11:59:23 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
one more paws till 220!! OoO
Yall are awesome did i ever tell you guys that <333
11:57:12 Luna, mira
I didn’t keep one of her pups either :(
11:56:29 KitKat/Stalker 1
@luna awe, yeah i lost 5 wolves i think:(
11:56:00 KitKat/Stalker 1
-WP Click-
Shall I make an alliance? Please give me alliance name ideas!

name idea and sya if you would join, please and thank you:)
11:55:49 Luna, mira
One of my wolves passed away so sad
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11:55:47 Aries
I want all the free hugs lol
Uhu o ka hekili
11:55:12 See Me In A Crown
No one is voting, it's depressing.
11:54:22 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
Ill also give free Hugs <333
11:53:50 A Drunk Russian
That's amazing!
11:53:25 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
Oooooo yes beautiful <33
Uhu o ka hekili
11:53:20 See Me In A Crown
-WP Click-

11:52:27 Aries
I think I’m done

What do you all think?

Ice Shard
11:52:04 Icey -3-

I'd scrap :/
Raging Flames
11:51:34 Flames, Hubby, Nerd
-WP Click-

keep or bones?
11:51:34 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
Hey.. how you doing?
Thicc Sloth
11:51:01 Eeeekkk, chat killer
Alright ima poof now, talk to ya guys later
Ice Shard
11:50:59 Icey -3-
So everyone, how's your day been? (feel free to vent)
Uhu o ka hekili
11:50:54 See Me In A Crown
Destinations End
11:50:40 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Raging Flames
11:50:35 Flames, Hubby, Nerd
i was too busy browsing reddit-


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Larkspur - RP Thread November 25, 2020 12:49 AM

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Larkspur Academy, a school of excellence and achievement. Here we pride ourselves on preparing our students for success and overall supremacy in the real world. To enroll, please visit our website to review information on how to receive scholarships or academic recommendations for your gifted kiddos.

Thank you, and have a splendid day.


Breaking News!

*Radio Crackle*

NASA has identified a massive asteroid hurtling towards Earth!

With assistance from the military, NASA will launch a series of missiles towards Asteroid A-222 in an attempt to knock it off course or dismember it before it reaches Earth's atmosphere

*Radio crackle*

The missiles. Have been launched, they will impact A-222 in a matter of minutes!

A-222 has been hit, I repeat, A-222 has been hit! It appears it has been split in half. While one half has cleared the atmosphere, the other is still on course!

*Radio Crackle*

More missiles have been launched. They have hit the remaining half of A-222!


A-222 has been broken into multiple parts, each still hurtling towards earth. A-222 has been projected to collide into multiple parts of Earth around 5:30 PM Eastern Time! Prepare for impact! Take shelter! Don't go outside! May God be with you!

*Sudden white noise*

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Larkspur - RP Thread November 25, 2020 12:52 AM

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Sign-Up Thread:-Located Here-

Discussion Thread: -Located Here-

Larkspur - RP Thread November 25, 2020 12:58 AM

Posts: 2900
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Welcome to Larkspur academy!

Congratulations on your acceptance and thank you for selecting us as your school! Below we have provided information and other necessities for the academy.

Required Materials:
- Three Larkspur academy uniforms.

(Our signature larkspur academy blazer, black trousers, pleated skirt with school colors, a white button down shirt, a tie with school colors, and any white or black shoes.) All blazers, ties, and skirts must be ordered from the school.

- The required textbooks.

- Additional clothing

- All other toiletries and items your kiddo might want for the school year.

What's provided:
- Housing, including a dorm with a personal washroom, a bed, and dresser for storage.

-All meals with accommodations for allergies.



5:00-6:00 AM: Breakfast

6:15-8:45 AM: Physical combat training

9:00-10:00 AM: Free time.

10:15 AM-1:45 PM: Mathematics, Language, English, and Sciences.

2:00-3:00 PM: Lunch and free time.

4:00-6:00 PM: Extracurriculars and/or free time.

7:00-8:00 PM: Dinner is served.

9:00-9:30 PM: Free time.

9:31 PM-4:59 AM: Lights out.


I, ____________ , agree to the following:

-Never to inform parental units about Larkspur happenings, other than information about your academics or other stereotypical school events.

-To follow all Larkspur rules and regulations.

-Never to speak about Larkspur to anyone other than the people who are involved with Larkspur.


Rules and Regulations of Larkspur Academy:

-Follow the posted schedule.

-Never leave campus without permission

-Obey your superiors.

-All fighting is reserved for combat training.

-You are not allowed outside your dorms from 9:31 PM-4:59 AM.

-Acedemic grades must be maintained.

-Uniforms must be worn at all times except for free times and combat training.

-Cell phones are prohibited at any time.

-No one but yourself is allowed in your dorms after lights out.

-If you are found disobeying any of the rules and regulations stated, one is subject to punishment or expulsion.


Other information about Larkspur:

- Larkspur academy is a three story building with other buildings that branch off from it, dorms being on the top floor, all offices and academic classrooms on the second floor, and the cafeteria and lobby is located on the first floor.

The first floor is mainly reserved for the lobby, which is where students can check in and hangout in the sitting room.

Branching from the main building, Larkspur has a pool, track and field, courts for varies court sports, a weight room, and a grass field used for all outdoor activities.

To the back of the main building is an acre reserved for the garden, which resembles a maze, as tall hedges divide different sections in the garden.

- All students have been attending since they were twelve, exceptions include transfers from their sister academies, known by other names. (I may allow one or two transfers.)

Larkspur - RP Thread November 25, 2020 12:58 AM

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General Plot:

Kids ages 17-18 have been, or were selected to attend Larkspur academy. While they were told that they were selected for academic or physical achievements, which actually may be the case, they were selected for a greater purpose. As, without them knowing, Larkspur is actually a radical organization, in hopes of controlling the world either by peaceful exchange or violent force.

So, when the asteroids hit Earth and practically destroyed any facility or form of government, Larkspur took the opening and began their rein of ultimate control. The children, though some affected by the asteroids, will be collected by helicopters and brought to their facility. Their facility is located in the desert in between Utah and Nevada.

Once in the facility these trained teens will realize what Larkspur is, and while some will choose to stay, others will flee and enter the broken and chaotic world they they once knew as home.

So, in a basic and general explanation, a group of teens that have been trained in combat and other mental skills will be 'rescued' after a world wide disaster. They will realize the corruption in Larkspur, and escape out into the desert.

We will begin the RP right before the Asteroids hit, around 5:00, which would be free time and/or extracurriculars in the Larkspur Schedule. For plot purposes, Larkspur will mostly remain intact, except for a few collapsed ceilings and destroyed parts of the school. After the disaster, the kids will regroup and shortly be picked up by the helicopters and brought to the Larkspur facility in the desert.

Larkspur - RP Thread November 25, 2020 12:59 AM

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Rules and Requirements

-This RP is strictly for semi-literate to literate roleplayers. This means you should be posting 2-3 paragraphs for every post and character. I understand writers block, but you should be an advanced enough writer to slap a few paragraphs on a post.

- No godmodding or powerplaying.

-This is a semi-realistic RP. No wings, purple skin, neon eyes.

-No Mary-sues, as there's no such thing as a perfect character. If you don't know what this is, I advise you to search forms for this topic or ask a friend.

-No Dodgy Dillons, Weepy Willies, Spotlight Susans, and Invincible Izzies. Again, if you don't know what these are, I advise you to either inform yourself or not join.

-No love at first sight or having your own characters fall for each other.

-I don't think I need to say this, but just in case, if anything happens between characters that isn't PG-13, fade to black.

-Ask the player before you seriously injure or kill their character.

-You're allowed as many characters as you want as long as they are diverse and they contribute to the RP.

-Hide the word Sparrow in your application forum if you read the rules.

- Do not argue with me. If I see your character is not fit for this RP, if you're not literate enough, or if you're violating these rules, do not try to negotiate your way out of this.

-You get three strikes.

- No OOC drama.

-Be kind and understanding.

-No mini-modding. Meaning, if you see someone breaking the rules listed, do not address it yourself, instead, contact me directly.

-If you have any questions about anything, PM me.

-If I ask you to fix your form or your RP post, you have three chances. I will kick you and your character out of this RP if you can not abide by these rules.

-I will contact a mod if things get dirty. (Yes, this has happened before, so don't be that person that makes it happen a second time.)

Larkspur - RP Thread November 25, 2020 12:59 AM

Posts: 2900
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June Bell Moone - Pg. 2 - Renegades

Maya Ivanøv - Pg. 1 - Renegades

Nilo Van Aslan - Pg. 2 - Glaciers Voice

Fujio Kaibutsu Kusuo - Pg. 3 - Overthink101

Jos Soare - Pg. 3 - Unending Skies

Noe Benjamin Sparrow - Pg. 3 - Dangerous Advantage

Zoe Brooks Sparrow - Pg. 3 - Dangerous Advantage

Alexandria Harper Earle - Pg. 2 - Candor-

Jeremy Scott - Pg. 2 - Candor

Morgan Gray - Pg. 4 - Grimm

Gen'ya Hiei Hikari - Pg. 5 - Overthink101

Vera Kuznetsov - Pg. 5 - Renegades


Total: 12

(Genders must stay balanced. A minimum of 8-10 characters to start)

(Correct me if I provided the wrong information.)

Nancy Brown - Head Master

Chuck Smith - Head combat trainer

Karren Wilson - Assistant Trainer and Head of the infirmary

Carl Hemmings - Academic supervisor and director

Fiona Norbert - Athletics supervisor and director

(Most will be used in starter posts, and all will be * wiped out * by the asteroids.)

Allison Barron - Larkspur Supreme President

Victor Lyon - Larkspur General

Edited at November 26, 2020 02:55 AM by Renegades
Larkspur - RP Thread November 25, 2020 01:10 AM

Posts: 2900
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Please start all posts with:

Name - Age - Gender - Mentions

(Feel free time add what you see is needed for you characters, these are just the necessities)

The RP will start at 5:00 PM or before, all starters should include some sort of activity that your character would be doing with their free time, and end with asteroid catastrophe. Whatever you want to sandwich in other than what is required is up to you. :)

Refer to the Larkspur schedule for assistance. Also, just for additional info, the school years has already started, and in fact, they are currently in mid-April.

Edited at November 25, 2020 01:49 AM by Renegades
Larkspur - RP Thread November 25, 2020 01:11 AM

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Edited at November 25, 2020 01:28 PM by Renegades
Larkspur - RP Thread November 25, 2020 01:21 PM

Posts: 2900
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June Bell Moone - 18 - Female - Mentions: Open

The gentle spring breeze danced among the foliage of the garden, carrying sweet aromas of dusk dew. In a certain section of the garden, a small pond resided. Lilly pads sat on the surface of the water, in which were blooming with white and pink flowers. The small section was enclosed by a neatly trimmed eight foot hedge, the only entrance to the section was a stone arch that opened a window into a neighboring garden area. To the left of the pond sat a pristine wooden bench, on the said bench, sat a girl. She wore the traditional Larkspur uniform; a blazer, a white button down shirt with a navy blue tie, and a navy blue and white pleated skirt. June sat with her back straight and pressed against the back of the bench, her legs crossed, and a book in her lap. If one could see the spine of the book, which one couldn't, one could read "Findings of the past: a history of archeological discoveries". On the girl's face sat aviator glasses, in which she wore for obvious reasons of blocking the sun. She held the side of her head with her right hand, in which bent at the elbow and leaned against the top of bench. Beside her sat a small radio that softly hummed a collage of old jazz songs.


June Bell Moone, born in Wales, but raised in a British household. Her family moved to America when she was ten. Due to a more advanced schooling she had received in her younger years, she had already been set up for a bright and intellectual future filled with adventures. Luckily, Larkspur recognized this, and sent a letter to the Moone family, requesting that she would attend their private school for gifted youngsters. Her family, being from a disdain and affluent bloodline, of course, accepted. As nothing was better than a full ride to a seemingly perfect school to promote their daughter to become a successful and prepared young woman. Little did they know, that this academy was more than just a school for the gifted. Their poor naive daughter, along with many other deceived children, were being enrolled in school that would promote much more than academic and athletic supremacy.

From the day the children were enrolled, they had stuck to a schedule that, though changed from year to year, included physical combat lessons and much more peculiar items to be taught to young children. Like most of the gifted children, June had excelled at such training, and was being raised unknowingly to become a chess piece on the game board of Larkspur, an elusive radical organization.


Moving her rough, dirty blonde hair out of her face, her eyes followed each word on the pages of the book, and examined every picture keenly. At the sound of bee, June lifted her eyes from the book and swatted the air. Seeing the fuzzy insect fly closer, she slid herself to one side of the bench. In doing so, she bumped the small radio, sending it tumbling to the grass and cobblestone ground. As it impacted the ground, the soft melody of the jazz switched to crackling white noise, which, caused June to briskly snatch it from the damp grass and analyze the new station the radio had been switched to. An intrigued scowl formed on her features. She fiddled with the knob until she was able to pick up a connection. Suddenly, a loud announcer's voice echoed from the device. "Breaking News!" The voice boomed. "NASA has identified a massive asteroid hurtling towards Earth!" The voice declared energetically. Perplexed, June allowed the station to continue. After a few more urgent announcements, the voice wrapped up the station with a warning. "...Prepare for impact! ! Don't go outside! May God be with you!" After the last updates, the station abruptly ended in white noise. "Bloody hell?" June stated aloud, a tone of confusion in her accent laced words. She closed her book and switched the radio off.

Deciding to see if what she had just heard was a bunch of hogwash, the girl rose to her feet, radio and book in hand, and began to walk from the bench, towards the arch, and through the rest of the garden to the back entrance of the main building of the academy.

She swung the door open and entered the sitting room of the front entrance. As soon as she was inside, she took the aviator sunglasses off and slid them into one of the pockets of her blazer. Many other students sat in the armchairs of the room, either chatting softly, playing games, or reading books. Though it was April, a small fire blazed in the hearth of a fireplace that sat at the far side of the room. June searched the other student's faces for any clues to see if the announcement was something to be panicked about. For the most part, while they were at school, the student body was completely cut off from the media due to the school's strict no phone policy. So, as far as she could tell, either the other students were completely oblivious to the announcement, or it really wasn't anything to fret over. Satisfied with her more indecisive conclusion, June, placed the book she had on one of the coffee tables before walking towards the empty doorway to the lobby.


A large explosion from nearby shook the walls of the room, screams from far off followed the crash. June had stopped in her tracks and turned to gaze out through the windows that revealed a blazing courtyard. In the sky were bright balls of light, all hurtling down from the heavens. Immediately, the room broke into chaos and students began to rush towards the doorway to the lobby, right where June stood, blocking the exit. She was shoved to the side by the crowd, causing her to stumble, trip on an area rug, and fall backwards into a book shelf. More explosions shook the school, causing more blood curdling screams to fill the building.

As June clutched one of the shelves and pulled herself to her feet, the roof overhead echoed as the floor above was impacted by an asteroid. The sounds of the ceiling giving in creaked and moaned before the middle of the ceiling suddenly collapsed, causing the far interior of the sitting room to be blanketed with rumble.

June looked towards the doorway that windowed the lobby. Glass from the the large windows was shattered, and the staircase to the second floor was practically in pieces. As she clutched the bookshelf in the sitting room, barely holding herself up, she heard a large crash emit from the interior of the lobbu. It was soon followed by the tall ceiling collapsing down, bar dying anyone who was unlucky beneath it.

Seeing there was no better options, June simply dropped to her knees and crouched, holding her head and squeezing her eyes shut.


What seemed like hours passed, and once the walls of the school stopped shaking, June raised her head and scanned the collapsed room. The exit to the lobby was completely blocked by rubble, leaving the only exit from the dust clouded room as the back door.

Taking a deep, yet shaky, breathe she rose from her crouched position and gently shuffled her way around the collapsed ceiling to the door. Surprisingly, the door was intact, and she simply pushed it open to enter the outside.

Heart pounding, the outside revealed a morbid image of disheveled ground and areas up in flames, accompanied by the background of a setting sun. Eyes wide, the girl began to make her way around the academy to the courtyard.

As she reached it, she found that it had been completely destroyed by the force of a large rock, and many, if not dozens, of students were buried in rubble, or simply just laying on the ground, dead. Swallowing, June spotted an intact bench that seemed to sit on the only patch of grass that wasn't scorched, made her way to it, and sat. Her hazel gaze just stared out onto the scene that. She didn't move, she didn't speak, she just sat.

Larkspur - RP Thread November 25, 2020 02:03 PM

Unending Skies
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Jos Soare || 17.5 || Male || M: Open

A soft breeze blew through the open window of one of the dorms, causing the soft flutter of the satin curtains. The room was simple in decor, everything matching and coordinated. Nothing was out of place, the soft green carpet was freshly vacuumed, the romanticized paintings on the walls were perfectly straight and dusted. A large bookshelf stood along one wall, filled with books, mostly that of romance or basic textbooks. Beside the bookshelf was a chair, in that chair sat a young man. His outfit was the Larkspur uniform, a blazer, a white button down accented with a navy blue tie, all pulled together by a pair of black trousers and black dress shoes. There was not a wrinkle in his clothes and not a smudge on his shoes. He leaned back in his chair, right leg crossed over his left, careful to prevent wrinkles, a book in hand.

Jos was Romanian by birth but grew up in America, son to a aristocratic and strict family. Values of rules and cleanliness passes to him, and even amplified with time. He was strict when it came to the way he dressed, the way he acted, and the way he allowed others to act around him. He was heavily educated and kept his grades high and aspirations higher. This was how he was scouted of course, parents entranced by the idea of a prestigious school with good strict rules.

Now he was here, a student of the school. He lowered his book, flipping on the nearby radio and then grabbed his mug of hot tea swirling it slightly before taking a drink. He looked to the radio as he drank, hearing a station come through. He slowly lowered his drink as the man on the other end spoke. "Prepare for impact!" His radio buzzed, loosing connection for a moment. "God be with you" it buzzed before it cut out.

He set his drink down, and turned the dial, trying to find it again but there was nothing. There was a sudden silence and Jos stood going to his door, prepared to leave when there was a sudden boom and the whole building shook. He was knocked to the ground, dust from the ceiling raining down on him. He struggled to stand and made his way to the window looking out at the destruction before him. His heart was racing and he backed away from the window as another boom shook the building.

Dust rained down and cracks appeared in the ceiling. He desperately tried the door, but it was blocked. Another hit and the cracks grew bigger, threatening to collapse in on him. He finally shifted the door ever so slightly and managed to slip through.

Then the ceiling collapsed, raining dust and debris on top of Jos. All he could do was crouch, hands over head and hope. He felt everything crumble around him and a large piece came falling down. He felt it's weight as it pinned him. He was trapped. The dust was thick, and he was finding it hard to breath. He closed his eyes, feeling tired. Finally the shaking stopped as he could feel the heat and thick air pressing around him.

Now, he had to wait and hope someone found him.

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