04:29:15 Jobi-Skully-Beep
aah yes, does it not work with pups?
04:28:46 Foxsquatch
Here is my Angel! Don't Blink!

-WP Click-
Wolves of Christmas
04:28:29 Zodiac
Are you trying to put gear on a pup?
Hawthorn Light
04:28:25 Thorn, Light
If the wolf is less than a year old you can not add gear, that may be why...
Wolves of Christmas
04:28:08 Zodiac
???...Not sure my ways are starworthy.
Hawthorn Light
04:27:54 Thorn, Light
Zodiac your Angel of Death radiates the exact opposite energy of mine XD
-WP Click-
04:27:49 Jobi-Skully-Beep
In the manage wolf section there's no mention of gear, there's a decor button but nothing else :/
04:27:30 Foxsquatch
Do what Zodiac says. Trust in the Astrology of their ways!
The Harvesters
04:27:21 ███
Why can't we send links through our mailboxes? Whenever I send something to someone they don't receive it. And when they send me a link, I only see it if it has a space in the middle of the link.
Wolves of Christmas
04:27:04 Zodiac
-WP Click-
Speaking of angel of death.
04:26:58 Foxsquatch

Go to the wolf's page you want the gear on and select manage wolf, the option Gear and decor will show up!
Wolves of Christmas
04:26:18 Zodiac
Go to manage wolf and edit gear on that wolf's page.
04:26:04 Foxsquatch
Rest In Peace random Butterfly whom was burped upon. You were innocent.
04:25:51 Jobi-Skully-Beep
how does one equip gear? I can't find the setting anywhere
Wolves of Christmas
04:25:42 Zodiac
I renamed that G1 Gunmetal to Greywing and he's my beta.
04:25:08 acid || they/them
Odin whines at Nevada for attention.

mood my dude
04:24:53 Foxsquatch

Quick! Before they leave! Reverse psychology, tell them to do it and they won't!
Spooky Kitten
04:24:41 The Emo En-By
Your wolves played: Primrose burps up a butterfly.

Wolves of Christmas
04:23:50 Zodiac
Your wolves played: G1 Gunmetal and Aries-+65 leave for a walk.

Not sure if I approve.
Falling Lillys
04:23:47 Lil
thank you Acid
i hope she does not hurt him but not miss


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