08:55:17 the pantaloon.
I feel ya, game money's been tight so I need to know how I can manage it.
My stash was so trash until this stud-

I just wanna take care of him :')
08:54:13 the pantaloon.
Game currency lol.

I'm well adept with real money I'd like to think :')
08:54:04 Drago
-WP Click-

Gosh heck they're so freaking cute but a dud
08:53:37 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
any ninjago fans on pm me
08:53:35 Mc.Swagger
Sjuk -
Real money or mush and apples?
08:53:30 Drago

Bro I gotchu, I manage my apple stash, both well and terribly, XD
Covidic Coffee
08:53:02 Rona

PFF look at my den, I am the queen of duds XD
08:52:47 Mc.Swagger
Drago -
Because they are purty duds <3
08:52:38 the pantaloon.
I hate to sound like it's all about money, but I've never had to manage money like this on this damn site before, it's scary and I need advice xD
08:52:12 Lune/ Lunar
Your wolves played: Pup 64 crosses their eyes.

the alpha isnt allowed to be silly
08:51:49 the pantaloon.
Sounds fair. I think I'll set it to two breedings per jasmine because otherwise I make 0 from a 600 mush per 3 breedings stud :')
08:51:42 Drago
Gosh heck, you guys all like these duds I have
08:51:19 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- names pm me please be warrior cat styal or native amaracan or elemental (warrior cat can be clan or tribe or anceints )
Covidic Coffee
08:50:46 Rona

Your welcome.
covidic coffee

thank you for helping me..
08:50:26 Mc.Swagger
Drago -
Hey, thanks!!
He's purty.
08:50:23 Hana
Keep him he's cute
08:50:16 Tolk
Ahh yeah, maybe two in that case? Then you still have an extra slot.
Covidic Coffee
08:50:07 Rona

Keep. Keep it. For the love of god, keep itttt :c
08:50:05 Drago
Nice Fading!


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The Loyal Canines | Rp Thread | Open! September 14, 2021 03:02 PM

Tiny Mushroom
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Sign-ups located here~
(I apolgize for my computer not being able to copy and paste, also, don't add questions here, this is for roleplays ONLY!)

We can start for now.

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The Loyal Canines | Rp Thread | Open! September 14, 2021 08:12 PM

Tiny Mushroom
Posts: 57
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You may now post in the Forum.
The Loyal Canines | Rp Thread | Open! September 14, 2021 08:19 PM

Tiny Mushroom
Posts: 57
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The sun awaited high above the territory, shining down below above all of the canines. The trees shivered in the light breeze that ruffled all of the canines' fur.

Serenity lay in the cool grass in the meadow, near the stream. She allowed her paws to sit in the cold water. A small bird somewhere around her chirped and she looked in that direction.
Slow and steady. Serenity said to herself in her head as she crouched, stalking toward the bird that was pulling a worm out of the ground. Is a bird worth it-? Serenity stopped as doubts filled her head, but she shook them away, and pelted toward it.

The bird stared at her in horror before it flapped it's wings, abandoning the squirmy worm.
But Serenity was already there. She grabbed the bird's tail and slammed it into the ground, snapping at it's spine before she brought it to the pack.
"It's just a little, but it'll do." She said to herself as she passed multiple canines.
Serenity dropped the bird near the Pack den and sat there, bored, waiting for someone to talk to.

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The Loyal Canines | Rp Thread | Open! September 14, 2021 09:24 PM

Posts: 324
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Amour|3|Female|Beta|Mentions: Serenity

It had been a while since she had met the alphess Serenity. Amour was so grateful to have found another such as herself. Now that she has a new place to call home she often finds herself wondering where her brother and owner were. If they met were safe and if she’d ever see them again. Of course she wouldn’t but possibly in the afterlife, if there was one anyway.. she always hoped there was but one could only wonder. She steps foot into the meadow, her eyes scanning across the beautiful field of green. Maybe she’d find some pretty flowers? She stopped scanning the field when her eyes landed on the alphess. A smile would reach her maw as she would begin trotting over.

Amour would approach the alphess, dipping her head in respect before speaking. “Hello, my alphess. How are you fairing?” She would ask the fae, a warm smile still gracing the white canines maw. She hoped the lass was well, she did worry for her sometimes but she hoped she was just enjoying the wonderful sunlight on her back just like Amour. Amour would sit next to the alphess and wait for a response.

Edited at September 14, 2021 09:25 PM by Sirris
The Loyal Canines | Rp Thread | Open! September 14, 2021 09:34 PM

Tiny Mushroom
Posts: 57
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Serenity jumped at the Beta's voice in surpise before she looked at her, a warm smile creasing across her maw. "I'm alright, thank you for asking Amour, now how are you?" The brindle canine scanned the ground before she plucked a tiny white flower and inspected it.
She shook out her fur and looked at Amour, and while waiting for a response. She glanced around to make sure that every other canine was doing alright before she met eye contact with the fluffy white canine. Her tail flicked, brushing Amour's fluff.
The Loyal Canines | Rp Thread | Open! September 14, 2021 10:00 PM

• SoftBoba •
Posts: 16
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Silver trotted out of the cave and stared at the sky, he spotted the alpha and Amour. Silver started towards them and barked letting them know he was there. "Hello Amour, Serenity." His face turned red staring at Serenity but he hid it and dipped his head in respect.
The Loyal Canines | Rp Thread | Open! September 14, 2021 11:36 PM

Posts: 1592
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Seguir - Male - 5 Years - Lead Warrior
M - Serenity, Amour, Silver [All indirectly]

Seguir stood staring vacantly out at the packs current location, his paws firmly planted to the ground below him and every so often lightly flexing to feel the loose dirt from under his paw pads. His eyes scanned the area once, then twice in case of any extra noise or sudden movement that could lead to danger, before he finally let himself heave a sigh and relax. In a sense whole theses of radiant golden never got old to look at, it created a tactical advantage and disadvantage at the same time, the only cue to something coming being the movement of the tall stalks of yellow parting but other than that if they were smart they would be close to silent. Seguir trusted his pack, but he couldn't help but let worry and doubt flood into his mind before shaking his head vigorously and snapping back to attention. Bad things would come when they wanted. For now, the male would busy himself in some other way than staring into the meadow just anticipating the worst. Bidding someone hello wasn't exactly his first thought when he thought of the word distraction, and the day he would greet someone first to stir up casual lighthearted conversation would be the day mice learned to fly. Seemed there would be little to do, however, and so he settled on going around the densite and making sure nothing was amiss,catching a glimpse of the slowing growing group of dogs chatting in the corner of his eye before turning away and trotting over near where the river was
The Loyal Canines | Rp Thread | Open! September 15, 2021 07:19 AM

• SoftBoba •
Posts: 16
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Towards: Seguir

Silver had been standing there for a while in an awkward silence, his eyes flicked towards Seguir, he lifted a paw step by step slowly then shifted into a trot. Silver couldn't help but be awkward near his alpha, cause well- he liked her but with others he was fine. Eventually he made his way towards Seguir, stopping as he made his way up to him. "Hello." He flicked his tail happy to actually be talking with someone the same gender. Ever since those days, he'd been a bit socially awkward but he had learned to get over it. "How are you, well uh- holding up. I mean- lnow what I mean..heh.." he shifted on his paws awkwardly but soon sat, he was a bit stressed aswell so he got his words mixed up a bit.
The Loyal Canines | Rp Thread | Open! September 15, 2021 03:47 PM

• SoftBoba •
Posts: 16
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Silver/towarads seguir

he stared at the male canine eager for an answer, his claws dug into the dirt impatiently. Silver stared at the alpha and layed down still staring. So pretty.. he looked thoughtfully at her, he smiled awkwardly gazing at her. "Wow..." he sighed lovingly.
The Loyal Canines | Rp Thread | Open! September 15, 2021 04:19 PM

Tiny Mushroom
Posts: 57
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(Soft, you need to be patient with people's replies, if you don't, I will exclude you from the roleplay. Also, change inbetween characters, don't spam multiple at once, if you want to reply then PM me, and make your responses longer, thank you.)

Serenity stared in suprise at Silver. "Oh, hey Silver, how-" She cut off when Silver walked away. "Rude." She muttered under her breath as she flicked an ear. She shook out her coat and looked back at Amour, her eyes warm as she stared at the white canine, ears pricked.
Serenity had always liked Amour (Not that way-), she was funny, sweet, and polite. She knew Amour liked her back and was happy that she had a friend to look up to whenever she needed something, then again, she has her ancestors and her whole pack.
AK-47 stalked over to Silver, head low and teeth bared. "Hey, loony kid." AK-47 snarled, drawing back his lip to show dominance. "I'm-" He broke off whenever Serenity ran over, whispering to him. "Yes, Alpha." He dipped his head, and when she ran away, he shot Silver a look as sharp as flint. "Come with me, we are going patrol. You are a warrior, right?" AK-47 sneered in mock at the skittish male and spun around, stalking towards the forest with a dangerous look in his eyes.

Edited at September 15, 2021 04:22 PM by Tiny Mushroom

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