02:34:27 Wilber / Cowboi
Your bone count is in the 600's now right? o.o
02:33:39 X || Xesei
Hehe I bought 100 pups off TP

The market is looking- nice
02:32:21 Mass Exploring Queen
He also got a fishhook stuck in his hand, maybe his head, I'm not sure. He also got a nail, or pin, stuck into the sole of his foot completely, like to the end of the nail/pin. He had to go to the hospital both times.
02:32:13 Wilber / Cowboi
gallbladder is such a weird word.
02:31:40 Wilber / Cowboi
D: gotta keep my gallbladder safe >:(
That really sucks though. You must actually have to watch what you eat ;-;

Am I allowed to ask where your gallbladder went?
02:30:55 Tamaki Amajiki

Oh geez. I feel bad for your brother. Life without a gallbladder is not fun.
The Winged Wolves
02:30:51 Silverflame
Poor you!
02:30:09 Mass Exploring Queen
Oh yeah, my brother had his removed years ago.
02:29:02 Tamaki Amajiki

Your gallbladder is on the right side under your ribs. From what I remember it helps in the production of bile or something like that. Since I had to have mine removed my body no longer processes foods with high fat content in them very well. If I have things like ice cream then I end up with digestive pains for about half an hour afterwards as my body tries to deal with what I gave it.
02:28:02 Canis Dirus
02:28:00 Mass Exploring Queen
02:27:31 Canis Dirus
Torch , yeah seems like a good idea to keeo just one. Maybe you could do two once your den space cap gets larger.
You are welcome, and yes I bring ExH wolves there, get some fails too but most of time works. Good luck!
Your Winter Coat
02:27:26 CCG, Kiwi
You have 1540 character points to assign to your wolves.

02:26:33 Wilber / Cowboi
hmm seems like health class really doesn't teach anything. How exactly does not having a gallbladder affect your ability to eat a grilled cheese?

But most importantly, where is the gallbladder and what does it do?
02:24:34 Tamaki Amajiki

I probably shouldn't even be eating things like grilled cheese honestly because I don't have a gallbladder.
02:23:34 Mass Exploring Queen
Okay. I just was so sure I retired them at 15. Maybe not.
02:23:15 Wilber / Cowboi
-WP Click- haha bones.

I'm sorry for your lack of cheese, but it's not my fault that you don't keep your cheesed stocked lol. Just make toast :D
02:21:58 Canis Dirus
Torch, she lived about 3 months, thats 8 game years plus 3 (starter wolves are always 3 when created) = 11
02:20:59 Mass Exploring Queen
I have one child of Bloodstripe, the alpha male. I have to be careful not to breed them. I think I will end up keeping like one wolf from each generation. That way I can keep it alive without taking up too much space.

Thanks. So thats how you do it. I wasn't sure, since half the time it works and half the time it doesn't. Maybe a larger half doesn't.
02:20:52 Tamaki Amajiki

I'm not even all that hungry but now that you brought up hunger I want a grilled cheese sandwich. It's 1:20 am here and I don't have any cheese.


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Dark Matter
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Autumn Shire
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Awesome thank you!

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Adira (Insert Family Name Later)

A unique choice meaning “strong, noble, powerful.”

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Role: Princess/Staelkata

Kingdom: Stealvor



Adira is on the taller side of the females in her family by standing at 5'8". She has a muscular frame from her years of training as a Staelkata and spending her time helping villagers if they need it. She has curves but many do not see them as she wears a fur cloak over riding pants, dark brown fur lined riding boots that cover her legs up to her knees, and a dark colored woolen shirt. She was born with Heterochromia so her right eye is a dark sapphire blue and her left eye is a deep emerald green.

Much like her sister, Jaro, Adira has shoulder length dark chocolate brown coloration. Most of the time it is up in small braids with some loose strands in a pony tail to keep it out of her face. There are little trinkets in her hair, but those are mainly during ceremonies or when she is part of meetings. It is very rarely that she is seen with it completely loose or longer than her shoulders. She would prefer not to have her hair grabbed during a fight to be used against her.

Scars litter her body from fights and accidents. Many are from her training though most of them are covered up with her clothing. There is one scar that wraps around her left forearm ending at the base of her fingers from when she had gotten caught up with a rope falling out of a tree but she has covered most of it with dark tribal tattoos of animals that are typical in the north, such as a stag, cougar, bear, and various smaller creatures. Her right eyebrow has a notch in it from being hit in the face with a rock as a child. She has lighter skin but since she spends a lot of time in the outdoors, she does have a light tan that darkens a little during the summer months.

Even though she normally wears clothing that is easier for her to maneuver in, she has been known to wear dresses that hug her frame but always with the dark grey fur lined cloak. She isn't one for jewelery but does occasionally wear a clip around the outside of her left ear that attaches to a smaller ring with a chain. Sometimes she will wear some jewels or animal claws depending on what the occasion is calling for.


It isn't often that someone finds Adira either not training or not helping someone around the village. Even though she is a princess, she prefers to be out and about the village helping some of the older villagers. Being as she is one of the eldest royal children, she takes on a motherly role to any person younger than her. She doesn't let her emotions show on her face as clearly as when she was a child, so many think she is cold or unapproachable.

Adira is stubborn and bull headed when it comes to voicing her opinion, even when it isn't necessarily needed. Over the years she has tried to work on being a little more cautious and to not let her emotions win, but there are still times that outwardly she is calm and collected but inwardly is an all out emotional war. She will glad throw herself in front of those she cares about to save them with little regard for herself. The young woman has taken her role as an older child and Staelkata seriously, doing her best to set a good example.

Of course when she is with close friends she has been known to get into mischief, but as she has gotten older those times are fewer and farther between. She spends most of her time either training with weapons, mainly trying to wrap her mind around the fact that all of her arrows seem to turn after she fires, missing the target by a lot. If she isn't training or helping elders, she visits the library to read up on the history even though she has read the books many times over. Adira has a beautiful singing voice but the few times she can be heard is when she is with her horses or around a group of children that have worn her down enough to sing.


Horse Riding

Close Combat


Stays Calm in most Situations

Tries to think through the different scenarios


Long Distance Combat

Her family/Loved Ones

Bow & Arrows-For some reason she can’t get the arrow to go straight when she tries to shoot.

She can stay calm but internally her emotions tend to heavily influence her decisions.

Sometimes she can be a bit stubborn.




The cold and fuzzy blankets


Being overly warm

Needless fighting

Boring Court Duties

Sewing-Though she can do it, she hates doing it.

People that only see her as a way to rise to power.


Adira fears that she will fail her family and country. She second guesses herself after making decisions wondering if that really was the better choice. She doesn't want to cause harm to any of her family or people. It is due to this fear of failure that she thinks through her decisions before rushing into something. (Can change or modify as needed.)

Family Members:

Siblings: Jaro, TBD

Parents: TBD

Betrothed/Significant other: Open/PM Me

Friends: PM me.

Roleplay Example:


Rendezvous, oy vey

(I believe she is done. Let me know if I need to change anything.)

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Lullaby's Poison
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Can I reserve a Vellamonta princess please?
The Three Kingdoms | Literate | Sign ups | Closed. October 23, 2020 11:58 AM

Dark Matter
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Dark Matter
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I added 'fear' to the sign-up sheet, so anyone who already has a character up please edit that into your form-
Sorry for the inconvenience ~
The Three Kingdoms | Literate | Sign ups | Closed. October 23, 2020 12:14 PM

Dark Matter
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Marcus (last name to be determined)







Marcus is a lot like the mountains in his kingdom- jagged and rocky with no bright colors.
He stands at 6'7 and has more of a lean body shape, and though he isn't exactly riddled with muscle, he definitely has them.
His hair is about shoulder length, with the top part always pulled and tied back out of his face. It's color black as pitch with a defined widow's peak.

His eyes are a dull grayish blue with an almond shape and short, thick, and dark eyelashes. His eyebrows are stark thin lines against his pale, almost pasty, white skin.
His nose is thin and bony with defined sides, but has a normal length, though it's definitely been broken at least once; his lips are thin and undefined with barely more color than his skin.
He has a strong, chiseled jaw, with hollowed cheeks. He sometimes lets a little stubble grow before shaving it off, but he prefers to be clean-shaven.

He has a long scar across his arm from a sword-fighting accident and has broken quite a few fingers on both hands from training as well, giving him an abundance of scars, small and large, all over his hands.

He's usually found in a black tunic with silver embroidery, a white cotton shirt underneath and gray cotton pants with black leather boots, and a gray leather belt with a sword sheath. During formal occasions, he is found in a gray-colored cloak with silver clasps and with a few blue accents to represent his kingdom, though when going outside or during travel, he wears a simple worn dark gray cloak.

Some might describe his personality as aloof, as he's quite carefree and laid back, doesn't care about others or their thoughts about him, and dislikes boring conversations, which to him, most topics are quite boring. This isn't to say he's emotionless, and he's definitely not careless, just distant and stuck in his own world.
He spends most of his time in the library, he's probably read more books than anyone else in Vellamonta and he isn't even close to having finished half of the books in the library.

When Marcus isn't reading he's sparring, honing his skill with sword and shield with one of the castle guards.
He isn't much of a hunter, horseman, or bowman, but he makes up in those aspects with an amazing mind filled with the knowledge of countless books and strength with the sword. Being ambidextrous he's sometimes seen sparring with two short swords at once with ease.

Though Marcus seems quite distant if you amuse him he will commonly laugh or chuckle at you and tease you. Especially about others' ignorance. But don't dare think of calling him an idiot or anything of the sort. It's the only insult that he cannot ignore and he will retaliate with hate.
If you happen to start a conversation that interests him that doesn't have a dull topic he would gladly talk to you for the rest of the day; as long as you keep him interested. Which, with his short attention span, should be a skill on its own.

Skilled in sword fighting
Fast reader

Bad at socializing
Terrible bowmen
Terrible with any animal but birds.
Can forget important things if they don't interest him.

Being alone
Interesting conversation

Dull topics
Being disturbed
Loud people
Annoying People
Boring people.

He has an irrational fear of horses and dogs due to a hunting accident when he was young. Anytime he's near one of these animals, sometimes even just if he hears them, his heart starts beating faster and he gets nervous.

Family Members
Father: Fredrick
Mother: Adelaide
Siblings: Leroy, Alexandria, Everlyn, Gisla

Roleplay Example

Themesong: Haifisch

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Dark Matter
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Zaira is accepted!
The Three Kingdoms | Literate | Sign ups | Closed. October 23, 2020 01:34 PM

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woot woot reserve a Vellamonta princess please :)
The Three Kingdoms | Literate | Sign ups | Closed. October 23, 2020 01:35 PM

Dark Matter
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