08:40:15 Scary Fairy ♡
Should I pop her?
-WP Click-
08:39:41 I overthink this-
Give me the opinions
-WP Click-
2 of my wolves just died!
:( :( :(
I don't have any flowers to place on them though!
08:38:25 Fade | Memory
Ahh, thank you. That helps.
08:37:43 KitKat/Stalker
@fading im not Back, but Heavyweight means the wolf has +5damage and -5agility
08:37:36 Taz
if i were to try save up for more gear or decor what would look good on him?
-WP Click-
08:37:20 Fade | Memory
Thank you thank you. Makes sense lol
08:36:48 Sav, Nickname Giver

Yep yep
08:36:31 Scary Fairy ♡
Man Asmodeus got bred out within a few hours of me putting him up :o
08:36:01 Fade | Memory
And does HW mean heavy weight?
08:35:27 KitKat/Stalker

-WP Click-

Suggestion for unbury items in inventory
08:34:50 KitKat/Stalker
@domvoi never said it was bad, just doesnt make sense to me personally
08:34:26 KitKat/Stalker
@domvoi yes i get that, like I said. to each their own:) i just dont understand this concept for WP
08:34:20 Sav, Nickname Giver
HW +11V Hero? AND 43R AC? Yes please~

-WP Click-
08:34:10 Fade | Memory
Be right back <3
08:33:35 Scary Fairy ♡
Again its just a preference thing. Some people like clean wolves, others don't care, some people strictly want talents, others just want rarity even if it supplies no real battle effects. Some people want Hero wolves, others don't care about vitals. Some people want battle wolves others just want a shiny trophy. Everyone is different
08:33:32 Sav, Nickname Giver

Mmm I'll think about it~

I might have other plans with him.
08:32:20 Ken~Kennedy
Yeah, id buy him for 50, if you dont want him. good cp for his age.
08:32:07 KitKat/Stalker
lol i should rename my pack the IB wolves
08:31:51 Sav, Nickname Giver

You think so?


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Of Werewolves and Vamipres || Open! November 15, 2020 10:09 AM

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Pack Name/Number Number:ShadowWolf1389, 194615
Pack Activity:Medium
Name:Alastair Aspen Baldwin
Personality:He is a very laid back person that doesn't usually say much. He he tends to be stubborn and prefers to do things on his own. Being in the forest is like a second home to him. He is more like a silent watcher that prefers to read or go for runs.
Appearance:He has reached his final height which is 5'6 and isn't getting any taller. His skin is warm beige and his eyes are a dark olive green color. His hair is Raven black, and falls around his ears and is curled at the end. He has a long werewolf claw mark starting on his right shoulder all the way down to his stomach. He has a lean but sturdy fram which helps him to be quick on his feet. He dosen't weigh much for his age he weighs 120 pounds. He mainly wears a white or black shirt with a blue or red plaid button down over it.
Wolf Form: He is slightly smaller than the average male wolf. His fur is pitch black and medium length. His eyes are a piercing shade of yellow
Aroma: Pine needles
Family:Mika May Baldwin(Mom, Alive)
Sam Heart Baldwin(Dad, Alive
Honey May Baldwin( Little sister, Alive)
3 other unknown siblings
Other:The newest wolf of the pack

Edited at November 15, 2020 10:30 AM by ShadowWolf1389
Of Werewolves and Vamipres || Open! November 16, 2020 09:36 AM

Devil's Gambit
Posts: 4322
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Pack Activity: Every day of the week, a few hours spaced out

Pack Name/Number: Devil's Gambit/ 243105


Name: Willow Everglade

Nickname: Will

Age(can be 1000+ but look, say, 25): 200, looks 13

Rank: Guard

Personality: Takes challenges head-on and with a warm, glowing smile, Willow is prepared for just about everything that comes her way. She tends to get flustered under pressure, but with a shake of her head, regains composure. She talks a bit more when nervous and needs to be told to shut up from time to time. She acts sweet, but if you decide to make an enemy of her, you best be prepared to stay awake 24/7, otherwise you'll find yourself dead or worse.

Appearance: Willow is very petite, about 5 foot 4, with brown spiky hair arranged around her face in a pixie-looking cut, with an icy-white fringe on her bangs. Her eyes are a bright yellow-green and can reflect light. With pointy white teeth that border animalistic even in human form, she tends to cover her mouth when speaking. Willow's frame is like that of an hourglass and she isn't built for heavy lifting nor tough fights that require brute strength.

Wolf form: A small little white she-wolf with a darker green color in her eyes and black pads on her feet. Her snout color is a dark liver and a silver-gray dapple runs along her back. The scars that aren't visible in her human form run along her back and there's a small permanent rip in her ear.

Aroma: Smells like mint leaves mixed with pine and wildflowers

Backstory: Willow was born to Lilith Parker-Evergreen and Peter Evergreen on the winter solstice. She grew up an only child, adored by them, until she started to shift into her wolf form when told not to and caused mischeif around the school she attended. Distraught, her parents sent her away to a private boarding school for a bit, but when she came back they weren't there. So at 15, she found a job and tried to work, having to constantly shift locations to avoid suspicion. One day she met Wren and had a brief fling with him. From the time they spent, she found herself a new mother, having given birth to his daughter named Micca. Shortly afterwards, she had to leave for work, leaving Wren to watch her. When she came back, Wren was gone (he went to a party) and vampire scent was in the house. Micca had been killed by a sucker (Sevren Von Dellar). She has hated vampires ever since.


Wren Thomas (ex-boyfriend, father of Micca)

Lilith and Peter Evergreen (parents, unknown whereabouts)


Micca Evergreen (deceased)

Partner(either romantic or best friend): Open, pm me

Enemys: (thus far) Calum Von Dellar

Other: Orange

Of Werewolves and Vamipres || Open! November 24, 2020 02:44 PM

Scarecrow Ranch
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Name: Christopher Lowell
Nickname: Chris
Age: 25
Rank: lead, if still available
Personality: kind, caring,
Appearance: short blond hair, green eyes and handsome features in human form. In wolf form, he has long creme colored shaggy hair and jade green eyes, sharp claws and even sharper fangs.
Aroma(optional): smells like the woods after his transformation on the full moon. Usually though he smells like his favorite cologne.
Backstory: At 25, he became the youngest alpha of the Lowell pack. His dad died last month in a fight against some of the Redfern vampires.
Family: John Lowell, father, deceased. Former alpha.
Dianne Lowell, mother, unknown if still alive. Former alpha female.
Kids: none that he knows of
Partner: open, pm me
Enemys: Redfern vampires
Other: apples
Name: Lucille Redfern
Age: 500 but looks to be in her late teens or early twenties.
Rank: guard
Personality: often snarky, also very flirtatious, Lucille has a dark sense of humor, but can be kind, and caring to those she loves.
Appearance: She's completely normal looking except for when she attacks her prey. When attacking, her fangs descend, black veins form under her eyes and the whites of her eyes turn red. (Like the vampire diaries vampires.)
She has long black hair, blue eyes, and is lean muscled. Lucille also has a tattoo of a horse on her left shoulder blade.
Aroma: always smells like Sweet Pea perfume, stolen by friends of hers from Bath and Body Works.
Family/Friends: Ancestors of the Redfern clan, and the now extinct Somerset vampires.
Enemys: all werewolves
Do they drink blood(optional): yes, human only.
Other: apples

Edited at November 24, 2020 10:26 PM by Scarecrow Ranch
Of Werewolves and Vamipres || Open! November 27, 2020 07:18 PM

Cloud Pack
Posts: 167
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Pack Activity: almost very day

Pack name/number: Cloud Pack/265132

Name: Red scarlet claw

Age: looks like a 16 is really 258

Rank: Guard

Personality: she loves to help other's train to their limit she want to impress everyone since she i so young she want to prove to herself she can be a guard

she also has a caring side when every some one is hurt or cries she tries to figure it out and help she never leaves anyone behind no matter what

Appearance: Red has black hair and dark red eyes she wears a black T-shirt and blue jeans she also has a gray sweat shirt and black boats she is 4'10 in height

Aroma: she uses perfume that smell like vanilla


donsen't know any

Boyfriend: pm me

Back story: Red was born a vampire because her mother was a human but she never knew her family when she was 15 she was taken away to become a solder but she never wanted to until she had meet werewolves she worked as hard as she could to become Solider when the war came many solders were injured and Rose woulden't leave them behind after the war she wanted to become a guard and protect the vampire colony

Enemys: Any werewolf

Do they drink blood(optional):


Other: She loves to do anything just to help out

Edited at November 27, 2020 07:37 PM by Cloud Pack

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