Black Swan
03:10:04 Swan Swannity Swan
Yeah, because it can heal both, or either when there's only one to heal

During the spring, I use feathers instead of healing potions. It saves me a ton
Your wolves played: Joker licks a tree

Really??? I hope there was some honey or something to make her do that.
03:09:36 Z, Chai
Hey can someone pm me? I need someone to talk to..
03:09:33 commit scooter ankle
..Hm, I thought my notifications would have gotten annihilated just because I took a chance
@Frigid, they heal injuries and health, even with no injuries
03:08:39 Friday/Fridge
I used the robin feather with no injury and it still healed my wolf's health
03:08:20 Rabbit
Looking for a MxM rp partner. I have a bit of a plot in mind, pm me if you're interested.
Vice Versa
03:08:01 Vice Versa
Both, but it must have an injury to be used
The Divine League
it heals both
Vice Versa
03:07:01 Vice Versa
Maybe? Who knows!
Lucis Pro Conquisito
03:06:38 Torch
Does a robin feather heal their health, or an injury?
Black Swan
03:06:30 Swan Swannity Swan
Wait. I think it has to do with the last seen date? I found another pack with the same last seen date as yours Vice, it's the one I was talking about
03:06:27 anti-social soul

Maybe they manually delete accounts?

Dang, I was hoping my side account would poof one day x.x
Vice Versa
03:06:25 Vice Versa
This is a strange world...
03:06:23 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- Please vote comment pm me if a fellow fan
03:06:00 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@ Uni im also a Nindroid so :|
Uniex inex
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I might be a little different then you then :/
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Glad you got some sleep, cause I didn't lol

I'm an exhausted bish
03:05:00 Vice Versa
A glitch I guess? There a lot of super old inactive accounts still around surprisingly
03:04:50 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@ Uni ?? I never do that to my friends and them ? to pen
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Oh oop-
How is it still existing? lol


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Y'all know what to do. Please don't post on here if you're not a part of the RP!

Demons and Valkyries, it had been decades since they were at peace. The constant fighting and bloodshed had to end. So when an arranged marriage between a young Valkyrie and a Demon, everybody is practically holding their breath. With a world dominated by humans, will this marriage end the war and bring peace, or just bring more bloodshed than ever?
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Character List:
-Hannah Kahli Sherwood- Purge
- Jasper Alexander Scott -Chain Reaction
-Noah -Purge
-Paris -Purge
-Ava -Purge
-James -Chain Reaction
-Elijah -Chain Reaction
-Macy -Chain Reaction
-Ann -Chain Reaction
-Jayden -Chain Reaction
-Malory -Purge
-Charlotte -Purge

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The sounds of keys jingling could be heard as Jasper was walking up the drive way. The large mansion that stood in front of him made him think of a way to sneak in, tilting his head he silently cursed seeing his balcony doors were closed and most likely locked. Looking around he slipped through one of the doors leading to the kitchen, walking through his hoodie was tucked over his head and he stole a muffin on his way to the main hall way. "And where do you think you are going?" Jasper grinned turning around to see an older looking lady look at him, "umm bed? Obviously, where else would I be?" He asked like it was the dumbest question in the world. Jasper had been caught but he wasn't giving in, the head maid looking at him rolled her eyes, "You know drag racing humans isn't going to get you anywhere." Jasper shrugged nodding slightly "Nothing better to do, at least they are fun, everyone I could have fun with is boring." He mentioned peeling off the bottom liner and eating his muffin, "Tell my father I was home before midnight and I'll clean my room better." He said before walking off, Jasper had good relationships with everyone in the place. He didn't need people hating on him or getting him into trouble, he got into enough as it was, but as he walked down the long hall he was at the end, his brother across from him and his sisters near the start, and sadly one large bathroom in the middle they all used unless they used the ones in their own rooms. Shaking his head with a grin he unlocked his door before stripping down into his underwear to go to bed. The worst part of the night was Jasper didn't know it was going to be his last normal night, for awhile, or at least a single man.

The next morning a loud banging could be heard on his door, "It's almost noon let's go!" His brother yelled, groaning Jasper rolled out of bed doing his usual routine, brush his hair and teeth, along with making sure he smelled good and putting on some lazy day clothing. Walking downstairs he saw his family waiting on him, "What couldn't wait tell tomorrow, or at least like two..." his father grinned looking up "How do you feel about Valkyries?" Jasper shrugged "I don't care...? I've been in plenty of fights with them, demons and Valkyries don't get along, where are you going with this?" Jasper asked confused, he was caught off guard when his brother punched him and he flinched but grabbed his fist twisting it back before he could do it again. "God I feel sorry for the chick marrying you, temper temper jazzy booboo, you got to be a lot more gentle then that." As quick as the words left his mouth jasper had spun around to look at his parents "Is he lying...if he isn't I swear to god I'll-" his father stopped him "What Jasper, what will you do, tell me. You aren't stronger then me, your sisters are too young and your brother...well he isn't the right male yet. We're royality to the demons, and we need peace." At the moment all the words his father was saying was going in one ear and out the other, jaspers head was spinning and it felt like his life was crumbling in front of him. "Marriage..." he said softly like he hasn't heard a word being said "I'm 19?!" He yelled looking over, his eyes now red maybe with fear, anger, disappointment, regret, "I- I..." his words were a mess, Jasper kept stammering, then everything was pulled back together when a soft hand grabbed his and the other cradled his face. "Hey." His mother cooed softly, "It's not the end of the world, if I didn't think you could do it then you wouldn't be asked. But we're asking you because we need you to do it, yes you have a temper, yes you cause too much trouble, and yes you are 19. But I was seventeen and your father was way older, it's time you got your shit together and started acting like a leader, because in the next night or so she will be here."

After his mother's speech or peptalk Jasper has calmed down, he shook his head sitting down. "So what...are we having a dinner? Ball?" Jaspers father nodded "Both. A big ball for both sides of the supernatural to come to show peace then dinner with her family and ours." Jasper nodded propping up his elbow and leaning his head in his hand, "Will I even like her?" His mother nodded "She might be like you, remember Jasper Valkries are strong fighters, warriors, they are highly respected. Demons, not so much, and you have to show her you aren't just a demon but more". Jasper scoffed and so did his bother "Mum his nickname is literally Lucifer, the devil. I bet it doesn't last a month." Their father rolled his eyes "It better, this is for peace. Will it all come crashing down maybe, or Will jasper put it off, also a maybe. But for now we have to prepare and set up. Now jay go for your usual run, and workout. You are gonna need it". Jasper nodded standing up and storming out, he didn't have much to say after that conversation. He just kept muttering and saying a whole bunch of swears that would get him smacked but his mother, shaking his head he walked to the gym in the mansion and got to work. The Adrenalin and music slowly calmed him down and tuned out the fact that his life was changed with one word.

(I hope this is a good starter, my length sometimes goes up or down. I try and match my partners.)
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Hannah was woken up just as the sun was starting to rise, as per usual. Her & her brother, Scott, always had a morning training session before they started their day. It usually put them in a good mood, well, it did for Hannah at least. Kicking her brothers’ ass every morning definitely put her in a good mood. She smiled to herself and jumped, gathering her things for her shower and opened the door to her bathroom. Hannah placed her things down on the bench and turned the shower on to heat. She left her bathroom and went back into her room to grab some clothes for the day, downstairs, she could hear yelling. Odd but not completely out of the ordinary. It wasn’t very uncommon to hear the Valkyries fighting, she was sure to hear all about it later. Hannah made her way back to the bathroom, before she made it there, she heard a light knock at her door. Opening the door she was met by one of the lovely cooks from downstairs.

“Hey, Charlotte. How are you today, hun?” Hannah asked the woman,

“Gracious as always, Hannah. Now, I just came to warn you, your mother and sisters are all in a terribly bad mood this morning. It’d be best to try to stay out of any quarrels today”

Hannah rolled her eyes, but she was smiling, Charlotte was like a mother to her. She always looked out for her. Throwing Charlotte a friendly wink,

“I’ll try my best Charlotte” Hannah told her, with a smile on her face. With a laugh, Charlotte quietly left the room and headed to the floor above. That was the thing with this house, there was three storeys to it, the bottom floor was the main floor. The dining rooms, kitchens, lounge rooms and main entrance. The second floor was where all the bedrooms were located, each Valkyrie had her own bedroom & en suite. They had full control of the decoration and interior of their rooms, from the tiles in the bathroom to the colour of the curtains.

Hannah returned to her bathroom and stripped off, taking a moment to look at the bruises on her body from last week’s challenge. Each week the Valkyries were presented with a challenge, it could be anything from a riddle to a fight until the opposition cannot continue. It was all good fun, last weeks’ challenges was to face the Head Valkyrie herself, though, only few were allowed to compete for fear of the weaker ones being too injured to heal properly.

Hannah stepped into the hot water, letting it wash over her face and body. She let the water soothe her muscles and calm her nerves. Washing her hair and body, she kept her mind on the day. First she had training with her brother, then there was a meeting with all the Valkyries in the Dining Room. Nobody knew what the meeting was about, they were all told it was compulsory, so that settled any of the girls considering skipping it. Hannah wondered if it had something to do with the rumours of a peace treaty of a sort with the Demons. She didn’t know why they bothered it, they were foul creatures. The demons only cared about themselves.

Once she was finished, Hannah made her way into the Basement, where the Gym and Training Areas were. Scott, her brother was already there waiting for her. She apologised for being late and turned to the training ring they always used. Climbing into the small arena, she warmed up and prepared herself for the sparring. They always spent time sparring, it improved them both as warriors and competitors. The pair sparred and fought for almost an hour, both winning & losing.

Just as they finished up, Charlotte came down and informed them that the meeting was due to start in five minutes. Hannah barely had time to clean herself up, let alone shower & eat. Shaking her head, she made her way to the dining hall for the meeting. Taking a seat among her sisters, she watched as the Head Valkyrie made her way to the front of the room. Motioning for silence, she congratulated them on their efforts in the challenge last week.

“Unfortunately, this weeks’ challenge will be postponed until the weekend. We have a much more pressing matter to put our focus on. All you all have probably heard by now, we are starting a peace agreement with the Demon population. The terms of this agreement will be determined at a later date. But this is no regular agreement, to maintain ongoing peace for centuries to come; there will be a marriage. One of our greatest Valkyries will be married to one of the leaders’ sons” She told the Valkyries. Multiple conversations started at once, but there was one question everybody wanted to know. Which Valkyrie was selected?

“Settle down! I know we all want to know who our chosen Valkyrie is. But before I tell you, I must warn her. There is no backing out of this, this is for the sake of hundreds of lives, Demons and Valkyries alike. If you do anything to stop this arrangement or put it at risk, your Valkyrie title will be stripped from you and your wings removed.” The Valkyries all fell quickly into silence after that.

“Hannah, please join me. We have selected you as our Valkyrie. This is a great honour and you should be proud of it. Now, we have much to discuss about the Ceremony” She told her, directing it at Hannah.

Hannah was in complete disbelief. Turning to Charlotte, she was panicked. Her entire life she had been fighting Demons, learning and believing how awful they were. There was no doubt in her mind about it, they certainly lived up to their reputation of being sneaky, manipulative devils. She couldn’t marry one! If he so much as laid a hand on her, she’d kick his ass back to Hell.

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Jasper had finished his workout and he was sitting down on a bench in front of the long mirror, his eyes were a deep deep red looking behind him he watched as his sister walked in. She was putting her hair up "You got the short end of this conversation." Jasper rolled his eyes blinking so they changed back to an aqua blue, he huffed standing up "What do you want." His sister sighed "To kick your ass obviously." She said in a joking manner, she shoved Jaspers shoulder and he didn't even move, "Hey! No strength shit here, please." Jasper sighed as he walked into the ring, "So how does it feel to be a married man, no more one night stands, no more girlfriends, you poor guy." Jasper scoffed "You act like I won't be getting anything for the rest of my long life." His sister shrugged "You act like she will let you touch you". Jasper shrugged "I am very good looking". He teased, "you act like I'm the good guy in this situation." Jasper stretched out and then leaned on the ropes, "How are you going to tell Bella?" His sister asked looking at him, "Your little sister is going to have to share her brother, how dare you jay how dare you." Jasper laughed shaking his head as the two of them got ready to fight and then a brawl between them broke out.

An hour or so later jasper was sitting on his bench again with his sister beside him as she was taking the tape of her knuckles, "Maybe she's as strong willed as you." Jasper shrugged "I don't think so...all they know of us is that we're the bad end of the spectrum, or bad guys." Jasper then looked at his sister who was giving him a look, "Ok well...maybe I am, but you aren't, you and Bella are sweet, maybe not you Macy, but Bella is. And me and Jayden arent, it's like a fifty fifty when it comes to the bad, and less bad". He said softly, Macy sighed "Well they don't know that, I understand you aren't the best guy for the job. But maybe this is supposed to happen" Jasper laughed "Making a deal with the devil are we?" Macy shrugged as she stood up, "Shower, get dressed, try and be nice, we have a party go set up for! Time to get druuuunk" she said happily before picking up her bag, "I'll see you at home." She said walking away.

As Jasper watched her leave he sighed shaking his head a million thoughts were running through his mind, what was expected out of this marriage. Demons had kids yes but the royal family hasn't had a child run around in decades, Jaspers younger sister was the last to be born but then again his parents were pushing in the hundreds, was he expected to have a kid. He hoped not, he laughed at the thought of him as a father, Jasper would be the worst influence, he was quite possibly the worst male for this job. But his brother wasn't ready he was older but didn't mature like Jasper did, Jayden still liked to be a child sometimes but it all depends on how you grew up. Jasper was raised to take over, the rest of his siblings weren't, maybe Macy but she was a daddy's girl and wouldn't get married off to someone she didn't know. Sighing as he shook his head he stood in the shower for along time contemplating what to do, maybe if he was bad enough she would just leave. But then again if he was the one to sabotage this marriage he would be the one punished, and a demons punishments aren't the best. But now was a bad time for jasper, he was still learning about himself, could he shift into the devils animals, have wings, or maybe powers that mess with the mind and others around him. He didn't know, he wasn't 21 yet and that was the ideal age, two more years of training and hoping only to be stopped by a stupid marriage.

Walking out of the shower he dried of and changed into jeans and a black t-shirt, he shook out his hair and left it wet. Walking through the house he made his way to the ball room, "so do I have to do anything?" The maid laughed and shook her head, "No, you have to get ready. A new tux is in line, also work on your manners, no girl wants a rude husband." Jasper rolled his eyes "Have you met me? With my luck she will leave". He muttered making his way over to where his brother was, jasper helped him fix his tie and he tied it for him, "You are an idiot. I hope you know that". Jasper said looking at Jayden who shrugged, "And you are a jackass with no matters and morals." Jasper laughed shrugging "I'm a demon what do you expect." He said softly looking around "When are we supposed to expect them?" Jayden shrugged "Tonight, so get ready, we all know it takes you a couple hours to look good." Jasper laughed shaking his head as he made his way upstairs.

Making his way upstairs he walked into his room and three suits were waiting for him, Jasper picked the all black one with deep red accents. Taking a short shower just making sure his hair was good to work with, he walked out all dressed, he paused seeing two girls and his sister standing there. "Oh are you my fairy godmothers". Macy scoffed "Ya we have to deal with your stupid hair and face". Jasper chucked sitting down, he let the girls do what they wanted "Are you excited?!" Jasper shook his head "There goes my freedom, you do know she's going to hate me. I'm literally the worst man for this job". He said softly looking down as he thought about it all some more.

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Hannah stood in absolute disbelief. There was no way they picked her, why on earth would they pick her? There was at least a couple of Valkyries stronger than her that would suit a Demon better, ones with questionable morals. She didn’t want to spend her life fighting with such arrogant prick. Hannah wanted to meet the love of her life somewhere, get married and have kids, be the mother she never had. That was her plan in life, besides her duties as a Valkyrie. She didn’t want this and they knew it. The Head Valkyrie, Malory, gently grasped Hannah by the arm and lead her over to her office. Hannah couldn’t think straight. This wasn’t meant to happen, snapping back to reality, Hannah found herself sitting in front of Malory in her office. Looking around the room, it was only them in here, which meant only one thing. This was for real, this was happening. She looked over to Malory, she was still so young. Hannah had her whole life ahead of her for marriage, she was 18 for godsake’. Way too young to get married, or even think about kids.

The modern day Valkyries were different from ones in ancient Valhalla times, they have a lot more freedom, a lot more control over their life. They had to be born a Valkyrie yes, Valkyries were shown by the three bands tattooed around their upper arm or ankle. It was how a Valkyrie was recognised. Although it was not advised, they were allowed to date. Hannah had had her fair share of boyfriends over the years, but it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t as if she was a virgin, but she was a long way from getting around. A Valkyrie had to have honour, loyalty, respect, but above all, Valkyries had to be noble. Traits some Demon wouldn’t possess. Hannah came out of her thoughts, focusing back on Malory.

“Now there is a question we must ask, we know you’ll make us proud and won’t let us down and nobody is forcing you into anything. But there is the question of consummating the marriage. Now, you of all people know how important upholding tradition is, but we are willing to make an exception if you are not up to it” Malory approached carefully, watching as Hannah squirmed uncomfortably in her seat, avoiding eye contact.

Hannah had a feeling this would come up, she had no idea what she would do but she knew what Demons were like. The males especially, they had a reputation of being players, and she did not doubt it for one moment. But that didn’t mean they were all like that, only the arrogant ones. Hannah knew that whatever Demon was chosen, it would not end well for her.

“Right, I’ll um- have to think about it” Hannah told Malory. Watching as Malory’s eyes twinkled with humour, Malory waved her hand, dismissing her. Hannah jumped up, hurriedly leaving. She would apologise to Malory later for being so curt about it. Hannah made her way back upstairs, ignoring the angry or admiring stares and question. She closed her door, locking it behind her and leaned against it. Opening her eyes, she found a rather large box sitting on her desk. Making her way over to the box, she looked at the card on top, it was signed from Charlotte. Figures. Opening it up, she pulled out a gorgeous blood red gown. It was fit for a queen, flowy transparent sleeves that had a spilt from the wrist to the elbow allowing the silky fabric flow in the air, the top was embedded with red jewels, the sleeves were connected straight to the dress, shoulder less.

Hannah sighed and put the dress on, she noticed in the mirror, the dress was quite figure hugging and had two slits from the ankle to her mid-thigh. Hannah stared at the dress, it definitely was gorgeous but it just didn’t seem like something the Valkyries would agree to her wearing. Although, it didn’t surprise her, this was new to all of them, that they had selected a dress in the very colour that was associated with Demons. Hannah sighed, hearing a knock at her door. She opened it to see Charlotte and Malory. She stepped aside, letting them in. They came in and looked at her, smiling to each other.

“This was your doing wasn’t it?” She asked them, motioning to the dress.

“Well yes darling. And a good choice at that, it’s beautiful! What do you think Malory?” Charlotte told them excitedly.

“It’s perfect, the colour, the design, everything. You’re a wonder Charlotte” Malory said, matching Charlotte’s giddiness. Hannah stared at them both in disbelief. This was mad!

“Pack your bags Hannah, we’re leaving in twenty minutes. We have a ball to attend to”

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Jasper watched as his sister kept doing as she pleased "When being spoken too make an effort please Jay." Jasper shrugged not really paying attention he was playing with the rings on his finger and the watch on his wrist, "What if she isn't my type?" Macy shrugged "Does it matter? Valkyries are gorgeous". Jasper nodded "I've met like four." He said softly, Macy laughed shaking her head, "and..?" Jasper shrugged "They don't like me, at all, or well the ones I met didn't. But it's ok, I guess this peace thing is going to work out. Hopefully, maybe, god I don't know Macy!" He said standing up throwing his hands in the air. Macy frowned looking at the other girls, "Give us a minute I can finish him anyway." She said softly, she then watched as the two girls left, her eyes made their way back to jasper who happened to be standing on his balcony she walked over putting her hands in her pocket, "You can admit to be scared." Jasper shook his head "Never. I'll look into the eyes of death and laugh, it's the fact that if I mess it up it's my fault. All my fault. And the fact that she could be the nicest, sweetest, or whatever and I'll just fuck it up like I always do." Macy sighed shaking her head, "These doubts are going to mess you up. Just listen to your heart." Jasper shook his head "Can't listen to something you don't have." He teased shaking his head, he then made his way back inside, and stood in front of the mirror as his sister fixed him up.

Once they were all finished jasper walked out and made his way to his fathers head office, "Enter." Jasper walked in and he looked inside to see his mother leaning on his chair helping him out, "Do you understand what you have to do?" Jasper nodded closing the door behind him and sitting down, "I- I just, I'm not the right guy." His mother shrugged "you are the only one in the royal family who is eligible, now you understand the terms, and this isn't just a week thing jasper. We understand you are young but I was married off when I was sixteen." Jasper waved his hand, "that's different you both are demons, I'll have to marry a Valkyrie, they- they are." Before he finished off his mother grinned "A lot like you to a certain point Jasper, they just don't have the bad. But now times have changed and not all demons are bad, and we have morals unlike along time ago. Now, you have about an hour left before you meet her. Go do as you please, and in an hour you are a changed man, well, a soon to be husband". Jasper shrugged shaking her head and he walked out of the office, he watched as people started walking in, he smiled and greeted them politely when it was a Valkyrie, they slowly started to show up and he was shocked at the positive and friendly conversations between them. He grabbed a drink and started to walk around, but soon a he found his friends, the boys got to chatting. Jasper has his main two best friends, James and Elijah, the three of them were all tall, six feet and above. Jasper was the tallest being six four, James an inch smaller and Elijah being the smallest. Watching everyone James huffed "And now we can't go drinking together?" Jasper shrugged "This girl isn't going to take over mylife, I'll still be able to talk to you guys. It's not like I won't-" he stopped as his sister and her boyfriend walked out, she was in a gorgeous green dress and her boyfriend matched in a suit, "Since when was she dating him?" James chuckled shrugging, "who knows, who cares. When's your girl showing up?" Jasper shrugged "Who knows and who cares." He said softly looking around, 'My parents showed up so that means shes going to be here soon." He said softly looking at James who nodded, "ok and let's hope she has hot friends." James said with a laugh, jasper nodded and looked over at Elijah who seemed quite, jasper nudged him and grinned "How about you lighten up, it's the last night of me a single man".

The boys all laughed and Jasper watched as his brother walked over "The girl you are marrying will be here soon, her name is Hannah and apparently she is a catch." Jasper nodded listening to his brother he then kept an eye out, she would be the only one in a red dress he assumed. But did she know who he was? Jasper didn't know, a million questions ran through his mind, he didn't want to fuck it all up but that's what he did best, and right now he wasn't in the besf state of mind but no one knew. This marriage might help him out, but at the moment nothing seemed to be going his way.
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Hannah packed her bags quickly, nerves growing and growing at time ticked by. She paced her room nervously, waiting for one of the girls to fetch her as instructed, Hannah eventually found a large enough soft cloak that would be able to hide her wings & dress. At one point, a variety of her closer friends came and did her hair and makeup. As much as she felt out of place in red, the makeup and dress looked stunning. Her hair was styled in soft waves cascading down her back. Her friends were all dressed in similar style dressed & makeup, but in the signature blue of the Valkyries. At least she’d stand out, for better or worse. It’d be quite obvious that she was the chosen Valkyrie. To distract her from her nerves, her friends were all sitting at her table, discussing their excitement at being invited to the ball with Hannah. Sitting down with them, they offered their words of concern at Hannah’s behaviour. They all saw it as an honour, just as Malory had claimed it was. Her friends, Paris & Ava, were looked at her expectedly.

“Sorry what?” Hannah asked them, a look of confusion on her face, she watched her friends laughed and repeated the question;

“Do you think you’ll like him?” Paris had asked, barely hiding her giddy.

“If he’s anything like the other Demons I’ve met, god no” Hannah said, almost shocked they had to ask.

“But you’re getting married to him, surely, you’ll have to at least tolerate him” Ava protested, a twinkle in her eye.

Hannah knew exactly what she was getting at, smacking her on the arm, she glared at her. She understood what they meant but it was a problem for a later date. Right now, Hannah had to focus on not throwing up. Her anxiety peaked as they were fetched to leave. Attempting to pull the hood of her cloak over her head, Paris had quickly stopped her, not wanting Hannah’s hair be messed with.

Although Hannah was used to having extravagant makeup, this is entirely different. The pure combination of the matching red dress & makeup. She had only just convinced them to let her wear her black heels, barely getting her to 5’5 with the heels. The few Demons she had met, yes, had been incredibly good looking but ridiculously tall. Hannah hoped he wasn’t the same, she was not a fan of being physically over-powered, it was intimidating. The mind of a toddler and the body of a woman Charlotte had said many times. Wave something pretty in her face and you’d be lucky to get a mumble from her.

The entire way there, Hannah was debating whether or not to bail. But to her delight, her nerves vanished as soon as they reached their destination. Hannah had no clue why, but she was grateful for it. She looked over at her friends, preparing themselves to get out. Just as she leaned over to get out, Ava grabbed her arm and held her hand out expectantly.

“The cloak, now” She demanded. Giving her a pleading look, Hannah eventually took it off and handed it to her, Ava folding it and putting it on one of the seats. She could see Demons & high Valkyries chatting, they seemed to be getting along well. At least there was no fights yet. Steadying her breathing, Hannah calmed her heartrate and shook her head. Malory suddenly appeared at the door. She opened the door and they stepped out into the warm air. A warm breeze flowed through her hair and her dress. Once they were ready, the four of them, strode confidently into the house.

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Jasper was standing beside James and the two of them were watching Macy, "Why is she with a dog- I just don't understand." James shrugged "Hes not that bad, he's literally the werewolf prince, that's another supernatural you want to be allies with." Jasper shrugged leaning back on the wall him and James were slightly hidden due to the fact that Jasper was being questioned and approached every five seconds, "Ok but he can kick your ass." Jasper laughed "No- maybe, I- Ok maybe he could beat me, but once I turn twenty one, no way." He said with a grin, Jasper then watched as Macy and her male friend walked over. "Jasper I would like you to meet Koda, I've been seeing him for awhile now." Jasper shrugged shaking his hand, "I know, you aren't very quite when it comes to sneaking back in, and his howling at night doesn't help." Jasper said grinning at the male who shrugged not really fazed, "oh I'm going to like you." Jasper said with a laugh, then the four of them kept to themselves until jaspers father walked over "Son it's time you start acting like a leader and stop hiding in the shadows." Jasper sighed nodding as he grabbed another drink before drowning a shot.

Looking over to see his father give him a questionable look "Ok if you want me to be happy, and nice, I'll need this liquid." He said softly before walking around and socializing. Jasper talked to both demon and Valkyrie, he didn't want to seem like he was one sided. As the night played on he could tell some people were slowly getting excited, for what was only time to tell. Jaspers hair kept moving so he kept pushing it back, he chatted with one of his Valkyrie friends, he was nice, Jasper only knew him due to school and when he could hide his wings. As he carried on walking around he got tired of smiling, sneaking away before his new fiancé would have to show up, making his way to the back jasper lit a smoke and took a long slow drag, he sighed sitting down and watching as Elijah joined him. "Ahh something to calm the nerves." He teased sitting next to jasper, the two of them talked until jasper could hear people whispering he got up and sighed stretching out his back, "Well time to meet my girl."

Walking back inside jasper could see people have parted and all looking towards the entrance, Jasper stood there beside his mother and father watching, "So that's her hey." Jasper said with a grin, He watched her walk in, small, but everyone was small to him. He studied her body and her facial features, he wondered how she looked suited up and ready for battle. Tilting his head he grunted when his father elbowed him in the back "Go see her, it's rude not to introduce yourself." Jasper sighed shaking his head drowning his last drink and setting it on the table behind him, he ran his fingers through his hair and stepped down and walked towards her. He rolled up his sleeves and slowly walked over to her, jaspers eyes scanned who was around her, a friend or two. Maybe a guard, he didn't know, didn't care, this first impression was huge. Was he going to be a dick, no, maybe, he didn't know, but as he started walking he never knew how long this ball room was.

As he approached her he looked over her dress, gorgeous, he grinned thinking not so innocent like. As soon as he was close he stood in front of her, "Gorgeous. A little smaller then I expected, but that's because maybe I'm tall, but even more beautiful then expected." He said softly before he held out his hand, jasper didn't expect her to take it, or to respond, nicely. Jasper looked over at her friends, not in a checking out kinda way but simply because he was curious, one looked like James would try something but he didn't know if they were staying. "Now before you say anything...I know the expectations of me aren't high, but my mother wants to meet you." He said softly "And after all this we can get formally introduced, but for the sake of both of us, and our people, we can keep the hate and talk to a Minamum." He said softly and then leaned in whispering beside her ear "And I know you don't have high expatations for me, but you should lower them, more." He teased before holding out his arm for her to hold, "Also I am told I have to do this, so I can escort you to my family, and if your friends want someone I have two guys who can keep them entertained."
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Hannah and her company made their way through the people, waving and those they knew, quite quickly, Malory had disappeared somewhere. She’d find her later, no doubt. Hannah keep herself calm and collected, checking out a few of the Demons giving her, looks. No doubt her friends would soon find themselves a guy to flirt with, chuckling to herself she watched as Ava’s eye caught a group of men nearby. She wasn’t surprised one bit; her friends were much more social with the opposite sex then she was. But in this case, she didn’t blame them for it, looking around almost every single one of the guys here were incredibly good-looking. But they were here for a reason. Hannah looked at Ava and gave her a look,

“You promised you’d stay with me for a few moments remember?” She told her friend, staring her down.

Ava rolled her eyes but grudgingly accepted. Paris seemed to be having a good time checking out the guests, typical. Of them both really, trust them to be entirely distracted by the guys around them. Hannah knew they’d be little help once they arrived. Hannah was greeted by a few of the higher Valkyries she had met before, all giving her their congratulations. For what, she didn’t know. Being sold off like a piece of meat didn’t really call for congratulations in her mind. It wasn’t right in any way, shape or form, but it was necessary. If they wanted peace between the two species, this was required to work. It would work, right? Putting the thought to the back of her mind, she scanned the crowd once more. She just hoped her alleged fiancé would show soon, she could use a distraction right now.

Hannah watched carefully as a young man seemed to begin approaching her. She understood the red now, his suit was black with red details. Figures. Hard to tell whether it was a coincidence they both had red, or pre-planned. Hannah wouldn’t-t put it past Malory or Charlotte though, also could be pure luck. Hannah’s stomach twisted, this was it. For the sake of his pride, she hoped he didn’t make some smartass comment, just because she was a Valkyrie, didn’t mean she wouldn’t fight him right here if provoked. The man was definitely approaching her, oh boy. Once he was close enough, she looked at him in detail, quite handsome. Her mind accidentally drifted to the conversation with Malory earlier that afternoon, feeling her cheeks start to burn, she mentally kicked herself.

Hannah gave the man a smug smile, she immediately felt physically intimidated by the height of him. Even with the heels, she was a good foot shorter. Maybe getting into a fight with him wouldn’t be a good idea after all. Wishing she’d brought some sort of weapon with her, she greeted him, taking his hand politely. At the arrival of him, Paris and Ava quickly grinned to each other and stood by, watching like hawks. At least she knew if he tried anything they’d be right behind her. The sound of his voice sent chills down her spine, concealing it, she smiled gratefully.

“Just behave yourself and we won’t have a problem” She told him, giving him a look.

Unable to hide her chuckle, she shook her head. Her expectations were on the floor, don’t think they could go any lower. Throwing him a smug smirk, she took his arm, motioning for Ava and Paris to stay where they are.

“I think that would be a good idea, before they start drooling over your friends. I’m sure they won’t mind in the slightest” Hannah told him softly, not wanting her friends to hear her.

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