07:01:25 Barney
@The Stark Warriors
@Star Of Wonder

I agree, Tundra is used too often
The Stark Warriors
Ok, thank you :)
07:00:25 Can/Elizabeth White
When it rains it pours. Semi-literate cat roleplay. Please join -WP Click-
The Stark Warriors
Ok, thank you :)
Star of Wonder
06:58:56 Starry, Starstruck
Tundra is kinda a common name, so I would go with King
The Stark Warriors
Hey, can someone help me out? I'm trying to name my wolf 'Pup 50' and I can't decide between the names King and Tundra.
Magnus Bane
06:52:23 I am a staple
I'm so pissed iff but I know I can't talk about it in chat:):)
06:50:55 Cigar smoke
My Cute Face watches minnows swim under the water.

At least my face is doing something sensible
06:48:55 Cigar smoke
Got to knit a bus now XD
06:46:19 Barney
visit me if you're an edgy memelord
06:45:11 Birdie
-WP Click-

Idea 3 is currently in the lead by one vote
Winter Sun
06:44:24 S
-WP Click-
06:43:49 Jack Qver

No problem!
Shadow Dawn
06:43:42 Dawn
Oof Livingston died
06:42:22 Sjuk, Uxwy
Dare I even attempt to explore? ;-;
Mahal Kita
06:41:52 Finch ~ Alfie
Honestly at this point, I've been debating that.
Thanks for your input. It helps. Lots.
06:38:04 Lex
Can anyone help me out with fixing links for images in forums? I'm using postimg. Please PM me, thanks!
06:36:52 Jack Qver

Yikes. Honestly I wouldn’t even talk to him anymore especially since he knew he hurt you. But don’t take my word for it I do things more..... complicated then others. Haha
06:36:44 Cigar smoke
Well I found a perfect song for my character False Hope XD
Mahal Kita
06:35:30 Finch ~ Alfie
I've tried a few times already, but I guess I can try again. Although he knows that it hurts me. As soon as he told me he got a gf, he apologized because he could tell I was hurting.


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Unnoticed | Stray Dog RP | LITERATE | OPEN August 16, 2019 11:43 PM

Posts: 541
<div style="text-align: center;">UPDATE
<div style="text-align: center;">RP should be starting soon as soon as we have some problems resolved and forms are finished. :) If you have any questions, please be sure to PM me.
Unnoticed | Stray Dog RP | LITERATE | OPEN August 21, 2019 05:15 PM

Posts: 541
Below is the link to the RP thread. Post your replies there and be sure to have fun!
Unnoticed | Stray Dog RP | LITERATE | OPEN August 21, 2019 06:20 PM

Posts: 1578
here's Rowan's sweetheart! Hope you like her
Name: Laika
Age: 11 Months
Gender: Female
Appearance: a lovely blue and green eyes Weimaraner with a light gray pelt.
Personality: Laika is a very adventurous young pup and her energy seems to never run out. She is always open to helping others and is determined to get the job done. She is loyal to her friends and her pack, she would do anything to keep them safe. (Will develop through rp)
Rank: Pup
Desired Rank: TBD
Mate: Open {Rowan in the future}
Crush: Rowan
Offspring: None
Family: Nope
RP Example: You saw it!
Breed: Weimaraner

Unnoticed | Stray Dog RP | LITERATE | OPEN August 21, 2019 06:54 PM

Posts: 541
Opened up five more slots for pups!
Unnoticed | Stray Dog RP | LITERATE | OPEN August 22, 2019 04:02 AM

Posts: 811
Pack ID: 234651
Name: Venus
Age: 1
Gender: Male
Appearance (no images unless properly credited and aren't hot-linked):
[Mod Edit: Shutterstock is not an acceptable stock source.]

Personality: Venus is the opposite of his sister. He is shy and cautious, and when he sees his sister taking a risk he tries too stop her, even though she won't. He has never been very full of energy, but sometimes he likes too run with his sister.
Rank: Pup
Desired Rank: Scavenger
*Mate: None
*Crush: Skye (Will change if shes taken)
*Offspring: Too Young!!!
*Family: Echo is his sister
RP Example: Venus's fur bristled as he felt the cold air run over his skin and fur, making his fur go in all different directions. He noticed his sister in front of him, and started too run towards her, slowing down with each step. ''Im so slow'' He thought, slowing too a walk as his sister was like a bullet in front of him. ''Slow down!'' He thought, even though he knew it was her thing, too go fast. He eventually managed too speed up and catch up with her.
Breed: Siberian Husky
Other: Wolfey

Edited at August 22, 2019 06:50 AM by Serial Dreamer
Unnoticed | Stray Dog RP | LITERATE | OPEN August 22, 2019 06:13 AM

Bewitching Of Angels
Posts: 2930
Should I make another male pupper?
Unnoticed | Stray Dog RP | LITERATE | OPEN August 22, 2019 07:34 PM

Posts: 541

If you wish!

Please only use stock photos from deviant art that are free to use offsite and for whatever purpose. If you cannot find what you want your character to look like, then use your words instead of breaking the rules. I would prefer if this form was not locked because of hotlinking, uncredited photos, photos that aren't allowed off of deviant art, non-stock, etc. If you need anything to refer to, go reread my rules, forum rules, and the role play rules. Thank you for understanding.

Also, not following can lead to warnings and bans depending on how often it happens.

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