where wolves
12:08:26 Winter wolf queen
-WP Click- Some one said they would buy her for 20 apples and did not what do I do with her
The Fugitives
12:08:19 Fugi
where wolves
12:07:36 Winter wolf queen
Glow I would not keep her she to me is bone
12:06:47 glowing root h
i mean starter male*=
12:06:41 glowing root h
-WP Click-
should I keep her just cause she's the daughter of my alpha female?
where wolves
12:06:38 Winter wolf queen
I want to open my geode so bad but don’t have any apples I just need one apple ugh
12:06:06 glowing root h
broo no SVs :')
The Fugitives
12:05:48 Fugi
31 Days
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Alright! Got through a month ^^
12:04:48 Too Many Fandoms
Why are gore bundles so darn expensive???
Sweetwater River
12:02:16 river/sweet/swater
good luck
Dogs wolves
Hey any tips I am new
12:01:32 Mass Exploring Queen
Yes, a ptarmigan feather, found in tundra in explore
Sweetwater River
12:01:24 river/sweet/swater
12:01:11 Mass Exploring Queen
Of course. Want their sibling/s?
isnt there a feather or other items
Sweetwater River
12:00:44 river/sweet/swater
thank you grandma
12:00:26 Mass Exploring Queen
I sent you two feathers that should help you get a dynamic coat.
Destinations End
12:00:26 Desti, Coy, Coydog
11:58:07 cowboi 1 <]:D
Breed to a wolf with a dynamic coat or hope a pup pops up with one by random.
Little Pumpkin
11:58:04 Little, Pumpkin
The coats are random but you can use a feather to increase the chances


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The New Age I Hybrid RP I RP Thread November 27, 2020 09:11 AM

Devil's Gambit
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Solon/Male/Loner/5/Monkey-leopard/M: Max

"You should be going soon," Solon murmured, still a bit sleepy. "They'll get worried if you are away for so long, I wouldn't want that." Blinking a little, he leaned into Max lightly, pressing his head against the other hybrid's shoulder. "As long as you promise to visit all the time." His tail curled loosely around the other males', the reddish tip poking up. Solon glanced at the surrounding area; it had quieted down a little since they came. Gah, where's my jokes? I can't be such a docile squirrel brain. Grrr, darn this adorable pack wolf! But his thoughts weren't angry in the slighest, just slightly put-off so much could change. Hmm.

The New Age I Hybrid RP I RP Thread November 27, 2020 10:17 AM

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Max/Male/5/Lead hunter/Wolf-Hawk-Lion/Mentions:Solon
Max watched Solon as he spoke he nodded a bit but he didnt want to leave yet"I know I should leave but I dont want to leave you yet"he snuggled closer to Solon happily and let out a purr like a lion would he closed his eyes"just a bit longer with you please" he loved Solon even if he wasnt apart of the pack he wanted to stay with him as long as he could if his alpha's or his beta's had howled he would have to leave him tho he hoped they wouldnt howl tho he knew he had a job as lead hunter but that could wait for now right?.
The New Age I Hybrid RP I RP Thread November 27, 2020 12:25 PM

_~Fallen One~_
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((Imma just- slide in. But idk what to put, as I'm in a bit of a writer's block- ;w;))
The alpha female perched up in a tree, the branches thick and wide enough to both hold and support her weight. Her wings fluttered gently in the light breeze, and she took a deep, content breath as she closed her eyes, then opened them again. 'I hope the pack is doing well today... who knows what those damned humans are up to these days.' She thought to herself, and she gives a mildly annoyed huff. Standing with a careful stretch, she unfolded her wings, spreading them out as she hops down and half glides into the pack's camp with a small thud in her landing. Desdemona looks around, wondering what everyone was up to at the moment.
The New Age I Hybrid RP I RP Thread November 27, 2020 04:49 PM

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Wolfscar/Female/4 months/Wolf-Hyena-Lynx-Deer/-Alpha, Aka, N Adopted Family.
The small pup jumps a little behind Aka releasing her tail from her jaws then she slides threw Ana's legs watching every movement so that she didn't get steppes on. Her tail curls as she has a happy yip. Her bright teal eyes scanning around as her muscles where tense. She didn't like leaving the den but if she was near Aka she knew she would be fine. A soft ruffle went three her fur as she seen the Alpha female glide down next them. She smiled at her wings "oooo" Curiosity would forever been in the small creature. Her claws hook the ground as she crouches slightly waiting.
The New Age I Hybrid RP I RP Thread November 28, 2020 09:04 AM

Devil's Gambit
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TSN, The Science Network.

Jerry: Good evening you young scientists and welcome yet again to our show. We know you love watching this show and listening to me and my co-host speak, so we'll get right into it. What's going on in the forest now, Bob?

Bob: A cougar is stalking a female hybrid it looks like. You can see the eyes glow in the dark. Oh, it's running. Now there's blood...and wow That was great.

Jerry: C-can we go to another part of the forest? *click* Ah, here two different animals, one from a pack and one thats a loner are seemingly at ease with one another. How cute!

Bob: Boring...Back to the bloodshed *click*


*please standby*

The New Age I Hybrid RP I RP Thread December 30, 2020 01:43 PM

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Wolfscar/Female/4 months/Wolf-Hyena-Lynx-Deer/-No One
Wolfscar leaps up on her hind legs. She smiled wide then sat down. Her eyes where locked on the Alpha female and her wings. "I wonder what it's like to fly....." her mind was going off in different directions. Her eyes narrowed then she gazed at a tree. Her claws slid out then she climbed up it her tail wagging slow.

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