07:44:05 Wolf
07:43:42 Wolf
Rushdie, my autocorrect is being mean.
07:43:22 Vex
-WP Click-
Wish she was a mini of Miris instead of a mix between her parents.
Halloween Spirit
07:41:54 Rushie
If they were dieting, that would be a great WP meme, and are achieving more than me when it comes to dieting.
07:41:36 Kitten/Kitties/Kit
It happens every Monday.
07:41:05 Wolf
07:40:01 Kitten/Kitties/Kit
Death script happened.
07:39:47 Warriors of Dawn
-WP Click-
07:39:23 Wolf
Why is everyone’s wolf dieting?
07:39:05 Vex
-WP Click-
Guess she's staying then..
07:38:55 Krin
Noo! My oldest wolf just passed ;-;

-WP Click-
Halloween Spirit
07:38:39 Rushie
This is bullshivik

Brian is 17, yet Epohna dies >.>
07:38:05 Wolf
Spooky, you are gonna get gone if admin is on...
07:37:45 Rose
Dang it! Didn't mean to Spam, that was an accident!
07:37:40 Vex
Well that's a pain in the ass best battle wolf I had..
07:37:26 Rose
And Silly
07:37:25 Rose
And Silly
07:37:22 Rose
And Silly
07:37:20 Rose
And Silly
07:37:08 Rose
Sorry Vex and Rushie! :c


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    The Two Herds|Pegasus rp|OPEN!| September 16, 2019 06:12 PM

Pumpie Pie
Posts: 10892
"I don't think you understand the bright color your foal gives off is way too bright!" one of the elders pointed out. The young mother, named 'Sunrise' reared up in alarm "It's not that bright! Bright pink is NOT blinding so you shouldn't have a problem!" The red marked Pegasus fought back. The two continued fighting, until the leaders got involved.


Those loud booming words echoed through the lands. The leaders, colored blue and yellow were in view, one took the side of the mother and the other tried to reason.


Instead, the color of a Pegasus' markings split them up. The warm colors left the cool ones, mates were forced to leave and foals of color difference were forced from mothers. It was devastating. Though one day, something happened, a banned thing happened. Two of them fell in love, this was centuries after the herd split into two, they ended up mating and then the result came a foal, it was so abnormal though, she was not just a bright color, nor a cool one. She was RAINBOW! The Pegasi had never seen anything like it before! The filly also had odd colored eyes. The two looked at each other when she was born and the stallion decided she'd stay with her mother, but when she was brought to the herd they all shrieked and fought with her. The filly lived with her mother, in the cool herd, they decided to let her stay but many of the Pegasi didn't like her, she was bullied and people were rude.
How will this life continue? Can you get the herds to join back up once again or are they doomed to be apart forever?

The land


1. Follow all WP Rules and Rp Rules
2. No Godmodding, Powerplaying or Mary/Gary sues
3. Maximum of 4 Characters
4. There aren't any humans because this happened before their time
5. There is ONE rainbow foal and it is female, sorry
6. The mother of the rainbow foal must be of cool colored markings
7. This is a Semi-Literate Rp, Posts must be at least 5 full sentences
8. No out of character issues/drama, if somethings wrong PLEASE PM me
9. I hope you know what warm and cool colors are, if you have questions, OnCe aGaIn! Pm me
10. Not all of the Pegasi dislike the rainbow foal or the other herd, just most of them
11. If you've read this far, put Hoof in the Other section of your application
12. I have the right to deny applications
14. Have fun and please PLEASE create drama, ALL the drama! XD

Edited at September 24, 2019 07:41 PM by Kylie Hatake
The Two Herds|Pegasus rp|OPEN!| September 16, 2019 08:21 PM

Pumpie Pie
Posts: 10892

Cool Herd:

Apollo|Male|4-5|Kylie Hatake(me)
Leader 2 is TBD in roleplay

Second in command(2/2):



Mother of rainbow filly(1/1):


Rainbow Filly(1/1):
Lux|Female|8months|Tenebris Umbra

Everyone else(0/-):

Warm Herd:

Leaders(1/2): When one leader is here the other is TBD in rp

Second in command(0/2):



Father of rainbow filly(0/1):
Reserved for Very Spooky Ending


Everyone else(1/-):



Goddess(Not really, more of an ancestor){1/1}:

Edited at October 9, 2019 11:07 PM by Pumpie Pie
The Two Herds|Pegasus rp|OPEN!| September 16, 2019 08:33 PM

Pumpie Pie
Posts: 10892
Sign up form:

Edited at September 18, 2019 04:32 PM by Kylie Hatake
The Two Herds|Pegasus rp|OPEN!| September 16, 2019 08:36 PM

Pumpie Pie
Posts: 10892
My character(s):

Name: Apollo
Age: 4-5
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Herd: Cool
Rank/Role: Leader

(The deer is for height purposes, basically he's TALL)

Personality: Apollo is friendly, often flirting with others usually unintentionally. He pays a lot of attention to the female leader once he finds one and never messes with the rainbow filly or her mother. He's the reason they're still around. He really loves his herd but is very protective, he wants to find love and often looks around them, admiring mates, though he'd never ever say that he did. Apollo LOVES the foals, in fact he plays with them often and laughs as they look up at him from the extreme height difference. He's very respectful towards the mares, especially the mothers and elders. Apollo is also very outgoing, never liking to sit still or be introverted as he's very extroverted.

Crush/Mate: The other leader
Family: Deceased by now
Other: Read the rules you cheater >. > this is my rp I don't need this

Name: Angel
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Herd: Free reign horse
Rank/Role: Goddess/Ancestor

But with wings

Angel is very calm, shes friendly and kind, never raising her voice, when she does try to assert authority she stomps her hooves and whinnies really loudly, if that doesn't work then and ONLY then will she raise her voice to shout. She loves the world and finds this separation sad, she lived physically with the herds together and that's why she was of this color. Nowadays she feels physical and she is but she's really just a spirit. She died a while back.

Crush/Mate: N/A, may develop in roleplay
Family: Deceased
Other: My roleplay, hehehe

Edited at September 24, 2019 07:43 PM by Kylie Hatake
The Two Herds|Pegasus rp|OPEN!| September 16, 2019 08:56 PM

Pumpie Pie
Posts: 10892
'The Two Herds' The herd was one until separated after a BIG fight broke out, the warm marked pegasi had to leave, leaving foals, mothers and family behind with the cool marked ones, until a foal was born, born of two from different herds, it was a rainbow, How will this life continue? Can you get the herds to join back up once again or are they doomed to be apart forever?

Please join :')

Edited at October 9, 2019 09:36 PM by Pumpie Pie
The Two Herds|Pegasus rp|OPEN!| September 16, 2019 08:57 PM

Pumpie Pie
Posts: 10892


Edited at September 16, 2019 09:09 PM by Kylie Hatake
The Two Herds|Pegasus rp|OPEN!| September 16, 2019 08:59 PM

--Spooky Cherry--
Posts: 215
Name: Aurora
Gender: Mare
Herd: Cool
Rank/Role: Second in Command *can she be the mom of the rainbow foal? Sire unknown*
-Fights for Whats hers *Beliefs, herd etc*
-Presence demands respect *shes not dominate its just her looks and the noble way she holds herself*
-Has known Apollo since he started the herd.
-Earned her rank throughout the years.
Crush/Mate:-Develop in role play
Other: Hoof

Edited at September 16, 2019 10:33 PM by --Cherry--
The Two Herds|Pegasus rp|OPEN!| September 16, 2019 09:53 PM

Tenebris Umbra
Posts: 3963
Name: Lux {'Light' in Latin}.

Age: Eight Months.

Gender: Filly.

Sex: Female.

Herd: Cool Herd.

Rank/Role: Rainbow Filly.

Appearance: (ill draw up a ref sheet of her tomorrow)
Lux is notorious for one thing and one thing only; having a rainbow pattern with odd-coloured eyes. It's odd, but it's true. Her pelt is a variation of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo hues, as is her mane and tail. Now, Lux is quite pretty, though many see past that. What they see is an outcast, and rather than fighting back, she allows it to happen, but we'll get more into that later. For her pelt, her colour isn't rainbow sequence, it simple only has rainbow colours. Her ankles are a blue, whilst her legs are purple. Along her body are several markings, each, yet again, rainbow-coloured. Her head is yellow and slowly transitions into orange, which then goes into red, until it reaches green and other shades. As for her mane and tail, but are long and lush, as well as wavy, and they, too, are rainbow-coloured, but more lighter and represent that of pastel hues.

Her hooves seem to be the only thing uncoloured. In fact, they're pure white, which is why she favours them above anything else. Even her eyes are purple and green. When it comes to her stature, Lux is pretty average, though has a sinewy physique. As for her wings, well, they are massive and are much, much larger than her body. It was as if an eagle put its wings on a crow, yet on her, they seem right. They too, are rainbow-coloured, though like her mane and tail, are more lighter shades.

Personality: Lux is a reserved mare that used to be extroverted, but that was before others turned their back on her. Before, she was happy, kind, and generous, but now, she's silent. Don't get her wrong, as in the past, she did stand up for herself, but all that earned her was more insults, and almost even a scar. Now, rather than standing up, she found that it does her no good, and so she escapes by spending time alone. Alone, something she told herself she was destined to be forever.

Lux doesn't trust easily. She did, but not anymore. All sense of her hope had faded, replacing it with walls she dares not let down. Perhaps one day if the right individual comes around, but not until she trusts them. She has no problem defending others, but when it comes to herself, she has given up. Lux has learned not to waste her breath on others. She knows its her appearance that makes others detest her, but she is also intelligent and observant, always seemingly knowing things about others, which she thinks irks them as well. However, she can't change her personality, not for others. And so instead, she separates herself from everybody and lives in isolation, though that never does stop the teasing or harsh words.

Crush/Mate: Open, PM me!

Family: Yet to be decided?

Other: A horse hoof is so interesting.
The Two Herds|Pegasus rp|OPEN!| September 16, 2019 10:07 PM

Pumpie Pie
Posts: 10892

--Cherry-- said:

Accepted! If you ask the person below but it's a yes from me

Tenebris Umbra said:

Edited at September 16, 2019 10:09 PM by Kylie Hatake
The Two Herds|Pegasus rp|OPEN!| September 16, 2019 10:14 PM

Posts: 39
Name: Dawn
Age 3 years old
Gender: Mare
Herd: Warm
Rank: Everyone else I guess. Doesn't really have a role as of yet. (Maybe something like a scout.)
Looks: A light brown coat with white splotches all over it and a brightly colored mane/tail fading from red at the roots to orange to yellow at the tips. Her wings are cream-colored and fade to darker brown at the ends of her feathers. Big amber-colored eyes.
Personality: Sunset is spirited, energetic, bold, friendly to all and very playful. Sweet-hearted but not very patient, loves foals and will play with them for hours. Warm-hearted and wants to make those she loves happy. Very resilient and can bounce back from almost anything, physically and mentally. Can fight, though she prefers not to unless she is protecting her herd. Then she can throw down -what she doesn't have in size she makes up for in speed, agility and energy. Can be very flighty, easily distracted and anxious at times. Loves flying and doing tricks.
Crush/Mate: N/A, open though. ;)
Family: N/A, her mother was banished for treason and her father chose to go with her. The herd opted to raise her out of obligation but some of the higher-ups still disapprove of her. She doesn't usually mind but occasionally their comments get to her.
Other: Hoof
(( Edit: I drew some art of her, mostly for practice and fun. I think it turned out cute!

Edited at September 18, 2019 09:02 PM by FlightFeather

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