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10:58:46 death boi
@blue rock

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i need help on her
i don't know who she looks like
The Magma Kingdom
10:58:06 Sukii

Where are they.
Nico The Ghost King
10:57:50 death boi
@blue rock

i will let you know
Dark Moonruler
10:57:24 King Boo
That's funny XD
Blue Rock Pack
10:57:06 Blue, Blue Rock
Let me know if you need help XD
Dulling Melodies
10:56:51 I like rocks uwu
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vote or say goodbye to kneecap privileges
10:56:25 Ancient Demon
all good and alright. Bye Makoto :)
Dark Moonruler
10:56:09 King Boo
Ahuhuhu i dunno why i did that XD
-A s a h i-
10:55:56 ~Country Shai~
Somebody sent this to me-

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Dark Moonruler
10:55:51 King Boo
10:55:48 WK | Wolf | Konda |
ok i thought that would be best since spring is coming up soon
eclipse walkers
10:55:27  me is bisexual
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10:54:58 Maka
Sorry, I poofed for a minute.
I honestly don't know why I find math fun. I guess it might be because it challenges me?

I think I'm going to hop off for a while :)
Nico The Ghost King
10:54:42 death boi
i just now realized this will be harder then i thought
Nico The Ghost King
10:54:06 death boi
im doing it

it must happen for the greater goo of my pack
Blue Rock Pack
10:53:38 Blue, Blue Rock
Nico The Ghost King
10:52:58 death boi
should i change my wolves names to percy jackson characters?
Wolves of Gilneas
10:52:44 Evalupa
All these hellhounds keep running away.

Pfft. Cowards.
Nico The Ghost King
10:51:10 death boi
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nico is the best
10:51:03 Ancient Demon
he is a cute pup. Start training him now before letting him go


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The Streets of London ~~ Stray Dog RP thread September 8, 2020 11:59 PM

Meian the Malevolent
Forum Moderator
Posts: 1679
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You're in the streets of London 1910, a stray dog with nothing on your mind but food, water, shelter, and avoiding the dog catchers.

With the city realizing there is a stray dog problem, they have doubled the numbers of dog catchers, all targeting any dog walking the streets without a collar. The Back Streets pack has taken it upon themselves to protect all other strays, even 'Impures' (lone strays), avoid the dog catchers. Will they succeed? Or will the humans win this battle?


- Plot
- Rules (RP and Pack)
- Roles
Discussion: Click
Sign-ups: Clickety

Head your posts with:

character name// age// gender// role// mentions:

Edited at September 9, 2020 12:05 AM by Meian
The Streets of London ~~ Stray Dog RP thread September 8, 2020 11:59 PM

Meian the Malevolent
Forum Moderator
Posts: 1679
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1. Naturally, follow all of Eve's rules.
2. Absolutely no godmodding! Do not control another persons characters, or anything of that sort!
3. No love at first sight, or having your own characters fall in love.
4. This is literate. This means at least 2 paragraphs per reply, preferrably. We understand writers block, but the rest of us need something to reply to.
5. Do not argue with me or another member of the RP. Keep all drama in the RP none of it OOC. If you have an issue with someone, PM me and we will sort it out.
6. You have three strikes and "you're out". If you break the rules more than three times, I reserve the right to remove you and your character from the RP.
7. Ask before killing or injuring a character that is not your own. They are not yours to control.
8. When you're fighting, give others a chance to respond. It's no fun when you immediately say you pinned someone. On that note, be realistic with it! A housedog isn't going to be able to beat a large stray with fighting experience!
9. Don't be "that person" and make your character always disobey the rules or ignore the higher-ups.
10. Seeing as school is upon us, I only expect 2 replies weekly, but would appreciate more.
11. Finally, and most importantly, have fun! That's what RPs are here for!
Back Streets Pack Rules:
1. Do not disobey the leader or officer. Their word is final.
2. Any dog may challenge for the leader position, although losing the fight will get you banned from the pack
4. Punishments range in severity depending on what the leader and officer see fit.
5. Leaders decision is final, arguing against this is considered disobeying them.
7. Spotting loner strays, or owned dogs without a human, upon our territory must be reported immediately to the leader or officer.
8. If you do leave the pack, do not expect to be welcomed back. You will be treated as an enemy, a stranger, and an outsider.
10. The pack is your non-blood family. You are protect them as if they are all you have, because they are. You must put disagreements behind you in the battlefield, survival of the pack comes before petty behavior.
11. No interactions with those outside the pack, unless they started it.
12. New recruits must be put through a test that the leader and officer see fit. They must pass this test if they wish to join the pack.

Edited at September 9, 2020 12:04 AM by Meian
The Streets of London ~~ Stray Dog RP thread September 9, 2020 12:01 AM

Meian the Malevolent
Forum Moderator
Posts: 1679
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Back Streets Pack:


Appollo | male | 6 | Meian


Tika | female | 4 | The Great Pumpkin


Juniper | female | 4 1/4 | Killers Secrets
Steele | male | 3 1/2 | Killers Secrets
Malice | male | 4 | ~ Toxic Vipers ~
Basil | male | 4 | Grimm
Kuroo | male | 1.7 | Sasuke_Uchiha
Remedy | female | 4 years 5 months | Xuân


Eggy | male | 2 months | legendary pumpkin


Kairos | male | 6 | wolf.
Broken | female | 3 | PoisonedLove
Winona | female | 3 1/2 | WolvenWraith


Dove | female | 5.5 | Meian
Gratia | female | 3 | ~ Toxic Vipers ~

Edited at September 9, 2020 12:09 AM by Meian
The Streets of London ~~ Stray Dog RP thread September 11, 2020 10:28 AM

Meian the Malevolent
Forum Moderator
Posts: 1679
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Apollo// 6// male// leader// M: open

Apollo lay in the shade of a parked car, his icy blue eye scanning the cobblestone street. He watched as the occasional horse-drawn carriage and car went past him, and sighed. He wondered where his pack were at this moment, and how many of those he had assigned to patrolling were actually doing their jobs. He expected that some of them were still sleeping, though the sun had already made itself known above the horizon to the east.

The one-eyed male crawled out from under the car towards the sidewalk. Shaking himself off, he looked to his right as he walked, noticing all the good foods through the windows of the shops. There were a few buildings with shelves of food outside the doors as well, but those always had men who eyed every stray in passing. Apollo averted his gaze, cursing his watering mouth and rumbling stomach. Perhaps he could find something good at the park. Many people sat there at this time of morning to enjoy a good breakfast before work. Apollo gave a decisive nod, heading south toward the park.

Dove// 5.5// female// member// M: open

Yawning, Dove stretched in her soft, warm bed. Her still groggy eyes gazed around the house as she stood, once again stretching luxuriously. The delicious smell of toast and scrambled eggs wafted towards her delicate nose. Dove wagged her feathered tail slowly in excitement, and walked towards the kitchen. Her owners sat at the table already, her master crunching on toast while the mistress poured herself a cup of tea. Dove sat strait, he beautiful appearance making her begging even more effective. Eventually, her master sighed and handed her a small piece of toast. Dove took it gently before chewing, swallowing, licking his hand, and then turning to go outside.

Once she was outside, Dove sniffed around briefly before walking towards her short fence, which was made of intricate metal designs. She looked through it, watching horses and cars pass on the street. Seeing an alley cat, she whimpered, and backed away from the fence. She told herself that the cat wouldn't even want to hurt her, and it couldn't if it tried. Yet, she couldn't help that she was scared of cats. They had claws, teeth, and made a horrible noise when they were scared. Dove shivered as she imagined the hiss, then she turned and went to lie down in the shade of the maple tree in her front yard.

The Streets of London ~~ Stray Dog RP thread September 11, 2020 12:55 PM

Posts: 2713
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Broken/3/Female/Impure/Mentions: Open

Broken blinked sleep from her eyes, wishing the sun would just go away so she could sleep longer. However, she knew it wouldn't, so she slowly stood up, yawning as she stretched. She had gotten in another fight last night, luckily she had been able to escape to many wounds, but there was a shallow decent-sized gash on her side that she knew would probably be a nuisance for a few days. Broken cleaned away the blood from her fur before the situation the little fluff she had to cover the wound that had luckily stopped bleeding through the night.

Broken was growing hungry though, and wasn't really in the mood to try and catch a rat, that was the cat's job. She sighed and moved through the dark alleyways towards the park, maybe she could find a rabbit or a sympathetic human to keep her satisfied, as long as she didn't come across one of those pesky pack dogs, they always seemed to be getting in the middle of her and her food, just because she didn't want to join them, maybe it was her fault, as she didn't often stay outside the borders if she had things to do inside them, but food is food.

The Streets of London ~~ Stray Dog RP thread September 11, 2020 01:30 PM

The Great Pumpkin
Posts: 2247
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Tika// 4// female// officer// mentions:Open
Tika woke up and stretched. Based on the sun she was late. "Wake up come on. We have jobs to do." She shouted, She needed the pack to wake up before Apollo came back. "Grab some food, drink some water and get moving." She shook her fluffy brown fur and went to the lake to take a quick bath.

She cleaned off the dirt buried in her fur and played with the fish before remebering she too had a job to do. She jumped up and dried herself. She grabbed a plump rabbit that was hunted yesterday and devoured it.

Edited at September 11, 2020 01:35 PM by The Great Pumpkin
The Streets of London ~~ Stray Dog RP thread September 11, 2020 02:02 PM

Posts: 2614
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Female | 4 years 5 months | SMember | M: Pack

She looked around disdainfully, her white pelt slightly disheveled from her sleep. Remedy looked around to see no one alive in the god-forsaken place. Her stomach made a small protest and she rolled her eyes, standing up. As she did she heard a faint rustling and click, like claws on the floor. She looked to see Apollo in the distance, the leader of her group. She leaned back against the tree in which she was hiding, her bright blue eyes flashing brilliantly. He trotted away, slipping out from under the car with his one-eye. She turned around and disappeared into the shadows, heading to where the brunt of the pack was sleeping.

She ran down the lenth of the street, dodging carriages and annoying humans. As she slipped into the clearing, Tika woke up and started shouting about doing jobs. She yelled something about food, water, and moving. Remedy smirked and whatched the younger female fumble about as if she were late. The officer trotted to the lake and tok a bath, scrubbing off dirt and playing with fish like a pup. Then she whirled around and snapped up a rabbit in her jaws. Remedy's own stomach whined in protest at the plump prey, but she resisted. She always ate around midday, and never too early. It was just a thing she had been taught as a young one.

Remedy stepped back silently and surveyed the pack. They wouldn't need her. She turned around and began down the same path she had, quite literally, just ran down. Her paws gently touched the floor, boosting her all the way along. She whipped to the right and into a familiar alley. Remedy slowed down and shrugged lightly. May as well start patrolling. Everything seemed to be blurring by quickly and she trotted down the length of the building, taking turns left and right based off of memory. The scent of dogs, pets, and cats littered the entired place and she wrinkled her nose. Humans. They spoiled everything. Why couldn't they leave anything alone? They even had to go exploring a dark, disgusting alley. Imbeciles.

A squeak sounded and echoed. Remedy continued along the path, ignoring the small creature that had made the sound. Her tail swung through the breeze, slowly making it's way back and worth. She breathed and the aroma of flowers and spring whiffed into her nose. She smiled softly, before the expressoin vanished off her face. Remedy continued, hoping she would run into something that could cure her boredom.

The Streets of London ~~ Stray Dog RP thread September 11, 2020 02:54 PM

Posts: 1627
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Male | 6 | Impure | Mentions: OPEN

"Stay quiet, Kairos," he muttered to himself. Each step was inching towards death itself. His scrawny frame revealing defined ribs, his fur covered in mud and dirt. Nothing seemed to be as painful compared to this, and Kairos couldn't help but simply fall silent. His vision was slowly becoming more and more blurry within the moment. He hadn't ate anything for days, water was becoming more scarce. Kairos was simply becoming sick. His head pounded, and wanting to stay quiet as all he had prayed for.

The male had stopped, his long claws dragging on the pavement below him. He sighed softly, turning into an alleyway that would hide him from humans. The things that had rejected him many times for no apparent reason. Kairos couldn't help but feel disgusted at the thought of the humans. Some were longing for a pet, but taking one off the street? Kairos found it quite stupid, actually. You would be helping an animal in need, he always thought. But no human would understand that, so Kairos had to learn everything else the hard way.

Kairos had spotted a garbage can, quickly trotting towards it. He placed his front paws at the top as he stood on his hind legs, moving back and allowing the can to fall forwards. His nose wrinkled as he spotted leftovers, and he quickly licked his chops as he spotted some chicken and pizza. Sure it was probably digusting and gross at this point, but it seemed like Kairos had no other choice if he wanted to continue to live. Kairos began to eat the bits of chicken had had taken out from the pile of the trash, soon followed by the half-eaten pizza and began feasting.

After moments of chewing, Kairos had finished everything within minutes. His stomach still growled at him, feeling as though it had grown angry at him. He huffed, sitting back down on his haunches and feeling his vision readjust. Kairos's head was still in pain, but he had to continue on. He rose to all four feet and continued on, looking around for other places he could have access to food.

Kairos inhaled the air around him, his dark nose wrinkling as his ears perked forwards and his head low. He was asserting dominance as the scent that had flooded his nose was unfamiliar and was in fact another dog, or maybe more. His senses were slowly disappearing with age, but Kairos was still able to manage.

(The dog(s) can be anyone ^^)
The Streets of London ~~ Stray Dog RP thread September 13, 2020 11:56 AM

Posts: 12
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Winona // 3 1/2 // Female // M: Kairos

Stomach grumbling is a real nuisance. Especially when you're trying to fall asleep. And then that terrible... squelching sound, and the pain that feels like your stomach is eating itself follows and wakes you right up. Every living thing's basic instinct is to survive. And to survive, you need to eat. But as a stray dog, with constant threats to your survival, food is normally the last thing on your mind. But for a loyal pet turned stray dog, it's the only thing distracting you from the horror and trauma of homelessness. At least, for Winona it was. She did not know how to hunt, and the more disheveled she became, the less likely people were to throw her food. It was all so frustrating. She had... a perfect life.. and just like that it was gone. The fur rug snatched right from under her pampered paws. She looked down at her paws. They were muddy and the fur was becoming matted. Her nails were a gross brown, and covered in muck. Her head hung low as she sat on her haunches between two dumpsters. It was her safe haven. Any hidden spot is a safe haven when you have a thretaned of: A) Being attacked by mean kids, B) Being shooed by adult humans, C) Being captured by the dog catchers, and every stray's favorite, D) Being attacked by other strays. Being on the run all day was so exhausting. She tried so many different strategies. Staying closer to the suburbs: she got chased out by adults. Staying closer to the parks: she got chased by pets and strays who claimed it as their territory. Alleys were alright if they were deep enough and had more than 2 points of exit. And of course, tons of crates and dumpsters to hide under.

But suddenly there was a new distraction, a sound of dragging claws and a putrid smell of garbage. At least it had sounded like claws, but there was definitely walking. She abruptly stood in case she had to run from a human who was bringing out the trash. She slinked to her left under a dumpster, and crawled on her belly to the other side. She waited for any other noise but realized the walking stopped. She feared she'd been spotted, and looked up in case they were already standing over her. But nothing. She decided to brave it and peer around the dumpster. She was shocked as she made out the silhouette of a large dog. Male, female, she wasn't sure. She just knew they were a stray and that was the scariest part. They were bent over, digging through scraps of human food and she realized she had the perfect opportunity to run. She pulled back behind her cover and thought to herself. She was so tired and weak she was scared she didn't have the strength to make it. That they'd spot her, chase her, and tear her to pieces. But it was now or never... She finally peeked around again, ready to turn tail and run. But of course, the dog was turned around and sniffing now. Probably smelling her. Her stomach did flips, and that feeling of dread was much worse than any hunger pain.

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The Streets of London ~~ Stray Dog RP thread September 13, 2020 08:14 PM

Killer Secrets
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Juniper | 4 1/2 | Members | Female | M: Open

Juniper opened her gaze, groaning. She rolled onto her feet, pushing herself up. She shook herself out, and she looked around. She flicked her ears up, and the feminine dog gazed around. She stretched out, her raising a bit. She looked around at her packmates, her gaze flicking about. Her gaze was warm and freidnly at the moment, and she turned to go out and walk.

She smoothed out her fur before she walked out from the alleyway and she yawned again, before going and running off to the park, in hopes of finding something to eat. She laid her ears against her head, and passing by humans yelled at her as she darted amongst them almost causing a few to trip.


Steele | 3 1/2 | Male | Member | M: Open

Steele crawled out form his sleeping place, the young male yawned, stretching. He cursed the sun for waking him as he walked out to find food, anything. His stomach rumbled, and he huffed. He hated that pang his stomach gave him, just to remind him for food.

Steele let out a smooth, soft growl. He was smaller than he looked, but was nimble and agile. He wasnt at his full strength at the moment, but he was a tough street dog. His hackles raised as he saw a cat, and he growled more. He shook his head, and turned back to what he was doing.

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