05:50:16 anti-social soul

I haven't won any but I usually place around 10th in the howling portion, I want to try and participate in all of them this round

I'm really gonna work on improving my art over the next month so take your time ^^

Yin and Yang
05:49:28 #3 Floofin
Can someone PM me? Please be okay with me ranting. Anyways, how is everyone?
Forgotten Memories
05:49:19 Don't Judge, Accept
I mean, like i said before, Bear's getting there. :'(
Just A Dreamer
05:48:34 Chip
-WP Click-

This will forever be my favorite albino
Queen of War
05:48:07 Queen
Yup, I sure hope( maybe) an important wolf dies soon so they can Rest In Peace ( i don’t really)
Forgotten Memories
05:47:17 Don't Judge, Accept
Queen, and Bear's Useless kids!
Black Swan
05:47:14 Swan Swannity Swan
My favorites are these two special girls <3 The albino has a black undercoat, and the mela has a white undercoat
-WP Click-
-WP Click-
Blood Demons
05:46:53 Blood
Thanks I am defo gonna have to order a piece of art from you of her when I have mush as I spent my mush getting apples to make her. Good luck I won my first FMC hunting and spirit a few months ago it was amazing I didn't really care about the apples as much as I did about the trophies XD
Queen of War
05:46:47 Queen
You were really mean with Cole Jr!
Forgotten Memories
05:46:36 Don't Judge, Accept
this? -WP Click-
05:46:30 anti-social soul

Oh my
That's a lotta froges
Firren's Destiny
05:46:26 Fool,Fire,Ren
Omg Froge Mane died!?!
Just A Dreamer
05:46:20 Chip
That's what happened to me wayyy to many times
Forgotten Memories
05:46:15 Don't Judge, Accept
dang my links keep breaking, try this?
-WP Click-
Forgotten Memories
05:45:53 Don't Judge, Accept
-WP Click-
Just A Dreamer
05:45:53 Chip
-WP Click-

I wanna customize this viti girl but I dunno. I have another im hoping to get soon so it's like a very hard debate here
05:45:32 anti-social soul

Melas scare me
I always forget to check what their actual coats are and then am shooketh when I end up with flax pups out of a black wolf >>
Forgotten Memories
05:45:32 Don't Judge, Accept
Im mean with some of my emorials. -WP Click-
Black Swan
05:45:13 Swan Swannity Swan
R.I.P. Froge Man. Froge Man II will take up your mantle. Don't mind the long loading speed, you'll see why when it finishes
-WP Click-
Queen of War
05:44:38 Queen
Now I’m really worried about spending my last apple.


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The large tiebeten male laid strechtd out on his side by the dumpsters. His golden eyes scanned lazily among the trees watching squrriels scurry across the green grass. Kuroo stomach growled at the sight and he unwillingly ascended to his sandbrown paws and crawled out of a abandon shed within a park. He shook his thick onyx colored pelt, Kuroo Maliciously turned his hazelnut~red face toward a inoccent ususpecting rabbit that just happen to be eating the leaves of a bush 4-5 foxlengths infront of him.

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