01:14:14 Bug [He/They]
ah alright ono
01:13:47 Rig, Rat Miser
Cleft is a no show defect and don't do anything to stats
01:13:42 Techno | Texhno
I am back
01:12:45 Bug [He/They]
does it do not do it do-
01:12:03 Bug [He/They]
so i havea wolf with a Cleft Palate birth defect, do it do anything? ono if not its fine, im keeping the pup anyways :v
01:09:17 Char
Rat Miser,
If you're into country try Rascal Flatt's Greatest Hits Volume One.
01:08:36 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- Vote comment if a fan pm me please or if intrested
Sky Fall
01:06:21 Omeo
Wait so why does Celestial Prosperity do?
Sky Fall
01:04:23 Omeo
-WP Click-

got ‘em!!!
I love her ;3;
01:02:49 Rig, Rat Miser
You have any album suggestions that are around an hour or more long that I can listen to while drawing ;-;
12:58:45 Hazey
Yep! Though some people may have better luck than me, maybe I'm just unlucky in that aspect xd
12:54:25 Wind, Lavender

Oh I see, so now you don't have to use the apple item to get 4 pups (despite the fact that it seems pretty unlikely)?
Wow lol
flying potato
12:54:23 i am your potato god
Me fan girling over my boyfriends 3rd grade yearbook photo lol
12:51:28 Hazey
It's supposed to be a 1 in 3 chance (I think?) for a wolf to have 4 pups instead of 3.
Bern hasn't done that though yet 200 breedings later lmao
12:49:52 Wind, Lavender

Ooh cool! (what does Matron's Blessing do? I haven't been on WP for a while and this was added during my hiatus)
12:45:37 Hazey
-WP Click-
Woo :D
12:34:38 Shen
what happened?
12:33:58 ROT, Corpse,YSF
12:33:27 Le Spoon
I'm never trusting any of my friends again

Don't have any honestly
You art is very pretty


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Dance with the Devil X saratank February 10, 2022 03:44 PM

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Amara had tears streaming down her face when Sebastian came over. "I know you didnt. You didnt have a reason too" she managed to say, wishing he wouldnt leave. She wanted him there with her, sitting with her. When Sebastian left, she looked at Aro. "I cant stay here" she toled him. "Not when father wont listen. Aro, I love him" she admitted. This was the first time she told anyone other than Sebastian how she felt. Aro sighed as he sat next to Amara. "Once you are a little better, which with how stubborn you are, it wont take long, I will help you leave. I will make sure father knows he didnt do this" he said as he hugged Amara, feeling her shake as she cried, unable to hold it back anymore.

Aro glanced towards Lorelei, unsure if he should go talk to her but Amara pushed him to do so, even if she needed to be comforted right then. He reached Lorelei before he crossed his arms. "She's safe. That fool Damian is in the dungeon right now" he said, not exactly looking at her. He was still upset she hadnt been open with him, but he wasnt about to admit he found the kid a little cute, in a non creepy way, but in a "I guess kids arent so bad" way.

Dance with the Devil X saratank February 16, 2022 11:33 PM

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Lorelei calmed down just a little bit and didn't struggle against the ropes tied around her wrists when Aro said that Azaria is safe. She let her head hit the pillow and let a sigh leave her lips. She started to feel all the pain in her body now that she isn't struggling anymore. The worse though is the wound in her stomach and the wound in her thigh. All the other ones hurt too, but those hurt the most. Her face hurts from the gash he gave her again, making her just look worse than she already is. Of course, this had to happen. She should've known this was going to happen.

"Thanks." She said as she looked away from him, not wanting him to see how terrible she looks and the other scar that is going to appear on her face. She listened to everyone, hearing them whispering that Sebastian did it. Her brows furrowed, wondering why they would think that because he didn't do it in the first place. She then heard that the wedding was off, causing him to go back but her to stay until she is healed. Her heart started to accelerate, causing her to struggle against the restraints again as she knew that Azaria is with him. She can not go back in case her parents do something to her child. "Aro, I need a favor. I wouldn't ask this but I can't let this happen." She said as she looked at him, her eyes pleading for him to do whatever she tells him to. "Azaria can't go back to the Inferno Kingdom." She said as she continued to struggle, knowing she had to get to Sebastian even if that means she has to crawl to him.

"My parents were the ones who hired Damian to try and kill me again. God knows what would happen if she went back and then find out I am still alive. Grab her from Sebastian before he goes."


As Sebastian walked down the hallways to his room, he reached over and grabbed Azaria from Xander. He looked down at the child, a small smile on his lips at seeing her bright blue eyes staring up at him. He scrunched his face in a weird face, causing laughter to leave the child's lips. He did it a few more times, causing her to have laughter continue to leave her lips while some of the servants are looking at him weirdly because of the faces he made and why he has a child. He opened the door to his room before gently setting her on the bed, his hands gently tickling her to continue the joyous laughter to fill the room.

"Xander..." He said, trailing off as he glanced up at the man. Sure, he is mad that his friend had Azaria taken, but he wasn't holding it against him. He never will either. "I want you to stay here, watch over Lor." He said as he picked the child up before handing him the kid so he can pack. "I don't want a word about you trying to convince me otherwise. Aro clearly isn't going to after finding out about Azaria." He sighed as he started to gather his things to pack. He is sure that Aro will come around, but he isn't sure, especially since he didn't even vouch to his father that he had nothing to do with this kidnapping or even came in to help with the girls after finding him.

"You better keep her safe. Keep an eye on Amara too."
Dance with the Devil X saratank February 16, 2022 11:42 PM

Posts: 13436
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Aro crossed his arms slightly. "I know the fool was told to kill you. He told me himself. Claimed Haru was part of it as well" he said, looking almost bored. He looked over to Amara who was doing her best to not cry as she felt heartbroken over what happened, knowing Sebastian wouldn't have done this. "I'll try, but u doubt he will listen. I did punch his friend for losing the kid" he said before he left. He knew is he stayed, he would end up saying something he would more than likely regret.

Aro made his way towards Sebastian's room and walked in. "The kid stays here" he said, nit exactly giving much of an option. You can argue it with Lorelei, but she's not going back to Inferno." He didn't want to say why, knowing he would end up needing to tell Amara. A different plan came into mind, one that would help Amara get back to her prince, and maybe to get their father to see what was clearly in front of them rather than blinded by someone who only pretended to be loyal.

Aro leaned against the doorframe, watching Sebastian pack his things. "Tell me, do you care for my sister, and I mean really care for her?" His eyes started straight at Sebastian, daring the prince to say no almost as he crossed his arms.

Dance with the Devil X saratank March 16, 2022 07:45 PM

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Lorelei listened to what he said about what Damian. She let a sigh out before looking away from him. She hated even hearing about the man. She could feel the dried blood on her from everything that he did to her. She felt the cut on her face throbbing, but none of the pain that she was feeling mattered to her at this moment. The only thing that mattered to her at this point in time is to keep her daughter out of the clutches of her parents. She looked at him though and it seemed that he didn't really believe that Haru was part of this whole situation. She knew she heard his voice but never saw him since he stayed hidden. She didn't know what he was doing but she is sure that it probably wasn't good.

"Well..." She trailed off as she looked over to Amara. She wanted to go over there and comfort him, but she knows that these Healers won't let her to do so in the condition that she is in. "He was part of it. I could hear him but I didn't see him. I know that your father probably won't believe me, but I wouldn't make shit up after getting tortured and almost killed in the process." Her brow raised when Aro said that he ended up punching Xander in the face for losing Azaria. As much as Xander didn't deserve it, she couldn't help the small laugh that left her lips. "And you said that you didn't like kids." She teased him before her smile disappeared.

"Just make sure she doesn't leave."


Sebastian let a sigh out, hating that he has to leave both Amara and Lorelei here. He didn't like leaving Lorelei here and vulnerable but in now enemies hands, but he can't do anything about it. He doesn't need anything more to happen with everything going on. He let a sigh leave his lips, trying to figure out how he is going to bring this up to his parents. He already knows that they are going to be furious with this whole thing was never his fault to begin with even if Amara's father thinks otherwise. Just as he finished packing up, he heard someone enter the room. He looked at Aro at his words. There was no way he was going to leave Azaria here.

Just as he was about to protest, he brought up Lorelei. He knew that if Lorelei said that her daughter needs to stay here, there is a good reason that she says that. He knows not to go against her as well because of the wrath that she could bestow onto him. "Alright. Xander." He said as he motioned for Xander to hand Azaria to Aro. He hates leaving them here, but this is how it is going too have to be until Lorelei is healed enough to come back home. He grabbed his bags, his brow raising at the question that he asked him. He wanted to snap at him, but he knows that won't do any good. "Of course I do. I love her. Didn't think I ever would with everything that has happened, but I do love her." He said as he headed towards him. He stopped next to him. "Keep the both of them safe and make sure nothing more happens to them." He said as he walked past him.

"Oh, I do know that you care about Lorelei. All I ask is that you don't hurt her."
Dance with the Devil X saratank March 16, 2022 09:50 PM

Posts: 13436
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Aro carefully held the child as she was handed to him, though it wasn't hard to see he wasn't all that comfortable with it. He would have a nurse place a crib in the infirmary for Lorelei to have the child there when she was awake. *Might be the only way to keep her from doing something stupid* he thought before he looked back at Sebastian hearing his reply on Amara.

Aro nodded. "Good. While my father thinks you did something, I know you didn't. I just need to make sure Amara isn't in love with someone who wouldn't feel the same" he said before he watched as Sebastian walked past him. "I wouldn't be that cold to hurt someone" he said before he walked out of the room, finding a servant and telling them a crib was needed not only near Lorelei, but in his room as well. He wasn't going to leave the child unguarded.

Aro walked back to the infirmary and sighed seeing Amara still in tears, though she wasn't as bad as when he left. He carried Azaria to Lorelei. "A crib will be placed in here and she can see you every day, but she will not stay the night here. It's clear she needs to be watched closely and will stay in my room at night" he said, his tone not giving any room for argument as he saw Amara trying to sit up, still unable to feel her legs. It pained him to see her like that, but he couldn't bring himself to show it.

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