11:47:04 Lunar / Mic

Mainly because of the shit I started writing when I was 13...
Yakone of Atuun
Every 3 to 4 paces I keep getting the encounter of a lady looking for her 3 lost dogs. It asks me to help find them but doesn't say how.
Does anyone know?
Clouded Views
11:46:14 Fumikage Tokoyami
-Click- offsite banner,thoughts? e-e
11:46:00 Blu

Same, criminal bros!


Oh, no. What do his feces look like? When Rhos ate the chocolate (I told his goofy ass not to!) his feces went from, like, coco puff size and roundness to more of... rice crispy size and consistency. It was only for three days and they got progressively better each day.
Is he favoring softer greens, maybe? He may have a digestive issue, or a teeth problem. If you can, you should check with a vet.
11:45:56 Lunar / Mic

Most of my wolves train in jungle and defeat sun bears with less than 100 BE.

My whole team is DH wolves though so that counts.
Yakone of Atuun
It sounded like someone about to take on the job of hitman.
Mafia Queen
11:44:51 Dinglefritz
I'm definitely on the watchlist for my name alone. 0___0
11:44:43 Lunar / Mic
My wolf lucien is my baby and will be the only one I use a warrior stone on I think.
Duskfall Hill
11:44:34 Dusky

I don't have any DG wolves but I use a DH and a CS, along with a few that are maxed in battle and have fairly high BE as well as okay weight
Mafia Queen
11:44:29 Dinglefritz
I bought the expensive treats for Squeak once and he hated them. Never wasting money on treats again. Apples all the way. XD
Shadows At Twilight
11:44:17 Dark envelops you...
Uh, if anyone read some of the things I've posted here..
-just going to ignore my whole kids in the freezer joke-
I'd be explaining for hours
Blue & Yakone
Paranoid now. I need to check my window.
Duskfall Hill
11:43:27 Dusky

Aww, poor baby. Doesn't he know chocolate is bad for his tummy? ;w;

I don't know if Domino is sick or what, because he used to eat hay like it was going out of style. Now? He only eats his pellets and his greens. It's the same hay we've used since he got here, I don't know why he's not eating it. I even tried getting a new brand, a fresh brand. He didn't like those either, he'd nibble but he wouldn't eat it like he used to
11:43:15 Lunar / Mic

I've been on their list for years then
11:42:46 Blu

Let's be honest, we're all probably on some FBI watchlist.
11:41:51 Lunar / Mic

I take out 6 sun bears in either 1 or 2 tries.

What wolves to you use?
Yakone of Atuun
A sentence, that if taken out of context of the game, might get you arrested. lol
Welcome to Hell
11:41:24 Lucifer, Luci
....New adopt idea?
11:41:17 Blu

Are "excessive" treats okay? We don't give him any human food (intentionally) except for organic no-sugar peanut butter.
His favorites are apples, tomatoes, and blueberries. But I'm worried that the tomatoes are too acidic, and the apples and blueberries too sweet (colic).
What do you think is a healthy amount for a little training sesh?
And, I'll definitely be doing that tomorrow, thank youuuu!
Duskfall Hill
11:41:11 Dusky
I hated Jungle with a p a s s i o n. I kept getting my ass kicked by baboons and sun bears. I had 6 sun bears show up, took me about eight tries to finally kill them. I was triggered


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