12:28:47 lem, lemon <3
i just got 2k
12:28:20 I miss Nick
Have you really?
12:27:53 lem, lemon <3
okay, im Angel Wind Acres
12:27:52 ET
Sometimes you gotta stay up late just so you can see your friend react to all the memes you sent them.
12:27:44 Summer!
excuse meh
12:27:22 Summer!
Oh, sci-fi is fun!
Dragon RPs can be enjoyable as well. It really depends for me - it's also interesting, because different people have known the image of dragons differently. Exp: Muzzle vs. snout, frills vs. horns, etc. The first dragon RP I did was fun, the second was not my thing.
The Pine Pack
12:26:42 Pine the Pineapple~

Buttercup Stables
12:26:20 Navy's Mate/TKO

I've seen your god tier art
12:26:05 Navy's Mate/TKO

I made an OC from a Fisher Price toy

Fite me
12:26:00 lem, lemon <3
Pine Pack,
what is your user?
The Pine Pack
12:25:43 Pine the Pineapple~

I do
Rageing Stormz
12:25:31 That Pet Spider
I seem to be either medival or Sci fi XD

I have a lot of dragons and monsters I wouldn't mind trying to RP with
12:24:45 lem, lemon <3
anyone have HEE?
Belle Nation
12:22:54 Navy's Mate/TKO
I just see this very angy man repeatedly stabbing his fork in this pancake

W h e e z e
Belle Nation
12:22:10 Summer!
I started out drawing with equines and dragons, so yes ^^
12:22:08 I miss Nick
Psh. How do you know?
12:21:57 Lycan
I have sin.
12:21:44 Navy's Mate/TKO
Why am I laughing at that?


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Sands of change|| Hybrid Rp|| Limited slots|| Closed May 21, 2020 04:22 PM

Posts: 83


Awoken by the heat of the sun, you find yourself trapped inside a wooden crate with nothing but the clothes on your back. Thirsty, and with no idea how you got there, you begin to panic. The memories of your past are gone, and the only thing that remains is your name. The sun seems too bright, and you can hear others beginning to stir around you. The scent of sand and sweat, something you shouldn't be able to smell so easily, assaults your nose. One thing you know for sure is you need to get out of the box. With just a few hits the thick wood panelings splinter and and break. Something that shouldn't be possible. After breaking out you see 7 other boxes at least 20ft apart from each other. Now out in the light you notice that your body isn't right, not completely human anymore, some parts are more animal. Looking around all you see is sand, except, about two miles off you spot something tall and wooden in the distance, something building-like. Deciding to head that way, you come across an old, rundown, western-like, town. Most of the buildings windows are either missing or broken, and it looks like no one has set foot in this place in decades. In the center of the town an old stone fountain sits, water just barely trickling out of it. Who made you into this? Who put you here? Will you survive? Who knows.

*Disclaimer* Just because your character has lost their peronal memories doesnt mean they dont know what things are. They still know how to read, write, stuff like that.


-All WP rules apply-
-Please be active. Try and post every 2-3 days-
-At least 10 sentances per post-
-No godmodding, power play, etc-
-Reservations last 24hrs-
-Cursing is allowed-
-Don't kill, or seriously hurt another players character without permission-
-Please subscribe to the discussion thread-
-Characters cannot be two animals-
-No two characters can be the same animal-
-Your character must have some physical aspect of the animal they are part of. For example: wolf ears on their head or a tail.-
-Characters cannot shift into whatever animal they are-
-One character per person-
-Age range is 15-20-
-Put opal in other if you have read the rules-
-I have the right to accept or decline any form-
-This is a semi realistic Rp-
-Have fun-

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Posts: 83



Males (4/4)
Qrow || Duskfall Hill (crow)
Cole || ArtemisWanderer (snow leopard)
Spork || Wolffang (Raven)
Luca || Flower Fields (Sheep)

Females (4/4)
Kara || Me (snake)
Cathrine || Lt. Mordeo (Peacock)
Ennis || Solas (Dove)
Orli || Sleepless nights (panther)

«Sign-up sheet»

Name: (only first name)
Appearance: (inculde the clothes they are wearing)
Rp example:


Sign-up: You are here
Rp thread: N/A

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Posts: 83







White corn snake


Kara has thick, straight, platinum blond hair that falls down to her mid-back. She has fair skin and an oval shaped face. She has light blue eyes with thin slits for pupils. Unlike normal snakes Kara can see color, and she can only see in infrared at night. She stands at 5'6" and has a lean frame. Her legs ar longer than her torso. Pure white, diamond shaped scales run down the outside of her arms, legs, and along her spine. She's dressed in gray flat shoes, light blue jeans, and a loose white T-shirt, with a navy blue, zip up sweatshirt tied around her waist.


Kara is quiet, she likes to listen and observe rather than speak. People who tell her what to do irk her, and most of the time she loses interest in doing something if someone tells her to do it. She in generally kind to everone she meets. It takes a special kind of person for her to hate someone. Kara doesn't like the cold, though that might just be from being part snake. She is an angry crier. If someone's yelling at her she may start to cry, not because she's sad, but because she's frustrated and cant put her anger into words. Kara always liked animals, but snakes weren't one of her favorites, they kind of scared her actually.


Read the rules

~Rp example~

I made the Rp I don't have to do this

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Sands of change|| Hybrid Rp|| Limited slots|| Closed May 21, 2020 08:27 PM

Posts: 83
Sign-ups are open!
Sands of change|| Hybrid Rp|| Limited slots|| Closed May 21, 2020 11:49 PM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 411








American Crow (shocking)


Qrow is a tall and lanky man, standing at 6 feet tall. He is dark skinned, has dark tousled hair and dark angled eyes. His nose is broad and somewhat hooked shape, his face angular and long. He's not that muscular and is rather thin, the man being a natural stick.

He has large, black crow wings on his back that are as dark as the night itself. They are large enough for him to fly, but of course he can't do it well at the moment. He has to learn how and build up those wing muscles or he'll end up breaking something. His nails are unnaturally long, like talons, and he has feathers growing out of some parts on his body.

When he awakens, he is wearing a black windbreaker with a black v-neck shirt underneath. He's wearing black jeans and black sneakers. Of course, he'll probably toss off his jacket due to the heat and probably throw it away because he is dumb and doesn't know that deserts are cold at night.


Qrow is a bit of a rebellious man. He doesn't take kindly to authority and dislikes people trying to be higher and mightier than himself. He is a massive flirt and will most likely flirt with people he finds attractive, be it male or female. As such, some of his personality may put people off and they'll be either offended or disgusted. He's kind to most people and will help anyone in need, though he has a quick temper and will speak his mind against injustice.

Overall, he is just a smol bean and has a bit of self esteem issues. He's not too bothered by the wings, though he finds his name and the animal that he was created with very ironic. In fact, he finds this adventure rather interesting and he is excited to try out his newfound powers.


Opals are beautiful

Rp example:

Qrow wakes up in his small apartment, his large wings curled around him like a blanket. With a yawn and a stretch, the male sits up in the small cot he calls his bed. The apartment is no bigger than a bus, more length than width. But to him, it is home. Despite the cracks, the bugs, the disgusting bathroom and the loud neighbors, he is grateful for having a roof over his head.

He gets out of bed, stretching his massive wings and his body. He takes a few steps to the curtain separating his room from the rest of the apartment and draws it open, sunlight beaming into his eyes. With a wince, he shields his eyes with his hand from the sunlight.

Once his eyes are adjusted, he goes into the tiny bathroom and gets ready for the day. Brushing his teeth, using the toilet, the works. He also gets dressed into his usual outfit.

Once he is done, he levaes the bathroom and opens the door to the balcony. The city opens beneath him, the city of the winged.

Sands of change|| Hybrid Rp|| Limited slots|| Closed May 21, 2020 11:56 PM

Posts: 83
You're character is accepted, thank you for joining!
Sands of change|| Hybrid Rp|| Limited slots|| Closed May 21, 2020 11:59 PM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 411
Sands of change|| Hybrid Rp|| Limited slots|| Closed May 22, 2020 01:27 AM

Lt. Mordeo
Posts: 598
Blue Peafowl (Peacock)
The most obvious piece of the animal Catherine has is the large, blue and green, feathered tail. The main part of the feathers is green while the circle placed towards th end of the feathers is a light brown/tan color. Within that circle is a bright blue "eye" with the iris colored in a navy blue. The tail starts just above her pelvis and extends long enough to drag behind her. Rounder, eyeless, bright green, feathers fade from her lower spine into the tail. Sharp claws can be found at the end of her fingers. Found on her rounded face, just underneath her solid balck eyes, is a white streak line that follows the shape of her eyes. Starting from the ends of her eyebrows to the end of her small nose is another set of white streaks. While on the nose, the streaks go along the side of it instead of joining into one on top of it. Her hair can be defined as "corkscrew" curly at shoulder length. The roots to about her ears, her hair is a navy blue that fades into a silvery white towards the tips. There are patches of fully black strands of hair mixed in as well. From the top of her head to the back is a single row of navy blue feathers that are shaped almost triangular at the top. Standing at 5'3 and weighing 120 lbs, Catherine's figure is a bit curvy. Her outfit consists of a black tank top; blue-ish white high waist jean shorts; a white, knitted, long-sleaved sweater that reaches her just around her knees; and a pair of black, high-top, sneakers. (Changed outfit because I forgot shorts were a thing lmao)
At first, you may sense that Catherine has this cold and hostile personality. In reality, she just gets awkward and shy around others. This will also play a role in why she can't properly show emotion easily. She may be super interested in something and all she'll do is say "that's cool" or something along those lines with no smile whatsoever. Catherine wouldn't even notice if she's frowning all the time until someone points it out. However, once you grow close to her, you'll be able to see her soft/kind side. She won't appear as scary to you. There will also be times where she will gives you compliments out of nowhere or check-ups to see if you're doing alright.
If you start getting on her bad side, sarcasm will become her main language when she speaks. Along with sassy remarks. Although, this can also happen out of random or if you just annoy the hell out of her. Catherine knows how to stand her ground and will call people out when needed. She will not accept others start walking over her and have them think she is a pushover. Depending on the situation, Catherine can take the role of leader or follower.
Rp example:
The short teen was found scribbling away at in a sketch book that was already filled with either simple ideas or complex imaginations brought to life. Between those drawings you can find some sketches with attempts of coloring added to them. You'd think someone as colorful as Catherine would know how to work with such pigments and tones. However, she always has pencils everywhere she goes. There is rarely a sighting of anything besides blacks and greys.
With her back against the wall, her legs supported her book as a makeshift aisle. Underneath her was a perfectly made bed. The sheets was colored black with tint green lines in a sorts of designs in different sections of the blanket. Her pillows followed the same concept. The queen-sized bed was placed in the corner of the room. The bedroom itself was bare. The tan walls had just a few simple posters of Catherine's favorite games over the years. There were pieces of her work hanged in attempt to fill the empty space. Almost all of them were horrific creatures. Not much other decorations were set up. Not even the brown carpet did much help to fill the room. The opposing corner of the bed, however, did have a cubicle filled with all kinds of art supplies.
"What are you doing in here?" A soft voice broke the concentration of the peacock. There, standing in the open doorway, was woman in her late thirties, but still looked young as ever; Catherine's mother.
"Oh, uh... just finishing up something. Been eager to get it down on something all day." Catherine spoke without breaking eye contact with her work. She could just feel the sigh coming from the older woman.
"It's nice out today. Why don't you go hangout with some friends? It would be a waste locking yourself up in here."
Catherine gave a small chuckle, "that's cute, Ma."
"What is?" Her mother tilted her head to the side, confused.
"Thinking I have any friends at all. You know such things don't exist in my world." Catherine turned the book to fix a stubborn line.
"That's only because you never try to put yourself out there, my little bird."
"Maybe. Or I have been simply doing just fine without any for the past 16 years of my life."
Even from the corner of her blacken eyes, Catherine could see her mother's head shake. "One day you are going to be forced to make relationships. There'll be a time where you can no longer do things on your own. Forming bonds will become a part in your survival." And with that, the mother turned and walked away before Catherine can ask what she meant. Her steps echoed in the hallway of the still house. The room had grown silent once more. For the first time in the past few hours, Catherine took her eyes off the paper. Staring at nothing and everything at the same time, she tried to interpret what her mother had just said.
What did she mean by that?
Unable to come up with a good enough answer, the colorful bird simply shrugged off the interaction. The pencil continued to create as her clawed-hand moved about.
Sands of change|| Hybrid Rp|| Limited slots|| Closed May 22, 2020 01:32 AM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 411
Is this inspired by Wings Of Change by CrystalScherer on Wattpad by any chance? :P
Sands of change|| Hybrid Rp|| Limited slots|| Closed May 22, 2020 01:35 AM

Posts: 83
@Lt. mordeo
Your character is accepted, thanks for joining.

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