11:18:58 Corpse or Savy

mmmm I'm still conflicted XD

I really need money but the storm is supposed to be so bad that we are getting out of school early and might not have 2 more days of school... Worth going to work?
11:18:53 Sihae
Like what?
Raging Flames
11:18:48 Flames, Hubby, Nerd
i just want random mail :p
Little Pumpkin
11:18:29 Barnaby
Trying to figure something out.
Wolves of the Zodiac
11:17:59 The Bone Collector
Savage I never got a Pm from you unless i didnt change my mail status.
11:17:41 Sihae
Hey pumpkin :3 how are you?
Little Pumpkin
11:17:16 Barnaby
Wolves of the Zodiac
11:17:11 The Bone Collector
sure. I was hoping to make this one based on the moon. Reason for the shades of blue and my avatar and banner set.
I kinda want to make a collection based on the Planets.
11:16:34 Sihae
Heya ^^
11:16:14 Sav, Nickname Giver

Is the code I sent you not working? :<
11:15:16 Emmet

Is it okay if I make you a palette?
Wolves of the Zodiac
11:13:28 The Bone Collector
I've tried to get the background on this one and i cant get it to work. Not sure what im doing wrong .
11:13:02 Emmet

Change the light green to a lighter blue or white :)
Red Oak
11:12:33 Red
So my English teacher asked for baby names for his kid, and in true student fashion, we suggested Offspring 1.

Personally I believe it's a good choice
11:12:25 Apricot
Hmm maybe the backround?
11:12:09 KitKat/Stalker 1
-WP Click-
Shall I make an alliance? Please give me alliance name ideas!

in need of a few more ides:)
Wolves of the Zodiac
11:11:30 The Bone Collector
Ok banner and avatar set is done. Moving on to what...something is still missing for this palette. Ideas guys?
11:08:25 Apricot
Id suggest to stay home.
We were almost in a car accident lately. Health is more important <3
11:06:56 Apricot
Ah okay. Do I just try to Explore again? (Like exit explore and then explore again?)
Little Pumpkin
11:06:48 Barnaby


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|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 24, 2020 05:20 PM

Ashen Kingdom
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They were just a normal wolf pack when the wave hit. A ripple of energy, leaving the wolves in unconcious-like states.

When they woke up, nothing was the same.

The world was different, more dangerous than they could ever imagine, and they themselves had Changed

The pack must now learn to survive in a cruel new world, and find paradise, before it's too late.


1. This is a Semi-Literate so responses must be 8+ sentences. I understand if you occasionaly have Writers Block and will excuse shorter.

2. Keep everything PG-13

3. Reservations last 48 hours. You cannot double reserve.

4. Be kind to each other outside of RP, inside RP fighting is aloud.

5. Use brackets of some kind when chatting outside of Roleplay.

6. Ask for permission before hurting or kiling another persons character.

7. Follow WP guidelines.

8. Must post at least 3 times per week. Try to be active best you can, and PM me if you are going to be inactive.

9. Ask me before starting any major events or natural disasters.

10. No swearing


Sign Ups : -Here-

Discusion : -Here-

RP : You are here

[ - - - - - - ]


- The wolves do not know their powers yet

Edited at November 24, 2020 05:34 PM by Ashen Kingdom
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 24, 2020 05:30 PM

Ashen Kingdom
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Fen | Female | The Alpha | 5 years
To | Open

Fen blinked in the early sun ray's, vision blurry and mind groggy as she awoke. Everything seemed to ache, and her vision cleared, revealing a shocking sight.

She got to her paws, wincing, and looking around im complete bewilderment and shock.

It was her familiar pack's camp, the one she had come to love and know, but it seemed different. Vines had seemed to stretch across everything, coating the tall stone walls of the camp, and they even seemed to be glowing. The trees surrounding the dip had grown, nearly 4 times the height and just as thick, the bark unnaturaly rough and thick and the canopy leaving the forest dark and unwelcoming.

The air seemed more thick, fresh.

She blinked a few times, growling at herself, but the scene hadn't changed. Fen was a little shaky on her light silver paws, and she felt strange, different.

Her memory seemed faint. The last thing she could remember was standing on the tall Alpha rock, suveying her pack at work, ocasionaly butting in the help in case something went wrong. Then... nothing.

|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 24, 2020 06:25 PM

The Snowboi
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Alya | Female | The Gifted | 1 year

Blinding rays of light caused Alya to stir from her dreamless state. Still drowsy, she rolled onto her back. A sudden stab of blinding pain caused her to let out a whine and she sprang up onto her paws. It's probably just a twig that somehow got tangled into my fur, Alya thought as she twisted to check her pelt. Her blood ran cold and she stiffened in shock. She found herself gaping at a feathery mass that sprouted from her shoulderblades.

Alya's jaws opened and closed, trying to form words. She slowly tore her gaze away from the wings, then abruptly swung her head around again. Nope. They're real, she didn't know what to feel about her new "additions".

"Help?" her bewildered voice rang through the air. She frantically looked around, Where am I? Suddnly Alya forgot about her strange wings and was instead captivated by her surroundings. Puzzled, she glanced around. She realized that nothing seemed familiar.

Alya tried recalling something, anything, but she had no luck. Her memories were gone.

(Sorry it's kind of short but RPing with a phone is painful xD)

|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 24, 2020 06:40 PM

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Viskryn | Male | The Beta | 4 Years | Mentions: Fen, Open

Thump. Thump. Thump. The steady, slow beating of his heart was what accompanied the creature's slowly rising consciousness. Creature, because he could no longer be called a wolf. He was barely capable of conscious thought in his half-dead state, but that was something he could already feel. Something was different. Something... unwolfish about his soul, he felt. He was no longer a wolf, but rather some strange mutated creature, at his core at least.

His consciousness rose further from the realm of the nothingness that was sleep, or, perhaps, death. His mind slowly cleared, and he began observing how he felt, physically. Firstly, the air felt pleasantly cool against his skin, and, as his thinking process woke up, he realised that it felt as though he didn't have any fur. Strange, isn't it? Then again, why not? If I am different inside, why shouldn't I be different on the outside? The realisation didn't seem to have hit him with it's full weight yet, for the mental remark was very light, careless.

After his mind, awakened his senses, and he took in the damp scent of earth, the distant rustle of leaves, the lone cry of a bird. The latter gave him a strange, inner sense of peace, and, for a moment, he felt like lying there forever. But then, he heard a different sound, louder, closer. The scuffling of paws. His nose told him that it was a wolf, and yet something was off... very off. Perhaps in instinct for survival, perhaps out of his desire to be on top of every situation, the creature opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed, was the fact that he seemed to see far more than he should. There was, again, something off. He blinked, and found that the eye in the middle was the last to open again... Wait, eye in the middle?! The creature blinked again. Yes, that was it. He had three eyes. Convenient, was the first word that flashed through his mind, and so it was. There was certainly an advantage in having three eyes.

Having dealt with that, he took in his surroundings, something that, thanks to his three eyes, did not require him to move his head. The place look vaguely familiar, and the creature slowly began to remember. He was the beta of what once was a wolf pack. And he had a name. He was Viskryn. Yes, tht is my name... my name, Viskryn... The word vibrated pleasantly through his mind, through his gut. What he saw around him was the pack's camp, and the creatures around him that vaguely resembled wolves were once his packmates. One of them, who he identified to be the source of the pawsteps, was his Alpha. Viskryn wasn't sure how he knew that, he just did.

The creature climbed to his paws, something that proved suspiciously easy and effortless - that is, even more effortless than he remembered. Intruiged, Viskryn looked down, and his unwolfishly bright green eyes narrowed at the sight that met them. Firstly, he was covered in what seemed like very thin scales of a dull, almost grey blue colour. This in itself was most curious, but he went on to register twice the proper amount of front legs - that is, he had two pairs of them. Now, that is a real advantage in any fight... Curious, he shifted his paws, and flicked his tail slightly. His tail. It was thin, very thin, and very long... To him, it resembled something like a very thin snake. Interesting. Very interesting.

Having completed his investigation, Viskryn looked around, taking in his surroundings in more detail this time, a cold, calculating expression in his eyes as he considered his situation.

|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 24, 2020 07:06 PM

dojejes snow pack
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Rune-Male-The Immortal-1 Year-Mentions: Open

He woke up all of a sudden. He regained consciousness. He couldn't remember anything, not even his name. The only thing he could remember was a loud boom. He then begain to remember everything. He then remembered his name, his name was rune. He was where he last remembered being. But something wasn't right, was it this place? Him? The plants? It was everything around him and himself! He felt weird, like he wasn't himself anymore. The area looked different. He didn't know what had happened. Nothing was the same, not even himself. He looked around the area. His packmates were unconscious! He hoped they were okay. But something seemed different about them. They looked alot different. All he knew was that most of them didn't look like wolves anymore. He barked as loud as he could to try to wake them up.

(I don't splitting the one paragraph into multiple paragraphs because I think it's hard to read. Also you said 8+ sentences, not 8+ paragraphs)

Edited at November 24, 2020 10:11 PM by dojejes snow pack
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 24, 2020 08:24 PM

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Star-gaser | Female | 3 | Herbalist
Mentions: Open
Star was in what seemed like the pit of death, but she could slightly feel the wind blowing through her fur, she blinked away the darkness the kept her unconsious, her eyes adusting to the light. Star tried to get up but her body was completly numb. Star glaced around her, her pack scatered around her, some standing, some still on the ground. She decided to try and get up again, heaving hersealf onto her paws she noticed she was starting to feel the cool earth under her paws once more. Finally standing on unsteady paws star glanced around at her pack mates, most now have strange mutaions, Star checked her own body for any mutaions of her own, she noticed nothing new, she fealt the same.
Star took a small shaky step, she had to get to her den and check on everything, something oviously happened outhere. Star took a few more steps towards her den, she looked around at her standing packmates, they all looked terrifyed, I don't think anybody knows whats going on, she thought. So much happened and none of us could have done anything about it.
( I know how you feel Dojejes)
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 24, 2020 08:26 PM

Posts: 367
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(Sorry about that, I wasn't expecting it to get so long, that's not my usual post length... )
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 24, 2020 08:36 PM

Posts: 517
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(It's fine)
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 24, 2020 08:37 PM

Posts: 1049
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Viridian | male | The flicker | pup
| Rowan

Viridian yawned and blinked twice. Another morning- probably the same as last morning. He didn't really feel like waking up. Stretching his dark legs he curled up again next to his mother's back. But somehow, she was less warm then she had been that night when Viri went to sleep. After a moment of hesitation, he opened his round eyes. Tilting his head to the side curiously, he poked an unconsious Rowan.

Hmm... A row of shimmering scales lined her back, their cold shells making Viri shiver as he poked each one gently with his small pup paws. One. Two. Three.... Viri didn't know the numbers after three, so he stopped. "B-boop," He said quietly. He had heard someone else say that a while ago, and although he was not quite sure what it meant it seemed that saying it was very funny. He laughed at his little word and continued to admire his mother's new scales.

After a little while, the wings and scales suddenly became unintresting. Bored, viri stuck out his tongue, swaying his head side to side. Although he didn't realize, his image was starting to dissappear....

( I don't get it... why is there a problem with hard to read? That's just what roleplay posts look like. Also, no offense, but your paragraph may be a lot shorter if you used words like and)

Edited at November 24, 2020 08:41 PM by Riverwing Anxiety
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 24, 2020 08:59 PM

Posts: 367
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Thyrivar | Female | The Lunar | 1 Year | Mentions: Viridian, Rune, Rowan, Open

The loud, high-pitched bark of a pup, and the stirring of her siblings beside her was what woke the silver-furred pup. She had been curled up by her mother's side, along with her siblings, and now, opening her eyes, she found that everything was just as she remembered. And yet it wasn't. She didn't remember the camp being so dark, she didn't remember her mother to have scales instead of fur, she didn't remember the strange, slight weight along her spine.

Sitting up, Thyrivar twisted her head around to look at her back, but didn't see anything out of the usual. Except for her new fur colour, of course. But she was distracted by a most improbable sight. Just a moment ago, her brother had been sitting beside her. Now, he was transparent, nearly invisible, flickering in and out of sight. Her serene, dark eyes, giving off a dim silver glow, where staring calmly at Viridian, observing with mild curiousity.

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