07:04:18 Cigar smoke
Oh wait I'm 333 paws

I'm half evil
Star of Wonder
07:04:03 Starry, Starstruck
Ah, true are your words.

King is pretty common too, but I wasn't gonna outright say that xD
07:03:07 ET, Orbit
-WP Click-
Help me name stuff. :D
redneck christmas
07:02:49 bloodied jorts

alright thanks man
07:02:46 Cigar smoke
And you guys think King is used less? XD

I see less things named Tundra then King
Star of Wonder
07:02:27 Starry, Starstruck
Feel free to pm me.
Star of Wonder
07:02:09 Starry, Starstruck
-WP Click-

I'm.. not sure what this is. Does the symbolism make sense to anyone?
redneck christmas
07:02:02 bloodied jorts
hey is anyone on that i can rant to a bit? it's got to do w/ sexuality i'm afraid
07:01:25 Barney
@The Stark Warriors
@Star Of Wonder

I agree, Tundra is used too often
The Stark Warriors
Ok, thank you :)
07:00:25 Can/Elizabeth White
When it rains it pours. Semi-literate cat roleplay. Please join -WP Click-
The Stark Warriors
Ok, thank you :)
Star of Wonder
06:58:56 Starry, Starstruck
Tundra is kinda a common name, so I would go with King
The Stark Warriors
Hey, can someone help me out? I'm trying to name my wolf 'Pup 50' and I can't decide between the names King and Tundra.
Magnus Bane
06:52:23 I am a staple
I'm so pissed iff but I know I can't talk about it in chat:):)
06:50:55 Cigar smoke
My Cute Face watches minnows swim under the water.

At least my face is doing something sensible
06:48:55 Cigar smoke
Got to knit a bus now XD
06:46:19 Barney
visit me if you're an edgy memelord
06:45:11 Birdie
-WP Click-

Idea 3 is currently in the lead by one vote
Winter Sun
06:44:24 S
-WP Click-


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SoulBound | A dragon roleplay | Sign ups | Open August 13, 2019 06:31 PM

Posts: 1214
You go outside and head over to your mail box excitedly. You open the metal door and take all the contents out. You swing through the mail franticly till you see the blue envelop. You open it up and read what's inside. "Greetings young rider! I am the headmaster of HavenFalls. Your application has been accepted and you are now a student of HavenFalls Academy. We are eagerly awaiting for your arrival at opening ceremony. "
<div align="center">
<div align="center">*Plot*
<div align="center">You have been training at one of the dragon rider schools, hoping one day to get your very own dragon and train at the prestigious HavenFalls Academy. Since, you have come of age to go to HavenFalls you have sent an application and months later acceptation letters went out to children, including you, saying that you have been accepted into the school. You'll spend five years at the academy training to become a dragon rider. In your first-term you will go to the hatchery hidden in a waterfall to get a dragon of your own. You do not pick the dragon, rather it is your aura that picks the dragon. You will be given an egg, on the account of what the headmaster believes is your SoulBound partner, then all throughout your years at HavenFalls Academy you will be training that dragon, and becoming friends with it. This dragon will become your partner as long as you live.<div align="center">
<div align="center">Rules<div align="center">-Follow all WP rules<div align="center">-Be nice to everyone<div align="center">-Hate the character not the person<div align="center">-No character is perfect, that includes godmodding and undefeatable characters<div align="center">-Put fire breathing buddies in other if you read rules<div align="center">-If your gonna sign up, please make sure to actually rp as I've had people sign up and not and I had to chase after them<div align="center">-Please be willing to be a long term roleplaying as this will be a pretty long rp since the students are in school for five years<div align="center">-If something comes up in real life where your unable to roleplay for a long period of time please notify me if you'd like to stay if not just notify me that you'll have to leave<div align="center">-If you need to leave the rp, please notify me! I don't want to chase after you about things, so please just tell me
Edited at September 26, 2019 07:47 PM by AlphaBlueWolf
SoulBound | A dragon roleplay | Sign ups | Open August 13, 2019 06:47 PM

Posts: 1214


Headmaster (1/1)
-Pulchre Mortferum Daemonium(Dae) | F | Dancing in the Dark

Assistant Headmaster (1/1)
-Kiyoko Lee | F | Fairytail

Teachers (6/7)
-Arthur Fleck | M | Teaches Riding Techniques | Xylophoney
-Arnold Sparrow | M | Teaches Dragon Abilities | Hurry
-Myra Carman | F | Teaches Gym | MossClan
-Mallow | F | Teaches Dragon Care | Midnight Dragon
-Andromeda Marie Katsuki | F | Teaches History of Dragons | Kylie Hatake
-Shastun Zin | M | Teaches Flying Class | Mystic Walkers
-Enrick Dallas | M | Teaches Wilderness Class | AlphaBlueWolf

Students (9/10)
-Riley West | M | Turin Bad
-Rosemary Conners | F | Saratank
-Kiara WinterGuard | F | SilverLegs
-Arya | F | Jade's Heaven
-Aj Anderson | M | AlphaBlueWolf
-Serenity Anderson | F | AlphaBlueWolf
-Ayla Ralnonan | F | Mystic Walkers
-Spear | M | Firestorm Pack
-Chase Jones | M | Kylie Hatake
-Jonathan Manson | M | King Of The Monsters


Students' Dragons (10/10)
-Starlight | F | AlphaBlueWolf
- Fang | M | saratank
-Crystal | F | Turin Bad
- Dakota | M | Howling shadows
-Abyssinia | F | The Moon Alpha
-Thunder | M | shadow masters
-RoseThorn | F | AlphaBlueWolf
-Raven | F | Jade's Heaven
-Baynu | F | Mystic Walkers
-Cindal | F | Silver Sagittarius

Mother Dragons (8/8)
-Avid | F | Elbowen
-Luna | F | saratank
-Zoonay | F | Hurry
-Anastasia | F | Autumn Blossom
-Cama | F | Mystic Walkers
-Molili | F | Mystic Walkers
-Blaze | F | Firestorm Pack
-Sarin | F | Kylie Hatake

Teachers' Dragons (7/8)
-Sobek | F | Howling Shadows
-Must be male
-Ferox | M | Dancing in the Dark
-Yin | M | Fairytail
-Chasm | F | MossClan
-Kumolth | M | Mystic Walkers
-Norirth | M | Mystic Walkers
-Twilight | F | Denali's Queendom

Rouge Dragons (10/10)
-Takusan | M | King Of The Monsters
-Aello | M | Silver Sagittarius
-Bladenia | F | The Moon Alpha
-Redwood | F | Midnight Dragon
-Oak | M | Midnight Dragon
-Juniper | F | Jade's Heaven
-Atticus | M | AlphaBlueWolf

Edited at October 23, 2019 06:09 PM by AlphaBlueWolf
SoulBound | A dragon roleplay | Sign ups | Open August 13, 2019 06:47 PM

Posts: 1214
<div align="center">School rules
<div align="center">-All students are to report to their dorms by 10:00 pm
<div align="center">-Acts of abusing a dragon will not be tolerated and will result in you leaving<div align="center">-No one gets to pick their dragon, even if you come from a rich and powerful family<div align="center">-The headmaster will attend every visit to the hatchery to observe how students and dragon eggs react to each other<div align="center">-Dragon hatchlings will stay in the hatchery with their mothers until the are at least two months old<div align="center">-It is a students responsibility to take care of the dragon they are assigned to, therefore if you are not taking care of it that will result in a suspension from classes and taking care of your dragon <div align="center">-First-year students are not allowed to ride their dragons. If a student in their first year decides to ride their dragon they will get a suspension.
Edited at August 13, 2019 08:58 PM by AlphaBlueWolf
SoulBound | A dragon roleplay | Sign ups | Open August 13, 2019 06:47 PM

Posts: 1214
<div align="center">Role Descriptions
<div align="center">
<div align="center">Headmaster<div align="center">It is the Headmaster's job to see take care of everything involving the well fair of young riders and their dragons. The Headmaster also takes care of most of the legal stuff. Though sometimes, they'll hand the legal documents to the assistant headmaster so they can take care of the students. They are in-charge of deciding which student and dragon egg are SoulBound.<div align="center">Assistant Headmaster<div align="center">The Assistant Headmaster's job is to help the Headmaster run HavenFalls. They are next in-line to become headmaster after the current one retires. Their job consists of helping the headmaster take care of legal matters and help decide which student takes care of which dragon egg.<div align="center">Teachers<div align="center">The teachers job is to teach the students how to take care of their dragons. They help students form a bond with their dragon. They are rule enforcers for the headmaster and help the students understand what it truly means to be a dragon rider.<div align="center">Students<div align="center">Students are the pupils of the staff at HavenFalls. They have studied at different dragon rider schools hoping to be accepted into HavenFalls Academy. They'll spend five years studying how to be a dragon rider and spend time forming bonds with their pair-bonded scaled partners.<div align="center">Students' Dragons<div align="center">These scaled cuties are the partners to the well-versed students of HavenFalls Academy. They'll spend their time learning step by step with their partners. They'll learn things like how to fly, breathe fire and be a cuddly companion.<div align="center">Mother Dragons<div align="center">A mother dragons job is to look after the young baby dragons of HavenFalls Academy. They are the mothers of the students fire breathing partners. They look after their young up until the dragons are two months old. Once the babies are two months old they live their mothers and go to live in the dorms with their human partners. I'm sure the mothers would love visits from their young. Remember to pm the person the character belongs to, to be their mother.
<div align="center">Teacher's Dragons<div align="center">These dragons are the partners of the staff at HavenFalls. They help with demonstrations and can be the mothers of the student's dragons. They are well trained and rarely misbehave.<div align="center">Rouge Dragons<div align="center">Dragons without riders. They are usually very aggressive and territorial. They will fight each other and humans. Basically, they'll fight anyone they don't know. Human or dragon.
Edited at August 14, 2019 11:19 PM by AlphaBlueWolf
SoulBound | A dragon roleplay | Sign ups | Open August 13, 2019 06:47 PM

Posts: 1214
<div align="center">Campus grounds
<div align="center">HavenFalls Academy is situated on a mountain overlooking a beautiful waterfall. This is the same waterfall where hidden behind is where all the baby dragons of HavenFalls are born! This place is where you'll spend your next five years raising your new partner.
<div align="center">Headmaster's office<div align="center">A place for the headmaster and the assistant headmaster to do work. The desk in the middle of the room usually has lots of papers stacked up on it. This is also a place where troubled students who have broken the rules go to get the punishment.<div align="center">Dorms<div align="center">There are five dorms. Dorms are split up between years. For example the first dorm goes to first years. The second dorm goes to second years and so on. The school does not care about how a student decides to decorate their dorm so long as it's dragon friendly and everyone can agree on it.<div align="center">Classrooms<div align="center">All the classrooms usually have the same format. Two columns of desks, each desk containing a seat for two people. Once, dragons are old enough to leave the hatchery without their mothers they go to class with their partnered humans. <div align="center">Flying Fields<div align="center">The flying fields are an out door classroom where dragons learn how to fly and students learn how to ride their dragons. Students only get to ride their dragons in their second year. Trying to do so in a students fist year is strictly prohibited and will result in a suspension.<div align="center">Hatchery<div align="center">The hatchery is situated behind a waterfall incase someone tries to steal the eggs. You'll have to get a bit wet to get in, but at least the dragons are safe! It is fitted with everything mothers and baby dragons could need. This is where students will go to see the eggs and interact with their possible, future dragons.
Edited at August 13, 2019 09:08 PM by AlphaBlueWolf
SoulBound | A dragon roleplay | Sign ups | Open August 13, 2019 08:48 PM

Posts: 1214
<div align="center">Schedule
<div align="center">Trip to the hatchery- 7:30 am to 8:25 am
<div align="center">Breakfast- 8:34 to 9:05<div align="center">History of dragons- 9:10 am to 9:55am<div align="center">Riding techniques- 10:00 am to 10:45 am<div align="center">Lunch- 10:50 am to 11:55 am<div align="center">Dragon care- 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm<div align="center">Dragon abilities- 12:50 pm to 1:55 pm<div align="center">Study hall- 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm
<div align="center">Gym- 2:50 pm to 3:55 pm<div align="center">Flying class- 4:00 pm to 5:45 pm (Only when dragons are three months old)<div align="center">Dinner: 5:50 pm to 6:55 pm<div align="center">Free time- 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm<div align="center">Curfew- 10:00 pm
Edited at August 22, 2019 10:14 PM by AlphaBlueWolf
SoulBound | A dragon roleplay | Sign ups | Open August 13, 2019 09:33 PM

Posts: 1214
Discussion thread-

Edited at August 31, 2019 03:43 PM by AlphaBlueWolf
SoulBound | A dragon roleplay | Sign ups | Open August 13, 2019 09:37 PM

Posts: 1214




Egg Appearance(Optional):

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SoulBound | A dragon roleplay | Sign ups | Open August 13, 2019 09:38 PM

Posts: 1214
<div align="center">You may now post!
SoulBound | A dragon roleplay | Sign ups | Open August 13, 2019 09:45 PM

Posts: 1214
Name: Starlight
Gender: Female
Age: Egg stage(For now)
Sexuality: Straight
Rank: Student's dragon
Egg appearance: Starlight has a jet black egg with little white speckles covering it. On the front side is a white star on the top. On the back side of her egg is a wavy splat of purple scales that look like star dust.
Appearance: When starlight hatches out of her egg she looks like the night sky. She has jet black scales with white speckles all over. The inside of her wings are white and she has a white star shape on her fore-head. Her eyes are a vibrant purple. The outsides of her wings are littered in purple scales that look like scar dust. The purple scales also glow in the dark. She can breathe out a purple fire and also, purple mixed with a bit of white plasma. She can also make shadows that are usually used for making a quick escape and she can also make beams of light. Though, she doesn't use these powers often because she is afraid of her power and feels it is the reason she was abandoned by her birth mother.
Personality: Starlight has a very shy personality. She usually stays by herself and doesn't talk much. She has lots of strong powers, but would rather not use them because she feels her birth mother was afraid of her power and decided it would be best to abandon the child. Because of this she tends to stay on the side-lines and has trouble making friends. She's playful at times, but she has to open up to you first. Besides being shy she is very kind to others. She is not one to speak up for others, but if it's about a friend she'll even use her powers she's so afraid to use to protect them. She's very loyal to her friends since she only has a few, because of her shy nature. She's usually called a runt because of how small she is and how long it took for her to hatch out of her egg. She'd do anything for her partner and the small number of friends she has, even if that means using her powers.
Other: Fire breathing buddies
Avid is Starlight's adoptive mother

Edited at September 1, 2019 09:37 PM by AlphaBlueWolf

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