, and her converse shoes. Ellie isn't too picky when it comes to her clothing, so for the most part, she'll just wear whatever is available to her. As for sleepwear, Ellie would wear a tank-top, maybe a sweatshirt, with sweatpants or joggers. On special occasions, not much really changes. She just likes to look simple and doesn't care too much about what she wears.

Ellie does wear some simple silver band rings and one gold one. She has three silver ones - one on her middle finger on her right hand, one on her ring finger on her left hand, and one on her thumb also on her left hand. The gold one is on her index finger on her right hand. She wears a bracelet that her younger brother gave to her, which is hand-made and is wearing and tearing. It is made up of some soft material, tied around her right wrist. On her left wrist is a simple watch that her father gave to her when she was younger. Ellie will sometimes wear necklaces that are thin chains, but very rarely.

Personality: Ellie is no stranger to being considered protective. She's constantly looking out for those close to her, and has never really let anyone down - or so she thinks. Some may call it annoying, but Ellie considers it to be one of the better traits that apply to her personality. Ellie tends to over-do herself sometimes when it comes to those close to her, making her quite selfless and constantly observing those around her rather than herself. Perhaps this also makes her observant of people - studying body languages, the way words are pronounced, anything of the sort makes her a decent reader of the general tone of a person within a moment. If something feels off to her, the first thing that Ellie will do is go ahead and get any close ones out of danger. Something good happening? She'll encourage interaction either through her words or some sort of gesture.

Alongside her protective nature, Ellie has one hell of a temper, and this especially applies when she is around someone she doesn't like. Sometimes her temper will shine through in a moment that includes someone she might despise. Regardless, this side of her is the most game-changing thing for Ellie. It builds up her reputation of sorts. With this temper, Ellie not only becomes some mad bull, but also someone who will state whatever is on their mind, even if it meant to be said or not. Ellie will not hold back - physically or verbally, so hearing her yell while in this tempered mood is not uncommon at all. However, hearing her apologize afterwards is the rare thing. Ellie has a hard time confirming that what she said was either true or not, if she meant some sincerely, etc, so it is hard for her to come forth. She tends to swing around things that include any sort of explaining her emotions, and for good reason.

As much as it is expected, Ellie is blunt. Whether it be in a playful, sarcastic manner or a complete sincere manner, Ellie will forever have bluntness linger within her words. This normally peaks with her temper, however, Ellie just says how it is and doesn't like sugarcoating things. She's the type to literally call you out on your bullshit and bring up anything that is maybe unexpected or something that needs to be heard but nobody wants to hear it. She's opinionated in that way, but would never judge. Judging seems to be something Ellie would forever keep to herself, and only vocalizes it if she's truly uncomfortable.

Maybe the bluntness, but Ellie is honest. It truly is something she finds hard to come by nowadays, so she decided that she could at least be honest. She herself doesn't like being lied to, so why would she lie? However, there are some exceptions to this. If Ellie swore something to secrecy, that is how it will stay. This shows some sort of respect, and she figures it isn't lying if she simply doesn't say anything. Ellie finds herself piling a lot of things onto herself with this secrecy, honest, and trustworthy traits of hers, and sometimes she will simply tell you to back off with anything you have to say to her. Or even just turn you away without a word.

Ellie dwells one hell of not only an attitude, but stubborn personality. She hates being told what to do or doing something that she feels like isn't required of her. These sort of things can easily tick her off and she is someone to be wary of when it comes to what you order at her. If it's something general, she'll probably get to it at a later date. But if it's direct, and rude, or something along those lines, you can expect a tornado of a woman coming at you. Ellie is just determined to do what she pleases and wants to get things done her way, which at times, could perhaps be the longer route or the more difficult one, but she's comfortable with herself. Ellie never really lets anyone get in her way. There are only few select people who she will let give actual opinions on something she is doing and she will listen, you better not take for granted that ability.

Getting to know Ellie can be a bit of a process. It takes a lot for her to open up to you, and if she does, you must've done something right. Not much actually changes with Ellie once you get beneath the sturdy exterior, but she becomes a lot more open and vulnerable in ways you probably wouldn't expect. She will always be there for you, constantly joke with you, ask you how your day was, anything of the sort to prove that she is there for you. If you notice that she is doing these things, you can be quite happy to say that Ellie is a friend, or perhaps a close one. However, never take it for granted. Ellie doesn't like letting people in just for them to leave, so despite her slight sweetheart-nature underneath this shell, Ellie is selective on who she lets in.

If you had made any sort of impact on Ellie, you can tell that she cares for you. This doesn't necessarily go with her being a sweetheart, it's simply her looking out for someone she might care about. Checking up on you, asking how your day was, asking for small favors, being a shoulder to cry on all comes with the 'Caring Ellie' package. Ellie tries to be like this with most, however, it never truly goes that way, no matter how made she might want it to. Anyways, Ellie will become more prominent in your life if you return the same - asking her how her day was, if anything is wrong, if she needs help with something, etc. Again, Ellie is selective about these sort of things.

If it wasn't obvious enough, Ellie is relatively reserved and closed-off. She's quiet with her emotions, not one to simply open up, even if she's open to someone spilling their emotions onto her. This causes some sort of disconnect with those around her, therefore Ellie might prefer to be alone most of the time and just be considered the lone wolf in a pack. She finds that at the end of the day, all she needs is herself and maybe she doesn't need everyone, which is why she is selective about who she does and doesn't let into her life. Just know that if you even see a glint of a tear in her eye, you made a damn good impact on Ellie and it should never be taken for granted.

-Rather quick and agile
-Decent hand-to-hand combat
-Ellie is very good at keeping secrets
-Being honest
-Sometimes lying, but for sure not her strongest point
-Working hard/determined
-Decent at reading people

-Her temper
-Some may consider being too protective is a weakness of hers
-She can easily be overpowered - her muscle isn't as much as you think
-Being a bit reserved and closed-off
-Being blunt and sarcastic at the same time
-Smart-ass comments

-Playing the guitar
-Pretty much any sweet
-Respectful people
-Something she'll never admit to, but she low-key likes arguing
-Smell after it rains
-Warmer weather (summer, spring)

-Crowded places
-Cold weather
-Rude people
-Being told what to do
-Having little to no control over a situation
-Seeing others hurt
-Being asked to sing or play guitar
-Very loud places
-Being pestered
-Being used

S/O: None, but she is open for a relationship. You may PM me, but I do like relationships developing over time rather than it being planned.

Mother, alive
Father, deceased
Sister, alive

Friends: PM me.

Enemies: PM me.

Other: Read my damn rules please :") And just read everything-

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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy ~ CLOSED] June 10, 2021 07:33 PM

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|~| Jass |~|

Oh my… Are you a goddess or what?

Who wants to play spin the bottle? I swear, if none of you do, you’re all wimps.

I brought my bass! Let’s get this party started!

Look… I may not be the most… Serious… At times… But I do care. And I always will. That’s a promise.

Name: Jasutina Kyoko Hiroshi.

Age: 17.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Very big Lesbian. And then extremely open about it. Though she still flirts with guys just to mess with them-

Power: Pyrokinesis. Oh, yeah, fire. Pretty easy to see how this is one big gift. She can literally create fire and control it at a whim. The catch? Well. If she touches it, it still burns her. She learned that the hard way, aka whenever she first used it. On accident. She was literally just thinking about inviting some friends for a bonfire and music night when a flame appeared in her left hand. Not a good first impression, but she’s gotten used to it all.


Jasutina resides at a rather average height of 5' 8". Her skin tone is fair with warm, reddish undertones. She has plenty of freckles on her body, though especially at her cheeks, nose, and shoulders.


Jasutina has a rather oval face shape, meaning she has a smaller forehead and a smaller chin, but the middle of her face is wider, the whole thing on the longer side. Her cheeks are rather full despite this, and she swears that it’s just because she is always busy with music. Now for the nose, she has a duchess shaped nose, meaning it’s a straight-edged nose that has been ranked one of the best noses, a ‘normal’ nose, if you would. Her lips are pointy natural in shape, making smirks and grins as her most often seen expression.


Her eyebrows are rather thin, though with a pronounced arch. Despite them being thin, they are extremely easy to see due to the color. Finally, her eyes, they are deepset almond in shape and a dark brown, almost black, in color. Her lower eyelashes are thicker/longer than her top ones. Her face is framed by red hair that is always in an asymmetrical bob, and has obsidian highlights in it.


Her body structure could quickly be described as an hourglass, a long torso matched with long legs, along with a smaller waist. But don’t worry too much about how thin she seems to be, she weighs at 130 lbs, her BMI a healthy 19.76, though it is on the slimmer side.


When it comes to clothing, she isn’t one to really care what she looks like to other people, and has been called a punk before simply due to how she dresses. She often wears a dull pink blouse, a black cropped faux leather jacket, black skinny pants, and black strap-&-tie leather boots.


As for accessories; she wears white fingerless gloves that go up to her elbow, multiple ear piercing, and a simple black choker. With make-up she dons black mascara, obsidian lipstick, and obsidian painted nails.


As for scars, she really only has a few. One on the palm of her left hand, a burn scar. One on her right elbow, a cut from some accident that happened when she was young. A small one on the left corner of her lip, such a small cut scar that it’s basically impossible to see. One on her left forearm, also from an accident. And finally, one on the back of her right hand, which was also from some random incident. Most of these are hidden by her signature gloves though, and the only one that isn’t is the one on her face.


She is loud and rebellious, getting into trouble more often than not. Though, she can usually get out of it on her own too. She’s fairly smart, if she actually applied herself, but her laziness tends to win through when it comes to school and learning. She would much rather be at a concert rather than the loud hallways of school, even though a concert would probably hurt her ears more.


She’s rather friendly and outgoing too, though a bit teasing. She’ll tease everyone and anyone at a moment's notice. She’s also impulsive and stubborn, never admitting if she was wrong. Though, with close friends and family, she’s extremely sensitive and open, a comforting shoulder to lean on if need be. Though, if anyone else manages to see this, she’ll act like it never happened.


She’s quick to stand up for what’s right too, even when other people don’t. If someone is lying about something that is rather big, she’ll spill. So she is definitely terrible at keeping secrets due to this, though, if she tries hard enough/has a good enough reason, she can lie/keep a secret like there’s no tomorrow. She’s also extremely flirtatious, with everyone, and will compliment the heck out of anyone she deems cute/hot, even if she isn’t actually interested in a relationship with them.


She’s also an adrenaline junkie, always looking for danger and something exciting. Though maybe that’s also because she’s easily bored, always giving out smart or sarcastic remarks and insults to people she doesn’t like. Egging them on. She takes anything and everything as a challenge.

Strengths: Bass, Singing, Stubborn, Courage, Confident, and Demanding.

Weaknesses: Silence, Lying, Hot-Headed, Sensitive Ears, and Careless.

Likes: Music, Fire, Spicy Food, Sweets, Sour Food, Exploring, Sarcasm, Art, Compliments, Pranks, Concerts, People, Socializing, Parties, and Night.

Dislikes: Silence, Day, Dairy, Bitter Food, Being Alone, The Cold, Heights, Beaches, Moody People, Tea, Lies, Annoying People, Goody-Two Shoes, Boredom, and Authority.

S/O: Single at the moment, but don’t hesitate to flirt- At worst, she’ll flirt back jokingly and friend zone you. Well, actually, she’ll probably be the one to make the first move… She flirts a lot. (PM me.)


Father; Alive.

Mother; Alive.

Friends:All the pretty ladies.” (PM me.)

Enemies:Uh, the idiots that think they can actually fight me and win.” (PM me.)

Other: What else is there to say? Nothing, if I’m thinking correctly… Ah, maybe the fact that she’s lactose intolerant and has a very slight fear of heights.

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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy ~ CLOSED] June 10, 2021 07:35 PM

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She seems awesome! Accepted! (And I might PM you about her and Ellie-)

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