Sassy Otaku
09:27:35 Salty Canadian
I might have to start training random wolves to be battle wolves so that I can sell them later
Or I can just try drawing more often
Pet Silmatary
09:27:33 Silly
Kind of rings a bell I think? I don't have the best memory. I used to be Silver Lined ^^
I think It was Cedar Den Pack, or something similar. I was known as Ceedy! :)
09:26:18 SpiderPlant
What was your pack name in 2014 Aconite???
09:26:12 Star or starilight
09:26:05 Tae/DH Queen
Someone send help. The group project is going to kill me ;-;
Thank you! Now I've got to catch up on all I missed!
09:25:49 Star or starilight
09:25:35 TS
ET. ;-;
Allied Forces
09:25:32 Spelling Police
Hi Aven!
Pet Silmatary
09:25:14 Silly
Welcome back to wp, aconite. Nice to see oldies come back ^^
09:25:01 SpiderPlant
Hello guys!
09:24:56 Warriors of Dawn
Yeah, I loved her. She was like a mother to me. I loved her like my daughter.
09:24:54 Eternity, ET
Heck-- I'm sorry-
Asera nuu
Hello everyone! Boy has it been awhile! I used to be den 1420 XD
09:24:28 TS
ET. but... Asera.. ;; i going to cry again
09:24:08 Star or starilight
Awe she's lovely I'm sorry ):
09:23:59 Eternity, ET
I steal all the vitis.
09:23:37 TS
Please sorry
09:23:18 Warriors of Dawn
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Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread June 17, 2019 02:43 AM

Posts: 883
Your parents have decided to send you to a ranch for the summer, to 'connect with the wilderness' or some other excuse. Whitewillow Ranch is where you're going. It's about twenty minutes away from Chesterfield, Missouri. It's secluded in every way possible, there's no people around and the nearest neighboring ranch is fifteen minutes away. On most days, it's incredibly hot, the sun always shines and there's little to no rain. You've tried to talk them out of it, but they didn't relent. So now, here you are, standing in the summer heat and bracing yourself for the unforeseeable future.


1. Nagi Arrowmoor- 18- Straight- Pride Klaw
2. Bobby Goren- 17- Straight- Werewolf
3. Felix Grieves- 17- Bi- LunarCry
4. Kian Goller- 17- Homo- The Gates Of Hell
5. Soren Febland- 18- Bi- Diviena


1. Charlie Karson- 16- Straight- AlbinoPupper
2. Summer Goren- 16- Pan- MysticWalkers
3. Emma Faye Falkov- 18- Demi- Burning Phoenix
4. Kaylen Taylor- 17 1/2- Straight- DarkShadows
5. Azula Sizsi- 16- Bi- RoseKatt


**Role-Play Rules**
What IS allowed--

-Kissing, hugging (light things like that)

What ISN'T allowed--

-Explicit scenes
-Harming another character without the player's consent


-Follow ALL of Eve's rules
-Write at least five sentences
-Have proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation

***I control night and day***

*Ranch Rules*

-No cellphones or any other type of technology
-You must get your chores done BEFORE anything else
-You must have three meals a day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner
-No wasting food
-Clean up after yourself
-Be respectful
-Being mean/bullying will NOT be tolerated
-Chore days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

**Chore Schedules!**

Nagi Arrowmoor and Charlie Karson: Clean out the stables every other morning. Feed and water the horses every morning and let them out into the pasture.

Bobby and Summer Goren: Feed and water the horses every night. Every two days, clean the horses and their tack.

Felix Grieves and Emma Falkov: Tackle the house chores, this means clean the living room, the kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms. Take turns with dishes.

Kian Goller and Kaylen Taylor: Keep the pastures clean at the end of every chore day, clean out the horse trailers and refill the water trough in the pastures every day.

Soren Febland and Azula Sizsi: In charge of laundry and groceries. Keep note of everyone's allergies, if they have any.

**Day Schedule**

-Wake up at 5:00 a.m and be ready by 6:00 a.m and in the main house ready for breakfast

-If it's a chore day, start on your chores and do them correctly. If it's a free day, then you're permitted to lounge around or relax unless something comes up

-Join everyone in the main house for lunch at 12:30 and then go back to chores or your free day

-At 7:00 p.m join everyone in the main house for dinner

-8:00 p.m is downtime, that means you're showered and ready for bed. You should be sleeping by 9:00

Notes: Each day, Charlie Karson and Emma Falkov will be in charge of cooking the meals along with Kaylen Taylor.

**Assigned Horses**

Charlie Karson- An all black male 3 year old Clydesdale named Deputy

Summer Goren- A pitch black 4 year old male friesian named Diesel

Emma Falkov- A 2 year old black female friesian with a white mane named Velvet

Kaylen Taylor- A 5 year old dapple gray warmblood gelding named Blazer

Azula Sizsi- A 6 year old female chestnut American Paint with black and white markings named Meadow

Nagi Arrowmoor- A 5 year old male sorrel Shire named Tank

Bobby Goren- A male liver chestnut mustang named Dice

Felix Greives- A 3 year old buckskin mustang gelding named Whiskey

Kian Goller- A 3 year old male chestnut Clydesdale named Memphis

Soren Febland- A 7 year old female liver quarter horse named Kleo

Edited at June 17, 2019 05:02 AM by AlbinoPupper
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread June 17, 2019 02:49 AM

Posts: 883
An older woman, about 35, with long black hair pulled into a ponytail and tan skin stood in front of the teenagers, a welcoming smile on her face. Her straight white teeth gleamed a bit in the blazing sun. "Hello children" she started, a southern drawl thick in her voice, "I'm Monica, the owner here at Whitewillow Ranch. I don't know if any of you have experience with country life, but from this day on, for the rest of the summer, you'll learn. Now, first things first, hand over your phones." She ordered, holding out a clear container for them to put their phones in. After they did, she put a lid on the container. "No electronics for your whole stay." She said with a wide smile. "Second things second, the girls will be sharing a room as well as the boys. The girls get to choose their room first and then the boys. The rooms I have are quite large," she said gesturing to the huge house sitting behind her. "I will give you the rest of this weekend to accommodate yourselves. Tomorrow we'll be up bright and early to meet your horses. After you've unpacked your stuff, you can look on the refrigerator to see the rules and chores." She said with a smile. "Now skedaddle," she said.

***You may now post!!***

Name // Gender // Age // Sexuality // Mentions

Edited at June 17, 2019 06:14 AM by AlbinoPupper
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread June 17, 2019 07:19 AM

Posts: 380
Soren Febland // Male // 18 // Bisexual // Mentions: Other teenagers, Monica

Sora stood a bit further from the other teenagers and looked around nervously. He was kind of annoyed since he had already planned to spend the summer with his friends and now all those plans were ruined. Now he was supposed to spend the summer in the middle of nowhere.
Sora sighed and turned to look at the woman who was still explaining something to them. Do we really have to give away our phones? The thought of not being able to even text his friends made him even more frustrated. He looked at the woman for a second before hesitantly putting his phone into the container.
After the explanation Sora swiftly picked up all his stuff and started heading towards the house behind Monica. I hope that the rooms have working air conditioning. It's so hot I can't stand it. He thought and placed his stuff neatly close to the front door and waited for the girls to come choose their room.
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread June 17, 2019 07:38 AM

Posts: 883
Charlie Karson // Female // 16 // Straight // M: Teenagers, Monica

Charlie stood there looking pissed off. It was like a hundred degrees out here, wherever 'here' was. She had tried to talk her parents out of making her come here, but of course they didn't give in. Her parents wouldn't tell her the exact reason she was here, but she already knew. They wanted her to get away from the city because of her fighting. It was constant, most of the time she started them and over petty reasons. The only thing she could agree with her parents on is the fact that she needed to get away from the people there.

When Monica had the container by her she carelessly dropped her flip phone in it. By the surprised look on Monica's face, it hadn't been expected. Charlie wasn't exactly the electronic type. If anything, she hated that people were always on their phones. She'd never admit it, but that's the reason she fights. She scoffed slightly and walked in the huge house, clutching her bookbag that held her things. She decided she'd choose a room and that the girls would have to suck up. She chose the largest room that had multiple beds. Choosing the farthest bed, she put her stuff down and sat on it.
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread June 17, 2019 09:35 AM

Posts: 380
Soren Febland // Male // 18 // Bisexual // Mentions: Charlie

Sora looked around the house and was just about to sit down when he noticed a girl walking in one of the rooms. Well, I guess that means this will be our room then. He shrugged as he walked into the other room.

The room was spacious and it looked comfortable enough to stay in. After looking around for a while Sora walked to the farthest bed in the room and placed his stuff on it. He felt a bit dizzy, probably due to the hot air. He never really enjoyed being in hot places and the sun didn't make him feel any better. He picked up his water bottle and drank some water before starting to look for some lighter clothing from his bag.

After he found his t-shirt and shorts he swiftly changed his clothes before walking back outside.
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread June 17, 2019 09:49 AM

Pumpkin Petals
Posts: 9231
Azula Sizsi // Female // 16 // Bisexual // Mentions: Teenagers, Monica

Azula took a deep breath, and looked around. She was in the middle of nowhere with more teenagers, and no other people in sight. Well, except for Monica. Azula didn't really hate this. She just mildly disliked this. She never really was a 'people person', and preferred to keep to herself. Her parents thought if she got away from the city, she would be able to be more confident. Well, jokes on them. She already is very confident. Maybe.

She dropped her phone in the container Monica held, and walked inside. She watched a girl go into a room, and followed. The room was very big and had a ton of beds. Azula looked around the room, eager to start sleeping there with her fellow female teens. She found a bed that looked perfect for her, and dropped her stuff on it. She took a deep breath, and walked back outside.
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread June 17, 2019 11:19 AM

Posts: 883
Charlie Karson // Female // 16 // Straight // M: Teenagers, Monica

Charlie removed her leather jacket since it was way too hot and was left clad in a white t-shirt and ripped up jeans. She quickly threw her first hair into a messy ponytail and walked downstairs and back outside. She glared at a few of the teenagers she passed. She went back to her original spot and waited for a moment or two before Monica came back out holding a paper in her hand.

"Scratch that," Monica said, holding the paper. "I'll just tell you." After she read the rules to everybody, twice, she started listing off the chores. "Nagi Arrowmoor and Charlie Karson, you guys are to clean out the stables every chore day; this includes mucking out the stalls, replacing hay, ect. You are also to feed and water the horses every morning. You also have to let them out into the pasture." She explained and then went on. "Bobby and Summer Goren, you are to feed and water the horses every night. And every two days clean the horses and their tack. Felix Greives and Emma Falkov, you two have to tackle house chores; this means the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and take turns with dishes. Kian Goller and Kaylen Taylor, you are to, at the end of every chore day, clean out the pastures, and clean out the horse trailers. You have to refill the pastures water trough every day. Soren Febland and Azula Sizsi, you are in charge of the laundry and groceries, you have to keep track of everyone's allergies, if they have any. "

"Chore days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The other days you have off unless something comes up." She said before she started handing everyone day schedules along with their chore schedules. "Be up bright and early tomorrow, we have to introduce you to your horses! The rest of the day is yours!"

Charlie huffed but didn't expect any better. Of course they'd put her on horse shit duty. She couldn't help the snicker that passed her lips as she thought about it again. She shook her head with a slight smile on her face.

Edited at June 17, 2019 11:21 AM by AlbinoPupper
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread June 17, 2019 01:00 PM

Hallow Klaw
Posts: 3116
Nagi Arrowmoor II Male II 18 II Straight II M: Teenagers, Monica

Nagi sighed a little, course him and this other boy would have to do a lot of work in the morning. Dropping his phone carefully in a container that Monica held he thought about how they paired them with horses. He wasn't sure what to do now, everyone had gotten their beds chosen, the rules read to them, and now assigned chores. He knew how to handle with fussy horses since his own horse back at home Crow used to be one but really, now he had to take everyone's horse out into the pasture, along with feeding them, and mucking out their stalls, to him, it felt a little much but he didn't mind. Hope my parents know how to handle Crow... Crow was an interesting horse. He got fussy when he was irritated and didn't get fed and bucked if you didn't hold your hands the right way when riding him. He was surprised he could even handle the stallion but the boy seemed to have a soft spot for him for some reason and Nagi loved Crow so it all worked out.
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread June 17, 2019 01:29 PM

Posts: 380
Soren Febland // Male // 18 // Bisexual // Mentions: Teenagers, Monica

Sora listened closely as Monica told them about their chores. He sighed as he heard what chores were assigned to him. Laundry and groceries? And why was it on him to ask if anyone was allergic to something? Well, there was nothing he could do about it now.

And what about Azula Sizsi? He had never heard that name before. How was he supposed to find out who she was? He certainly didn't want to go walk around asking everyone who they were. He started walking back to the house. Well, surely he would find out who this Azula person is while doing chores.

Sora walked straight back to his bed and sat down. He tried to look for his phone when he remembered that he had given it to Monica not so long ago. He sighed and decided to take a small nap. He was pretty exhausted and it didn't take long for him to fall asleep.
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread June 17, 2019 01:36 PM

Posts: 883
Charlie Karson // Female // 16 // Straight // M: Teenagers, Monica

Charlie decided that exploring wouldn't do any harm. She slipped away from the strangers and in the direction of the large building that looked like the stables. As she got closer, she could hear the nickers of the horses; it sounded like they were conversing with each other. She's never seen a horse close up, after all, she did live in Chicago. Her eyes narrowed at the thought of that ratchet city. She lived in the bad part of the city, in a ratty old apartment. Her mom had fixed it up though, so it only looked bad on the outside. "Well at least you don't have to go to therapy anytime soon." She muttered to herself.

Charlie quietly slipped into the stables. She looked at the horses in awe, they were such beautiful creatures. She walked up to a horse stall containing a particularly large horse. She lifted her hand and rubbed his face gently. She smiled and tilted her head. This was actually the closest she's gotten to any animal before.

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