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Should I use my other male mela and albi? Or should I wait.
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The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] November 24, 2020 10:21 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Great Herd

Everyone knows that wild horse herds are not uncommon. However, in one particular place. as the years have past, an unusual change has begun. One particular stallion has continued to grow and grow his herd to a size that is rarely seen among wild equines. This stallion has a draw for power, and will destroy anything in his path that might threaten that. Stealing mares, killing stallions, he had done everything to assert himself as the most dominant stallion in the Area. For now.
News of the stallion'’s Great Herd has traveled across the states, bringing in challengers who look to diminish his power, or take it over for themselves. The news of his herd has even been brought to the attention of humans who are watching diligently to see what happens. Though, for now, they are under strict orders not to interfere since it is such an anomaly and people want to see what will happen. Of course, not everyone will listen.
With what feels like the world’'s eyes on him, only time can tell what will happen. Whether he will retain his power, or, like the stallion’s before him, if he will fall in a blaze of glory.

Break Down
Basically a stallion who has beaten the odds has gathered one of the largest herds ever seen in this particular, unnamed place. He’s achieved this goal through steal other stallions’ mares, and taking over their herd. Having a large herd doesn’t go unnoticed and it is bringing a plethora of new challenges in the form of other stallions. Those who either wish to take over for themselves, or wish to steal so of his mares from out beneath him. Now, along with the natural challenges he has to face to protect his herd, he will now have to defend them from the new Bachelors coming in to ruin his day.


The name of this Rp is a WIP too. I'd love to hear some ideas.

Edited at November 24, 2020 10:26 PM by Imperial Sands
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] November 24, 2020 10:21 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Roleplay Rules:
Follow all WP and Eve’s Rules
1. Be Active. Do not join never to participate. I want to see multiple posts a week, and if you go inactive for 4 days and don’t tell me, you will be kicked out.
2. Reservations last 24 hours, and that’s it. After that, if you haven’t finished the role with be opened for someone else.
3. This is a Semi-Realistic Rp with more Realistic themes. Horses should not be unnatural colors like blue or pink. And since they are all wild, they are all Mustangs.
4. Semi-Literacy is a must. Which means a paragraph of 5 sentences with decent grammar is required.
5. Stallions can steal mares from the Great Herd, just get permission from the Roleplayer of that mare first.
6. No Godmodding, Powerplaying, Perfect Characters, etc.
7. The Lead Stallion of the Great Herd is not invincible. He is open, but to Rp him I do require an Rp sample. Rp Sample will be required prior to the Reservation.
8. Make sure you read everything. If you do, put a horse breed you like in one of the other sections of your forms.
9. Foals in the Great Herd are all Sired by the Lead Stallion, and possibly the Lieutenant if there is one, and he’s lucky enough for the Lead to allow it.
10. Ask before killing characters, since it’s not your character you don’t have control over whether they die.
11. For the purpose of this Rp: No Orphaned Foals. They cannot survive without a mother or care-taker.
12. Have Fun!


Great Herd Rules

1. Lead Stallion’s & Lead Mare’s word is law.
To go against them or disobey is a punishable offense. Depending on what it was that was disobeyed will decide the severity of the punishment.

2. No outside relations with other horses.
Relations with outside horses is punishable. It could result with said outside horse being killed, and if a foal from an outside horse is born, they could be abandoned or killed.

3. Colts are kicked out between the ages of 2 and 3, whenever they start becoming a nuisance.
Once a Lead Stallion kicks a Colt out, they are no longer viewed as a friendly, and interacting with them could result in everyone involved getting harmed.

4. Do not leave the sight of the Leads without permission.
Wandering off without letting anyone know is a punishable offense. Normally not very severely unless you're sneaking off to do something bad.

5. If a foal is found to be sired from an outside stallion, the foal may be abandoned by the herd. Or worse.
This is self explanatory. No outside bloodlines will be tolerated, and a mare who foaled an outside stallion's foal will not be well received by the herd (mostly the lead stallion).
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] November 24, 2020 10:22 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Roleplay Ranks

Great Herd Hierarchy

Lead Mare
She’s more so the true leader of the herd, as she is more constant. Though this is somewhat blurred in the Great Herd since the Lead Stallion is obsessed with power and thinks he is the supreme leader. However, usually the Lead Mare is the one who leads the herd to grazing grounds, water, etc. Even if the Lead Stallion is the one making decisions, her words have a lot of sway. Her position is not for challenge, another mare may take over though if she abandons the position, leaves the herd, or dies.
Lead Stallion
He is the most dominant stallion in the herd, and is in charge of protecting the herd. He may not always decide where they go, but if there is a threat he is the one who is on top of it. His soul responsibility is pretty much the safety of the herd. As the Lead Stallion he also has the right to procreate within the herd, and is the father of all current and to be foals. His position is able to be challenged for.
This is the only other adult stallion in the herd, if there is one. It is entirely up to the Lead Stallion on whether he accepts a Lieutenant. This stallion helps protect the herd from threats, though challenges for leadership are always up to the Lead Stallion to defend. He may or may not have breeding rights, that is decided by the Lead Stallion, but he may try to sneak in with the mares if the Lead isn’t paying attention.
Herd Mares
They make up most of the herd. They don’t have any differentiation in rank. As part of the herd they pretty much have foals, and do what they can to keep them safe and alive. They can leave if they can get out without the Lead Stallion noticing, or they can be stolen by a Bachelor stallion.
These are the horses between one and two. They can be fillies and colts, though once Colts reach the age of two, they are likely to be kicked out shortly. They are the foals from the year before, and help their mothers with the care of their younger siblings. These particular foals, if they are fillies, might be from a previous stallion. If their mother is stolen, they are likely to follow, but they don’t have to.
These are all the young horses under a year old. The most recent offspring of the mares, and all of the current and to be foals are the offspring of the current Lead Stallion. They are to be protected at all cost.

Other Ranks
Bachelor Stallions
These are not stallions in the herd. They are lone horses who might occasionally band together to make Bachelor Bands. They are the ones who are challenging lead stallions, or trying to steal mares from the herds to from their own.
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] November 24, 2020 10:23 PM

Imperial Sands
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Important Information

Herds & Types

The Great Herd
This is the single herd in the Rp. As a herd it consists of more than two mares, with a lead stallion. The bigger a herd is, the higher status and power a Lead stallion is considered to have. The Herd is protected at all times from any danger, and is always at threat of being disturbed. Mares in the herd are always in danger of being stolen too. I am open to other herds forming later on.

Harems/Small Herds
These are the herds that consist of a Stallion and One, maybe Two, mares, and their foals/yearlings. Typically the Stallion and Mare are mates, and they’re completely dedicated to each other. There are no other stallions in the herd, and it’s a little bit harder to steal a Mare from this type of herd.

Bachelor Bands
These are the bands of horses that are exclusively made up of stallions, absolutely no mares. They travel together for safety and company, and when a stallion wants to, they’ll break away with the goal of taking over or starting a herd. There is usually one particular stallion who leads the group, and he is always the oldest.

About Mustangs
All the horses in this Rp are Mustangs. They might have other horses mixed in their genes, but they aren’t significant or recently included enough to be important enough to include. For the purpose of this rp they were all born in the wild, and have never been owned. They may have been a part of a round up, but they were never kept, instead, they were released once the round up was included.
I am find with different coat variations, just nothing unnatural as I’ve stated in the rules. They can be any color you’d actually see on a horse in real life, but I shouldn’t see pink or green horses running around. Keep in mind most mustangs are medium sized horses, so a lot of them don’t come in over 15 hands, but it’s possible some are taller. For the purpose of this rp, mustangs can be from 13 hh to 17 hh, and a few can be up to 18 hh but if I see a flux of too many horses being on the very tall end, I won't allow it anymore.

Other Information

I am fine with horses having mates and loving relationships, I know it can be fun. However there is a couple of things to keep in mind. I don't want to see any love at first sight, or becoming mates in a day. Build up to it. There should also be no real established mates in the rp, since all the mares will be in the Great Herd. The only exception is if there is an established backstory prior to the mare joining the Great Herd, and perferably it has been approved by me.

The Lead Stallion of the Great Herd is not interested in being mates with anyone. He just wants to have the power of the biggest herd, and be able to pass on his genes. There may be mares he favors above the others, and whoever makes him can include that in their form.

Like the Lead Stallion, not all stallions or mares have to be interested in having mates. It's entirely up to you on what you decide. That's where the Semi-realism can come in though, if you horses do want to find mates. I'm even okay with another herd with a different ranking dynamic forming eventually that might be based more off of mated pairs or something. I just wanted The Great Herd to be based more off of realistic aspects.
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] November 24, 2020 10:24 PM

Imperial Sands
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Available Roles

The Great Herd

Lead Stallion:
Hallower | 10 Years | Den | Pg. 3

Lead Mare:
Skye | 9 Years | Imperial Sands | Pg. 1

Bjorn | 10 Years | Kampa | Pg. 2

Herd Mares:
Ausrine | 10 Years | Spellbound | Pg. 2
Imogene | 4 Years | Imperial Sands | Pg. 2
Freyja | 9 Years | Kampa | Pg. 3
Vespera | 8 Years | Ciao | Pg. 4
Thea | 11 Years | Ciao | Pg. 4
Seqouia | 6 Years | Den | Pg. 3
Mari | 5 Years | Spellbound | Pg. 5
Riona | 6 Years | Tenebris Umbra | Pg. 5
Rocky | 4 Years | FrostyK | Pg. 4
Sana | 5 Years | Anonymous Entity | Pg. 6
Calypso | 7 Years | Scorpio | Pg. 7
Scotland | 10 Years | Oh God Bees | Pg. 9
Moirai | 7 Years | Spellbound | Pg. 8
Menlilly | 5 Years & 4 Months | Outlander | Pg. 8
Cleveland | 6 Years | Oh God Bees | Pg. 8
Anselm | 6 Years | Polly | Pg. 5
Everest | 4 Years | Den | Pg. 4

Nore | 1 Year & 5 Months | Kampa | Pg. 4
Sorcha | 1 Year | Tenebris Umbra | Pg. 5
Krol | 1 Year & 2 Months | Polly | Pg. 5
Amir | 1 Year & 7 Months | Anonymous Entity | Pg. 7
Kresnik | 1 Year & 6 Months | Spellbound | Pg. 7
Asenath | 1 Year & 5 Months | Imperial Sands | Pg. 7
Tamsu | 2 Years | Den | Pg. 9

Inesa | 3 Months | Polly | Pg. 5
Aurum | 2 Months | Floofinator | Pg. 8
Orelia | 2 Weeks | Outlander | Pg. 8

Other Roles

Bachelor Stallions:
Kishor | 9 Years & 6 Months | Polly | Pg. 4
Kadar | 7 Years | Anonymous Entity | Pg. 7
Rollond | 16 Years | Kampa | Pg. 8

Bachelor Bands:
1. Ahriman | 11 Years | Spellbound Pg. 1
Iqvar | 11 Years | Kampa | Pg. 2

2. Ukko | 10 Years | Tenebris Umbra | Pg. 2
Jurek | 6 Years | Imperial Sands | Pg. 3
Travels w/ Paiva | 11 Months | Tenbris Umbra | Pg. 2

Edited at November 28, 2020 09:58 PM by Imperial Sands
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] November 24, 2020 10:26 PM

Imperial Sands
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You May Post!

We are going with it is the middle of spring, and the Rp will start in the morning.
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] November 24, 2020 11:28 PM

Imperial Sands
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Lead Mare | Great Herd | Mentions: Open

A soft, but low rumble could be heard from a painted mare as she grazed idley upon a soft hill. Her tail swished about her hind legs as she shifted her weight, her head rising to look around absently. She was half keeping an eye on the herd, and half keeping an eye out for any signs of danger.

While she was only a mare, and wouldn't fight a stallion, she could at least alert the two who protected the herd of any who approached. With Spring in full swing, and the size of the herd, she knew it was only a matter of time before challengers arose, and would try their own hoof at taking over. Or, more often, trying to steal some of the mares that were under her watch.

She shook out her mane, and sighed softly, turning to look out over the sea of fields ahead of her. They had reached the open plains a few nights ago, and she knew it would be time to leave soon. Of course, she had a place in mind, far enough away that it would take solid couple of days or more to reach. That way they weren't getting there just to immediately leave agan. She imagined they would be able to stay there for a few days before moving on. It was difficult sustaining such a large herd in one area for long, but she was managing. Plus, moving often kept some predators off their backs and from easily hunting them.

The mare grunted a bit, and pushed the thought from her mind. With as many foals and yearlings as they had, she couldn't let the idea of predators send her into a panic. It would do them no good.

Letting out a soft sigh, she lowered her head back to the ground and returned to grazing. Part of her wondered what the lead and lieutenant were up to.
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] November 24, 2020 11:29 PM

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11 years | Bachelor | Stallion | Mentions: Ahriman, The Great Herd

The cool breeze trickled the thins of the large stallion's hairs, moving them ever-so-slightly out of place as his broad chest tensed forward. His back legs flung outward as if a puppeteer was controlling them by strings. Ducking his flexed neck under his knees, he buckled his flank and curled his legs back in once more before tossing his head upward and taking an outwardly prance forward, far ahead of his brother. His thick dark mane slashed on his withers, trying to stay attached as this beast hurdled forward in a wild manner. His legs planted into the ground, stopping him almost immediately as he swiveled around with great spread and rocketed toward his brother. He body slammed against him, which Ahriman should've already been prepared for such actions, as Iqvar did this constantly. He twirled around once more, raising his backend into the air and doing a few bunnyhops with an arched back.

Finally, Iqvar ended this spaztic dance with a violent shake of his head, causing the rest of his body to shake off any excess dirt or muck. Outstretching his neck, in a calmer yet still hyped manner, he lifted and flexed his upper lip at Ahriman's cheek, a smug grin crossed Iqvar's face before he pranced forward once more. His ears now erect forward, carrying his head up as his tail stretched vertically out. His long, muscled legs allowed him to carry his huge body in an elongated trot. His nostrils flared forward as he swung his head in a light manner, merely to get a bit of forelock out of his face. His attention was encaptured by the faint scent of multiple mares. The Great Herd. Stories traveled along the plains, and Iqvar dragged Ahriman along to try and snag a few mares. Of course, Iqvar had to get his energy out constantly. What better time to do it than now, in the midst of an open meadow of flowy, long wheat? He ducked his head in haste and yanked a tuft of grass into his mouth, still doing that large trot forward as the blades hanged loosely from his mouth.

He let out a large, exaggerated snort to his brother, a long, dragged out whinny escaping him as he stretched his neck out back toward him, stopping in his tracks and turning lightly to face him in a perpendicular situation. "Hurry that beautiful ass up!" He cooed in a loud manner, teasing that his brother didn't exercise nearly enough as Iqvar. A large gust of cold wind brushed harshly against his face, allowing his forelock to completely fling back. The sudden hype came flooding back to him and he did a crowhop back toward Ahriman, brushing against him roughly and tugging at his forelock. "Come on, I know you want to wrestle me; even though its just an excuse to hug me," The last bit was slightly mumbled, yet obviously audible. Once Ahriman even made the slightest move, Iqvar jumped back, letting out a small buck as he circled him once more, sticking beside him in a now parallel manner. A chuckle escaped him at his own thought. He was smiling because he was Ahriman's brother. And laughing because Ahriman couldn't do anything about it. His own eyes told Ahriman the whole thing as he slapped his tail around his brother's rump to get rid of an annoying invasive fly.

"Just imagine, a world without me. You'd be a lifeless little blob floating in a mass of boredom," Iqvar mused, lifting his upper lip once more to a new, stronger scent that drifted by him. The wind, stopping for a moment, allowed the smell to reveal its identity. Freshwater, and now, when his ears erected, he could hear the faint trickle of rushing water. How he loved to absolutely destroy his pelt in the cool liquid, not to mention forcefully drag Ahriman into such things. The lengthy tan-hued blades of wheat-like grass brushed limply against his legs, almost tickling him, and nearly provoking him to hype himself into another gallop. But no; he'd wait until Ahriman let out that pushover sigh to allow him to drag Ahriman along. "What do you think about the great herd?" Iqvar inquired, slowing himself into a fast walk, his head erected over his shoulders in a regal manner as his nostrils flared with excitement. "I'm sure a few mares will consent to joining us when they see this beautiful face," Iqvar cooed, flaunting as he pawed the air with a high-kneed right leg.

Taking one look at his brother's rump, he leaned heavily against Ahriman, prepared to make another teasing comment. "Of course, they'll be sold when they see that fat ass of yours," How he loved laughing at his own jokes. A hearty and aloof smile escaped him as he genuinely enjoyed making others uncomfortable. Many found it quite odd how Iqvar teased and treated his twin, but the very fact that someone would deny they ever said weird things or fought with siblings would make them a bad liar. An exaggerated sigh left him as he flexed his borad chest, skipping into a trot before residing back into another walk, nearly forgetting that he wanted to stick with his brother. "Who knows?" He paused, adding silence for a dramatic effect before continuing. "What if we manage to snag the entire herd- perhaps challenge the lead as a pair?" Iqvar flung his head upward and down, wanting to flex out his energy as much as possible. For they just started their journey once more, and when Iqvar woke from his slumber, he was very hyper. Such energy compacted into such a great body, one must exercise it.

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The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] November 25, 2020 12:19 AM

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11 years | Bachelor | Stallion | Mentions: Iqvar, The Great Herd

A tall stallion looked at his companion with an unamused face. He had to suppress a chuckle as he watched Iqvar perform. The cool breeze rippled through the air and Ahriman let out a peaceful sight with a rare smile coming to his face. He was traveling with the one person he adored: his twin. Their was no one more important than his brother, no, his twin brother. It wasn't enough they were brothers but being twins made him even more important. He had to suppress a snicker as he watched his brother do his little energetic dance. He loved his brother’s energy as it was infectious and even a grouch like him would perk up.

He didn't mind that Iqvar slammed against him repeatedly (much to his dismay. However, his brother was having fun so he didn't say anything.) The male curiously tilted his head at the smug grin on Iqvar’s face. Ahriman moved his limbs with grace and matched his twin’s elongated gate. His audits swiveled with interest at the new scent: The Great Herd. Somehow his brother managed to talk him into scouting out the herd. It would be a good opportunity to access the herd and see what mares they could steal (if they managed to get close). His face lit up as he watched his brother mess with the wheaten grass, and a small snort emitted from his nostrils as they flared a bit.

The male couldn't resist snickering at his brother who held himself in such an odd way. Then when his brother let out a whinny his scowl returned. Let the whole herd know we're here, why don't ya? He knew that was probably the point of the overdramatic whinny. He then rolled his eyes at his brother's comment, ” At least I have an ass brother. Yours is looking quite flat.” and he gave a little snicker as he playfully nipped at his twin’s rump. As his brother mention wrestling, he snorted amused but he then teased Iqvar further, ”Aw, Iqvar wants a neck hug from bubba.” He was further amused as he watched his brother buck towards him and circle him. He observed his brother's eyes and knew he felt the same way that he did. It was a twin thing in a way. Ahriman knew he would die before anything happened to Iqvar and Iqvar would always have his back. He looked quite offended as his brother slapped his rump with his coarse tail but seeing an annoying fly buzz off he gave an appreciative cuff.

As he walked with his brother the male listened to his chatter. He paused for a second when Iqvsr mentioned a world without him. The male frowned, but he couldn't imagine one without his annoying twin. In reality, they were supposed to be triplets but their younger sister died in a fire. Shaking the thought away Ahriman snorted, ”A life without you? Puh-lease, I would be having myself a ball and probably find myself a nice mare and have a sweet family.” his brother would know he would only teasing. Ahriman couldn't imagine not having his weird twin around. It was in a way unthinkable. He tilted his head at the mention of the Great Herd, ” I think it's a nice herd, but the Lead Stallion can't hog all the mares. Even then I'd just want one of his mares to myself.” He had to let out a booming laugh at his brother, ” oh you mean they'll b sold by Mr-I-Freeze-Up? Don't worry I'll be your wingman.”

He felt his brother's weight against him and rolled his eyes at the comment about his ass again. He had to admit he loved his brother no matter how much the stallion annoyed him or weirded him out. If anyone said anything about his oddness then he would beat them to a pulp as only he could say such things. Hearing his brother's overdramatic sigh, Ahriman gave his only sigh. When his brother mentioned them taking over the herd the stallion gave a thoughtful hmmm before speaking.

”Theoretically, we could take it over. We're both in our prime and have the guts and strength to do such. However, we must think of how we would control the herd. It would be hard for just the two of us to manage such a large harem.” he paused momentarily, ” we should steal half of his mares. That should be enough for us. After all, he can't breed to his children. Can he? That would be revolting.” a mischievous grin crossed his face before saying, ” shall we stir up a bit of commotion, dear brother? Your public awaits.”

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The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] November 25, 2020 12:20 AM

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10 years | Leitenant | Stallion | Mentions: The Great herd, Skye & foals more directly.

The small, but equally terrifying pony horse felt his weight shift from his left to his right, now a tad lopsided at a swift breeze picked his attention off from the lush ground below him. His broad body lifted his muscled neck, rising his large face up to meet the figures around him. Thick tufts of greenery were hanging limply from his dark lips as he slowly pulled them in for a quick, yet equally fresh snack. His first thoughts were to scan for the small, stubby foals of his, which he saw semi-scattered around the place. Two, resting beside Aušrinė. An easy stare glazed his pupils as he felt more relaxed. One leg stretched slightly outward, planting a hoof in front of him as he brushed his cheek on his knee, itching a nice spot that he irked to satisfy for a while now. His bold golden coloration was often changing in pale and dark hues ever since Spring seemed to leap over the months. His coat never knew how to settle, given it was mainly arranged for colder weathers. A faint beard of his was already thinning as he was shedding quite often since the heat got to him. Though, he knew that in not time it'll all find its way back.

Pinning his ears, he lifted his head once more, instinctively taking multiple steps forward to the familiar tan-hued paint mare when she made the slightest movement, acknowledging her surrounding. He pranced into a slow, bouncy trot, his broad shoulders shifting as he took in one great step at a time, making a beeline toward Skye. His tail, slightly raised with excitement, lowered itself once he slowed beside Skye. Outstretching his thick neck to her, he gently greeted her with a calm groom to her forelock. At least he could reach her forelock... The lead mare made Björn so calm at times, merely her presence made him feel-- warm. He raised his head high, erecting his ears as he looked for a familiar dark form, Hallower. Not seeing him through the large midst of the herd, he returned his attention back to Skye. "How are you doing?" He light-heartedly greeted her, a concerned look in his eyes. He didn't want her to get overwhelmed with stress, given her role and current condition.

He gave off a look, one that said "Remember, if anyone says anything, my hoof will go so far up their ass-" He placed his head over her shoulders affectionately before retracting it with a swish of his tail and taking a few steps in reverse. "We'll have to move on pretty soon, any ideas in mind?" With a curious tilt of his head, he managed to snack a few blades of grass as he waited for her response. His hoof blatantly stretched outward, perpendicular to his other leg as he stabilized himself. A soft snort left him, as he could see his other foals and mare in the corner of his eye. His elder daughter was messing around with Aušrinė, completely encaptured with trying to annoy the hell out of her. He turned his gaze back to Skye, that was before he heard hoofsteps beat beside his ears.

Nøre, the one who was just messing around with her siblings, had ran right past him, as if in a rush. And, instinctively he rose his head up in a delighted manner. For Nøre was battling a bold insect, kicking at the air in annoyance before rushing back to Aušrinė's side and practically hiding under the mare for cover. A small chuckle mused his low voice as he brushed up against Skye once more, grazing beside her before flaring his nostrils toward a... strange smell. Not very foreign, yet it was of neither predator nor prey. Bachelors always trailed the herd, constantly trying to snatch a mare from the Great Herd- as if those bastards were sly. He kept his body relaxed, though, not wanting to alert any unneeded drama, as the scent was quite faint and very unreadable, easily being brushed away in an instant, going away as soon as it came.

Finding better footing, Björn flexed his broad chest before taking a few smooth steps forward, overlooking the hills that stretched into waves in the distance, like an endless sea of greens, browns, and tans. Silhouettes of mountainous and forest terrain were painted in a faint blue. It was his job to protect the herd, but at times, the little idea pricked at him. Such a small horse, meant to hold such a large role. He knew he was going to push himself when Hallower accepted him as Lieutenant, so that burden was completely made by Björn. Even though stress could get to him, the reminder of his offspring and mares always got him to brighten that spark of flames back once more. Perhaps he'd check out around the herd and count heads, just in case... Rather safe than sorry. The softness of Skye's pelt brought him comfort as his attention was once again encaptured by her and her markings. His ears pricked forward into her direction as he listened to her coos.

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