Wolves of the Zodiac
07:51:45 ExH Queen
-WP Click-
Blood Fighters Xxx
07:51:35 Taz
.+* Flower Doves *+.
07:51:13 Lavender

His coat looks amazing ^^
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:50:41 ExH Queen
I got a savvy i sight female and shes pretty but ot the boost i was going for.
Blood Fighters Xxx
07:50:05 Taz
wow, i got 3 in one wolf yay!!

-WP Click-

The Base Coat is Uncommon!!
The Eyes are Rare!!
This wolf has a Boost!
.+* Flower Doves *+.
07:47:56 Lavender
The kingdom

Want any advice? im not so good as well but i could help you a bit ^^
07:47:37 No.
Oh, must've been a crazy week then. Did you a at least find one? @Zodiac
The Kingdom
Oh WP has changed alot since i was laat on O.O
07:46:30 Co-Pride Protector
My sister's extremely sick, I'm so scared for her...
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07:43:10 Lavender
-WP Click-

She is in labor and i just cant wait
.+* Flower Doves *+.
07:42:50 Lavender

Me too .- .
07:41:37 Demon From Hell
I just need some of my girls to give birth so I can sleep
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:41:09 ExH Queen
Seems i killed it.
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:38:03 ExH Queen
-WP Click-
Hes handsome...and has sootyness.
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:37:07 ExH Queen
Tired...its been a crazy week. Between being under the weather and trying to get a car
07:32:57 No.
Hello everyone! ^^

Hi @Zodiac. :)
How are you?
King XpiEve
07:32:25 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
Hey Elles
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:31:58 ExH Queen
Heya everyone
Wolves of the Zodiac
07:31:48 ExH Queen
Heya everyone
.+* Flower Doves *+.
07:14:12 Lavender
-WP Click-

Cant wait for the pups! ^^


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Arkham x Bandit Spirits November 12, 2018 04:52 PM

Posts: 28680
Boo. So shall we figure out where we're going to start and who's going to play who for the roles? Like band members and such?

Edited at November 12, 2018 04:53 PM by Bandit Spirits
Arkham x Bandit Spirits November 12, 2018 04:58 PM

Posts: 20338
I'm playing the one who gets into the band and some band members. I'm play my main baby and a male who plays the guitar.
Arkham x Bandit Spirits November 12, 2018 05:01 PM

Posts: 28680
Okay! How may people are going to be in the band? 5? Including when your character joins? Also, all males or females? Or mixed?
Arkham x Bandit Spirits November 12, 2018 05:03 PM

Posts: 20338
It'll be a even number maybe, if your going to play two and I'm playing two then there should be 4. A all boy band as I don't play female good anymore.
Arkham x Bandit Spirits November 12, 2018 05:05 PM

Posts: 28680

Alright then! One last question xD

Are they going to be normal humans or shifters?

Arkham x Bandit Spirits November 12, 2018 05:08 PM

Posts: 20338
Name: Russel Pepper

Nickname: Russ, Pep, and Big

Age: 18

Gender: Male!

Sexuality: Finding!

Personality: Do you hear trumpets? Well luckily your not the only one, Russel might not be the most innocent person alive but at times he himself gets confused at things. Russel is a lover boy and loves anyone who crosses him, he's brave but sensitive around the corner. Russel is playful and kind, he'll put other before himself and won't complain about tiny things. He gets a bit flushed around certain people( TAO), he doesn't know how to act when he's a bit nervous as if shy and reserved person. He likes people the way they are and won't try to change them for his selfish needs. Russel is annoying at times when he doesn't get his morning coffee, he's grumpy and kinda rude.

Appearance: Russel doesn't think he's perfect at all, which is a fault in his personalty. Starting on his skin that is a dark cream that spread's a bit of vanilla along his strong defined and well structured jawline that's smooth. His eyes are a spark of light blue, while his hair is a dark brown which brings out his natural lightening that glows. Russel could be wearing anything just depending on what his mood is, for the daily run he wears gray baggy sweat pants with some Calvin Klein underwear showing. Russel will not wear a shirt when he's on his daily run as he finds it a bit nasty to run with a shirt on and to be sweaty. On a normal day he wears tight blue jeans with a white T-shirt. Russel could be seen as a super model with bulky shoulders and 10-pack abs that leaves a V-line.

Fears: Tao <-<

Weakness: Tao <-<

Skills:Killing it on the Guitar

Crush: That for him to know and for you to find out!

Life goal:

Backstory: XD


Name: Flynn R. Rouge( Full name)

Nickname: I dare you!

Age: 17

Gender: Looks like a girl when he grows out his hair! but Male!

Sexuality: >~< I'm..GET OUT!

Personalty: Snappy, grumpy, rude, and much more. Flynn is the definition of a grumpy troll, he's dark and can't seem to face the innocence of people. He hates humans and prefers plants over them anytime, at times he could be smiling but it's just that person was in so much pain it pleased the great Flynn. Don't say he looks nothing like Flynn Rider, he'll snap at any moment and has a short tempter for stupid childish humans. He'll make a large insult and won't care if a few feelings are hurt in the process.

Cross Flynn and he'll do a witch spell on you, nah just kidding but he will seek revenge! Although he might seem Mature for his age, Flynn has this playful wild side that he rarely shows it though. Once he does, Flynn is fun and crazy he has this passion for others when drunk. Maybe too much passion!

Appearance: Like any type of Emo, Flynn hair is long on one side which covers his dark green eyes that sparks a bit of light brown. His hair is usually long but he tends to cut it, a jet black with trimmed sides. Flynn skin tone is a lightly touched cheesecake, he seems pale at times but that's the lightening. He wears normal jeans and a plain shirt. Considering Flynn finds himself ugly, he has no layers to his body just a plain old medium musculature body type with no V-lines. His face is smooth yet no jawline shows, although he does have cheek bones. He's very short for his age maybe around 5'6, it just depends on where your looking.

Edited at November 15, 2018 03:52 PM by Arkham
Arkham x Bandit Spirits November 12, 2018 05:08 PM

Posts: 28680
That sounds good to me! Lemme get my two boys :)
Arkham x Bandit Spirits November 12, 2018 05:19 PM

Posts: 28680

Name: Andrea Romano

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality : Bi

Phobia(s) : Claustrophobia

Appearance: He's Italtian. That explains a lot doesnt it? Nah let's see how this guy looks, shall we?

He stands at about 6'0 which is sort of short for the other Italtian guys he knows, whom are all about 6'3(Brother included). He has a deep, tan coffee coloured skin that is the same shade all over his muscalar body. His skin is almost completely slear other then one long scar running from the beginning of his neck to the end of his spine. Along with a few small scars on the tips od his fingers and one medium scar on his left leg, on the back area. His eyes are a deep brown colour that actually look brown. Which sometimes when he is upset or mad, they turn black (My eyes do that.).

His hair is the same way also, a dak brown hat looks brown. His jawline is sharp and angle-ry. He ca be found in a pair of ripped jeans, a grey hoodie and a pair of grey Nikes. The jeans area dark wash colour and the grey a light colour.

Personality: Kind, helpful, sweet, a rapper. He can get mad but it is very unlikely to happen unless someone gets on his nerves a lot.

- Drawing
- Rapping
- Singing
- Running

- Football
- Swimming
- Ice
- Family/Friends

- Large dogs
- His brother (Kind of.)
- Drawing
- Singing
- Rapping
- Basket ball

- Cats
- Rude/stuck people
- His sister (Joke. Sort of...)
- Tiny dogs (Teacup dogs, etc.)


- Heights
- Needles

Name: Tao Kim

Age: 21

Sexuality: Gay

Medical Help:(Blind, deaf, etc.) None

Service Animal: None

Personality: He can be a big ol' ass but is usually nice and helpful, unless one of the bad members are involves then you might wanna run :) Raps.

Appearance: He is 6'0 feet tall. He looks like your actually bad-boy in any story you would read about.He has the quiff styed hair that is black with the tips of them dyed red. He has a pale, smooth complex. His eyes are a deep blue with a hint of grey in them if you look closely. He has alot of tattoos. He has two full selvees of tattoos. Along with tattoos all over his chest running up his neck. He has one huge one on his back of a family tree, with his families names on it. Along with his band members names since they are like a family to him.

(I got lazy with Tao. Also, do you want to start? I suck at intros. Also gonna hope in the shower:)))

Edited at November 13, 2018 06:09 PM by Howliday
Arkham x Bandit Spirits November 12, 2018 05:35 PM

Posts: 20338
( I'm make my boy form later)

What a bore, Flynn tapped his pencil against the table. He sat in a coffee shop just rambling some new lyrics he's been working on. The male expected the song to fall in his lap since he usually thinks of a fast one. Suddenly a guy came over and smiled," Yes? ", Flynn rudeness would scare away guys or even girls. He was used to being alone and man-less," I-I..was just sitting over there ", Flynn had to stop this guy before it gets awkward," Look but I'm not gay so bye ", Flynn grabbed his things and moved seats.

Not thinking he was harsh enough, Flynn went back to the guy who frowned," I'm sorry maybe I forgot this part, but are you honestly just sitting here alone checking men out! Like what type of person does that, you think this is some type of movie and I'm suppose to fall in your bulky arms like some loser ", Flynn voice raised as the guy shook his head," I was just... ", Again Flynn cut him off with a laugh," You and this thinking crap! If you like me or find me some what attractive, which is hard to believe then lets just mingle and get it off with! ", Flynn yelled before huffing, the guy soon left.

" Boys come and go like season ", Flynn sanged before walking down the block, he felt happy that he got rid of that creep. Who knows maybe Flynn was being stalked, which again was a shocker. Flynn was ugly and not that manly.
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Arkham x Bandit Spirits November 12, 2018 05:42 PM

Posts: 28680

Okay. This gonna be really short cause I got to get a shower >.<)

Andrea hung out around the dorm before feeling bored, as Tao was asleep again. Huffing as he grabbed this jacket her shoved his shoes on an walked out of the room, and onto the street way. Looking around he shoved his head phones in and walked down the street humming to himself.

Smiling as one of his favorite songs came on, he sang quietly as he walked into a café and ordered some ice coffee ad a muffin before sitting down in a chair. He smiled at the lady whom brought him the ice coffee and the muffin before thanking her. "Thanks." he said as he took the muffin and ice coffee from her and began to go though his phone. 'Hm...' he thought as he began to sing quietly once again, thinking of song lyrics but having nothing to write it down with. As he liked writing on paper then his phone.

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