Burning Roses
07:29:05 Your local therapist
Nu, people stop giving me mush- *^*
But thank you anyways :D
07:28:33 Xhavier
Wow I actually teared up there-
I'm way too sensitive, f r a c k
Banana Dragon
07:28:21 Sky
I feel like you're lying about all of this. You don't have a family member or a neighbor that could help at all? Hell, you could probably do it on your own if you're careful enough.
Hey, awkwardly shuffling in here, my wolf just had her first pups! I love them but I'm not sure I want to keep all of them. I'm not sure which ones I'd sell or how much mush/apples to sell em for? I was hoping someone would be cool giving this nerd some advice? They're the bottom four on my den page
Eclipse's Rain
07:27:47 Eclipse
I feel like chat is going to keep circling around to horse controversy one way or another :')
07:27:18 Xhavier
AaAaA, thank you! I really appreciate that
07:27:11 Lycan
So I am planning on getting a ranch. And I am looking for a horse to start with but I kinda need help with the breed. So does anyone know what breed of horse is good to start with?
Burning Roses
07:26:58 Your local therapist
I gave away 700 mush today-
Now I only have 86 left but it was worth it- *^*
Twist Of Fate
07:26:53 Twistie
Reddy :P

My dog has to wear the cone of shame and he is soooo pitiful.
That one Person
07:26:44 Navaya
yeah wellthat a problem i don't have friends in real life they all left me in the dirt
07:26:21 Reddy / Little
give me a moment! my phones dead and i have to find the charger.
07:26:04 ET, Orbit
Consumer of Boomers
Mate, that's just uncalled for. Come on, let's just leave the horse topic. :')
Flower Field
07:25:59 Shroom
What is it?
Consumers of Boomers
07:25:31 Mealworm
oml that's so many kittens for one litter!
good to know some folk care about their pets :)
07:25:12 ET, Orbit
I have successfully slept it off! :D

Bro I stayed up till 5AM and it was 100% worth it I'll doit again!
07:25:12 Lycan
I have a question for you all.
Twist Of Fate
07:25:04 Twistie
oh. my. god. give me pictures right this instant.
07:25:04 Henning ;>
such a bruh moment
Banana Dragon
07:24:39 Sky
Why? Have FRIENDS come out with shovels and bury him on YOUR property.If any FRIEND is willing to bury him on their property, then do that.


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Rescue Dogs | Semi-Lit | Sign Ups | Closed July 14, 2019 02:49 PM

Haunted Dreams
Posts: 187
You are a rescue dog. Whether you were in an abusive situation, found as a stray, or turned in because your owner couldn't care for you, you're now in a dog shelter. You sit in a cramped cage with tons of other dogs in other cages barking, howling, panting, whimpering- you can't even hear yourself think. The noisy behaviour is contagious, and you are soon joining in, your anger, confusion, stress and boredom fueling you.
The big heavy metal door at the other side of the room opens. That's the door that lets humans in and out. Sometimes it means you can go on a walk, sometimes it means food or water refills, sometimes it means toys, sometimes it means vets, and sometimes... it means one of these dogs will leave and never come back.
Two humans walk in, one man and one woman. You recognise the man as one of the staff, but the woman is a stranger. She walks through the room, looking at the dogs, smiling and letting some of them sniff her hand. As she nears your cage, you hear her speak: "I wish I could take all of you home with me..." Then she kneels in front of your cage, a friendly smile lighting up her face. "But I came just for you."
You are let out of the cage and put on a leash, and allowed to get to know the woman in a different room for a few minutes. She talks in a kind voice. "I'm Mo Reskan, a dog trainer. I know you've had a tough past, but I'm going to do all I can to make your future wonderful."
And just like that, you were adopted.

- follow all of WP's rules
- be kind and respectful
- no OP characters
- romance is fine
- LGBTQ+ is fine
- be able to post 5-7 sentences
- try and use proper grammar/punctuation
- no Mary/Gary sues, all characters need to have some negatives or weaknesses
- put Obsidian in other so I know you read the rules
- you can have any number of characters but don't bite off more than you can chew
- no godmodding
- reservations will last for 24 hours before being reopened
- three warnings and you're out of the roleplay
- follow all my rules
- have fun! (the most important rule)

Open Slots: 2/10 (subject to change)
- Bear (Haunted Dreams)
- Quill (quill)
- Madilim (Polly)
- Munti (Polly)
- Hermione (Moonlight I)
- Luna (Dark Eternal Warrior)
- Skylight (Twilight of Dragons)
- Harry (nightsky II)
- reserved for Citox (9/17, 7:00pm GT)
- Regina (Tenebris Umbra)


You may now post ^^

Edited at September 18, 2019 03:03 PM by Haunted Dreams
Rescue Dogs | Semi-Lit | Sign Ups | Closed July 14, 2019 02:57 PM

Haunted Dreams
Posts: 187
My character & Mo Reskan

Name: Bear
Age: 5 years
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Breed: German shepherd x Utonagan dog
Appearance: As a large canine, standing at about 2.5 feet, weighing around 110 pounds and 6 feet long from head to tail, she looks quite intimidating and strong. This is emphasized by the fact that she is strong, and well-muscled under all her fur. She has long limbs with big paws and can run quite fast. She has a long tail and large ears from her shepherd lineage and fluffy, long fur from her Utonagan side. Her fur has the typical German shepherd colouring. She is tan with a sable saddle that extends over her tail and around her neck, and the sable face and ears of a German shepherd. Her chest has a whitish tint to it, as do the tips of the tan areas in her fur. Her nose is black, along with her paw pads. Her eyes are deep, dark brown with undertones of hazel and gold if one was to get close enough to them.
Personality: Contrasting her appearance, Bear is a huge sweetheart and is comfortable around both dogs and people. Although she's never had pups, she's a total mom to everyone, protective and caring. She always wants the beat for everyone around her, even at the expense of her quality of life. Bear is, by nature, quiet and introverted, and likes spending time by herself, but she would deny herself solitude if anyone would benefit from her being around. She does like forming close bonds with other dogs but shies away from it a bit, since none of her past dog-to-dog relationships had gone too well, in the long run. She is an emotionally-driven dog with a big heart and good intentions, even if she does get it wrong sometimes. She doesn't give herself much credit and is always trying to be better than she is at the time.
Crush/Mate: none, open
Backstory: Bear was raised at a farm and was sold with the rest of her littermates after being weaned. She had been close with all of them and was a sort of peacemaker, as well as the glue that held them together, and she took the separation pretty hard. She was originally sold to a family with a little boy, and when she was a little less than full-grown, she was outside playing with the kid when another dog owner walked by with a dog on their leash. The other dog started barking loudly, which made the child cry, and in turn made Bear angry. She had run at the smaller dog and growled at it, and it shut up pretty quick- but the family was scared at her sudden sign of aggression and gave her to a shelter, where Mo found her and adopted her.
Other: read the rules ;)

Ahh almost forgot the human, lol
Name: Mo Reskan
Age: early thirties
Gender: female
Sexuality: ace/aro (she only loves doggos ;3)
Appearance: A fairly average-looking hazel-eyed woman with long and wavy mouse-brown hair, usually pinned up, and pale freckled skin. She usually wears a Rush graphic tee, a flannel over it, faded blue jeans and some sort of hat (beanie, ballcap, cabbie hat, etc).
Personality: A gentle, woodsy-outdoors kind of girl. She likes hiking and fishing a lot, and often takes some of her dogs on little fishing trips- since the creek she fishes in is in her large backyard. She was into horse riding when she was younger, but doesn't go out to do it anymore, and doesn't own a horse, though she'd love to. The dogs' needs always come first. She likes all sorts of dogs- as in she isn't one of those people who dislike certain sizes or whatever. She's got a cat as well, an old tuxedo tom, who she couldn't bring herself to send to another home when she started her rescue dog spree. He's good around dogs, thankfully, and isn't skittish or mean (probably since he's so old). Anyone can see she's sentimental. She tends not to trust other humans and relates more to animals.

For my use only- chat ad
You are sitting in a cramped cage with tons of other dogs in other cages barking, howling, panting, whimpering- you can't even hear yourself think. The noisy behaviour is contagious, and you are soon joining in, your anger, confusion, stress and boredom fueling you.
Suddenly the door of your cage is opened and a leash is clipped to your collar. A woman crouches down in front of you, a warm smile lighting up her face.
"I'm Mo Reskan, a dog trainer. I know you've had a tough past, but I'm going to do all I can to make your future wonderful."

Edited at September 17, 2019 12:35 PM by Haunted Dreams
Rescue Dogs | Semi-Lit | Sign Ups | Closed July 15, 2019 09:04 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Name : Quill

Age : Two

Gender : Feminine / Female

Sexuality : Straight

Breed : Shiloh Shepherd x Tamaskan Mix

Appearance : Quill is slightly taller, though evidently leaner, than your average Shiloh Shepherd. She stands at seventy centimeters tall and weighs roughly ninety pounds, although Quill appears larger at first glance due to her plush, Shiloh Shepherd coat. She admittedly resembles her Shiloh Shepherd side more than her Tamaskan lineage, but has a Tamaskan's bushy lupine tail and her father's amber eyes. Quill is a light slate gray, and has a mane of darker gray fur running from her neck to her chest. Her torso bears a faded white dash that matches her white toes and earned her her name as Quill.

Personality :
Quill, though she heavily attempts to deny it, has a Tamaskan's gentle and affectionate temperament. She masks her surprisingly sweet side with a snarky attitude and annoying smart aleck demeanor. Quill rarely forges strong bonds with humans and dogs alike - though when she does, she's fiercely loyal and her pleasant side is all but disguised. She's extroverted and quite a bit outgoing when she's in the mood to be.

Crush / Mate : None, open.

Backstory : Quill was born and raised by a breeder, who specialized in breeding Shiloh Shepherd mixes. At first, she appeared to be an ideal service or training dog. She was the most intelligent and fastest learner out of her siblings and worked fine with humans. When she was old enough to begin training as a service dog, Quill had begun her training with a kind trainer who understood how she thought and made their lessons enjoyable despite her short attention span. The more Quill got to know this new trainer, the more she liked him. A couple of months of training down the line, when Quill had turned ten months old, her trainer had been injured in an accident. His recovery would take years to recover from - and therefore he was unable to train Quill. So she was assigned to a new trainer, who was as unlike Quill's old trainer in every way possible. Though her new trainer attempted to be pleasant, Quill was frustrated. She had spent the most enjoyable time of her life with her old trainer and saw no reason why he had to go away nor why she couldn't see him.When she turned a year old, Quill had had enough. She outright stopped obeying commands and managed to run away from the facility she had been training at, becoming a stray. Eventually, she was brought into a shelter, and furthermore adopted by Mo.

Other : Obsidian.

The backstory's pretty. . odd to be honest. Sorry about that. Best I could come up with. >.>

Edited at July 19, 2019 03:15 PM by quill
Rescue Dogs | Semi-Lit | Sign Ups | Closed September 16, 2019 07:26 PM

Moonlight l
Posts: 234

Name: Hermione

Age: 3

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Breed: German Shepherd X Pit bull

Appearance: She A light red and white with Brown eyes and a black muzzle <img src="blob:">

Personality: Hermione is very gentle she really loves to cuddle but she can be quite Aggressive if she need to Protect her family or any small children she is the one who is quick to trust someone or a other dog they need to show her that she is safe around them

Crush: Harry

Mate: None

Backstory: Hermione was a with a family who loved her but then they had to move to a new country and they couldn't take her with them the family gave her to a her friend how mistreated her and abused her the it left many scars on her and emotional pain that she can't trust anyone one time the friend took a bite out of her ear the Animal welfare

got called by the friend room mate they came and ceased and taken to a shelter each family that she Hermione don't want her because she is part pit bull and they are normally Aggressive but then she met Mo at first Hermione was wary of mo because of what happened to her but mo knew what to do Mo she brought her other dogs Mo said bear Quill this Hermione Hermione this are my two dogs bear and Quill the next thing they knew Hermione was at home and felt safe with mo after she got adopted

Other: Obsidian

Edited at September 30, 2019 06:45 PM by Moonlight l
Rescue Dogs | Semi-Lit | Sign Ups | Closed September 17, 2019 06:48 AM

Haunted Dreams
Posts: 187
Nah, I like it x3 accepted

quill said:
Name : Quill

If you could be a bit more descriptive in her appearance or find a stock image to describe her for you, I'll accept your form. Otherwise, it's great :)

Moonlight l said:

Name: Hermione

Rescue Dogs | Semi-Lit | Sign Ups | Closed September 17, 2019 07:11 AM

Posts: 5614
Name: Madilim
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Breed: 80% Tibetan Mastiff, 20% Alaskan Malamute
Appearance: Lion-dog. Madilim had been called it plenty of times within her lifetime, as the species that makes up majority of her genetics is known as it, too. The Tibetan Mastiff was breed to fight off lions and sometimes bears from herds of sheep. How dare someone say that Madilim wasn't bred with those same genetics within her? As for the rest of her - being filled with Alaskan Malamute - Madilim seems like a giant wolf to some.

With the height, shape and weight of her Tibetan side, Madilim is of a colossal size. Reaching 77 cm, or 30.3 inches, she stands tall over many, even at her relatively young age. This is slightly larger than an average and her weight shows it, too. She is muscular, more muscular than an average fae. Madilim reaches 58 kg, or 127.868 lbs. Now, as for her shape, she has the broad body of the Tibetan Mastiff, with the large head and terrifying large fangs that can tear apart lions and other incredibly large predators. With such a broad and large body, Madilim obviously has lots of muscles.

Now, her coat. This is where the Alaskan Malamute comes in, and the whole "she looks like a giant wolf," - which of course she is not. Madilim has the coat of a malamute, and in movies malamutes are oftentimes used as wolves. Her sides, back and the top of her head are a dark brown-black-grey coloration, along with the front of her throat and chest. Her underside, legs and basically everywhere else is a pale greyish color. Her coat, in this harsh winter, is also the length of a malamute. Now, imagine that upon the body of a tibetan mastiff. {If you would like a visual representation, look up "seal and white alaskan malamute" and it is the third picture. I cannot link it to show you, of course.}

To top off the strangeness that is the femora, Madilim also had heterochromatic orbs. The left is a blazing, crystalline blue that is commonly seen upon huskies and malamutes, or is most searched for at least. The other, however, is a blazing amber-brown-almost topaz shade.
Personality: Madilim isn't a very sociable dog, preferring to be alone for majority of her time. In fact, so lonesome is the fae that she has completely given up upon speaking, or more so she is mute. Well, selectively mute. It is as if her voice-box just decided that it no longer wished to work, and Madilim hasn't attempted to utter a sound since that point. Not a growl nor yip, not a word nor yelp. She doesn't yell, doesn't speak and almost refuses to make a sound altogether, as if even her claws wont scratch the earth or if her teeth wont click together, which in fact they do. But she tries.

Now, whilst Madilim isn't an overly aggressive dog - she doesn't go looking for fights - she isn't a gentle giant either. If provoked, she can turn into one that will tear another apart, but this usually means that another has threatened one of her very rare friends. Otherwise, the very young female prefers to remain within the shadows and skulk around, stealing where she can and just generally avoiding confrontation. If someone comes up to her, looking for a fight, Madilim will typically merely turn her back upon them and walk away. If they insist, however, she turns around, bare her teeth and the fight is usually over within moments.

The femora is a rather protective canid, with her only friend being a tiny little creature that needs the utmost care, even if he regards himself as a wise and powerful dog. A strange pair, the two are. Regardless, Madilim would put her life on the line for the dog, and for any dog that becomes a friend of hers.
Crush/Mate: None
Backstory: Madilim had been on the streets for as long as she could remember, even met her lifelong friend there, Munti {next form.} The pair got caught when Madilim had gotten into a fight protecting the much smaller dog, and the dogcatcher had heard the commotion. The other dog bolted, with blood streaming out of their wounds that the two-year-old had caused. That is why, when the she-dog ever so calmly allowed the dogcatcher to put her in a cage, he was surprised. He had just spotted such an aggressive act, and yet she was utterly calm. That is, until he tried to separate her from the chihuahua. She bared her teeth, and he was immediately returned to her side.

From this point onward, not a single dog within the pound attempted to attack her little friend, nor did the employees attempt to separate them. She seemed perfectly content and happy, especially quiet, as long as she had him with her. It was then that she was adopted.
Other: Obsidian.

Name: Munti
Age: 6 Years
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Breed: Long-Haired Chihuahua
Appearance: Munti, like all Chihuahua's, is a tiny dog. He only weighs 3 kg, or 6 lbs! In fact, he is only 9 inches at the shoulder, too. He is an incredibly small dog, but most of his species are quite small, aren't they? Other than his rather small stature and almost nonexistent muscle, the male has a rather pretty pelt. It is a strange concoction of a gold-amber-fawn-brown shade. It is rather shiny, and honesty makes him look more feminine that he would prefer to admit. With paw pads of ebony, and claws of a similar shade, Munti looks much less intimidating than he would like.

His coat is quite long - being a Long-Haired Chihuahua, of course - and looks somewhat luscious. Or, at least, as luscious a chihuahua pelt can appear. His small, round head has pretty short hair, with his large, splayed audits having rather long strands coming off of their edges. His cheeks, too, have quite long hair. It shortens once more upon his legs, but his sides and back have quite long hair. His chest, too, almost making him appear like an old man. His banner, too, is very long and is clouded in long fur. Although majority of his fur is that same shade, his stomach, the base of his paws, his chest and the underside of his tail lighten slightly until they are almost white.

His orbs - as I remembered that I forgot to mention them - are a dark, chocolate-brown shade.
Personality: Munti is a male of a somewhat vain personality. Everything revolves around him, and he is a downright drama queen. His pelt must always be perfect, in placement and shade. Oh, everyone will get an earful the moment his maw starts to turn grey with age. Other than his vanity, Munti is also proud. Proud of the place he has gotten him in the world, being a protected little dog with his giant friend by his side.

The little dog is a somewhat aggressive little shit, always causing trouble. Knowing him, he'd steal from every dog on the block, and merely allow his friend(s) to scare them away from him in return for some of the meal. He's cheeky, and never knows his place. He always believes he is king, and can order others around. Other than his friends, of course. They are his only equals.

Munti considers himself to be rather wise, knowing the streets in and out, like the back of his paw. He knows everything about them, and often finds himself strutting between the alleys. Almost everyone around knows him, or at of him, whether his reputation be good or bad he doesn't care. He likes to believe he knows everyone, and that everyone else should know to bow to him, and become a servant to listen to his every command.
Crush/Mate: None
Backstory: Munti is a dog that was born in a very large litter at a backyard breeder. He was the runt, and was expected not to survive, which is why he was never put up for sale. Oh, what a surprise it was when he made it to a year old! The humans never thought of selling him, and he often escaped the enclosure they had for him and his mother. Sometimes he would bring her back snacks or treats, sometimes he would merely go out and walk around, getting to know the dogs that were everywhere. That is, until one time, the humans didn't let him back into the property. He was locked out.

Munti wasn't really that fazed. He didn't spend that much time at home anyway, so why should he bother going back when they obviously didn't care for him? And so he found himself around on the streets. He was probably only... two years at this point? He quickly found himself in a makeshift pack, and stayed there for multiple years. When he was about five and a half, the very large dogs there decided they'd had enough of his shit of trying to be the boss. The chase that ensued humbled him quite a bit, and this is when he ran into Madilim. She was larger than the other dogs {There was only three of them, and they were all only medium-small dogs, whilst she was massive} and she could have easily torn them to pieces. But she let them live. The fact that she looks like a wolf probably helped with the whole scaring them off thing, too.

Munti very quickly befriended the gigantic canine, being a very talkative and social dog he talks for both of them in times where it is necessary. He became her mentor of sorts, and in return she offers protection. He is quite a bit humbler than he once was, and never really tries to control Madilim. Towards others, however, he's basically the exact same. Is it merely being his friend that means you get treated differentl
Rescue Dogs | Semi-Lit | Sign Ups | Closed September 17, 2019 07:14 AM

Posts: 5614
{Continuation, as it got cut off >>}

Towards others, however, he's basically the exact same. Is it merely being his friend that means you get treated differently?

It was then that the fight with the other dog occurred, and the pair were caught. Full explanation in Madilim's backstory.
Other: Obsidian.

Is me having two dogs okay? ^-^
Rescue Dogs | Semi-Lit | Sign Ups | Closed September 17, 2019 07:26 AM

Haunted Dreams
Posts: 187
Oh, of course! It says in the rules, as long as you can handle them have as many characters as you wish ^^ Accepted

Polly said:
Name: Madilim

Name: Munti

Haunted Dreams said:
- you can have any number of characters but don't bite off more than you can chew

Rescue Dogs | Semi-Lit | Sign Ups | Closed September 17, 2019 07:34 AM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Could I reserve a female?

Edited at September 17, 2019 07:35 AM by The Moon Alpha
Rescue Dogs | Semi-Lit | Sign Ups | Closed September 17, 2019 07:36 AM

Haunted Dreams
Posts: 187
Yep! You've got 24 hours

The Moon Alpha said:
Could I reserve a female?

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