11:33:15 Mass Exploring Queen
I wish I lived there. Its the first snow of the winter for me! Oh, I sure do miss living in Alaska
11:32:23 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
See ya Bean ^^
11:32:15 Sunny
I hAtE it when I respond to a RP and I don't get a response back for 3 days, and then they expect me to respond immediately lmao
I'll just retreat back into the hole I came out of... the dark, moist, damp hole in the ground...
Thicc Sloth
11:31:56 Eeeekkk, chat killer

No problem!^^
Thicc Sloth
11:31:44 Eeeekkk, chat killer

Oh cool! I myself am pretty tired if the snow, we have gotten at least 6 feet uugh.
Lucid Dread
11:31:43 Heibai
Im logging off now Kitsune. See you in Science :3
Ice Shard
11:31:07 Icey -3-
Black Dahlia
11:31:04 Dahlia, Meowth
Oooh, that looks good so far! You could probably make it a ych when its finished :3
11:30:34 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
Im really good thanks for asking ^^
11:30:28 Mass Exploring Queen
Lucid Dread
11:30:26 Heibai
11:30:20 Kit, Tails, Kitsu

Work in progress.
11:30:05 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
fuck ill change it latter ;-;
Thicc Sloth
11:29:57 Eeeekkk, chat killer

Ooo, why is that?
11:29:38 Mass Exploring Queen
Thicc Sloth
11:29:35 Eeeekkk, chat killer

Good. You?^^
Thicc Sloth
11:29:16 Eeeekkk, chat killer

Hey! How are you?
Lucid Dread
11:29:07 Heibai
Its really nice but theres a typo. the "n" is missing in "then"
11:28:53 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
Hello, how have you been? ^^


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Larkspur - RP Thread November 30, 2020 05:45 PM

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Katerina | 17 | Bi | M: Open

The lovely air was just daring and quite soothing for the wild cunning women. Her hair was in furious curls. Her outfit was on the point with her grey eyes narrowed. She was just walking around to her next training. The ceiling and walls started to shudder around her. She exclaimed,"Bloody hell..." It was almost like a massive earthquake was erupting. Then she was tossed down to the floor like a ragdoll. Her head slammed down to the wall with a loud thump.

Katerina was in and out of consciouness. Her vision was blurry and filled with bloood and her nose was draing with her fluids of blood. She growled," What in the actual..." She cut off to a loud crash or more like a boom that sounded. The sound of glass shattering and debris now falling. Her eyes watched the dust fall around from the debris making her cough. She slowly got up touching a nasty cut on her forehead. She wiped the blood out of her eyes for her to see. She grumbles,"Now.. That was quite lovely. And now I'm Harry Potter. Quite dandy.."

Katerina started wobbingly walking to find where the crash was. She couldn't walk in a straight line and her vision where she could see two. She groaned at the sudden light in from the window. She growled," Bloody concussion."

A large gap of the Academy was now like a huge rock hit to it. Katerina's eyes widened at the sight of the missing spot. She could smell the blood and death that captivated the place. The sounds of people slowly dying made Katerina feel something that she hasn't felt in a long time. Remorse.. Guilt... Luck.

It could;ve been her in this situation. The sounds of boots were scurrying to her. A soldier with a gun pointed at the ground. He looked at her and place his hand on her arm and barked," We need to get to safety. The Larkspur Acdemy has been by a meteor." Katerina growled," Excume me mate, I will not going anywhere. I'm going home. The last place I need to be is at some military base."

He growled,"Please do not make me restrain you, girl." She spat in his face and sneered," Treat women with respect, luv.And... drop dead.." Katerina threw her elbow into his nose and started to shuffle her feet into wobble like run. Her hand threw up with a middle finger. She had to hid and stay clear. They're gonna have to force her because she will fight back. She doesn't trust this government or anyone elses. She kept mpving until she shut herself into classroom.

(Short... I have to go make some food for the family..)

Larkspur - RP Thread November 30, 2020 08:13 PM

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June Bell Moone - 18 - Female - Mentions: Nilo, Julian

June raised a brow as the boy began to shake his head in response to her offering aid. However, her expression soon faded into a calm and relieved smile once he caved into her concern. As he cracked some more humor, she returned it with a small chuckle. "I was in the sitting the room, thanks to a bloody idiot that shoved me aside," she added after her soft chuckles, the panicked memory of being pushed aside into a book shelf replaying in her mind. "Well, I suppose I do owe whoever that was a favor. Thanks to them, I'm practically unscathed from whatever the hell happened," she figured before eyeing Nilo's drenched sleeve.

As he agreed to accompany her, her soft smile widened. "For what it's worth, thank you," she offered kindly before briefly glancing out into the hazy landscape behind him. "And, perhaps on our way, we could keep our eyes out for anyone who needs our aid? It's not as efficient as a whole search team, but, we'll make do with what we have," she shrugged, her words a bit dazed as she continued to eye the destroyed courtyard.

At her words, more hums from the air sounded and grew closer. Miraculously, a fleet of black helicopters baring the Larkspur symbol cleared the smoky layer that filled the sky and landed further out beyond the carnage of the grounds. Soon after, a man, seemingly soldier like, approached the two. As June eyed his features, he appeared familiar, very familiar. She simply watched as Nilo spoke and reported his own injuries to the man. As for her, she stared at him, examining his face to figure out why he looked so recognizable. But, unable to do so, she simply wiped it from her mind and moved on.

"June Bell Moone," she stated her name, quickly glancing at Nilo before back at the man. "I'm not injured, just a few scratches, but nothing serious," she added. "If you need assistance getting Nilo to whatever setup you have, I can assist," she offered, her words chirping with her accent.

As she waited to see what the man would do with both Nilo and herself, she inquisitively focused on his face once again. "If you don't mind me asking, what's your name?" She raised a brow, hoping a clue to who he was would tell her why he seemed so strangely familiar.

(A bit short, but it'll do the job.)

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Larkspur - RP Thread November 30, 2020 09:35 PM

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Julian Miles Backett [] 22 [] he/him [] m: Nilo and June

He nodded to the boy, "You're lucid, that's good. Are you sure you don't want help? I don't want you hitting the floor on me. Let's not push your luck." He let out what he hoped was a reassuring smile before he spoke into the walkie-talkie once more.

"We have a Nilo Van Aslan and a June Moone, B and A respectively. Conscious and lucid both of them, heading back to triage. Have Mike ready for me when I get there. Deep arm wound."

He looked to the two sodden teenagers, concern in his dark brown eyes. Van Aslan, he knew that name. "Van Aslan as in the wine? I know your-" he interrupted himself before he finished that thought. While his family knew theirs, he had no desire to make it awkward between the two. "I know of your family, heh."

He knew he was a bad liar, and abruptly changed the subject. He had never met the Van Aslans’ son, but his sister was another story altogether. Never again, that girl. Rumor had it among the men working at larkspur that she had joined back at headquarters. Oh god.

"I should be able to get him there just fine. Come with me, June." He said, rubbing the back of his neck for a moment before he reached a hand out to steady them if they needed it. There was rubble everywhere, and if they weren't careful it would be rather easy to trip. Or catch their clothing on something.

The blonde girl, June, seemed particularly interested in him. Hopefully not for the reasons he feared. Selfish much?

"Careful, there's plenty of ways to hurt yourselves still. The name's B-damn it," he hissed as the piece of metal he was carefully picking around caught at the compression sleeve covering his tattoo, slicing it open in one clean cut. The leaves of green ink on his skin stood bright against the dark charcoal-grey of the cover as if the vines themselves had grown through the fabric. With another hissed profanity, he jerked the sleeve off of his arm. What was the point of wearing it now? It would just be uncomfortable.

Gorgeous bright ink now revealed, he tossed it off to the side. The area would be cleaned soon anyway. Exasperated and slightly embarrassed by the whole situation, he continued. "As I was saying, the name's Julian. I used to go to Larkspur, now I work with the school." Hoping to draw attention away from his heavily inked arm, he spoke with a slight hint of humor in his tone. "Is Ms. Brown still as intolerable as ever these days? And Smith is still a jackass during combat, I presume?"

Well, work was a loose term. He much preferred it to rehab or acting, something his mother had pressured him to pursue. He liked the mindless, hands-on work. "And naturally, the rescue efforts. Over by the choppers on the football field we've set up medical triage. Since you're not dying at the moment we'll get you checked out and patched up before we fly you back to headquarters. Search dogs are being brought out soon, we'll find of the students."

Julian finished speaking as they picked their way toward the field and the pop-up tent that marked their emergency medical center. A few people in bright blue jackets emblazoned with a white cross hurried around and set up cots.

"Nearly there, you okay? Need anything? We have people reaching out to your parents as soon as we get names, don't worry."

A bulky man jogged their way, curly blonde hair blowing in the gentle breeze. "Beck-"

"Julian," Julian reprimanded, hoping his last name wouldn't be understood. "for the moment, thank you, Mike."

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Larkspur - RP Thread December 2, 2020 01:33 AM

Sir Froggington
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Alexandria Harper Earle | 17 years | Female | Mentions: Maya, June (indirectly)

Alexandria snuck a look over her shoulder, as she headed out the door, and around her. Hopefully, no tattle tales or teachers were around. She wasn’t sure exactly on what the rules were, because there were so many of them. She had a feeling that she wasn’t supposed to smuggle bread out, but she wanted something to feed the animals with. When she squinted her eyes looking around, she realized that the distance looked quite blurry. Shoot! She had forgotten her glasses! She sighed at this point refusing to go back. She did this all of the time, and she wondered why she never realized that she couldn’t see until she was too far away.

When she was outside, she took a deep breath of air. There were many Larkspur students milling about doing their own thing. She headed off where she wouldn’t be seen as easily feeding the sparrows. When she heard a loud crash from the direction of the school, all of the birds scattered loudly chirping in the air. She watched as they flew away from this area, even though there were still bread crumbs left. Curious, she began to head toward the school. She broke into a steady jog, and stopped once she came into sight of the building. Her eyes were wide, as she looked around for someone in authority to take charge. When the blast threw her to the ground, she lay there dazed and out of breath for a few moments.

She managed to stay mostly consious. At least she was vaguely able to think, even though her sight blacked out for a moment. It had happened so quickly, she was very confused. Her eyes slowly eased back open, as grit was stuck under her eyelid, and in her eyelashes. All over her slightly ached or stung. She was confused what she was doing on the ground. What had caused her to end up here? She hated getting dirty. What possessed her to lie down? She struggled to sit upright. She wanted to face the unknown prepared and not laying about. It was the only natural position to deal with all of this, so she could look around herself, and inspect herself. Before she committed herself to moving, she tested each body part with gentle movement. When it only ached and stung, she decided it was safe enough to get up. No sharp shards of pain.

As she looked down at her body, she realized that not only did she have grass stains on her uniform, she had grass cuts. Would it be better described as grass burns? It was as unexpected as being poked by her own hair, which happened fairly often. Appalled at her appearance, she began to occupy herself. A little blood was rubbed onto her clothing, as she tried to clean up her appearance. She could feel the grass sticking out of her hair, and she wanted to moan that her appearance was ruined. She was bleeding, so she decided not to even try to make herself more presentable. However, more important things were afoot, so she stifled her desire to whine.

While she had been checking out the functionality of her body, her mind had been whizzing going through what had happened. Finally, it struck her, and she froze, her cheeks blushed deep red guiltily. How could she be so selfish and concerned about her appearance? There were more pressing matters afoot. Her eyes widened. Where was everyone? She only had a few people, who were of real concern to her. Where was June? She eased herself to her feet, and let herself adjust as she, whoosh, became light headed. She walked slowly unlike her jog of earlier. Each time she put her foot down, she was afraid that she would give up, collapse on the ground, and progress no further. However, she was determined. June needed her.

She finally came to the building. Even though it was crazy, possibly insane, and very unwise, she headed inside. She almost began crying right then and there, when she spotted Maya. A familiar face. Something to hold onto. Something slightly predictable. Her eyes took in the destruction and carnage. Her mind couldn't process, and she could feel it shutting down. how would she ever find June in this mess? She didn't want to look into each corpse's face to determine who it was, but she had to know if she was okay.

"Maya," she hoarsely whispered, "Have you seen June? Is she okay?"

If she hadn't seen her, they had to go looking. They were friends after all.

"Please, help me find her," her eyes were wide as moons as she pleaded with the tough girl.

Why was she so fixated on June? There were many other kids they could look for. They could check on others as they tried to make their way through the rubble. It was wrong of Alexandria to prioritize, but she was too dazed to care.

"What happened here? What caused this?" she didn't really expect an answer, even though she really wanted one.

Her hands felt raw, and she was beginning to tremble from the emotions and exertion. Gradually, she let herself collapse to the ground. No! She had to keep moving. She couldn't give in to such pitiful weakness. She became more aware of the stinging. She could almost feel the pulse of her veins and arteries in her wounds. She wasn't safe. This was not an appropriate place to let loose. She couldn't be losing control like this. She knew that Maya didn't like such obvious emotions, so she covered her face with her hands. It did very little, but it was the most she could do to conceal it.

"Damn it," she muttered to herself.

She managed to look up, and the world was blurry. At first she was afraid that she was fainting and blacking out. Secondly, she thought it was, because she needed her glasses. She realized they had probably gotten blown up, so she would have to go blind until they got her a replacement. However, a hot tear coursed down her cheek. Another found another path, and trailed through the dirt on her face. Her shoulders began to shake with uncontrollable sobs. They were silent, only as long as she didn't take in the first gasp of air.

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Larkspur - RP Thread December 2, 2020 03:24 PM

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Maya Ivanøv - 17 - Female - Mentions: Alexandria;

June, Nilo, and Julian (indirectly)

Maya stared at the rubble that piled in heaps on the marble lobby floor. Bodies, half buried, half visible mixed with the debris. Other bodies, crushed to death, were sure to remain underneath the wreckage. As she turned around, she eyed the carnage of the courtyard. Bodies, some burnt to a crisp, other thrown aside and hit the ground so hard that they were killed littered the ground. How horrible.

Students from twelve all the way to eighteen attended the private academy. And though the air was heavy with the sound of flames licking the air and the constant creaking of the academy, the air lacked the voices of people. Which, was quite peculiar considering screams and shrieks that had filled the air before... before she blacked out. But, despite the horrific scene, Maya just stared. Her face blank of emotion, but inside, her mind was burning with thoughts. Or, was it her head that was aching? Reminding herself of the gash that sliced the skin deep and ran with dark, crimson blood, she slowly raised her hand to touch it. It stung, and it pulsed with pain. It almost felt as if it had been sliced to the bone. The entire left side of her face was coated with a thick layer of blood, which had dripped down her neck and onto her clothing. Her hairline also was coated, as well as her ear. Whether that was from another injury, she didn't know.

Otherwise, despite her right side aching from the impact of the ground, she had no other correlating injuries. Which was rather relieving, considering the circumstances.

As she stared back at the lobby wreckage, a hoarse voice suddenly called her name. She turned, pale green optics searching for the source of the voice. It was Alexandria, a girl she knew through June. They weren't particularly close, but they had been acquainted enough to have a mutual understanding of a distant friendship.

Have you seen June? Is she okay? Maya stared blankly at her, racing to think if she had seen anyone, including the bodies on the ground, that would resemble June. "...No," she finally replied. "You're the first person I've seen," she added, her voice gruff and distant.

In fact, she couldn't remember seeing any of her friends before, or after the disaster. Were they even alive? There had to be other students who survived. She was certain that others would emerge from the wreckage. There was more than enough chance to the incident that people survived. There had to be.

What happened here? What caused this? Alexandria's panicked voice rang in her ears. Maya herself was questioning that. "I was on the football field before it happened. I saw some students listening to the radio, and then they panicked and started running," she listed the events out loud. "I think some sort of meteor shower," she concluded. That was the only explanation for the large boulders that crashed down from the sky.

As Maya stared at the girl, her gaze began to examine her injuries. She seemed relatively okay, all except for a few grass burns, gashes, and cuts that littered her entire body. That was what she thought, until she noticed Alexandria start to tremble and sink to the ground. As the girl's hands went to her face, Maya noticed a tear slide down her dust coated cheek.

She was unsure what to do. She was never good with this kind of... stuff. Eyebrows curving at a concerned angle, she gently sunk to the ground beside the girl. Would comforting her by sitting next to her be enough? Or should she do something else? She didn't know, and merely just stared out in front of her to allow Alexandria time to compose herself.

But, as she gazed out at nothing in particular, the distant hum of an airborne source gently broke through the air. The sound passed over them, and disappeared out into the furthest distance of the sky. It must have been a helicopter. Perhaps they would be rescued? But, instead of voicing the idea aloud, she held it in. It would be a sin to give hope if there wasn't any to give.

That was what the stoic girl thought, until the same humming sounded once again. But this time, it came closer and closer until she spotted from her peripheral vision. A fleet of helicopters broke through the plume of smoke that hung over the academy, and landed beyond her vantage point.

She stood, rising from the side of the girl and walked out towards the frames that were once filled with glass. And as she stared out onto the courtyard, something caught her eye. A girl and a boy. Both standing on the only patch of grass that was untouched by the disaster. As she attempted to look closer, the familiar blonde hair and hazel eyes made her heart skip a beat.

"Alexandria," she voiced before pointing towards June and the boy. As she did so, another person, a man, emerged from behind a pile of debris. He appeared soldier-like. But, as soon as he approached the two, he guided them away and through the carnage of the courtyard.

"I think search and rescue arrived," she narrated, stating the obvious. She turned back to Alexandria, "We should follow them." She advised, before offering a dusty and raw hand to help the girl to her feet.

Larkspur - RP Thread December 5, 2020 11:08 AM

Glaciers Voice
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Nilo/18/Male/Tags: June, Julian

Nilo nodded as the man asked again if he was fine. “Got a bit of a headache from having a nice introduction to the wall following an explosion on the third floor, but given the fact I managed to make it down here in one piece, I think I can walk myself to get treated.” He pointed out, glancing back at the building he had rather unceremoniously clambered down from, tripping several times on the way out. It was a miracle he hadn’t broken something with how many times he had fallen, but the soldier-rescuer type dude didn’t need to know that. As far as he was concerned, the red-head was self-sufficient.

So Nilo limped after the man that escorted them, fingers still defensively clutching his injured arm with equally bloody fingers. His head perked as the man mentioned his family, as many didn’t recognize it, as wine didn’t exactly appeal to younger people. “Yeah, Lionhead wine,” He responded after a few moments, though the man’s reaction had been somewhat suspicious. That and… did Nilo know him? He had sworn he had seen him before as he thought about it. “I’m surprised you know… most young people aren’t exactly fans of zinfandel or merlot.” He snorted softly, shaking his hair out of his face once more.

He flinched as the man’s sleeve caught on a piece of metal, but was glad that it didn’t seem to cut him. Once he mentioned he was a Larkspur alumni, which explained why he had recognized him, but something still seemed off, even if he couldn’t place it. “I’m afraid those two teachers are both still… characters.” Nilo responded with a hint of sarcasm, picking his way through the wreckage. He bumped into a few things, but still managed to get through without any further injuries. The man’s voice was somewhat comforting, allowing him to focus on that rather than the destruction that surrounded them.

Nilo followed the man over to the medical area, where people immediately tried to usher him in, though he froze as the man coined “Mike” uttered a snippet of what he assumed was Julian’s last name. Julian Beckett. Icy eyes narrowed infinitesimally, only in suspicion and not aggression. That must have been the man Viona had “dated” for a short period. It would make sense as to why he knew who his family was. Nilo opened his mouth to comment on it but decided against it. Now was not the time to really comment on his sister's ex-flings, if they were even considered that.

Instead, Nilo turned to June. “Well, it appears that we must part here since one of us probably needs stitches and the other does not. It’s a shame you didn’t get to poke me with a needle and sew me up like one of your grandmother’s blankets.” He gave a soft laugh and shot her a faint, yet boyish grin, “Anyways, feel free to visit me once we’ve been taken out of this shithole, I could use someone to talk to besides stale air once the dust has settled.” He told her, though he didn’t leave without jabbing at Julian. “Thanks for the help, Mr. Beckett, I’m sure I’ll see you around too.” And with that, he was ushered into the tent to be treated, which was going to be an unpleasant experience no doubt.

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Larkspur - RP Thread December 6, 2020 02:21 AM

Sir Froggington
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Jeremy Scott | 18 years | Male | Mentions: Morgan, Jos

Jeremy smirked, while he traied to come up with a rational expression for the whole thing, "Do you think this is some crazy dream we're in together? I generally have a bit more pleasant ones, but I suppose somebody concerned over me is a bonus."

He tried not to pressure Morgan, but he didn't really understand why they were taking a break, and he wanted her to know that he was still open to their relationship. If it weren't for the constant stinging and pain, he would close his eyes and pretend that it wasn't happening. His mind couldn't comprehend what was happening, so he clung to what was familiar, and he tried to behave as normally as possible.

If Morgan were injured, or he didn't know where she was, or if she weren't here, he would be acting quite differently. He wouldn't feel that he had to try to act normal.

He mocked sadness and hurt, dramatically taking a step back, eyes widening, and a hand across his chest, "Moi? An Idiot? Impossible! Really?" he added a little teasing scorn, "Is that what you call your injured friend? You're supposed to try to make your friend feel better, remember? Perhaps I had a few screws knocked loose," he shrugged in a jaunty way and replied in a non committal tone.

He continued to grin, "Today is awful. I'm trying to combat it with a little cheeriness."

He let his grin fall, as he played one of his normal tricks. It surprisingly worked quite frequently.

"Well..." he rubbed his ear, "I can't seem to hear anything."

He wasn't sure what other injuries he had, but they didn't seem to be life threatening, so he decided they could keep going. Hopefully, it would keep her calm, if she assumed that everything was over. He tried to act cherrful, so that she didn't worry as much. Fear could be crippling, and he didn't want anyone to end up like that, when they were trying to save each other. Old sour llemons didnt taste the best.

He raised his brow, and leaned back skeptically, "You know Larkspur. Their priorities would definitely include scolding you during a crisis." He shrugged. Perhaps she would get off lightly. It wasn't his problem.

He sighed, "You are just the nursing personality I want around while I recuperate. I shall not dare to drag you down, even though I am not sure if I can control falling over."

He supposed he shouldn't be surprised, but her injuries looked very painful. He hoped that she didn't have any unseen wounds that he would accidentally antagonize. He was relieved, when she stopped his swaying, and tried very hard to not do the opposite of her orders.

He was becoming a little muddled, "Don't hiss at me," he muttered. "Snake," he hissed out the last word.

He might have felt a little fluttering normally at getting to be this close with her, but staying on his feet took all of the concentration of his brain cells. No smart, sweet, snarky, or sarcastic remarks came from him. Hopefully, she was able to hold him up. His eyes widened for a brief moment. The pain and unrealness of the situation caused him to chuckle and against his judgment speak,

"It takes a disastor to get us to act semi normally."

He looked at her wondering how they were going to react to the man's voice. Could running in the opposite direction, and pretending that they hadn't heard be an option?

They were barely able to move themselves, and he didn't want to load their slow caravan down. What if he colllapsed and caused two of them to risk their lives, because they refused to leave? There were so many empty boxes, and the whole thing was so unheard of and unusual. He sighed as she called out, even though he knew she was right.

He grumble mumbled, "How are we going to get to him?" They couldn't go through walls, and a few openings were quite blocked.

"Do you know how we can get to you? Do you need help?" he added wondering which questions the person would choose to answer first. "We may have to go tell someone, and have them come back for him. I'm not sure if we'll be able to move fast enough to save him, if he needs saving."

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Larkspur - RP Thread December 7, 2020 03:14 PM

Unending Skies
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Jos Soare || 17.5 || Male || Straight || M: The group, Jeremy & Morgan

Jos found himself growing tired of the idle nature of the group that hung around him. They simply sat hopelessly. He never liked waiting on others, sitting around, dragging him down, keeping him from his goal. Right now, his goal was to find those helicopters. He could hear the sounds outside. Aside from the sounds outside he could hear the sounds of talking in the hall nearby.

He searched around, looking for something. He eventually found it. A wooden post, long enough to work as a cane, solid enough to put weight on. He was not going to wait any longer.

Slowly and carefully he eased himself up, careful not to jostle his leg too much and leaned on the post. He felt the uneven edges dig into him but it was nothing compared to the pain shooting through his leg.

First and formost. Find the voices on the other side. "We are fine over here." He replied, edge in his voice still. The irritation wasn't directed toward them but the general situation. He tapped on the wall, searching for any way to get around to them. Soon he found a blocked doorway, one that should lead to the voices. He set to work sliding the larger debris away as best as he could then he knocked on the door, hoping they would hear and find their way to the door. He could hear more helicopters by now and the sound made his head pound.

He leaned against a wall, pain begining to cloud his vision. He knew he had lost a lot of blood, and realistically his leg was probably still bleeding, though he was pretty sure it had slowed and not even a banadge would really help.

It occured to him that at this rate he might have to find his own way out and if not, wait and hope someone would carry him after he passed out, which at this point was a real possibility.

(Sorry its shorter, kinda got a writers block)

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Larkspur - RP Thread December 12, 2020 11:29 AM

Sir Froggington
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Alexandria Harper Earle | 17 years | Female | Mentions: Maya, June (indirectly)

Alexandria knew she should be concerned over Maya's welfare, but she was too stunned to care. She closed her eyes trying not to give up hope that June was alive after Maya's reply. At least I'm not alone. She tried to be positive. Her mind couldn't comprehend, and she sat there unable to move. She didn't want to, and she didn't feel like she needed to. Could anyone else have survived? How many had been far enough away that they were alive? She was amazed, and admired Maya's strength.

She was actually able to talk about what had happened. As she slid to the ground, she kept on struggling for some composure. Normally, Alex would be worried that she would repulse someone with her crying, but she didn't care about much in particular anymore. She knew it sounded petty, but she felt the urge for someone to know. "I can't see well. I left my contacts and glasses inside of the building." Even though a hug would have been great, with their relationship Maya simply willing to be near her would normally have been enough to encourage Alexandria.

Slowly, the tears dried up. Alexandria was scared to get up and look for her friend. "Thanks," she managed to choke out of the buildup of mucus and tears. She heard the sound of thrumming helicopter blades, and looked up, trying to figure it out. She had to keep going. It was common sense, even if she didn't care for it. Alexandria's mouth sort of dropped open a little, as she tried to gasp for air. Partly surprised, and partly exhausted from crying and the rush of emotions. She stumbled to her feet, but she fumbled about and only moved to a different position, assuming it was someone come to help them.

She turned in surprise watching as Maya began to walk off. When Maya said her name, she began to look where she was pointing. She felt a few more tears leak down her face, as she felt relief. She tried to keep them back, because she didn't think she could handle anymore crying. Quickly, she wiped her tears away smudging more dirt and grime across her face, while she stared at Maya's raw hand not sure if she should accept it to get up. All of a sudden she was clumsy, and it would help, but her hand looked quite painful, since there was a lot of open skin, and she didn't want to add to the girl's pain.

She also didn't want to make her irritated, so she took her hand. After she was up, she began to shuffle her way in the direction they had gone. Her steps were not energetic. She wanted to run to June, but it would be rude to leave Maya like she didn't matter, and she didn't want to fall flat on her face. Now that she knew she was alive, she began to feeling increasingly better, and she could take an interest in the person beside her. "I'm sorry. Are you okay? How are you doing?" she wasn't sure how much Maya would be willing to ask those questions, but she felt that returning to polite protocol would help her maintain a sense of normal.

What else could she do? When the search and rescue tents became obvious, she sighed a little. There wasn't really anything they could do for her unless they sedated her. They would probably clean up her wounds, but she would probably do fine without it. Did meterors have toxic contaiminants? She hadn't heard of them hitting earth, and the effects they had. She wasn't sure why she had run back to the building. She had only been fast enough to see the impact.

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