-A s a h i-
10:59:48 ~Country Shai~

Why thank you!




I tried to make it look believable XD
10:59:17 Z, Chai
my "right person" is in a different reality XD
The Magma Kingdom
10:59:13 Sukii
I like how the hooves are basically stabbing both me and Shai in the face :')
The Ravenborn
10:59:11 haha Agave go brrr
[ noble ]

oh shush, you've got just a good of chance as i do-
10:58:37 Noble
I feel like you'll find the right person soon. As for me... not so much :')
Dark Moonruler
10:58:07 King Boo
I love your pictures they be funny!
The Magma Kingdom
10:58:05 Sukii

Sure, the horse died. At least I look fashionable as fuck uwu
~Glitchy Ghoul~
10:58:02 Pantry Eater :3
Your wolves played: Aeri gnaws a stick to sharpen their teeth.

Nice- that’s what I want to see after returning from recording a video- :T
The Ravenborn
10:58:00 haha Agave go brrr
[ suh dude ]
i'm literally crying his little hooves omg x'D
The Magma Kingdom
10:57:38 Sukii

10:57:21 Z, Chai
dark can you resend your pm it wont let me open it
-A s a h i-
10:57:16 ~Country Shai~

His legs wouldn't fit in the fucking coffin-
The Ravenborn
10:57:11 haha Agave go brrr
[ noble ]
thank you. there's plenty of other people out there, i just gotta find the right one :)
Dark Moonruler
10:56:58 King Boo
What does that mean?
Dark Moonruler
10:56:46 King Boo
Pack Life: Cody screams into the void.
10:56:14 Noble
Raven well I'm sorry she didn't say yes. I really had my fingers crossed for you! Maybe next time?
~Glitchy Ghoul~
10:55:24 Pantry Eater :3
I’m back :3
The Ravenborn
10:54:21 haha Agave go brrr
[ noble ]
i guess. or she was just saying that so i wouldn't ask again-
oops wrong chat
10:53:53 Noble
Well that's kinda a win. Cause now you know she isn't in a relationship with someone else...


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The Curse of the Witches | literate | Sign Ups: Open! September 15, 2020 02:22 PM

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~ Introduction ~

Hundreds of years ago, before the first kings and castles, the goddesses still roamed this world.
Some say that the goddesses were created by something or someone higher to create our world. Others say that that something created our world for the goddesses to watch over. More say that the goddesses are pure darkness and their sole purpose was to destroy the world, and if it weren't for the last and fourteenth diety the 'true' creator, the world as we know it would be a wasteland of ashes and death.
We witches are the only ones who remember the truth.

There was nothing before the goddesses. No great deity, no darkness, and no light.
Kestel was the oldest and firstborn goddess. She was the darkness that filled the empty void of the world.
Anausel was the second oldest, and with her came the sun and stars that light our days and nights.
Ethrey was the third goddess, and it was her that created the earth we walk on today.
Then came Yena, who brought fire and lava with her, scorching the land Ethrey made.
After Yena came Morah, who brought the flowing rivers and great oceans we know today, quenching most of Yena's flames. With the help of Ethrey, they created the trees and plants that bring color to these lands.
Fenwo came quickly after, bringing air and wind to spread the seeds of the plants, and with these seeds came Siturie, who then created all the animals we know today.
Illanta followed soon after, and with her magic, she gave the animals of Siturie spirits and souls, also known as life.
Then came Xana. She brought death and disease to the world after Illanta's life grew to be too much for the land.
But with Xana came Renaela, who healed those that deserved a longer life.
The twins, Ciyana and Vitra, came next, and they gifted the life in this world with dreams and empathy.
Tefene was the last goddess to be born, and with her came time. seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, and so on. Years started having meaning with her arrival.

By the time of Tefene, humans had already spread across all the world and the goddesses had decided to each gift thirteen humans with their magic, as they could only do so much in such a vast world. With these gifts came the first witches; men and women who had similar, but weaker abilities as the goddesses.
During this time, The Gifted were renowned and treated with love and respect.
Till the fourteenth deity was born.

The fourteenth deity's name was Pheron, and it was he who brought ruin to our world.
Unlike the goddesses, he did not control just one element, but three.
Wisdom, greed, and chaos.
But the humans have forgotten about his last two elements. To them, he is the all-knowing, the true creator, the one and only, God.

When Pheron was born he immediately started creating chaos.
Whispering words in the ears of men and women, starting family feuds that ended in wars and death, and worst of all, turning the goddesses against each other.
It started with small words, saying that one goddess undermined the abilities of another, or that another took credit for the other's work.
It didn't happen from one day to the next, it took hundreds of years of poking and prodding till all the goddesses erupted.
It's a scary thing, when beings with that much raw magic fight.
And it didn't just affect the goddesses. Their wrath made the witches that they had gifted fight each other as well, causing the entire world to be nearly destroyed by magic.

During the Battle of the Goddesses, many witches were killed. Death, Life, and Time witches in particular.
When Tefene's last witch disappeared, the goddesses finally realized what they had done. They'd finally realized that Pheron wasn't as he seemed.
But it was too late.
He'd turned all humans against the goddesses.
He'd turned all humans against the witches.
He'd turned all humans against magic.
He was feeding off the chaos and bloodshed they had caused. He was feeding off of their magic.

In one final attempt to restore the world and stop Pheron, the goddesses combined their magic and their souls.
The explosion returned the world to how it was before their magic had torn it apart, and killed the goddesses in the process, but not before killing Pheron as well.

Now, nearly five hundred years later, we still have to endure the darkness Pheron put into this world.
Pheron is worshiped blindly by all humans and witches are prosecuted and burned for being born with magic.
Since the goddesses have died we witches have been on the run, in fear of being rotted out and going extinct, like Tefenes witches.
The only problem is now, humans are actively hunting us.

Some witch, or goddesses forbid, Pheron, has cursed the kingdom of Kahldsland. The weather has become unpredictable, with random thunderstorms or heatwaves happening nearly every other day; plants are rotting, animals are dying and humans are getting ill.
Of course, the humans blame the witches.

They've started making witch hunts to finally rid the world of our magic. But unless we wish to see the world our goddesses created waste away, we have to stop this curse before it spreads.

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The Curse of the Witches | literate | Sign Ups: Open! September 15, 2020 02:26 PM

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~ Forum Rules ~

1. Follow Eve's rules.
2. I will give you three chances before kicking you, whether it be because of rudeness, inactivity, or failure to follow the rules.
3. Reservations will only last 24 hours, I will PM you when it ends.
4. I have the right to decline any sign-ups, though I hope not to.

~ RP Rules~

1. Cursing is allowed, but please keep it to a minimum.
2. This is a literate RP, two paragraphs (200 words) are the minimum. Even with writer's block, this shouldn't be too hard to achieve.
3. This is an active roleplay as well, please be able to post at least three times a week. I will PM you if I notice inactivity without warning.
4. I decide when the days pass and what the weather is.
5. Hate the character, not the player.
6. PM me if you no longer wish to be in the RP, and we can figure something out.
7. You can have your characters get hurt during random events, like falling and breaking something, or a sprained ankle.
8. Romance is of course allowed, but if anything serious happens
please skip through and keep it PG 13.
9. If your character gets in a fight make sure the other player is okay with this, especially if you plan on getting your character hurt/killing them off.
10. I also do expect proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation; small mistakes that happen every once in a while is okay, but it cant be every single post.
11. Aside from the witch's magic, this roleplay is realistic.
12. Death is not out of the question, as if a witch is caught, she/he will most likely be burned unless rescued.

~ Ad ~

For hundreds of years, witches have been seen as demons, and their only reason for existence is to destroy and be destroyed.

But, when the world around them has been cursed and they are the only chance for humans to survive, will they finally be accepted? Or will they be blamed for the curse?
Join the RP and find out!

~ Links ~

Sign up: You are here
Roleplay: N/A

~ Index ~

1: Introduction

2: Rules and links
3: World and overall plot
4: Roles Explanations

5: Magic
6. Sign-up Sheet
7. Played Roles

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The Curse of the Witches | literate | Sign Ups: Open! September 15, 2020 02:26 PM

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~ Plot ~

The Story takes place in the Kahldsland Kingdom which is in a realistic fantasy world. Well, realistic aside from the witches and magic.
It does not take place on Earth.

Since humans have noticed the strange weather patterns, rot, and sickness, they have blamed the witches and think that they have cursed the land, though if that is true, even the witches do not know.
The humans have started hunting the witches because of this, as they believe if there are no witches, there is no curse.

The witches feel that they must stop the curse themselves, for if they do not, who will? the only problem is that fighting a curse and helping humans -sometimes begrudgingly- while keeping your magic a secret is harder than it looks.

Aside from these baselines, the roleplay is quite character-driven and will follow the choices of our characters more than anything.
As the story progresses the curse will worsen, and depending on the speed of the RP, will happen quickly or gradually.

World Map
This is a basic map of the area we will be roleplaying in.
It is not an island, I just wasn't in the mood to draw an entire continent; and not everything is drawn to scale- especially the mountains.

It would take between half an hour to an hour from the Kahldsland Caste to the Schattenstein ruins.

The Kingdom of Kahldsland could be compared to a medieval Germany or Great Britain; a colder environment with a week or two of heat in the summer and rain, wind, and snow the rest of the year.
The terrain is covered in forest and has a large amount of rivers and lakes, and aside from a few mountain ranges and hills, is mostly flat.

Common animals are of course white-tailed deer, boars, wolves, foxes, badgers, squirrels, hares, and plenty of other woodland creatures.
There are no mythical creatures such as dragons or unicorns, but they can be mentioned as myths, like in the map above.

Schattenstein Ruins
The Schattenstein Ruins is the place that the witches call home.
Its a castle nearly as old as the goddesses, the walls are adorned by moss, ivy, and lichen, and aside from the west wing, are all crumbling and cracking.

The Witches sleep in the west wing, but they practice magic and spend time with others almost everywhere in the ruins, and those especially reckless or brave witches will practice in the crumbling towers.

The humans simply call the Schatten Stein Ruins 'the Ruins' and believe that they have been abandoned for hundreds of years.
Some do believe the ruins are cursed, as many who enter, never return.

Kahlds Castle
The Kahlds Castle is in the center of Kahldstown and is the home of the king, queen, their children, and other nobles.
It has multiple wings with many towers, well-tended gardens, two ballrooms, and a throne room.

Kahldstown is a large town that encircles Kahlds Castle.
Though the people here aren't exactly poor, and the royal family isn't cruel to their people, the living here is tough.
The further away from the castle the worse it gets, with beggars and thieves always roaming the outskirts at night.

One thing the town is known for is its wonderful market, which is open every day in the Townsquare where merchants from far and wide come to sell their wares.

The culture of Kahldsland is very similar to that of the medieval times on Earth. Men have more rights than women and many daughters are married to men who they do not love. Though witches can be both male and female, women are more commonly prosecuted as witches, and any woman who stands out of the 'simple housewife' crowd has a very high chance of being burned for witchcraft.
Similar to on Earth, humans also believe in one God. They know of the goddesses, but treat them as demons. Whereas Pheron is the one true god that they worship.

The Curse
The curse, as stated before, is causing strange and dangerous weather, sickness in humans, death in animals, and rot in farms.
The weather is very unpredictable, ranging from hail storms in the summer to heatwaves in the winter. Though these changes do not happen in seconds, it's not unheard of for the day to start out blistering hot and end in blizzards.
The sickness affecting the humans and animals are the same, though for some reason the human mortality rate is much lower, possibly because of the primitive medicine or just better immune systems; either way, the sickness causes vomiting, fever, uncontrollable shivering, and in some cases, incoherent rambling. Children and elders have a high chance of dying from the sickness.
The rot, is as you can imagine, a simple rot. Farmers are harvesting less and less and plants seem to be dying for no reason, possibly from the water, which seems to be getting murkier and murkier by the day.

Edited at September 20, 2020 03:12 PM by Verdorben
The Curse of the Witches | literate | Sign Ups: Open! September 15, 2020 02:27 PM

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~ Humans ~

Humans are, as you can imagine, simple humans. As this is a realistic roleplay, there is no dyed hair, especially unnatural, and no contacts/colored contacts.
The clothing is the same as normal medieval times, though you can get a bit creative and add a fantasy spin to it. I will not allow brightly colored clothes, denin, T-shirts, denim/jeans, sneakers, or any other modern clothing.
Tattoos are allowed, but they are mainly tribal or runic tattoos, possibly animal. It is looked down upon to have tattoos in this time and is seen as barbaric and uncivilized. People with tattoos may be accused of being witches just because of the ink on their skin.

Played humans have to be 16+ and can have any role, though I would prefer to only have the royal family and knights be played, to keep the character number down. If you do not want any of these roles you can choose any medieval occupation or even make a noble that can be related or unrelated to the royal family, I will only allow two witches with noble blood.
All humans, aside from those that are related to witches, strictly believe in and follow Pheron, or pretend to, lest they risk getting burned as a witch.

The Royal Family

The royal family of Kahldsland has been ruling over this kingdom for hundreds of years. Possibly since the time of the goddesses, though records of that time have all been burned, lost, or forgotten.
Sometimes the land is lucky and a kind king inherits the throne, other times it is unlucky and a cruel king takes the throne, so the royals don't have a reputation of either extreme.
The only thing they're known for is disliking witches and magic, and being very picky when it comes to picking the husbands and wives for their children. Only the noblest of children are allowed to marry into this family.

Only the oldest son will inherit the throne, if there are no legitimate sons, bastards of the king can inherit the throne as well, just no women and no one outside of the royal family.
If you play a member of the royal family they cannot be witches or related to witches.
The characters have to be 16+ for this role, though I may make an exception if you PM me.

The knights and guards of Kahldsland are meant to protect the royal family, keep order in Kahldstown, and hunt the witches.

Aside from the witches and royals, these are the third most important character, so if you make a human, please consider making a knight/guard, though please note, as gender roles do exist in this time, female knights aren't a thing.
It is possible to make a witch with this role, though the likelihood is very low.
The characters have to be 16+ for this role.


As stated above, played humans have to be 16+ and can have any medieval role, such as fisher, hunter, butcher, seamstress, cook, baker, maid, and so on; but as I said before, I would prefer to keep human roles to the royals and knights.
And again, all humans, aside from those that are related to witches, strictly believe in and follow Pheron, or pretend to, lest they risk getting burned as a witch.
The characters have to be 16+ for this role, though I may make an exception if you PM me.

~ Witches ~

Witches are very much like humans. No unnatural hair or eye colors, no dyes or contacts, no modern clothes.
It is more common for witches to have tattoos, as some believe that they help them reach their magic and connect to the goddesses.
Witches most commonly live in the Schattenstein ruins, especially the matrons, though some can live and even work in Kahldstown with normal occupations, and like stated earlier, I will allow one or two witches with noble, but not royal, blood. And of course, witches can be both male and female.
Witches can only have one magic element, even if their parents had two different ones. There are no mixes. It also takes many, many years for a witch to master his/her magic, as they first developed their powers between 12 and 15. 25 is the earliest a witch has ever mastered magic, and that was years ago.
Please note, that though it takes time to control magic, it does not mean your witch is good or bad in the beginning.
The characters have to be 16+ for this role, though I may make an exception if you PM me.

Matrons are the leaders of covens, often seen as mother or father figures to the witches in their coven.
There is always one matron in a coven and they are usually much older than the others and very powerful witches, masters of their magics to be precise. They have an acute understanding of all the magic elements, even if it's not their own magic, and should always help those who cannot control their powers. Matrons must be older than 40.

Covens are large groups of witches of between 5 and 20 witches and are similar to families.
Witches are not born into their covens and cannot choose their covens, sometimes it can even take years to find it, but every witch has one.

Some say that the goddesses decided that they didn't want the witches to ever be alone, so they created the spiritual bond that brings witches together to form covens, others say it's just a natural need to be around others of the same kind.
Like with a family, not all witches get along with the others in their coven, but would hopefully still do anything for them.
It is not unheard of for witches in the same coven to fall unlove.

Familiars are animals that have bonded to a witch and become their lifelong partner till death. Witches can only have one familiar, and though the animal starts to age the same speed as the witch, it doesn't gain the witches smarts. They are simply animals who have a unique connection to a witch.
They are not born bonded, though a witch can find them at any time of their life, including before she finds her magic.
Witches and their familiars cannot speak to each other through words, only through emotions and thoughts, and when a witch dies, their familiar die with them; but when a familiar dies, the witch continues to live, though he/she will feel like something is missing for the rest of their life.
Familiars have to be real animals, no unicorns, dragons, or any other mythical creatures.
Please note also where this roleplay takes place. A hyena, tazmanian devil, or tiger as a familiar would not make sense, so please watch out for that. Of course, I might make an exception if you PM me beforehand.

Edited at September 20, 2020 02:48 AM by Verdorben
The Curse of the Witches | literate | Sign Ups: Open! September 15, 2020 02:27 PM

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~ Magic ~

Witches, or "The Gifted" as they were called before the goddesses died, are of course magic.
Each witch can have one single element that they control, though each spell or activity that uses magic costs energy, and an untrained witch can die if they cast spells that are too powerful.
Time, Death and Life magic is extremely rare and I will allow up to 2 witches each per rare magic, but I would prefer to keep them at 1 witch each.

Dark magic, or the magic of darkness, is a quite simple power.
Witches with this magic can see in the dark and manipulate shadows, sometimes even creating them from nothing. A very common and easy ability is changing the shadows of one's face to become unrecognizable, and a much rarer power allows the witch to make their shadows 'solid' and have them interact with the real world besides just glide across the floor.
These witches can also make their surrounding area go completely dark for short periods of time.
This magic is still quite common.


Similar to Dark magic, witches with Light magic can see in the dark, but besides controlling shadows, they control light.
They can bend, move, darken, and lighten any source of light or area and are known to blind people who attack or threaten them.

One known powerful spell allows the witch to focus light on one single object and have it start burning, similar to a magnifying glass.
This magic is still common.


Earth magic allows a witch to control and manipulate the earth around them, such as creating stones in mid-air, forming sinkholes, and growing plants in mere seconds.
As this is such a diverse magic type, many witches specialize in one of the three types, earth, stone, and plants, and are much weaker at the other two.
These witches are known to create earthquakes and use vines and plants as a defense in a fight if they're powerful enough.
This magic is uncommon.


Fire magic allows witches, to, of course, create and manipulate fire, as well as withstand extreme heat and burns from normal fire. Another fire witch can burn a fire witch though.
Some powerful witches are known to pull lava out of the earth and create giant, unquenchable fires.

This magic is uncommon.

Water Magic allows a witch to create and manipulate water and many other fluids, and can even turn water to ice or thaw the ice. They can withstand extreme colds, can hold their breath underwater longer than normal humans, and are said to be immune to frostbite.
Witches with this magic are known to cause rainstorms or even hail storms if they are powerful enough.

This magic is uncommon.

Witches with Wind magic can control and manipulate wind and air, are able to make themselves and others levitate for short periods of time and can suffocate anyone at will, though like with all magic, the more the witch uses their magic, the more energy they lose, and some can end up dead.
Some Wind witches are known to summon wind storms and can tear trees from their roots and roofs off of houses.

This magic is uncommon.

Animal Magic doesn't allow witches to turn into animals, but allows them to talk to every type of animal, familiars included. Wild, aggressive, and skittish animals have a much easier time trusting these witches and are easily tamed by them.
Please note that animals, even familiars, don't have brains or voice boxes like humans, so they cannot speak back properly, only understand.

Witches with this magic can control animals against their will, though they rarely use this, as it is cruel and costs a lot of energy.
This is common magic.


Life magic allows witches with the magic to keep dying creatures alive. They cannot heal, but they can keep the soul and spirit in the body until a healer does arrive, but this costs energy.
They can feel when someone is dying, though they usually cannot tell from what or when the person/animal will die, but when a person dies near them, they will feel it.

A very powerful spell of these witches is resurrection, and this allows the witch to bring any human or animal back to life, though this will always kill the witch unless there is something else willing to give its life because as the saying goes "a life for a life".
This magic is very rare and I will only allow one, maybe two characters with this power. But you have to PM me first.


Death magic, like Life magic, allows a witch to feel when someone is dying or dies. They can also see the ghosts of the dead, but this is a rare occurrence, even with experienced death witches. The ghosts do not see the witches though unless they cast a spell that allows them to communicate for a short amount of time.
Unlike Life witches, they cannot resurrect, instead, they can kill with a single thought, though this of course takes a lot of energy and can kill the witch if they do it wrong.

This magic is very rare and I will only allow one, maybe characters with this power. But you have to PM me first.


Healing Magic, as you can guess, can heal any wound, though the worse the wound or closer to death the wounded person or animal is, the more energy it takes to heal.
They cannot resurrect or feel when a person dies, like Death and Life witches, and nor can they keep a spirit or soul in the world.
What they can do is create medicines that can cure any sickness, inflict wounds with their mind, and plagues that can kill hundreds in hours, though these all take energy and can kill the witch.
Though this magic is known as healing, it can hurt as well.
This is common magic.


Sight Magic allows a witch to have visions, though of the future, past or present, is never known. These visions can strike while the witch is awake or asleep.
They can also warp what other humans or animals see, for example, besides seeing a dying deer, a human would see a deer that's just lying down when the witch casts this spell, though the bigger the change the more energy it takes.

A known powerful spell allows a Sight witch to see through other humans or animal's eyes.
This magic is uncommon.

Witches with Mind magic can cause humans and witches to get hallucinations and strange dreams.
They can also change memories, and with enough training and energy, control a person like a puppet.

Some are known to be able to read minds, but this takes a lot of energy and concentration.
This is uncommon magic.


Time Magic is the one magic without a counterpart or magic that works with it.
Witches with this magic didn't seem to control anything physical or mental, they didn't seem to control anything, but from stories, it is said that Time witches seemed to know about things before they happened, not years beforehand, but many records say that a time witch could catch a rock before it hits them, or when an apple falls off a tree.
Nothing seems to have surprised these witches, and they seem to have impeccable memories.
Tales say that these witches could travel through time, but this has not been proven.
Time magic did go extinct, but I have allowed two witches to have this magic after a short conversation.
Both witches are reserved so please do not make one.

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The Curse of the Witches | literate | Sign Ups: Open! September 15, 2020 02:27 PM

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~ Sign up rules ~

1. This is a realistic roleplay; no unnatural hair or eye colors. Tribal tattoos are allowed.
2. This is also a medieval RP so no modern clothing like denim/jeans and sneakers.
3. LGBTQ+ is accepted and supported, but please note, that as this is a medieval roleplay, characters should be closeted, especially if they're human.
4. You have a max of three characters, and only two can be witches.
5. There will be no romance between two of your own characters; it just excludes others.
6. Be descriptive and try to use 5+ sentences when describing your character's appearances and personalities.
7. You cannot have more than one magic type.
8. Characters must have at least three strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes.
9. Put your favorite/lucky number in other.
10. No Mary/Gary sues.
11. You only need one good roleplay example; feel free to link it.
12. Role is what occupation your character has, coven matron, town healer, farmer, hunter, fisher, witch, royal, noble, etc.
13. Please be active and let me know if you will have to leave for a while; no signing up and not appearing.
14. Please keep genders and roles as even as possible!
15. I know we won't be able to have enough characters to fill out an entire town so NPC family members and townspeople can exist.
16. Witches that live in the town must have a role, or else they'll be seen as very suspicious.
17. If your witch has fire magic her goddess has to be Yena, same with all the others, don't use Illanta as your witch's goddess if their power isn't light.
18. Familiar's appearances and personalities don't need to be as descriptive as humans/witches.
19. PM me if you only want to play as a witches familiar/if you want someone to play as your familiar so we can figure something out.

~ Sign ups ~

Witch Sign Up







Goddess and Magic








Familiars name

Familiar Animal

Familiar's appearance

Familiars Personality


Roleplay example

Human Sign Up














Roleplay example

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The Curse of the Witches | literate | Sign Ups: Open! September 15, 2020 02:27 PM

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~ Roles ~

King (1/1)

Leroy (Undecided) - 45 - Silver Feather - Page 2

Queen (0/1)
Name - Age - Player - Page

Princes (1/2)
Reserved for Satomi
Name - Age - Player - Page

Princess (1/1)
Reserved for Lunar Eyes
Name - Age - Player - Page

Knights (unlimited)
Name - Age - Role - Player - Page

Townspeople (unlimited)
Arthur Bennet - 24 - male - farmer - Tsubaki Pack - Page 5
Name - Age - Gender - Role - Player - Page

Matrons (2/2)
Reserved for Schatten Waechter
Fride Sparrow - 46 - female - light - Petals - page 2
Name - Age - Gender - Magic - Player - Page

Witches (6/15)
Robin Ruth Kaiser - 19 - female - Death - Schatten Waechter - Page 1
Violet Luna - 23 - female - sight - Silver Feather - page 1
Amor Sparrow - 21 - Male - Life - Life On The Edge - Page 3
Levithan Midas Somberg - 23 - Male - Wind - Fusty-Dudget - Page 5
Gen'ya Hikari - 16 - male - Dark - Overthink 101 - Page 7
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Robin Ruth Kaiser (Last name may change)
Roh-bin Rue-th Kai-ser
Her last name used to be Pfeiffer, but since she was adopted this has changed.




Noble Witch

Goddess and Magic
Xana, death magic

Robin has a strange beauty to her. She just seems to have this wild powerful essence about her.
Her eyes are a rich ocean blue that are nearly black on the outside of the iris and a seafoam blue around the pupil. They're framed by thick dark lashes and defined brown eyebrows.
Her nose is pretty average, with a round tip and defined bridge.
Robin's face wavers between round and oval with round undefined cheekbones and a small chin, giving her an innocent look.
Her upper lip is thin with a prominent cupids bow and her bottom lip full and round.

Robin stands at 5'5, not too tall and not too short. She has a soft hourglass shape with wide-ish average hips and a larger than average chest, though she usually has a strap around her chest so she doesn't attract attention.
She is also quite lean, and though she definitely isn't the strongest person in the world, has enough muscle to hold her own if she has too.
Her skin is fair but warm and she has a light spotting of freckles on her nose and cheeks which get more abundant on her shoulders and upper arms that thin out and disappear by her elbows.

Robin's hair is thick and flows down just past her shoulder blades in loose curls, though she usually keeps it up in a bun or braid unless she has to dress up for the other nobles.
It has a rich light brown hair with natural golden strands in certain lights.

Depending on where she is, where she is going, what her mood is, and what the event is, Robin will wear a large verity of clothes. Usually, she is found in a blue dress with a white collar, sleeves, and trim, and a dark brown corset.
She wears fancier dresses during formal events, usually in the color of blue.
When she doesn't want to attract attention or wants to leave to the forest or ruins she will either wear a commoners dress or tunic with leather riding pants and her usual dark brown leather boots. She is always wearing a necklace with her familiar's feather and a few bones she's found in the woods, though it's usually hidden so her family doesn't burn her.

Robin has a few scars, which are, to the relief of the noble family that adopted her, are easily hidden.
She has one along her spine that starts below her shoulder blades and ends just above her hips.
She has another large one on her knee, which she got from falling off a horse on a rocky hill, and quite a few small ones all over her hands from this fall.
The last and only scar that cannot be hidden is on her chin, and though you can't see it from afar, once up close you will see this pale discoloration that disappears under her jaw. She also dislocated her left knee and broke her right collarbone after falling from a tree when she was twelve, and if she overexerts herself these old wounds will act up.

Like stated in her appearance, Robin is a wild beauty, and not just in looks.
Though she is a woman, she can be very stubborn and listens very rarely, and if it weren't for her noble name, she would have been burned by now; though that doesn't mean she hasn't been punished.

Robin knows what she wants and though she may not be the most outgoing person, isn't afraid to say her opinion or argue. In fact, she is quite prone to argue whenever anything doesn't suit her. She's not spoiled, she just doesn't like being told what she can and can't do.
Often she makes decisions on a whim, speaking and acting before thinking, and even though she is punished for this, she hasn't learned.

If she doesn't like someone or something someone is doing, she will be open and very snarky about it. The only time she actually thinks before acting is when she is around other nobles, especially the royals, and people she respects, like matrons.
Speaking of respect; it's very hard to earn hers. Robin isn't very trusting and will quickly judge a person just by their looks. Robin is a very much "Judge the book by the cover" type of person; if you couldn't tell.

She also has a short temper, and when she snaps, she snaps. She's lost more control over her magic than she would admit in her fits of rage, though, luckily, only plants have died when she's enraged, never a human or animal.

Aside from Robin's temper, snarky remarks, and stubborn and untrusting nature, she isn't quite that terrible. She has amazing humor and loves to joke around and tease, though this is usually sarcastic and sometimes you can't tell if she's being honest or having fun.
And if you witness this side of her, you've most likely gained her trust, which is no easy feat, and once you have Robin's trust, she will be loyal to you till the day she dies. Unless you break that trust with something unforgivable. Then she may just kill you.

Doesn't give up
Good climber
Protective Knows what she wants
Taught herself how to fight

Doesn't take no for an answer Rash
Weak shoulder
Weak knee
Doesn't open up
Bad control over her magic

Fresh air

Loud noises
Bright lights
Overly sweet smells and tastes
Long conversations

Robin's parents died when she was three, but she was adopted into a noble family in Kahldstown because her mother was the cousin of the lord. She has/had a twin sister.
Stephan Kaiser - adoptive father - 51 Emelia Kaiser - adoptive mother - 40 Katarina Kaiser - stepsister - 18 Frederich - stepbrother - 14
Familiars name

Familiar Animal
Tawny Owl

Familiar's appearance
Mouse is a female gray tawny owl with light grey and dark grey peppered feathers with a few brown undertones and mouse-brown streaks, giving her her name. Her eyes are a dark, dark brown and are almost always mistaken for completely black, and they're always wide open. She has a 39-inch wingspan, 11-inch length from head to tail feathers, and weighs about 10 ounces, so she's quite average for her species in size.

Familiars Personality
Mouse, unlike Robin, is a very calm animal. She's gentle, caring, and elegant. She seems smarter than the average owl, often able to get her witch out if trouble if she has too. Though this owl is calm and nice, she is also very protective of her bond, as they bonded when Mouse was a hatchling and when Robin was only 5, -very early compared to other witches- so any aggression towards Robin will end in a face full of sharp deadly talons. Mouse is also a bit vain and loves to be complimented and stroked and will have a 'temper tantrum' if she gets dirty.

13 and 9

Roleplay example

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Bisexual Disaster


Goddess and Magic

This male is of short stature standing at 5'2 and he constantly gets teased about his height. His skin is that of porcelain with tan undertones. His face is sharp and heart shaped in structure with big puffy cheeks that gives him an air of childishness especially when he starts pouting. His lips are small and plump with a natural rosey-pink tinge to them. He always bites them when he's nervous, thinking, or flustered by someone or something. His hair is a mess. It's basically a bush of wild curls with a vivid cerise color that matches his olive green eyes well. His eyes are known for their expressions as they can become hard as slits or warm like spring when need to be. He has cerise eyebrows as well that are thick but hairy so he constantly has to get them threaded.

His body is not overly muscular, but he bears an athletic build. He's a semi-professional athlete as he does parkour and gymnastics on his free time. His body has a lean and resembles a runner and swimmer type build. His frame helps him stay quick, and light on his feet as he is quite the speed demon when need to be. He has broad shoulders with scars on his back from accidents, and a nicked ear from a run in with a stray bullet as a kid. Not to mention if gets really angry he has 3 veins that bulge out which he absolutely hates.His legs are toned, but he has a slight limp in his right leg, and it becomes worst in the cold. Even though he's been to therapy and it's 'healed' it still acts up, and if over exerted will mess up. He also when disgusted by something will wrinkle his little button nose, and if he grimaced you can see the slight overbite he has and he has to wear a retainer at night.




He has a nick in his ear from when he was a kid, and he has some old scars on his back from falling due to many laboratory accidents. His right leg also was broken once when he fell akwardly from a high building (don't ask why), and so that leg acts up from time to time, and he's extremely grouchy when it is.


Does this dude have tattoos and piercings? Yes, yes he does.


Who's the smartest ass around? Who has two thumbs, and is the Queen wait, King of sarcasam? Yeah, thats right this guy. This boy is known for his intelligence, and his smart mouth. He's a rational, and levelheaded thinker who loves a good plan, and scheme. Yes, this male is highly intelligent, and he loves getting information out of people, and can do so without the victim even knowingly.

The man on a mission, changing the vision he is always finding a way to invent creative items. He is a technology geek and an inventor who can be found in his workshop working on new tech. His speech is something left to be desired, with a smooth and naturally husky Russian. However, whenever flustered or frustrated that confident tone releases one of his flaws that he absolutely has, his stuttering and it's like he's a bit blind, and can get reckless.

He is very snarky and sarcastic. Not one to sugar coat his words or a situation: Locked in a house with a serial killer? Good luck, I ain't saving nobody ass but mine because y'all motherfuckers loud as hell. Oh, their is a virus outbreak? Y'all won't survive because you all are squabbling over petty things. You push instead pull a door? Are you blind their is a sign right their. If your acting dumb he's gonna call you out, you acting suspicious, he calling you out. He has trust issues, and doesn't warm up to others easily.

His impatience, and sometimes obnoxious nature can sour the mood at times, but these come in small doses and people rarely see this side of him. He's very free-thinking, and can at rare times be empathetic, but at times their are hints of a selfish nature hidden deep within him. However when it comes to his true friends and family, he is sweet and orderly always finding a way to make them smile with his goofy nature and extremly cheesy puns. You even see, that their is a bit of shyness in him because he finds large crowds uncomfortable, and he can literally panic if too many unknown and unfamiliar people are around him. He's a cold hearted individual most of the time and it shows, but maybe he does it because of his amazing family background, and he fears being kicked out the family and dishonoring the family. However in reality he loves everyone he's just scared of what people think of him.

Likes (3)

° Fruity Drinks

° His family & good family heritage

° Spells, potions , mythical creatures and anything doing with witchcraft

° Being sassy and sarcastic

Dislikes (3)

° Being called shortie, bean , baby or cute

° Being underestimated

° Being told what to to when he already knows what to do

° He doesn't like tuna.

° Allergic to peanuts and other tree nuts mildly. He's one of those people who will eat them in moderation and use his epipen later

° He doesn't like extremely large crowds as it gives him social anxiety

Strengths (3)

° His intelligence/wits obviosuly

° Planning

° Stealth: Being small helps him move fast and quick, not to mention he's agile

Weaknesses (3)

° Poor hand-to-hand combat skills, but he knows the basics, he just don't know no fancy moves, yet

° Being undermined due to his age, and his apperance, I mean who would want a kid that's 19, but looks like he's 15 telling you what to do.

° He's a bit socially akward, and can overdo it with his words at time

° Always the smartass. You tell him something isn't possible you better believe he'll find a way to make it happen

Fears (3)

° Being left alone in a dark enclosed space : he has claustrophobia and hates the dark

° He has arachniphobia

° He abosulutely has coulrophobia, a fear of clowns, he absolutely HATES them.

° Atychiphobia/Kakorraphiophobiam, fear of faliure and rejection


Familiars name

Familiar Animal

Familiar's appearance

Familiars Personality


Roleplay example

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~ Sign ups ~

Witch Sign Up

About every other day because of school
Mira Wellon
Goddess and Magic
Yena, Fire Magic
She is 6'5 with long wavy Auburn hair that goes down to her wrist and looks incredibly shiny in the sunshine and dark chocolite brown eyes with small golden flecks if you look close.
She has a white lightly tanned skin. She has an hour glass figure and long legs. She is quite pretty with her long black eyelashes.
She has a narrow face shape with dark eyebrows and full lips. She has light brown freckles on her nose and cheeks. They really stand out in the sunlight.
She is a brave courageous girl. She will stand up for her friends but likes to be alone sometimes. She is pretty good with her magic.
She is an expert fighter and can run pretty fast. Her favorite thing to do though is sit down and watch the sunset over the lake and read with maya in her lap.
When you first meet her she is tough but once you get to know her you see that she is really kind She will protect those who are close to her but will destroy the enemy if needed.
When people get there first looked at her they thing she is a helpless innocent girl but soon they realize that they are incredibly wrong.
Small dark places
Controlling intense fire
Huge Crowds of people
Her sister
The Sun
Snotty People
Loud Yelling
She only has her kitten and her sister who is 8 and her name is Tanya. They live on the edge of silver lake
Familiars name
Familiar Animal
Black kitten
Familiar's appearance
A small all black kitten with blue eyes and a white tip in her tail. She is a short haired cat
Familiars Personality
Just like her owner. She is very brave and loves her owner and will stick by her owners side no matter what.
Roleplay example
April Looked around with fear looking for Peter. Suddenly she hears a rustle in the bushes. She jumps in suprise and runs. She runs so fast that her ribs started hurting. She stops once she thought she was far enough. She starts breathing heavily looking how far she ran.

Suddenly someone taps her shoulder. She jumps in suprise and turns around to see Nathan. April sighs in relief and gives Nathan a quick hug. " What's the matter with you?" Nathan asks. " Peter." April replies staring out into the woods waiting for something to emerge.
Nathan puts his hand in her shoulder and guides her back to the lake. " Are you ok if I go get some food?" Nathan asks April concerned that something would happen. April Nods and Nathan walks off. April kneels down and washes her face with the river water anxiously.
April Looks at the ground regretting her choice of leaving Nathan. To stop worrying April started washing her cuts and scratches.


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