Soul Eater
06:05:41 Devourer/Dev/Soul
No problem ^^
Cool, thanks Soul.
Soul Eater
06:04:38 Devourer/Dev/Soul
After three days it'll get deleted
Does anyone know how long a game message sits in your inbox before it gets deleted by the game?
Shepherds Rule
05:40:33 Shep
Im at work so horrible. My double shift is about to end though
Little Evergreen
05:40:25 Your Bread Lord
-WP Click-

Let's pray she got her mama's talent cause I want more albino babies <3
Little Evergreen
05:31:37 Your Bread Lord
I literally just woke up.
05:24:32 Marcy
how are yall doing today
Destinations End
05:21:03 Desti, Coy, Coydog
04:50:39 Marcy
04:35:12 AutumnPillows
hey chat how is everyone?
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:29:54 The Bone Collector
Its 5:30 in the morning and 'm off to bed.
Cypress Road
04:24:21 Thanksgiving, Love
Hello chat
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:14:03 The Bone Collector
He's such a WIP. I started him few moths ago and the progress is sad.
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:08:09 The Bone Collector
I work fast food. I own a pair of Timberland Steeltoes.
04:07:49 Heli the Chat Ghost
Will do :) I'm going to head out for the night. Take care everyone!

@Silver - I hope you got something nice from your geodes!
04:07:10 Heli the Chat Ghost
@Zodiac - can't be nursing if you're wearing Timberlands... some sort of a warehouse? manufacturing? I used to have to wear steel toe shoes for 12hr shifts 5 days a week. it SUCKED. I quit that job after about 4 months. The money wasn't worth not being able to do anything on my days off because I couldn't walk
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:07:03 The Bone Collector
Send me a link if you do.
04:05:14 Heli the Chat Ghost
*considers making a crime(show/podcast/book) lovers alliance* I'll think on it some more and maybe make a poll for it later
04:05:12 Heli the Chat Ghost
*considers making a crime(show/podcast/book) lovers alliance* I'll think on it some more and maybe make a poll for it later


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Velvet/Human Pet
Velvet finished grooming herself before stretching and walking through the cat door and into her garden, she snuffed at the flowers before sitting down and waiting for her mate, Specks to save her from her humans.
Semi-lit| wild cat rp thread April 4, 2021 11:27 PM

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Rose/Human pet
"Hey, Velvet!" Rose called her from the fence separating her owner's home from the owner of Velvet. She has been looking at her for some time. "Are you waiting for something?" She asked with interested.

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