06:21:59 57, numbers
My sister has issues with waking up in the morning and I have to force her awake every day. Class starts in 10 minutes and she's still asleep. I will not wake her up, she needs to learn a lesson
Grey Wolf Gang
06:21:29 Call me Grey or Colo
The chat is dead.
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I killed the chat 😅
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Dark Moonruler
06:14:23 King Boo
Thanks Bubbles and Chosen Ons
Chosen Ones
In forums under suggestions in my guess
06:13:05 Aikō
Gathering> Forums> scroll down> suggestions
Dark Moonruler
06:11:03 King Boo
By the way, do any of you guys know where I can find where people put their ideas to improve wolfpaygame?
Dark Moonruler
06:07:06 King Boo
When I look at her I find myself wanting to go get a latte
06:07:05 Friday/Fridge
Dark Moon,
Now I'm craving coffee and donuts..
Dark Moonruler
06:06:17 King Boo
I know, right? Coffe and beverage is cozy and warm and it's what I see when I look at her.
06:06:11 Aikō
How's it going yall
{not a pumkin patch}
06:05:22 Pack name?
Black opal
Gold blade
Golden halo
06:05:13 Friday/Fridge
I must've collected 20 something hearts and whenever Gwyn sees me, I get showered in brains.
06:02:30 Friday/Fridge
I can only think of a honey glazed donut when I see her lol
Dark Moonruler
06:01:43 King Boo
@Black Opal,
Chestnut, Hazel, Creme', Brown Sugar, Coffee Bean, (when i look at her there is something so coffee ish about her pelt lol)
06:00:48 Friday/Fridge
Morena for a combo of the parents names, Illusion, Lucid Fate, Devil's Pact
black opal
05:59:47 Opal, Ria
-WP Click-

05:59:17 Bramble Pack
Arctic, I put mine. ^^. Also gotta peace out guys, see ya later!
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Hi Dagger


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Forged By Fire | RP Thread October 14, 2020 11:09 AM

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Forged By Fire | RP Thread October 14, 2020 11:09 AM

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Herd Rules

1. The Lead Mare and her Deputies are to be treated with respect. Failure to do so will result in a punishment they see fit. From a nip, kick, to being forced to walk at the back of the herd.

2. Mothers are to care for, and teach their foals as they are the youth of the herd, and the bright future. Foals are to know to respect their Elders, and ones older than them.

3. Their is to be NO contact with Bacholers. If your are found with one you will face being reprimanded, and isolated by the Lead Mare or Deputies. If you are found to be pregnat then expulsion is the punishment, unless others plead for you.

4. You may not wander off without permission from the Leads or Deputies, because you will face suspicion when you return. Also if a foal that is under your care is lost then you will face severe punishment, and dare not let it be one of the Deputies or Lead Mare's foal.

5. This is a family, and all squabbles and arguments are to be taken up to the Lead Mare or a Deputy.

Herd Rank Explanations

Lead Mare:

The Leader of the Herd. Usually the oldest, and wisest mare. This position is earned through bloodlines or a fight, possibly even the formation of your own herd. She makes the rules, decisions on where to go/graze , and if anyone is accepted into her herd. Her word is law, and she may not be trumped. Only the Deputy Mares have the authority to voice their opinion in weighty matters, and even the Lead Stallion if it's nothing stupid.

Deputy Mares:

They are the most trusted friends of the Lead Mare, and possibly are kin to her. They make decisions, and control the herd in the Lead Mare's abscense. If they find out information about anything to harm the herd, it must be reported immedietly. Their first-born fillies, are to become the next Deputies under the Lead Mare's firstborn. This privelege is voided if the mare is demoted and removed from this position, and yes this can happen.

Lead Stallion:

He's just their to protect the herd, along with the other stallions. He only has authority over the stallions, but only the Lead Mare can choose who is accepted into the Herd. He reports to the Lead Mare, and if he is found unfit for the job he is demoted to a Herd Stallion, and if he is especially displeasing to the Lead Mare or Deputies he WILL be run out.

Herd Mares & Stallions :

Mares- Normal Members of the herd, the bulk of the group. They teach and guide their foals. They may have a natural hierarchy amoung them, but none outrank the Deputies or Lead Mare. They can leave at any time, but at their own risk.

Stallions- They are their to protect the herd, and if they don't do so then they can leave or be expelled. They also have the right to pass on their genetics to keep the herd growing if they chose to do so. They mainly keep the herd safe.

Foals & Yearlings:

The youth of the herd. They are to be protected, and trained in the ways of life and the herd. The Deputies & Lead Mare's Foals are to be treated highly, and if anyone is caught disrespecting them or their mothers are told expect their to be reprecusions. Foals are expected to play and enjoy life free of worries, but respect their mothers and learn from them.

Once they are yearlings they must start to mature, and help look out for younger members, and still learn. Colts are expected to be trained to fight and defend the herd while mares are to be taught in the ways of foal rearing, but a mare may learn to fight if she wishes. By the age of two their fate is decided in a run, and verbal test , if they do not pass both then they are not welcomed into the herd. However if they do pass then they are officially herd members.

A mare is expected to have her first foal at four if she wishes, and young colts may not have a foal until they have matured so at age five or six.

Non-Herd Ranks:


Those annoying stallions that try and steal mares. Remember these boys are off limits.

Edited at October 14, 2020 11:20 AM by Spellbound
Forged By Fire | RP Thread October 14, 2020 11:12 AM

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First Post Information

The Herd: They are positioned near a swamp and are just grazing. They are awaiting an announcement from their Lead Mare. So the foals can be playing and the yearlings just doing their things.

The Survivors: They are wondering away a couple days after the fire. They are soon coming into the range of the herd.

The weather is a cool early spring morning with plenty of fog so be careful and mind the gators ;)

Forged By Fire | RP Thread October 14, 2020 11:20 AM

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Forged By Fire | RP Thread October 14, 2020 11:40 AM

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Lead Mare Triplet | 3 months | Filly | Mentions: Bear Claw Herd, Brunhild, Hubbe ind.

Thick fog blinded Khaft's gentle eyes. Her young, yet maturing legs slightly bent in unease. Her side brushed against a familiar warmth. Unknowingly, she was leaning against her sister, Brunhild. Regaining her balance, she lowered her head toward the grass blades below her, longer tufts managed to tickle her chest as she exhaled against the earth. Her face slid across the morning dew that accompanied the herbs. Her face, now wettened with the sun's tears, shivered slightly. She rose her head once more, ears erect forward as she edged closer into Brunhild. She knew her mother was sickly, so she didn't want to bother her- or try to nurse when she was at her weakest. Though, she felt a rumble in her stomach that was aching for nutrients.

Slowly, she left Brunhild's side, leaving from a slow walk into a misshapen trot that began as a quick pace towards the murky waters. Perhaps, she could try water? All the other horses drink it. Khaft could feel the presence of her herd very near, but only saw silhouettes of their unique forms. Her father, nowhere to be seen. Odd, but he was probably checking if anyone strayed. Her ears strained forward, listening to the silent trickles that radiated off of the surface. Tentatively, she lowered her head towards a deeper end, her knees sinking into the murky waters. It felt amazingly odd, to have one's hooves encased with drenched mud. Almost like a tight, wet, hug.

She parted her lips, checking out the water with the tips by flicking it around. Yuck. It was far too cold for her to even want to try. It was a shame, she hoped that she would mature his stomach more like the yearlings... She hated being a burden on her mother. A low rumbling purr came quietly out from her stomach as she felt a clench inside of it. Ouch... She winced, distracted by her hunger pains. Or was it the stomach that made the noise? Her ears naturally erected forward towered a certain tickling spot. She stared, frozen in time as she watched a log drift along the surface of the water. The same rumbling purr came, but it didn't seem to come from her insides. Hissing followed, and in a flash, she leaped backward from clamping jaws full of razor needles.

She let out a petrified whinny as she skidded back in the mud. Her hooves which were suctioned into the deep end flung out aggressively, propelling her to fall over her long legs. She scrambled, but at no use. She toppled onto her side. What muscles she had tensed as she lifted her head to see the approaching best that exited the water. Planting a hoof firmly onto the slippery mud, she scrambled onto her legs, wobbly and shaky she tried to leap out of the way from the next oncoming grasp. Yet, she failed. The beast was just face enough to clamp shut on her lengthy tail. It yanked her back with an immense force, before rolling multiple times in a deathly manner.

Luckily, she wasn't entirely engulfed by the water, but she was closing in incredibly fast. She didn't have time to make any other noise than harsh breaths of desperation to stay alive, and not inhale that murky water. She tipped and turned multiple times, caught in a death roll and she sprained out her legs and tried to escape. Fear overran her as she tried her best, yet was being pulled into the depths. Now dragged underwater, all she could see was transparent brown, debris from last year's mudslide floating beside her. Her legs fell limp out of exhaustion. Too many thoughts were racing through her head... she couldn't even count the seconds she was under.

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Forged By Fire | RP Thread October 14, 2020 01:46 PM

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Herd Mare | 2 Years Old | Mentions: Khaft

The dark mare was grazing among the reeds when she felt a weight press against her. It was her sister--Kaft, one of the triplets her mother had birthed. The little palomino looked strikingly like their father, and the mare smiled softly. This was her little sister and she would protect her with her life. The mare noted the thick fog, and a frown creased her face, and she looked down towards her sister.

"Stay close." Brunhild said a bit uneasy.

She hated the swamp and it's spookiness. However, this was where the first test for the yearlings would take place. Brunhild kept a watchful eye on her sister as the young creature moved from her side. The mare wanted to protest but even a foal needed a break from their siblings. Glancing up ever so often she watched as the filly was going to drink from the murky waters. Giving a slight chuckle she then went back to grazing on the reeds when she noted a long trail. Was that what she thought it was? The mare then looked up to her sister, and shook her head.

"Khaft.." Brunhild said, a hint of unease in her tone as she heard the small rumbling sound, and the a loud hiss caught her attention, and she saw her sister go down in the water.

"KHAFT!!!" the mare yelled running towards the water. The adrenaline was pumping, and any wise horse would've ran off, but no, this was her sister's life that hung in the balance.

The mare plunged her hooves in the ground, and aiming to stamp the beast to death, but she felt when her hoof connected with beasts head, and a audible gurgle came from the water. She quickly plunged her head in to grab her sister by the scruffy mane she had. Planting her hooves firmly in front of her sister she shielded the foal with her body as the angry reptile surfaced.

Brunhild was pissed, and she was about to make that gator pay. She using her hooves moved her sister away from her as the hissing gator charged her with its snapping jaws. Brunhild was pawing the earth and her head was low in anger and anticipation of the beast, and she charged it with an angry and shrill whinny. Jumping she aimed to land on the beats tail, and she met the mark and firmly hit it and the creature recoiled and attempted to clamp down on her leg. The gator had broken her flesh and blood was tricking whilst Brunhild fiercely bucked and kicked it square in the jaw and she ran around it in circles, before going back to her sister.

Looking at the beast she then registered what had happened. It bit her, it had actually bit her. And she watched it slowly lumber back to its watery depths. Oh no, she wasn't finished with it yet. How dare it think it can almost kill her sister and then bite her and live. Brunhild charged the beast again and this time she was aiming to kill. She was relentlessly harassing it until it rolled over, and then she struck. She sent blow after blow on the creatures soft belly until it went hissing in agony into the water.

The mare was muddy and wet. There was a feverish look in her eyes as she looked at Khaft and gently nosed her. The mare closed her eyes and sighed content her sister was safe.

"Are you alright?" Brunhild asked worried about the soaked foal. Not caring about the wounds on her own body.

Forged By Fire | RP Thread October 14, 2020 01:53 PM

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Bachelor | 2.8 | Stallion | Mentions: Bear Claw Herd, Survivors, bachelors.

A cold, wet wind drew Comanche's multi-colored mane back, his locks dampening just ever so slightly. He over-exaggerated tossing his head to the side, shaking off small dew droplets that seem to sprinkle all over him over time. His hooves lightly stamped the ground, almost making a suction sound as he lighted them to continue. The earth was soft due to such thick fog. Such weather like this was dangerous, for it didn't matter where the wind blew. Scents were muffled and unorganized, your sight would cause you to imagine things that aren't there. Sillouhouttes of plants often spooked Comanche, thinking it was one of those odd hairless apes. Comanche, oddly enough was already quite jumpy. Today felt off, perhaps it was the faint scent of burnt wood and memories that lingered in the air.

Comanche walked, his head low yet his ears erect as he took lead to a small, dry patch of grass located under a large rock formation. Today wasn't a day for lady thieving, for the damp and jumpy weather, for one cannot strut his stuff with mud clinging to their hooves. He has to be fabulous. Comanche arrived at the dry patch, once more shaking his entire body off before alighting down into the area. His tail swished as his body limply flopped into a laying position. His ears erected forward as he began to lean against the wall of the rock. His legs slid into place as he relaxed in the warmth. He was hidden quite well but would be weak to any small predator, as it'd take time for him to get up and out of this encasing opening.

What could go wrong? He lowered his head to the ground, lips gripping and pulling extra blades of grass into his mouth before crunching it down into a paste and swallowing the sweet, short, sugary grasses. He never felt rowdy during foggy weather, it was likely instinct that he was wary of each step he took. After all, once you trip into a ditch, you don't really seem to want to replay that over again. He has, indeed gained an interest in a nearby herd, though. Full and thriving with young mares, ripe for the taking. Then again, newly wilds have just arrived-- from some sort of incident he hasn't cared to lend an ear for. But, he does know that there are gullible mares in there, needing to be introduced into the wild. Perhaps he'd pay them a visit soon.

But which one? He'd decide that after a quick nap. Perhaps get a few minutes in until the fog deteriorates.

Forged By Fire | RP Thread October 14, 2020 02:25 PM

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Lipsi// survivor// 8 years// stallion// Mentions: other survivors

The dark stallion's eyes wandered as he held his head low. His ears were perked, and he scanned the surroundings thoroughly, but couldn't manage to lift his heavy head up on his shoulders. Had it always been this heavy? He hadn't realized it before.

The fire had obviously taken a toll on all of them, and he was hardly the worst, or even one of the worst. He noticed that a few of the mares were coughing, and he longed to do something to assist them in any way, but he wasn't a human, and he had no knowledge of how to care for their medical issues. Perhaps it would wear off. Anyway, he needed to focus on protecting the mares.

Being the only stallion in the group was an honor to Lipsi, but he also feared the responsibilities that came with this fact. He knew that he wouldn't fail the mares, though. This was his chance to lead a herd, and he was taking it.

"You might need to rest," he said to the mares as his dark eyes noticed the sun peeking over the horizon. They had been moving all night, and most of that time was spend running out of fear. Seeing a small river nearby, Lipsi walked towards it and touched his muzzle to the cool water, taking in deep swallows. Satisfying his thirst, he turned back to the group. "We won't be able to face whatever is up ahead without rest. I believe this patch is a great place to lay down for a brief nap." He said this seriously with his eyes searching the trees around for danger. They were currently standing in a large area that was mostly comprised of grass, perfect for the mares to get a qiuck break. He would have to stay up, though, watching out for them. They weren't safe in their pastures anymore, this was the wild.

Aspen// deputy mare// 5// M: Khaft, Brunhild, open

Just waking up to a comfortable morning with the dew from the grass soaking her mane, legs, and tail, Aspen stood, stretching a bit to remove some of the soreness the night's sleep had brought. Her deep blue eyes scanned the herd, noting who was and wasn't there this morning. The lead stallion was probably about patrolling, as she didn't notice him.

The bloody paint shook out her whole frame, removing some of the dampness that still clung to her pelt. I wonder what this day will bring, she thought to herself. The weather seemed rather nice, though she had a strange feeling. She tried to shake it off, it must be nothing. Perhaps it was because she'd had several strange nightmares the night before. There had been a fire... and a human? No, that couldnl't be it, she wouldn't have had such a strange dream. Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep, she thought with a small smile.

Hearing a large commotion by the water, Amber turned her gaze that way to see Brunhild pulling Khaft from the water while fighting off a gator. Amber's eyes widened, and she quickly ran over there.

"What happened? Are you guys alright?" After waiting another moment, she said, "Khaft! You should not have been in the water. Do you know what would have happened if Brunhild hadn't been there?"

Sequoia// 2// young mare// M: open (Brunhild, Khaft, Amber ind)

Coia woke up to the sound of yelling and hissing. Looking over to see Amber questioning Brunhild and Khaft. Ugh, fillies will do whatever they can to get themselves in trouble, she thought to herself, Good thing I was never like that. She believed that she hadn't caused too much trouble as a foal, at least not a foal's usual mischief.

The young mare stood, avoiding the comotion, and going a different direction. Perhaps she could avoid getting involved. It wasn't like they had a reason to involve her anyway. She hadn't done anything wrong, and she wouldn't be helpful either. Something smelled different in the air, almost.. smoky, maybe? I'm sure it's nothing, anyway, she thought, ignoring it. It could be a small forest fire that was far away, or perhaps it was even some humans going camping. Nothing big.

Swishing her tail, Seia looked around for something to entertain her. Not seeing Knox, she sighed disappointedly. She would have loved to talk to him. He always seemed to brighten her mood, as well. The young mare simply stood, her eyes scanning the area for the seal brown stallion. Maybe she was just missing him.

Forged By Fire | RP Thread October 14, 2020 03:46 PM

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Survivor | 7.3 | Mare | Mentions: Lipsi, Survivors

Heat. It burned against her dark-hued pelt as she whinnied in agony. The air was so thick, so strong scented. Agony and terror filled her scented nostrils as she could smell the fear radiating off of the other horses. A blazing flame sparked and grew nearby, ever so slightly edging closer to Delirus. She was the closest one to the fire, and the one to have to endure it the longest. She reared in what little room she had, kicking at the stall doors but to no prevail. Hers were specifically patched up because she was so energetic all the time. The bars on her door wouldn't allow her to open any latch, so she was stuck. Her ears flat against her temple, she let out a rasped screech. It seemed like an eternity before she heard the metal clinking against each other. Her stall was being unlocked. The moment she heard the final latch, she pushed through. A small figure toppled to the ground as she lowered her head in anger. Her legs split open, kicking furiously at the air as she galloped forward.

Her body was tense, muscles pulsing from every corner. She looked back to see the figure opening a few more stalls until the pillars above him began to give out. That was the last time she looked back, as she ran across the cobbled road, heading upwind of the fire. Although she experienced a substantial amount of heat and smoke that entered her lungs, she had never felt so cold. Sweat dripped and rose from every pore she had. Being the jumper she is, she leaped over a rough amount of fencing into the open fields and didn't stop.

Delirus' ears were stuck in place, forward, alert. She was extra jumpy today, her stomach ached from not receiving her daily diet already, and her lungs still felt clogged. Every breath she took was harsh and rasped. She was already on edge, and didn't need to be bossed around- or what she took for being based around. She trotted closer to the registered black stallion, her tail vertically lifted upward as her stance was extremely dominant. It was obvious off of her stance, she was the dominant one here. Delirus stopped to a sharp halt beside the stallion. "And who the hell do you think you are?" Who voice was rasped with lingering smoke, and burn marks were very heavy on her coat.

"We are exposed, out in the open to all dangers. You think you, a pretty boy who has been kept at domestication think you know what's best? If we stay here, we're prone to get hunted down. Unless you're blind, this fog is so thick I can barely see five feet ahead of me. Our best option is to stick close and keep moving forward." Delirus ordered, pawing at the ground in anticipation. "I've only seen you, I don't trust you to do anything, let alone protect the rest of the mares." Although, Delirus who was a captive her entire life, knowing that they were plenty vulnerable in meadows like this. Strange scents lingered everywhere, and she didn't believe them to be friendly. "We need to go back home, to humans. Back where we can be reassured that-" A strong tinge in her stomach caused her to flinch. She hadn't eaten anything and honestly didn't feel like eating. Without her precise feeding, she didn't believe she could endure such pain for much longer. They needed to get back before she experienced withdrawals. She didn't know exactly what they had been feeding her, but it damn-well hurt without it.

Forged By Fire | RP Thread October 14, 2020 03:47 PM

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Abheek/Herd Stallion/4/Mentions: Sequoia, Brunhild, Khaft, Amber

Abheek had been standing not too far from his little sister, Sequoia. He trotted forward and brush against her side as a small, quiet sign of affection. Suddenly though, he heard noise coming from near the water and his ears flicked to the commotion. He hesitated for only a moment, not really wanting to leave Coia's side. He craned his neck down for a moment, pushing his nose into Coia's neck. "Don't go near the water for now please" He said, his voice stern and worried before he turned and trotted to where the commotion went on.

He took a moment to evaluate the situation, and his eyes widened slightly at Amber's words, knowing the deputy might end up in a tad of trouble. Abheek kneeled down in front of Khaft, and though he was rather large, his cautious and soft movements made him seem gentler. "Are you alright?" His tone was quiet and comforting, even if he didn't have much of a relationship with the foal. He tilted his head forward slightly, just barely touching his nose to the foal's forehead in a reassuring manner.

Abheek slowly stood up again and turned to Brunhild. "We should find some clean water to rinse off your leg, wouldn't be able to pull off heroic foal rescues if it gets infected." He said to her, the corner of his mouth tugging up ever so slightly.

Celosia Astra/Female Yearling/1/Mentions: Brunhild, Khaft, Amber

Astra turned her head just in time to see her older sister rush into the water to safe Khaft, and ran after her, standing in the muddy shoreline as Brunhild got the foal onto land, and watched the water carefully for return of danger. After a moment, Astra turned to Khaft and pushed her forehead into the filly's side. "Are you hurt?" She asked anxiously. However, her body stiffened as the deputy spoke.

Astra turned very slowly towards the mare, her head held high and her ears pinned back. "Last time I checked, you aren't the foal's family or the lead mare," She said, her voice threatening. "So speak to my sister or any foal that doesn't belong to you like that again and I will personally take it up with my parents about lowering your station and having you at the back of the herd, just for the sake of watching you become kitty food." She said, her tone becoming lower and angrier with each word, no longer caring if she was being harsh or not.

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