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05:36:55 Hell Fire
It is like he is switching between the two of you
05:24:34 Fei the writer
oh what do you know! It's my shark's dinner time!
05:23:18 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
No, he's never going to leave me alone is he.
05:22:46 Amy
It was only the matter of time before he finds you🤣
05:22:15 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Fei, you need to get a leash of some sort for Salad
He found my Jungle 10 hideaway.
05:20:39 Amy
For now...
05:19:30 Fei the writer
at least he left Bo alone
05:17:18 Amy
Beats me...maybee because i break to many chatspeak rules XD
05:07:36 Fei the writer
Yes, I will memorialize him so he can still haunt everyone when they visit
05:06:19 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
If Salad dies you will memorialize him right? Bringer of Nightmares to many packs
05:05:43 Fei the writer
why is he following you?
05:04:42 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Salad's up for one last jaunt, it seems. XD
05:04:33 Fei the writer
oh fucking hell. He is 20. Can't he wait until death script is over?
05:02:52 Fei the writer
You know that most of the time he is out and about is when I'm away.

He loves giving your wolves and other packs nightmares XD
05:02:30 Amy
Look who just showed up in forest XD
04:59:12 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
My wolves are very much not fine. XD
04:58:14 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Okay I trawled through forums for a bit
According to ET in January 2023 Deathscript is at 7:45am GT. So you have... less than three hours
04:56:48 Fei the writer
anyway we'll see about Salad if he lives or dies
04:55:03 Fei the writer



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Ashes of Night x RoawJanuary 6, 2023 06:53 PM


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Niké sat quietly while listening, nodding softly at the man's words. Smiling when he felt Theo interlacing his fingers with his. The way the leader's touch could both calm him and excite him at the same time was so strange.

The warmth of Theo's touch was comforting, making his whole body relax and making it hard for him to think of anything else but the man in front of him.

However his touch also filled him with excitement, his body waiting, longing even, for more. He wasn't just happy with holding hands, he wanted to feel the man all over himself. He shouldn't be thinking like that, he knew that but it was like he lost control of his own thoughts with Theo.

"I can't see a damn thing on that side and then I'm cursed with the damn looks to make it look more ugly than what it is."

Niké shook his head at that, his free hand lifting to touch the man but he caught himself before that and put it down, hoping that no one else had seen. “Don't say that…” the grey-haired man mumbled quietly, “I like the way you look, you don't look like every other guy out there and I like that way more. You're very attractive in my eyes Theo,” he told the man before smiling softly. He didn't know what else to say, it was the truth but he doubted that his words would bring too much comfort or help change the leader’s mind about his own looks.

Continuing to listen, Niké got the feeling that the way he’d gotten his tinnitus and lost part of his hearing, could be quite similar to the way Theo had lost his sight. It was only a feeling though and he had no way of knowing if it was correct or not, he didn't really want to know, if he was being fully honest with himself. How he’d injured his ear was something he would never tell anyone about, if he did then it meant admitting to himself what really had happened and he didn't want to, he knew he would never be able to handle it.

Niké started stroking the back of the other’s hand with his thumb, trying to think of what he could say to comfort him. Comforting, especially with words, wasn't his strong suit. If it was someone he cared for he'd rather just hug them, or something along those lines, even if he wasn't the biggest fan of physical affection, only with a selected few, Theo having become one of them. Words could come out wrong or just sound like empty promises and lies when they weren't.

With a sigh, Niké gave up. The young man lifted his gaze from looking at their hands and looked at Theo, realizing that he had unconsciously angled his body more and more towards the leader. The safest thing would probably be to move back into his original spot and not allow himself closer to Theo but he told himself that it would be okay for just a little longer.

“I guess you could just say that shit happens?” He sighed again, “We can't always change the outcome of things and no matter how much that sucks, one has to try and stay positive and find the good things in life to be able to keep going.”

Niké gave a brief smile before leaning the side of his head against the cold wall. He hoped that it sounded good enough, it felt like something other people would say to comfort another so he hoped it would work at least a little, if it didn't he had no idea what else he was supposed to do.

Ashes of Night x RoawJanuary 6, 2023 07:29 PM

Ashes of Night

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Adaption. He had to adapt to seeing with one eye. He had to adapt his fighting skills. On top of it all, he had to be there for Flynn. Flynn wasn't okay for many months after she couldn't heal him. Flynn never knew the true story behind his eye, she never asked either. She just offered to take care of it and later on, he learned how to treat medical wounds just as well as she could. He learned from the best, after all.

As for his eye, what happened was terrible. Teenage boys were supposed to be assholes to their fathers, test their father's patience, and live in a world full of fun without fear. He was never allowed that opportunity. What fun he did have...once he lost his family it was over. His father turned mean and cruel, he tried to live his fun off of getting drunk. Theo feared his father and for good reason. Angry men don't make good fathers. His eye will be a permanent reminder of how he didn't have the luxuries other boys had growing up. There was nothing he could do to escape it and his past.

Theo heard Nike whisper something about how attractive he was even when he didn't feel like he was. How could somebody find such an ugly permanent scar attractive? He didn't get that whatsoever but the words of the other man did linger in his mind Nike thought he was attractive, that statement right there caused his heart to skip a beat.

When he finally opened his gaze and turned to look at the other man, he noticed how he had gotten closer His gaze immediately dropped down to Nike's lips but then quickly back up as the lips began to move.

"I guess you could just say that shit happens?"

Oh yeah, that phrase He couldn't help but give a small eye roll toward the sentence. He was used to hearing that line almost as used as hearing the words "I'm sorry". That would would have been acceptable if what happened to him was an accident. But it hadn't been and nothing could be used to justify what happened

"We can't always change the outcome of things and no matter how much that sucks, one has to try and stay positive and find the good things in life to be able to keep going.”

"You don't strike me as the type to be optimistic," Theo commented, deciding not to pick a fight over Nike's choice of words Shit happens, yes, but it doesn't justify what had happened. He had to remind himself that Nike didn't know what happened. Theo was too scared to tell him, too scared to tell anyone.

"I'll try to keep that one in mind," The gang leader whispered. He couldn't help but move a little closer to the other man and rest his freehand on his thigh. He just hoped the shadows around them would hide this action to anyone who might have been watching them.

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Ashes of Night x RoawJanuary 6, 2023 09:35 PM


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"You don't strike me as the type to be optimistic."

Niké’s gaze dropped a little as he debated on whether or not to say anything, it would be easier to stay quiet, laugh it off instead, but he decided not to, if Theo was being honest with him then maybe he should be too? This was nothing major though, just something he was a bit embarrassed to admit.

“Sorry, it's a bit of a habit I guess… I’m not good at comforting others so I just repeat what I've heard others say before,” he admitted, “I know it's kinda weird but it's what seems to work best most of the time so I’ve just stuck with it…”

Feeling Theo’s hand on his thigh made his voice fade away as a heavy blush spread across his face and he turned his gaze to look at it. The way Theo could make him blush in an instant with just his touch was almost dangerous, he was incredibly lucky to not have any light shining on him right now or the whole gang would be let in on their secret. Whatever that was now. They hadn't really established what was going on between them, just that they both like one another.

“My brother is really more the optimistic type, not me…” Niké mumbled, forcing his eyes off Theo’s hand and instead lifting it to meet his emerald gaze, “It would be more like him to say something along those lines…” he trailed on, not really knowing where he was going with this, he was mostly trying to distract himself by trying to hold a normal conversation but if it really was that normal was arguable and when he took a moment to think, he realized that he was probably making this more awkward by mentioning his brother in this moment.

The man really had no idea of what he was doing right now, his head was clouded and filled with a million thoughts at once, that paired with little to no sleep the past few nights, it was not a good mix. Niké had forgotten how to act completely, all because Theo had put a hand on his thigh. It was as if he was a young teenager again, he wasn't sure how to handle all the things he was feeling, easiest would be to give in, let his own body make his decisions for him but he couldn't, not here. And also, did he really have no self-control? He just had to behave and stay put, just hold a normal conversation and don't think about it. How hard could that be?

Very hard, was the answer. The grey-haired man didn't even have time to start thinking about a subject to talk about before finding that his eyes had once again gone to the hand on his thigh.

He felt embarrassed by his own thoughts and feelings at this point, he was lucky no one could read minds because right now it was probably worse than a teen girl’s diary.

With a loud sigh, he leaned his head back and shut his eyes, “Maybe I should just go to sleep..?” Niké mumbled as a question for himself before realizing how wrong that sounded, as if he didn't want to spend time with the leader. His eyes shot open quickly as his face turned another shade of red, “I don't mean- I like this- I-I-”

Hanging his head, the man sighed in defeat. The more he spoke, the worse things seemed to get.

“I also seem to talk more when I'm nervous.. Excited..? I don't even know anymore… I like being around you, that's all I'm certain of,” Niké explained, or at least he tried to explain, it was a poor attempt to do so. All he could hope was that he hadn't turned himself into too much of a fool in front of Theo.

Ashes of Night x RoawJanuary 6, 2023 10:35 PM

Ashes of Night

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Theo couldn't resist but reach to touch Nike. Everything about him was addicting. One small touch, lead to more touches. Every movement drew him into the man more. He wasn't sure what exactly it was but it was sort of like a magnet. The temptation to touch and kiss Nike in ways that couldn't be hidden by the shadows was so strong. It made him feel like a teenager again, flirting, kissing, and making out without a single touch of self-control.

But he wasn't a teenager so he just held back on the temptation. He had never felt this strongly about somebody before. He wasn't sure what exactly was going on. All he knew is that he felt something special toward Nike. Something he hadn't really felt in a long time.

He was joking about Nike not being the optimistic type However, the other man didn't seem to get the gesture. He started explaining how he mimicked the comforting words of somebody else-his brother no less. He thought it was of cute that he at least tried to make him feel better. It also drove the curiosity inside of him at the mention of the brother.

The gang leader leaned a little closer, adding a tad bit of pressure to his hand on the other man's thigh. He went to ask him about his brother but before he could, Nike began talking again.

"Maybe I should just go to sleep..?”

He arched an eyebrow in surprise. His goal was to convince the gray-haired man to get some sleep but not like this. It seemed like he was willing to go to bed. It surprised him a little. Apparently it surprised Nike too by the way his eyes flew open and he began stuttering around.

He wasn't sure what exactly the problem was-after all he did want the newbie to sleep a little more. He did think it was rather cute the way he stuttered. Theo imagined his face was probably a deep red shade as well. Too bad the lighting was poor. He would have loved to see it.

"I also seem to talk more when I'm nervous.. Excited..? I don't even know anymore… I like being around you, that's all I'm certain of."

"Oh!" He whispered, complete surprise in his voice. His hand let go of the gray-haired man's hand as well as his thigh.

Now it was his turn to blush. A heavy dark red shade spread against his cheeks and he turned his head away. He felt all the different shades of embarrassed but he also thought it was very sweet to see Nike turn into a very talkative man. Nike didn't strike him as the type to talk a lot.

After a few minutes, Theo decided to lay down, scooting Alleya's bedding closer to Nike's. He made a mental note to fix it before she woke up. He laid down facing the other man and after a small moment of hesitation, outstretched his arms toward him.

"Come here," He whispered, his voice a little breathier that usual. His heart was racing a little at the excitement of welcoming another man to lay close to him but also the slightest fear that they would be caught,"I-If you want to that is. I m-mean you don't have to if you don't...But I wouldn't mind if you-"

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Ashes of Night x RoawJanuary 7, 2023 12:36 PM


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Feeling Theo let go of him, Niké looked up in disappointment before biting his lower lip and looking down at the ground. He had definitely made a fool of himself with his ridiculous rambling about everything and nothing.

Of course he would end up doing something like this. Now the leader would realize what a weird idiot he was and his little crush would pass in an instant. Maybe it already had since the man had let go of him and was just sitting in silence now.

Niké heard the man move but he kept his gaze on the floor, leaning back against the wall again with a sigh. Surely the man was just moving away from him so he wouldn't have to deal with his rambling anymore.

"Come here."

The grey-haired man looked up when he thought he could hear Theo speaking and for a second he just stared at the man. He had been sure that the man would leave, not lay down and stretch out his arms for him.

"I-If you want to that is. I m-mean you don't have to if you don't...But I wouldn't mind if you-"

Once more, just when the young man's blushing was starting to calm down and disappear, Theo made him blush again. It was a bit comforting to know that he wasn't the only one at a loss for how to handle this whole situation.

Quickly, he glanced around the room. He knew that Theo wanted to keep them a secret and really it was best that way, no one needed to know.

He hesitated a bit before moving over and laying down on his sleeping spot before cuddling up to the leader, his face red from blushing as he hid it against the chest of the other man and closed his eyes.

If Theo wasn't worried about being caught then he wouldn't be either. He would just enjoy this and let it happen. All he wanted was to feel Theo’s touch so he wouldn't complain when he got to do just that.

“You smell nice,” the young man mumbled quietly, enjoying the closeness of the other. The warmth of the leader brings him comfort and made him even more tired. He didn't want to sleep but if he stayed like this it was very likely that he would fall asleep.

Ashes of Night x RoawJanuary 7, 2023 03:51 PM

Ashes of Night

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He wanted Nike to lay with him but on the other hand, he was a bit afraid to lay with him. He was worried the other night guards would question their behavior but to question it, they would have to notice it. Besides, he was sure the night guards wouldn't be the ones to worry about. They were stationed to avoid attacks, not watch who snuggles with who.

He was surprised whenever the other man laid down and then snuggled up against him. After his initial surprise, he wrapped his arms around the gray-haired man, letting him snuggle up and get comfortable. It felt strange at first, to feel Nike's body against his own, but he adjusted to it.

Unconsciously, he began to run one of his hands down the other man's back, tracing the pattern of his spine. His other hand began to finger its fingers through the gray-locks of Nike. Nike's hair was rather soft to the touch, it felt like silk against his fingertips.

"You smell nice."

Theo chuckled and blushed at that statement. He didn't really know what he smelled like. He had been avoiding taking a bath for days now-settling for taking a rag with soap and water across the areas that might start smelling. He was normally the type to bathe every day. It was unusual for him to go this long without it. He was just afraid of how his burns would feel like under water.

"Why thank you," The gang leader whispered back,"You don't smell too bad yourself."

The last part he added was a joke. He leaned his head closer to Nike's, placing a kiss on his forehead,"Go ahead and try to get some sleep. I'll watch over you so you don't have to worry about nothing."

Maybe Nike would actually sleep this time, maybe being close to him would remind the man that he wasn't in whatever time his nightmares took place in. He also wanted Nike to know that he was there and would wake the man up as soon as they appeared. He wanted to help Nike through his rough sleep patterns, even if he couldn't fully heal his own.

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Ashes of Night x RoawJanuary 7, 2023 07:19 PM


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All the uncertainties and questions filling his head seemed to disappear as he laid next to the other man. He couldn't even bring himself to worry about the consequences that this all could bring. The gang finding out was the least of his worries, that would be harder for Theo than for himself but if this somehow got to his superiors that he was cuddling with a wanted man, the Theodore Likkings that he was meant to try putting in prison, then there would definitely be trouble. None of that mattered now though. None of it.

How could he think about anything else when the leader ran one hand down his back and the other through his hair? Feeling the touch of the other man brought him a comfort he hadn't felt in ages. In a way it felt weird and he didn't want to accept it, scared that he’d let the man lure him into a false sense of safety, but on the other hand, he didn't expect Theo to do anything to him. He hadn't expected the silhouette of his nightmares to do so either though. You could never trust other people, not even your closest ones.

"Why thank you. You don't smell too bad yourself."

The sound of the leader's voice brought Niké back, stopping him from letting his thoughts worry him. He had to believe that Theo was one of the good ones and meant no harm, there was no reason for him to.

"Go ahead and try to get some sleep. I'll watch over you so you don't have to worry about nothing."

A soft smile spread across the grey-haired man's lips, but only briefly. Soon the smile had disappeared and he let out a soft sigh. He wished he could sleep without a problem but seeing as it had haunted him for the past few years without fail, he doubted it would disappear just because he managed to fall asleep in the arms of another.

“Theo..?” He whispered quietly after a few moments of silent thinking, he wanted to tell the other the truth, that way he might not scare the man off when he inevitably woke up screaming.

Niké’s mouth was open to continue but when he tried, it was impossible for him to even get a word out and that was because admitting to someone what really had happened meant admitting to something far worse and he just couldn't. He couldn't say the words that would make what had happened that night become actual reality and not just a nightmare that refused to let him go.

“It's nothing…” was all the young man managed to force out with the lump that seemed to have formed in his throat. He wasn't sure if he would ever be able to tell anyone. There was the chance that it would feel better to let it off his chest but it was more likely that it would break him completely.

The man shut his eyes tightly, having decided that he would give sleep a try despite not having any hopes of a successful result. It was far more likely that he would wake up screaming in panic and make a total and complete fool of himself.

Ashes of Night x RoawJanuary 7, 2023 07:47 PM

Ashes of Night

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Theo couldn't dare imagine the amount of charges against him and the gang were within the police system. There was probably thousands and thousands, especially with the rebels constantly reporting them for crimes that they didn't do. He knew the rebels had been blaming them for crimes since Flynn was leader. He could imagine how many robberies, assaults, and violence they had been blamed for.

It was rather ridiculous that the rebels couldn't take responsibility for their own actions. However, if he had an enemy gang that he wanted to see dead, he would probably be doing the exact same things that the rebels were. He might hate what they are doing, but he didn't hate them to the point where he wanted them dead.


He was drawn out of his thoughts by Nike's soft whisper from beside him. Giving a tired sigh and a smile, he looked down toward the man and waited. However, Nike didn't continue with whatever he was going to say. Silence was what happened after his name was called. He simply waited, knowing that Nike would tell him what he wanted to say when he felt ready.

"It's nothing…”

Theo gave a nod of understanding, his hand running down the other man's back stilling to instead tighten around him and pull him into the gang leader just a tad more.

"It's okay, you don't have to tell me anything. Get some sleep now..." He hoped his words would bring comfort to the smaller man as he went off into sleep.

The gang leader wasn't sure what Nike was going to tell him but if he still wanted to tell him by morning then he could.

We can do a small time skip here if you want. :) ))))

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Ashes of Night x RoawJanuary 8, 2023 07:33 AM


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It didn't take long for Niké to fall asleep, the man was exhausted even if he had refused to admit it and the comfort of laying with Theo’s arms around himself definitely helped with tricking him into sleeping.

Being held by the leader seemed to be helping as the man laid peacefully and quietly for a few hours, slowly passing the 3 hour mark that he usually set for himself but still nothing. Had Theo managed to chase away the nightmare that would otherwise haunt the man’s mind?

It didn't last long though, soon the same dream as always started creeping back. It was always the same. He had been stuck in that same old bed a thousand times, staring at the empty doorway. Just that was enough to send him into a panic.

When the silhouette in the door appeared, as it always would, he became stiff with fear, every muscle in his body becoming tense ready for flight.

Every time he slept it was the same, he had the dream memorized to the smallest of details, even if all he wanted was to escape and suppress it. He could still make out the furniture and details of his old room. How the silhouette in the door rocked back and forth a little, struggling to keep upright and holding onto the door frame for stability as it just quietly stared at him.

“I’m sorry…” the grey-haired man unconsciously started whispering, his voice barely audible and on the verge of cracking as he continued on, “I’m sorry.. I won't do it again… Sorry… Please… I won't… It was the last time… I’m sorry…” the man pleaded quietly as he started trembling.

Pleading to the silhouette had never worked, it hadn't done so when it happened and it hadn’t done so in his dreams either, yet he kept trying in the hopes that one day it would. Besides, what else was there to do?

It didn't work tonight either though because it wasn't long before the silhouette released its grip on the door frame and came charging at him, breaking him out of his sleep.

“No!” The man exclaimed, panic taking control over his body as he attempted to get away from the person next to him, not realizing who it was in the panic state that Niké currently was in. All the man wanted was to get away from anyone and anything.

Attempting to shield his head the man continued pleading, his voice shaking and panic-filled, “I’m sorry..! Please I swear I won't do it again, I'm sorry..! I’ll be better… I’m sorry..!” Even if the man was awake, his mind was still stuck in the dream. His heart pounding rapidly as fear and panic filled the young man.

Ashes of Night x RoawJanuary 8, 2023 05:10 PM

Ashes of Night

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Theo noticed that it didn't take long for the other man to fall asleep. Soon he was sleeping rather peacefully which was a good sign. While the man slept, the gang leader was forcing himself to stay awake. Not only for Nike's sake but also his own. One man having a nightmare was one thing but two? That sounded like disaster in the making.

Theo kept running his fingers through Nike's hair as he slept. He couldn't help but think about what he might be running from. Terrible nightmares often reflected events that really happened-or at least that's what he noticed with his own nightmares. He didn't have a clue about Nike's

The gray haired man slept without getting restless for quite some time-about two-ish hours. Theo wasn't really sure-he couldn't check the time on his watch without disturbing the man next to him. After those two hours, Nike began whispering. Theo could hear it and alerted himself out of his thoughts. He decided to wait to see if he would need to wake the other man or not.

"Shhh, you are safe," He tried whispering into Nike's ear in attempt to try to shift him into the peaceful sleep from before. It didn't seem to work very well-the man just got a tad more restless.

With a sigh of hesitation, he moved the hand that was in Nike's hair away to nudge the man awake,"Hey Nike, wake up." He hissed, nudging him awake. All of a sudden Nike's eyes jotted awake and so did his body.


Theo had managed to cover Nike's mouth his hand to muffle the scream but what he wasn't prepared for was the other man trying to push him away. Hands found his most tender burns and pressed into them, causing ripples of pain through his body.

"Nike! Hey!" Theo pulled himself away from the man with a pained expression on his face. Nike didn't seem to notice though. It was as if he was still asleep.

"I’m sorry..! Please I swear I won't do it again, I'm sorry..! I’ll be better… I’m sorry..!”

What the man said next, sent a chill down the leader's spine. What did that mean? What was Nike sorry for? He couldn't help but ponder for a minute over what might be causing the man such distress and fear. However, something in the back of his mind told him he didn't want to know.

"Nike? What you saw-it's not real. It was a dream. You need to look it me," Experimentally, he reached to place a hand over the other man's,"Im not who you saw. Listen to the sound of my voice, do I sound like Im going to hurt you? I know you're scared but you need to calm down. I won't let anybody hurt you."

He paused.

"You are safe here, I promise you that one," He insisted, hoping the sound of his voice would help Nike realize he wasn't in his dream anymore. If not, his words just might make a difference. That was the hope anyway.

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