Leopard Lover
05:36:18 Leopard, LL
And the fact that I need another expansion xD
Leopard Lover
05:35:53 Leopard, LL
Good luck with that c:

Breeding specialization gives me 3 extra spaces :)
Serial Dreamer
Watercliff, extra spaces from the Breeding Specialisation. It's a Premium feature.
Blitzen's Rein
05:35:34 Nebula's Reign ||

I need thoughts on a Work-in-Progress Equestrian Adoptable shop.

Anyone mind helping? :3
05:35:00 Toby / Juicy
Overall Space left in this den: -2 spots for wolves.

Leopard, how?
Serial Dreamer
Leopard, thanks! Here's hoping I can start rebuilding my pack now :'D

Desti, sounds good. Hope you can get some rest. <3
Destinations End
05:34:14 Desti
Anywho. Night guys
05:34:01 Merry Sithmas
Nah. I just need the apples to make my next custom and there wasn't much competition this FMC
Destinations End
05:33:45 Desti
Awesome ^^

I only won 500 mushrooms xD
Snow Moon
05:33:43 Aziraphale
I got three apples, not bad! Now I only need 6 more for premium. Too bad apples are so expensive-
05:33:26 Hollow | Silver
Good night. I hope you can sleep well.
05:33:03 Hollow | Silver
Wheeze, we all know you're better than me no need to brag xD
Destinations End
05:32:49 Desti
I'm so exhausted and sleepy...
I think I'm going to head off to try getting back to sleep...
05:32:31 Merry Sithmas
I got 12 apples from FMC :D Its my best yet ^^
05:31:52 Hollow | Silver
Oh, nice. I got 1500 mush from the FMC
Leopard Lover
05:31:25 Leopard, LL
Congrats on them both! :)
Serial Dreamer
My Alpha pair finally had a DH pup, too. This one doesn't look great but he's heavy and has excellent affinity, so I'll keep him.
-WP Click-
Destinations End
05:23:58 Desti
Yeah, it really does. :)
Serial Dreamer
Desti, right? When I saw her in pup pose I though the red merle shoulder was going to look awkward, I usually prefer it on lighter wolves, but it actually looks fine in AF. ^^
Destinations End
05:21:25 Desti
Ooh. She really is pretty


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Bliss-Supernatural & Human (Rebooted)(RPG Thread) July 5, 2019 04:44 PM

Posts: 4510
Bliss-Supernatural & Human RP Thread

Warden: Played by Candor (Back up Warden played by SkyRoses)




Top Dog:

Jinx(Jinx)/F/Hybrid Shapeshifter/ 16/ Broken and Alone


Alpharius(none)/M/Demon/371/ The Gods of Chaos

Cana(Raksha)/F/Vampire werewolf hybrid/17/BlackNight

Unknown(Mamba)/M/Unknown/Unknown/Alpha Frost

Verek'm(The Exile)/M/17/ Cardinal

Vesta(Demon of the River)/F/River Kitsune/15/Eclipse Howlers



Jack(Lightning Jack)/F/Werewolf/Werecheetah hybrid/19/The Moon Alpha (escaped)


Lynn(Lynx)/F/were-lynx/shifter/angel/19/The Circle of Death

Refis(The Storm Caller)/M/Thunder kitsune/20/Eclispe Howlers

Hidora(Takusan no Hito)/M/Hydra shifter/21-Unknown/King Of The Monsters


Luna(Midnight Streak)/F/Werewolf/21/ The Moon Alpha (escaped)

Unknown(Wolf)/F/Werewolf/demon/shifter/18/The Circle of Death (escaped)

Chaos(Discord)/M/Griffin/19/Candor (escaped)

Khione(Amphitrite Wyvern)/F/Demi goddess/dragon/19/Candor

Curse(Cursed Soul)/F/Wolf shifter/16/Broken and Alone


Lilly Ritter Clearwater(Ritter)/F/Shapeshifter/14/206/


Annabelle(Angel)/F/Angel/Werewolf hyrbid/14/ Red Wood Pack

Lilly(Lillian)/F/Shifter/13/Broken and Alone

Violet(Fierce Violet)/F/Shifter/13/Broken and Alone

Jewel(Star Diamond)/F/Shifter/14/Broken and Alone


Orchid(Poison Flower)/F/werewolf/shifter/witch/5/The Circle of Death

Lucas(Water Boy)/M/angel/leopard/human/6/SkyRoses


Cielo sabbath(Paralysis)/M/sleep paralysis demon/17/StrawberryMilk
Sauda/F/Cerberus/Kitsune hybrid/20 Abandon hasn't finished it yet


RP Rules

-All usual WP rules
-You must be semi-literate, so we can understand what you are saying.
-Please write 3+ sentences in a post.
-Please post every two to three days
-Put Cockatiel in other if you read the rules
-Don't make a character so powerful that no one can beat it.
-These guys are supposed to be fighting, so please be okay with that. (The violence to me has never been disturbing, so it's never been an issue, but I thought I'd warn some people)
-Notify me if you are leaving or going to quit
-Notify me if you are going to be gone for 3+ days
- ask permission before becoming a brook, child or top dog
- If you are a newcomer to the Arena, you can't replace the top dog
-As many characters as you feel that you can handle
-Since there isn't a character limit, (This rp can use as many characters as people who sign up) you don't need to reserve unless you want to be the top dog.
If you ask to be the top dog, you need to be active

Have fun

<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">
This was taken from another RPGsite, all credit goes to them for coming up with the idea (the account isunnamed, as it has since been deleted).

Edited at July 14, 2019 02:49 PM by Candor
Bliss-Supernatural & Human (Rebooted)(RPG Thread) July 5, 2019 04:44 PM

Posts: 4510

Inmates are leaving their cells and going to the cafeteria.

Edited at July 7, 2019 02:20 PM by Candor
Bliss-Supernatural & Human (Rebooted)(RPG Thread) July 7, 2019 02:22 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Moon / F / Inmate

*Moon walked behind the others, Kai close behind her. Moon’s yellow eyes were dull and emotionless.*
“Stupid prison...” *Moon muttered under her breath*
Bliss-Supernatural & Human (Rebooted)(RPG Thread) July 7, 2019 02:22 PM

The Moon Alpha
Posts: 2388

*she wakes up and yawns while stretching*"Good mornin' fellow Brooks!"
Bliss-Supernatural & Human (Rebooted)(RPG Thread) July 7, 2019 02:32 PM

The Circle Of Death
Posts: 2419
Unknown// Shifter-Demon-Werewolf // Female // Brook

She left her cell, quietly following the inmates a small smile on her almost pale face. Her eyes glowed in the dim light of the jail. She walked behind another prisoner, her eyes set on the number on their back.
Bliss-Supernatural & Human (Rebooted)(RPG Thread) July 7, 2019 02:32 PM

Posts: 4510

He saunters into the cafeteria, and gets in line. He is a strict carnivore, so he liked to get in line and get as much meat as he could. He was always dismayed, when there wasn't any meat. "Good morning Luna," he waves.
Bliss-Supernatural & Human (Rebooted)(RPG Thread) July 7, 2019 02:34 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0

*Moon sat down at the corner table and laid her head down, she wasn’t going to eat. She turned into her wolf form, and fixed her eyes on Kai, narrowed*

*Kai stood at the doors and watched the creatures eat, he glanced at Moon and lowered his ears and looked back*
Bliss-Supernatural & Human (Rebooted)(RPG Thread) July 7, 2019 02:34 PM

The Gods of Chaos
Posts: 13063

He sat alone at a small table. The surface and bench were scratched and dented horrendously. His meal was a thankfully flavorless brick of protein and vitamins, greyish-brown in coloration. Nowhere near enough to be satisfying, of course, but just enough to keep him alive. The demon glared around the room, passing over the least human quickly and lingering most on the heavily armored guards in the room.
Bliss-Supernatural & Human (Rebooted)(RPG Thread) July 7, 2019 02:37 PM

The Circle Of Death
Posts: 2419
Wolf/Unknown// Shifter-Demon-Werewolf // Female // Brook // Mentions: N/A

She took a tray, and she put whatever food looked best, sitting down at a table by herself. She began to eat, most of the food tasteless, the adrenaline of the fight surging through her veins . She couldn't wait until she could kill something, it was fun killing her opponent, slowly.. She looked up, hearing others talking.

Edited at July 7, 2019 02:39 PM by The Circle Of Death
Bliss-Supernatural & Human (Rebooted)(RPG Thread) July 7, 2019 02:44 PM

The Moon Alpha
Posts: 2388
*she smiled brightly at Chaos and grabbed mostly meat and an apple, sitting next to Chaos*"Hey! How did you sleep?"

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