08:37:21 Sandy/Forum Mod
Guys why does my Viti hate me
Sweetwater River
08:36:57 river/sweet/swater
how are you guys
08:35:38 Venn/Venne
Yeah, then we can have Capitol Riots, part 2. <.<
08:35:16 Genie | Swag | Dabi
Bored :/
The Wolf Gang
08:35:08 King Sponge
I wish there was a real purge 😑
Rebel's rein
08:33:48 Bagel ghost thing
Finished the sketch, not excited for the lineart

Wild heart
08:31:25 Call me wild
Sweetwater River
08:31:13 river/sweet/swater
Book Bean
08:27:45 Sad Birb Mom
Looking for an rp partner who can play male in a elf x human rp. I do sort of have a plot for it and I have no preference as to playing elf or human, though I do have an elf character ready.
08:25:18 Adeline
If anyone wants to do a 1x1 horse RP, check out my page for my personal rules.
Icywolve pack
08:22:06 Icy/Prime
-WP Click-
Wolf rp many spots are open most alpha spots are as well alpha wolfs if you want they can have powers and so can there pups
The HellHowlers
08:21:55 BJake, Hell
I'm soooooo bored and lonley
08:21:50 Local food thief
,,, which is why,,, i'm asking,,,
08:21:15 Mass Exploring Queen
08:20:47 Venn/Venne
That's what you're supposed to figure out...?
Sweetwater River
08:20:38 river/sweet/swater
im so happy for you
08:20:00 Mass Exploring Queen
Yep! I finally got a good palette. The herb garden, explore teams, spotlight wolf, and everything else is really awesome!
Do y'all want to know the first phrase I ever said ? X3
08:19:31 Local food thief
bruh what I literally don't under the new swamp tile. what attribute does it use?
Sweetwater River
08:19:12 river/sweet/swater
really!! cool


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Ice Pack: Wolf Roleplay (SIGNUPS) November 26, 2020 10:39 AM

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Reserve a Healer- I'll fill this out later ^^
Ice Pack: Wolf Roleplay (SIGNUPS) November 26, 2020 03:51 PM

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"Do not fear the storm."


Name: Little Minnow In The Stream

Nickname: Atticus

Age: 3 ½

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual grayromantic

Likes: Isolation, the taste of rabbit, running through the fields

Dislikes: Over-enthusiastic wolves, hunting, his family

Strengths: Nimble, well-versed in the arts of herbs and ailments, tough

Weaknesses: Runt (physically weak), distrustful, extremely unlikable


A very prideful and independent creature, he believes that he can do things by himself and prefers to be alone. Despite this, he won't hesitate to side with others if need be. He is a very secretive male, wanting to hide his past from the rest of the world, and because of this, he is very cautious and thoughtful. He likes to think before acting and is extremely careful in his words, if not a bit blunt. Because of his small stature, he becomes very defensive and most times very loud when his size is mentioned.

Mate: Open

Pups: N/A

Parents: Rehan (Father, deceased)

Basilah (Mother, deceased)

Siblibgs: Niko (Brother, unknown whereabouts)


History: Atticus was the son of the Alpha, named Rehan. He was a strict and powerful ruler. He believed that if you showed signs of mercy, you were weak, and then he killed you. Atticus, eager to please his father, he was hardened into a cold wolf, often bullying his packmates, even as a pup. His older brother, however, still remained his friend, much to Atticus's disgust. But when his littermates grew larger than him, and he stayed the same size, his father became disgusted. "You are useless," Rehan would spat at Atticus daily. "You cannot hunt, or battle, or even patrol. You are nothing like your brother. You are worthless."

And then the plague struck.

The pack that was so proud of being one of the strongest to ever exist fell to disease, sparing Atticus. It was a miracle and a mystery that Atticus, one of the most sickly wolves in the pack, survived, while his entire family was killed mercilessly. At least, that's what he thought. His older brother had gone off to hunt and hadn't returned in several days, and he hadn't contracted the disease.

And so, Atticus went on in life. He spent years in the wild by himself, and due to his size, he wasn't able to hunt properly, so he was forced to scavenge. It was sad, really. For three years he lived in the wild, losing weight by the minute, and growing angrier and angrier.

Other: Extremely malnourished and small. Despite this, he is nimble in his actions and makes an excellent healer. He knows many herbs and even more tricks to heal quickly and effectively. His original pack name, Atticus, is what he usually goes by. Little Minnow In The Stream was his family name, and only his family could use it. He is ashamed to use the name Little Minnow In The Stream, as it reminds him of his family and how much he suffered because of them.

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