Jack Of Stars
05:06:27 . . . . .
our wolves wander through the jungle.

You spy 6 Sun Bears.

05:05:28 Fei/Demon/Vixen
I might just look at the OCs and make a poll
Burning Stars
04:53:48 ChocyMilkObsessed
Exactly lol
04:52:04 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
Indeed why not watch them. Watch what gets your interest or what you like
Burning Stars
04:50:09 ChocyMilkObsessed
Hmm I'm sure which ever one will be good

The Umbrella Academy, and an Aussie show Blue Water High cuz why not lol
04:49:09 Fei/Demon/Vixen
also earlier my nanny (grandmother) was going through youtube on my phone after I left to let grandad out then let him in later lol
04:43:35 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am thinking the theme of either dark, sad or bittersweet but not completely sure.

Ooh which shows have you been watching?
Wraith Fox
It's that time of night. I'm sleepy but feel like I could stay up longer and then I start listening to Mr. Nightmare soothingly tell me a horror story.
Burning Stars
04:40:16 ChocyMilkObsessed
What are you thinking of for the banner?

And honestly not much since I'm done my sports for the year. Been binge watching a few shows
04:36:08 Moth
Speaking of Aussie stars I actually wanted to become a voice actor, but things just didn't go that way. Not that it's too late to start, but it's just too hard.
04:35:50 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am thinking about getting a different banner. I am just unsure of who I should choose lol

What have you been up to? ^^
BlueSnow Pack
04:35:46 Bluewind Pack
Okie I going to bed for real night
Burning Stars
04:33:47 ChocyMilkObsessed
That's good. And sounds nice ^^
BlueSnow Pack
04:33:45 Bluewind Pack
I think I just found another online bestie
04:32:21 Moth
Probably because late-gen melas are so common now that he's not worth anything.

Also yeah the hemsworths are a great example.
04:32:00 Fei/Demon/Vixen
Burning Stars
I am still alive. Life hasn't killed me despite it's attempts.

Had fun with my grandparents today. They came to visit :)
Wraith Fox
Wow, there's a mela in the Sanctuary.
BlueSnow Pack
04:29:47 Bluewind Pack
Moth that is very much true like have you seen Chris Hemsworth like damn if he was my age I would never let out of my sights
Burning Stars
04:29:34 ChocyMilkObsessed
I'm pretty good, thanks. You?
04:28:23 Moth
I beg to differ. You can't find much hotter than an Aussie.


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A Horse Rp | Open October 11, 2021 05:47 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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Masculine | Wild Herd | Lead Stallion | Mentions: Saga

He never did like the rain.

Even as a colt, while others frolicked through puddles and danced as water poured down, Anwir would be seen hidden beneath a tree, miserable. Rain was simply an inconvenience. A way to slow them down. Rain led to shivering and to mud, and he wasn't a fan of either. Granted, the rain had stopped for the morning, but given the darkened sky, it was clear that it would begin again shortly.

And yet, a small smirk rested upon Anwir's features, despite the miserable weather. The sight was unnatural, almost odd for a stallion such as Anwir, but indeed, the male was grinning, a smile full of malice and perhaps a hint of success. For it was he who was now the lead stallion of his brother's herd. It was he who was now in charge. He owned the herd. He ruled it. Not Ouray, not Chex, not a mere mare such as Saga, but him. Anwir.

With a single sentence, he could control what the herd did, and they followed him! Anwir had never felt such power. Such strength. To think, all of this ability, and his brother never took advantage. Ouray was too easygoing, to much of a sap and coward. He wasn't a true leader, for Ouray listened to Saga more than himself. He actually had to get approval from a mare before doing anything, but not Anwir. He would listen to nobody but himself. He was the leader. He alone.

Oh, he would speak with Saga and listen to her opinions, but just enough to make her stay. If he lost her, he would lose the mares, and Anwir couldn't have that now, could he? No, not before he found the other mares.. This Broodmare herd. The stallion was determined to be the first to get to them. To gain their favour meant to gain a bigger herd, and a bigger herd meant more power, and with his grand mind, he'd be untouchable! After all, he fooled the wise and honourable Ouray. How difficult could it be to fool others?

So, with that thought in mind, it made the trek a little less unbearable. Even as mud coated his legs, Anwir continued. Even as the land became slippery and dangerous, Anwir continued. He was determined to be the first to find these mares, and he'd be damned if he'd let anybody prevent him from doing so.

Head high, the stallion moved forwards, ignoring the sound of another approaching him. He hardly even turned his ears, though for some reason, the individual took it as as a sign to speak. Blah, blah, blah, was all he heard from Saga, his mind only picking up small words of hers here and there. After a small while, Anwir turned his head a small degree towards her. If he noticed her tone, he didn't act like it. "You see, I don't feel like finding shelter just yet," he spoke, face blank and tone practically a purr before increasing his gait, only to release a grunt of annoyance when the mare continued to speak, this time, her words directed to the herd.

So be it. He would let her use what little authority she had, but he wouldn't let it be her idea. They were supposed to follow him.

"We'll stop as soon as we find shelter. In the meantime, let's pick up the pace," a pause, "oh, and try not to slip." With that, the stallion moved forwards, his walk now on the brink of a trot.

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A Horse Rp | Open October 11, 2021 05:53 PM

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Arashi | Mare | Broodmare Herd | Lead | M: Herdmates (ind).

A pitch black mare stood next to a river, her head low and piercing blue eyes staring at her reflection in the clear, rushing water. The air was still, and there was not a sound that could be heard except for the quiet rippling of water and the soft grunting of horses. The mare next to the river, who's name was Arashi, rose her head, which resembled that of a thoroughbreds, and gazed at the treacherous land that she'd soon have to traverse before her. Two mountains were looming on either side of her, looking down on everything below them. Inbetween the mountains, there was a narrow but long valley with a river rushing through it. In that valley lied the broodmare herd, which was on the run from bachelors thirsty for mares.

Arashi had promised herself and her herdmates that she'd protect and lead each of them to safety; she wouldn't let anybody die to the elements nor get stolen by the local herds and bachelor bands. Why she was doing it was quite simple; because each and every one of the horses in her herd had previously been owned by a human. But, now, they were left to fend for themselves in the cold, cruel wilderness. What lie in wait were unimaginable hardships; anybody could tell. But, a part of Arashi was relieved to be out of the custody of a human. Because, now, she knew freedom. She could gallop and feel the wind rushing against her fur without having to worry about the confines of a stall, she could graze freely and didn't have to munch on dry, oddly-tasting hay, but, the best part was, Arashi no longer had to pay any dreadful visits to the vet. She had had a taste of freedom, and she intended on savoring it.

Arashi looked back at her herdmates, her eyes tinted with the soft hue of something like fondness. Some of them were just waking up, while others were already grazing on the sweet, delectable grass or doing other things. The morning sun hang low in the sky, casting faint morning light across everything within it's reach. A bird sang a high-pitched note, which rang across the surrounding area. But, it did not get even the slightest hint of a reply. Arashi looked around for the bird, but found herself stumped as to where it was. In a tree somewhere, obviously, but which tree?

Arashi shook her head, trying to focus on more important matters. She dipped her head low to the ground, starting to rip the grass which was coated in morning dew and rain from the previous day from the ground. It was luscious and a deep, beautiful green in color; nothing could beat the taste of it except for a peppermint. Arashi's mouth watered at the though of one of the candies, but she knew that never again would she taste one of the minty treats.

A thought that crossed Arashi's mind was where she was going to head next. If she wanted to seek shelter from the incoming storm, then she could just stay in the valley with her herd. But, again, the ex-racehorse knew that other herds or bachelor bands were going to look for protection from the elements as well, and the valley was an obvious choice. Maybe if Arashi's herd headed farther into the valley, they'd have a better chance of getting by unseen. "Hmm," Arashi murmured to herself. She'd have to put in plenty of thought. And she'd have to make her decision soon, as she could spot dark gray clouds on the horizon, and a breeze was starting to pick up.

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A Horse Rp | Open October 11, 2021 06:19 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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Masculine | Wild Herd | Bachelor | Mentions: Open
Indirectly Mentions: Saga, Toanouri, Chex, Noche, Inzhu

The darkening sky seemed to reflect upon the stallion's current mood. Never did Ouray think that he would be betrayed by his own family, his own half-brother, his own blood. Never did Ouray read the signs, and the more he thought about it, the little there truly were. He had seen in the past a scowl from Anwir.. Perhaps a scoff or a rolling of the eyes, but that was simply who Anwir was. Ouray never read it as anger or malice. He never read it as Anwir wanting to hurt him.

Ouray supposed that he wasn't as intelligent as he thought he was. Being the Lead Stallion, he should have been prepared for this. He was trained to know about these things and to pick up on suspicion, but could he truly be blamed? Anwir was his sibling, why would he think for a second that he would be the one to fool him?

The male was angry at many things, mainly himself. He was furious for not seeing the few signs that there were, he was furious for being defeated so easily, he was furious for leaving his family in this situation. Chex, Saga, his daughters, his nieces, how could he have done this to them? How humiliated they must feel to see him be defeated over a single push down a hill.

A grunt left Ouray's lips. Anwir couldn't have even fought fairly. No, he couldn't simply challenge him, he had to shove him down a hill first, wait until he finished rolling, and then challenge him when he was already injured. How low could one stoop, and yet, Ouray couldn't even say much, after all, Anwir's plan worked.

Well, for now.

He refused to give Anwir the satisfaction of winning. He refused to be driven away from his family. So, he decided to follow them. Ouray would wait until he was fully healed before stepping forth into the herd once more and challenge Anwir the proper way. The honourable way, and Ouray knew that he would win. He was taller than his brother and had more experience. If Anwir had to stoop to shoving him down a hill before challenging him, then something told Ouray that his brother knew he would have lost.

Though granted, he didn't think keeping up with the herd would be this difficult.

For a short while, Ouray wondered where Anwir was taking the herd. They were moving swiftly and through dangerous conditions in a certain direction, but for what reason? It didn't take long for Ouray to remember the talk of this one herd consisting of only mares. It only made sense for Anwir to chase after them. He wished to expand the herd and gain more power, wasn't that it? Ouray was almost sure of it.

For the most part he trailed behind them, a good mile or two back to ensure that he wouldn't be seen. With his injuries, he was sure that the herd could hear him grunting and struggling immediately, but Ouray wouldn't give up that easily. Now, he was closer, perhaps a mile behind. Sometimes, if he was careful, he could catch a glimpse of the herd in the distance. He could often see the faint outlines of his daughters, Toanouri, Noche, and Inzhu. Near the front, his Saga walked, while Chex was seen either in the front, middle, or end. He also kept watch for Chex's children, his nieces and nephews. While Chex wasn't related to him by blood, they may as well be, and seeing them was all the motivation he needed to continue. It's what drew him forwards.

A Horse Rp | Open October 11, 2021 08:34 PM

Rising Shadows
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Bandit || 3 || Broodmare Herd || M: Arashi, Others (Ind)

Bandit thrived in this weather.

Her damp fur was steaming, sending ghostly clouds up around her body, and every breath was another puff of smoke shooting from her nostrils before dissipating into the air in front of her. Each step was firm; there was no power lost to the cold of the morning.

Bandit had, for the duration of her short racing career, always done best in the stormy weather. The ominous dark, the warning winds, the anxiety of the racers around her who did better on dry turf... those gave her adrenaline. Fuel.

The wet ground barely bothered her; she had plenty of practice working slick tracks and training on rough terrain. It had been risky to ride a racehorse like that, but her trainer had done it. Now, it was paying off more than ever.

Never had Bandit considered the possibility that she would become a feral animal. It was new, sure, but the mare liked a challenge. She thrived off of laughing in Death's face. She always had, and always would. A simple change in circumstances wasn't about to change that.

Her steps halted as she reached Arashi's side. The fellow thoroughbred was grazing near the river they were following. Bandit snorted a greeting and then inhaled deeply. Her nostrils filled with the scent of rain and oncoming storms, causing a smile to dance faintly on her muzzle.

"This is quite the adventure I wasn't planning on," she mused. The mare had said it before, once or twice, but it still astounded her that she was now... well... free. It felt wondrous. "I have to say, though, I am looking forward to the storm."

A Horse Rp | Open October 11, 2021 08:57 PM

Rising Shadows
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Kavik || 1.7 Years || Wild Herd Yearling || M: Chex, Adela, Inzhu, Erzulie, Others (Ind)

The chestnut paint colt had strayed from Adela's side in the midst of everyone beginning to move. His brown eyes scanned the others around him, quickly moved over Anwil's dark frame, and finally landed on Inzhu. He broke into a trot until he reached her, at which point he slowed back to a walk and nickered a greeting.

"Have you seen Erzulie?" he asked while looking around for his half-sister. "I'm bored. We should all do something."

The sudden invitation was, of course, to hide his discomfort and uncertainty. Hard times were always better with friends. Besides, if Anwil tried to break up their little group, he'd get threats from Nisaba, Saga, Adela, Louhi,... basically every mare in the herd. Being a yearling had its perks.

He sighed and let his eyes wander to his father's hulking frame. The stallion scared Kavik, but he also adored him. Chex put the fear of God into every young horse, he was certain, and even some of the older ones. Kavik missed a happier sire, though.

The colt turned his attention back to the bay filly beside him and he added, "D'you know where we're going? Has your ma told you anything?"

A Horse Rp | Open October 12, 2021 07:51 AM

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Wild Herd | Lieutenant | Mentions: Saga, Taonouri, Kavik, Anwir, Others (Ind.)

The large stallion, truly a creature of gigantic proportions, walked steadily among the herd. He was the largest member, and he was the largest by a noticeable amount. When Ouray had been Lead Stallion, he had, still, been the tallest, but not by such a large margin. He wasn't a small being, it was almost as if he never had been, and he knew when and where to put his size to use.

This was most certainly a time to put his size to use. He walked near the front of the herd for now, ears pricked and listening for orders from his Lead Mare. Regardless of what Anwir had said, what he tried to say, the mare was his Lead Mare. He would listen to her before Anwir any day. Hell, Saga was practically his sister, at least in his eyes. He enjoyed her company.

The high squelch that the ground made beneath his hulking, muscular body was not overly pleasant to his ears, but he ignored it in favour of listening to the noises around him. Saga was speaking, talking to Anwir about finding shelter. And the stallion had the nerve to-

Chex's inward smile was wicked, almost evil. Yes, he held an aggressive, vindictive side. Not that his family, or those he cared about, saw it enough to fear it. But, perhaps, Anwir might. He'd promised Ouray, his Lead Stallion, that he wouldn't challenge. And so he wouldn't. He had never truly disobeyed the onyx male before, and he didn't intend to start doing so now.

"Oh, what a fantastic idea," he purred, putting his face into a fake innocent look, spurring interest and curiosity onto his features. His gaze had turned towards Anwir, a creature who was physically a spitting image of Ouray, but he could not have been a darker creature at heart.

He sped up, as per the 'Lead Stallion's' request, going for a mix between a canter and a trot. He quickly caught up to the shorter stallion, doing little to avoid bumping into him. In fact, the large brute knocked direction into him, hard enough that he nearly dropped himself to the floor, but caught himself before he fell.

His frown was innocent and falsely scared, muttering a quiet: "Oh, sorry, Anwir. Like you said, we must be careful not to slip." The innocence fell from his face the moment he turned away, flashing a grin towards Saga and Tao, his niece. He turned his back completely on Anwir, completely unafraid.

He hoped it would upset the ebony stallion, having another turn his back on him so easily, so obviously unafraid, to completely at ease, as if his presence held no danger.

"What pace do you suggest, Lead Mare?" He questioned, dropping his head to be closer to her level, using her title in front of the new stallion.

Chex may have been forbidden from outright challenging Anwir, but god above, he wouldn't stop from trying to annoy the stallion into giving up the herd. And he had done it in a particular way, would always do it in a particular way where he would always be the only one to blame. If Anwir had to attack someone, it would be him. If Anwir took it out on someone, it would be him.

The male lifted his head briefly, dragging his eyes over the herd. He spotted Kavik, his son, alongside Adela, his mother, and Inzhu, one of Ouray's daughters. He gave a brief nod to the chestnut and white paint colt, before returning his attention completely to his Lead Mare.

A Horse Rp | Open October 12, 2021 01:51 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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Mare | Wild Herd | Yearling | Mentions: Louhi, Chex, Kavik, Inzhu, Anwir

A mare of impressive height and colouration strode, following after her mother, Louhi, with a look of disappointment upon her features. She was an elegant creature. Well, she was trying to be, but this forsaken mud made it difficult for even her to walk properly. Over the span of a mere minute, Erzulie had nearly slipped twice, and an hour earlier, had actually fallen, evidence of it seen upon her coat, which was coated with dried mud.

"Must we really trek under these conditions? You'd think somebody so set on being lead stallion would have enough decency to take a break. We're not machines," she spoke to her mother, her last sentence growing louder in hopes that.. That horse would hear. Erzulie refused to even say his name. Refused to even think it. Similar to her father, she seemed to hold a deep hatred towards Anwir for driving her uncle out. Yes, Ouray wasn't her uncle by blood, but her father had made it clear that blood didn't matter. Family was family, no matter what, as her father liked to remind her.

Speaking of, her eyes landed upon him, an emotion of something mixed between pride and fear forming within her. It felt satisfying to watch her sire go against Anwir, but at the same time, she dreaded the thought. If Anwir was smart enough to beat Ouray, who was to say that he wouldn't play dirty and do something to Chex? She didn't doubt her father, not for a moment, but yet she feared for his safety. Anwir was a dark individual, who knew what games he played at.

"Look at him undermining Saga." Turning to her mother, Erzulie strode closer to her. "I've never seen such disrespect before. A colt has more manners then him." Perhaps Erzulie spoke louder than necessary. Perhaps she wanted Anwir to hear the frustration in her tone. Did she want a reaction out of him? No, but that didn't mean that she didn't want him to hear her words of disapproval.

"You'd think that-" Pausing, Erzulie's front leg stepped into a puddle consisting of mud. The result? The mare's ankle was swallowed, and her body stumbled forwards, smacking against the ground yet again. The yearling lay there upon the ground for a moment, a look of hatred radiating in her orbs before silently picking herself back up, her body newly coated with mud.

"Blasted mud, and blasted rain!" She hissed through clenched teeth as she regained her balance. Erzulie was sure that she looked a fright. Of course it had been her to trip yet again. Of course she had to be the one to fall, yet again. It was bad enough that she had fallen earlier, but once more? If she wasn't so angry, she'd be humiliated.

She stood there for a moment as the others continued, her eyes searching for someone certain until-

"Inzhu," she spoke, already breaking out into a trot towards one of her closest friends walking alongside of Kavik, her half-brother. "Inzhu, Kavik, look at me!" Approaching the two, a scowl rested upon Erzulie's face, a sight not commonly seen. She was supposed to be the positive one. The one who hardly got annoyed and frustrated, but she figured that today could be her off day. "In the span of one hour, I have fallen twice. Twice. My mane is matted, my coat is caked with mud, and I am wet and miserable, all because our lead is missing half a brain." Releasing a large breath, Erzulie calmed, her small outburst offering her some form of relaxation. That, and because her friends were near. They'd understand her annoyance.

It was a pity. Erzulie adored the rain, but today, there was nothing the yearling hated more, besides a certain dark-coated stallion leading.

A Horse Rp | Open October 12, 2021 08:06 PM

Imperial Sands
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Wild Herd | Lead Mare | Mentions: Anwir, Chex

The dappled mare glared daggers into the dark stallion when he spoke in return to what she had said. She ground her teeth together and found her head lifting in defiance at his words. The prideful mare hated to be disrespected, and that is all this good for nothing colt did. This was her herd. Even Ouray had understood that to some degree.

"We will move at the pace that is safest," she grit her teeth as she spoke, her eyes narrowed in disgust at the male. "I won't risk myself, or the herd, so you can fufill petty dreams," the mares tone of voice was something venomous. She wasn't intimidated by the stallion, she viewed him little more than a foolish colt, he was completely useless to her.

Her tail flicked as she felt the mud beneath her hoof give and she carefully slid a foot before stabilizing once more. Her eyes shifted to Chex, and her gaze immediately softened a bit. He was the brother she never wanted, inherited through her ties with the former lead, Ouray. Her soft, and gentle Ouray, the stallion who lead with the same respect he showed her.

The mare carefully moved to walk beside the gargantuan stallion, and sighed softly, a sound that was almost foreign coming from the usually confident mare. "I don't know how to put up with him, Chex. He makes me just want to leave and risk it without. There has to be a better option that to just tolerate him," the mare snorted in disdain at the idea of Anwir being the lead stallion for long. "I refuse to give him offspring. I won't sully myself for the likes of him," she stepped carefully as she moved, her ears pinning against her skull. They had no business being out moving around right now. That much she knew.

"He's going to have more than he can handle if he thinks I'm going to tolerate these new mares."
A Horse Rp | Open October 12, 2021 08:37 PM

Imperial Sands
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Wild Herd | Herd Mare | Mentions: Saga, Anwir, Chex, Open

While many of the herd were disgruntled with the takeover in leadership, and their current mission to find a herd of mares to merge with, Luyu had slightly more reserved opinions. She kept her thoughts to herself, deciding they were best left for her mind. She, like many, didn't particularly like Anwir, and how he had usurped and pushed his own brother out. Had he been a regular stallion, she would have reserved judgement more.

However, the things that had all the mares in a bunch was the idea of them risking it all to find this new grouping of mares. She understood why it was so tempting for stallions, but she also understood why the mares were so upset by it. Luyu herself even felt a little worthless in comparison. Would anyone risk everything for her? Probably not, but that had never bothered her before.

Shaking out her creamy mane, the mare followed behind, near the back of, the herd. She was careful when walking, making sure she placed her hooves in safe places. She didn't want to risk an injury and be left to the predators.

Her ears pricked at the sound of words ahead of her, the leads of the herd exchanging them with heat. Their lead mare, Saga, was not a creature Lu ever desired to trifle with, and she thought their new lead foolish for trying. There was something more predatory to Saga than any other mare she had met, she knew the grey dapple, as pretty as she was, would just as quickly put someone in the ground as she would roll her eyes at them.

Her eyes shifted to the large brute beside the mare, who had made an effort to plow into Anwir, though it looked entirely to be an accident. Her ears flicked as concern etched across her features. If they lost Chex to a fall or something, they would have no other stallion to depend on, and that would be awful. Luyu could only hope he would be careful.

A Horse Rp | Open October 12, 2021 09:55 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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Masculine | Wild Herd | Lead Stallion | Mentions: Saga, Chex

The onyx stallion, with his head raised, continued leading. It was clear in his movements that he wouldn't stop, no, refused to until he was satisfied with the amount of ground covered. Even as a shadow loomed over him, the stallion continued, that is, until he felt that certain shadow come into contact with him. Stumbling slightly, Anwir spun his head around, a bright smile spilling over his features.

"Chex," he practically sang.. or spat.. Truly, nobody could tell the difference. Ah, while Saga and Ouray were one story, Chex was a whole other. "No need to.. Apologize over tripping. I'm sure it was just a clumsy accident." Offering a dry chuckle, Anwir's face fell flat. He still had yet to figure out what to do with the taller stallion: let him stick around, or find a plan to get rid of him.

You see, Anwir was conflicted. On one note, Chex offered more protection for the herd and himself, and he knew the taller stallion wouldn't dare touch him. After all, Ouray did tell him not to, and like a puppy, Chex would obey. So, he wasn't too afraid of him. On another note, Chex was an enemy. If there ever came a time where he would be challenged, Anwir would lose, so he needed to formulate a plan to prevent that from happening. Perhaps he'd figure out a way to leave Chex behind, or maybe he'd replicate the little move he used on Ouray and shove him down a hill. No, Anwir needed a mountain if he wanted to get rid of Chex for good.

The onyx male didn't dawdle on it for very long. He had time to figure it out. Chex wouldn't challenge him just yet. He wouldn't go against Ouray's word. Thus, Anwir moved on, and within moments, he was seen blinking, his teeth clenching upon Chex's words.. Words that weren't directed to him, but to Saga. "Very well, Lead Mare, why don't you set the pace." Tone almost sweet, he then swung his head towards Chex. "You know, it would be more useful if you walked in the back. Make sure nobody is left behind and whatnot, like the yearlings and foals. Wouldn't it be simply awful if they couldn't keep up?" A threat.

Practically shrugging, Anwir offered a final smirk Chex's way before facing his back towards him, his attention back onto Saga. "Yes, yes, you're right, Saga." In truth, all Anwir heard was blah, blah, blah. "My apologies." Blah, petty dreams, blah. "In time, I think that you'll appreciate what I'm doing." Blah, blah, blah. Oh, who knew what she said. Anwir wasn't listening. Instead, he quickened his pace, wanting to be at the front. It was his herd, he had every right to lead.

That didn't stop him from hearing the words come out from the throats of others. Ears pinning against his skull for a moment, Anwir's mind searched for a way to make them all listen. They didn't take him seriously. No, they spoke badly about him in his own presence. He could hear their chattering and their words of disrespect. They wanted him to hear. They wanted a reaction. Very well, a reaction is what they'd get. Teeth grinding together and eyes narrowed, Anwir suddenly came to a halt and spun around, facing the herd.

"There is too much talking going on for my liking," he practically snarled, eyes scanning the others, and wild eyes they were. "I am the lead stallion. You are to listen to me, and that goes for everyone here." Pausing, Anwir knew that he wouldn't reach them, not like this. So, with a twitch of his eye, he continued. "I try here, truly, I do," he almost chuckled, beginning to pace slightly. "I mean, can't any of you see that? I am trying to make the herd stronger, bigger, better, and I can't do that with everybody's words constantly fluttering around. I mean, I can hardly hear myself think!" Snapping, Anwir calmed within a moment, a creepy and unnatural sight.

If they wished to play games with him, so be it, he would introduce his very own.

"I was kind enough to spare your yearlings and foals. It would be a shame if I suddenly changed my mind." Threatening the herd to leave the younger members behind or do even worse, Anwir stared at everyone. "Am I understood?" He didn't wait for an answer before continuing. "Good. Shall we?" And with that, the stallion turned back around, this time, his pace normal.

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