10:41:56 roll boi
*im doing in
10:41:47 Ancient Demon
who isn't? a fresh new year is one we need.
10:41:43 roll boi
the stuffidoin math is like

solve for x
solve for y
Book Bean
10:41:26 Semi Sad
can I skip to 2022 and just move in with my aunt already?
10:41:14 Maka
Yeah, I have a friend like that.
I don't love most math, I found algebra particularly fun.
Ninjago Realm
10:40:34 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@ Demon I hope next year is less like hell I mean half the USA is burning parts of my home state are burning Im wating for yellowstone to erupt
10:40:26 WK | Wolf | Konda |
right i'm so done with 2020
10:39:35 Ancient Demon
can 2021 already come and end 2020
Duskfall Hill
10:38:54 Dusky
I'm thinking of dropping the class. It's an elective and I can just choose another history class that isn't stupid
10:38:46 Ancient Demon
ah fair enough. I know that some people love all math for some reason
10:38:28 psst it's fawn
I feel that though. This year has been hell lol
Duskfall Hill
10:38:10 Dusky
I hate my history class. Usually I love history but it's self paced and it's just all journals. I have to do entire essays for just one question. No joke, she wants us to properly explain things. Bitch, they're definitions. I don't have to explain how cuneiform was invented
Ninjago Realm
10:37:45 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- Im making thses so if I get the dyes I just need to make a costom or find a wolf simar with a base coat this is Jay
Book Bean
10:37:38 Semi Sad
raven child

oh no! do you need blankets and cuddles?
10:37:01 theodora.png
aww! ive been quite heavlily loaded with school work, since the chnage. i havnt been able to put any time on htis..
10:36:58 Maka
I like some math. Some of it I despise

King boo
You're welcome :)
The Ravenborn
10:36:48 haha Agave go brrr
ugh, i feel sick

my body hurts
Dark Moonruler
10:36:17 King Boo
thank you ever so much
10:36:15 Ancient Demon
you like math?
10:36:13 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
Gemomtry was the worst as my techer was not that helpful now my algraba teachers both were great for 1 and 2 XD


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> Fighting At Sea - Literate - Roleplay < September 8, 2020 08:52 AM

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Your family decides to go on a cruise for vacation. You arrive and unpack, sharing a room with them. Everyone eats at the complimentary restaurant, the seafood being delicious. The cruise staff host a party, all of the workers giving you a side glance of pity. You decide to ignore it and enjoy the night, meeting new friends. Eventually everyone heads for their rooms, sleeping peacefully.

The next morning you awake to the comforting sound of splashing waves against the ship's hull. You yawn, stretchin as well and go to the bathroom, doing your daily morning business. When you finish, you walk back out and settle on your bed, changing into comfortable athletic wear. Something feels, off to you. Carefully you glance around, then it hits you. Your family is gone, and so is their belongings. Your face pales and you realize you need to get out of here.

You look around the room to see nothing useful, only a {insert random everyday object here} in the middle of the bare place on a small, wood bed-side table. You glance at it, standing up and heading for the door. You grip the handle and twist the knob, pulling at it. The door doesn't budge and you ram into it, but the door stands solidly. You step back, the ship swaying underneath your feet, rocking back and forth. You sigh and head back for your bed, plopping on it and pondering what to do next.

All of a sudden, the overhead speakers chime cheerily, a woman's voice happily announcing, "Alright passengers. You have each been separated to your own, personal rooms. Grab the item in the middle of your room and head for the doorway. It will soon open to let you out. And good luck. As of now you are fighting for your life and a way off this boat." The speakers make the chiming sound again, shutting off into static, then silence.

You grab your {insert random everyday object here}, holding it experimentally. You decide to listen to woman, heading for the door. It bangs open and you jump back, hearing voices of other passengers. Sounds of fear, excitement, some even shouting for blood. You clutch your {insert random everyday object here} tightly, glancing around. Why you? Fear finally sets in your gut and you steel yourself. Might as well try and suceed, or die knowing you actually tried.


You will learn what item you have when the RP spots are all filled up. I will put it next to your character and pm you just in case. For an idea, here are examples of some items you could recieve:

There are Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Weapon items. You will not recieve Weapon items, they will be hidden in spots. Not everyone gets it. Understand that. There are five Weapon items. If you kill someone, you take their item, or you may leave it for another combatant. Absolutely NO FIRE.

{5} Common Items (just items):

-7 Bars of Soap



-Large Pillow

-Lamp (no bulb or wire)

{3} Uncommon Items (items that have another purpose too {warmth, light, etc.}):



-Candle (no holder or fire)

{2} Rare Items:

-Metal Wire


Weapon Items:

There are only 5 of these ultra rare items. If you recieve a projectile, you will not recieve it's launcher/ gun and vice versa. All weapons are far away, separate and VERY well hidden. They won't be found until much later in the RP. The "crew" will make an announcement stating weapons are available, but hard to find. They could be under floorboards, in lights, even floating along with them at sea.


(no ammunition)

-5 ammo

(no gun)


(I will decide if it is a machete, dagger, blade, or normal knife)


(A bowl of poison; if you obtain the ammo/knife, you can dip those in this)


(This may be a double-sided if I choose so)

Extra Explanation:


There may be teaming up, though watch your back, someone may backstab you. If your character dies, I may assign you an NPC, though if that NPC dies, you are out. Or I might make other "levels", in which there are other fights on cruises or on land. I may even make a RP after all these "levels" and make the winners fight. Won't that be fun?

Not all these items are threatening or meant to kill, but you can still stun someone and strangle them. Something like that. And there is always your fists or throwing someone overboard. The lesson is, ALWAYS watch you back, and sleep with one eye open.




1. Avery Jamie Fletcher | 24 | Non-Binary | Pansexual | Xuân | Page 1

2. Irene Cardel | 21 | Female | Aromantic | Wings57 | Page 1

3. Quinn Ostar | 19 | Female | Lesbian | The Ravens Flight | Page 1

4. Name | Age | Gender | Sexuality | Who | Page #

5. Amara Meredith Gray | 23 | Female | Bisexual | wolf. | Page 3

6. Amber Marie O'Konnel | 17 | Female | Lesbian | MoonShadow Wolves | Page 2



Avery Fletcher - Flashlight (batteries included; fully charged, loses battery life quickly)

Irene Cardel - Lamp (no bulb, wires, or batteries; Common)

Quinn Ostar - Metal Wire (specifically copper)

Marcus Steele - Bible (a red bible, ripped and torn, but blessed with holy water and is quite heavy; felt cover)

Amara Gray - Blanket (made from sheep's wool; warm and thick)

Amber O'Konnel - Large Pillow (A large, downy pillow)



Good evening contestants. The doors are opening, and your life is now at risk for the entertainment and enjoyment of others. You now are fully at risk of dying. Thank you for cooperating, and enjoy your free sailing on Cargo Planes Express Cruise.







Edited at September 8, 2020 08:53 AM by Xuân
> Fighting At Sea - Literate - Roleplay < September 8, 2020 08:53 AM

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Everyone will be starting in their rooms, right as the plot ends. You are in your room with your item, other passengers shouting excitedly around you. You may hide in your room or flee, but protecting yourself and going outside is best.


It is around 99 degrees Fahrenheit, or around 37 degrees Celsius. The sun is high, and it is around noon. No clouds line the sky except for a stray 1 or 2. Seagulls and birds are gone, as well as many sea creatures. An occasional pod of dolphins or whales saunter by, but other than that, the boat is the only thing on the water. Speakers dot every hall and room, and cameras are everywhere for viewers. The crew's section is impossible to get to, and they sit eating popcorn, awaiting your pain.


Further note. The NPCs may have any item listed above EXCEPT the weapon ones, as they won't be unlocked until later on. You may interact with NPCs, but do NOT create new items that are not listed without asking and informing me first.


Thank you. And may your soul rest in peace.

Edited at September 8, 2020 09:02 AM by Xuân
> Fighting At Sea - Literate - Roleplay < September 8, 2020 10:42 AM

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Irene Cardel/21/Female/Lamp/Mentions: Open

The rocking and swaying of the boat did nothing to help Irene sleep and every time a large sound was made she'd spring right out of bed in a panic. Going on vacation was a bad idea she hadn't received a good night's rest since she arrived. Even though she was used to living on small amounts of sleep it was still vexing since she had hoped for rest on this cruise. There was nothing she could do but try to get as much sleep as possible. Though it was a surprise to find that she slept rather well this night. Maybe it was because she gorged herself on everything there like she hadn't eaten in weeks. MREs were alright but they had nothing on actual food. Perhaps eating everything made her drowsy? It was certainly a possibility and a welcomed one at that. Perhaps she would test that theory tonight? Though gaining weight for sleep wouldn't be a great pay off.

Waking up wasn't any trouble for her though she did feel a bit drowsy as she awoke may be another side effect of eating way too much? Her stomach would certainly agree to that. Walking over to the bathroom she did her daily things and running her head under cold water to wake herself up. Now with her blonde hair matted to her head, she reached for a towel to dry it but found none. Weird. "Hey dad, little bro, do you know where the towels are?" Popping her head out the door she looked around for them but found no one. Where were they? And what happened to all the cans of beer her father has been drinking? There was no way he would have woken up after drinking all that. And her brother wouldn't have left without saying something. There was something wrong here, she could feel it. Walking over to the door she tried her luck with opening it but found it unmoving. Just what was going on here!? Feeling a new surge of rage build up in her body she backed up to the bathroom to ram herself into the door. As she was halfway to slamming into the door she stopped when she heard a speaker go off.

Ha. Hahaha. Was this a joke? Did her father sign her up for a training military ground? Was this all it was? No, hold on, she couldn't afford to lose herself here. Taking a seat on the bed she began to think about everything that was going on. First, the crew. They seemed a bit off when they were dinning they likely knew this would happen so they were enemy number one but their expressions weren't right for something like this. If it was real. So perhaps there was someone else pulling the strings. Second, where did the other passengers go, like her father and brother? Were they pushed off the ship? Did they board another ship? Were they hiding somewhere on the ship? Are they hostages? Well, wherever they were she hoped they were safe. Cameras and speakers dotted her room something she should have noticed earlier but was too drowsy to see. Was she drugged? Every single guest seemed to be at the restaurant so the possibility of being drugged would make sense. It would also explain why she didn't notice anyone leaving the room. And finally, what was the end result of the game? How was one supposed to make it off? The way it was explained didn't explain anything only that she had to fight. Did she need to be the last one left? Did she need to kill a certain number of players before moving on? Speaking of players how many people were on this ship with her? She needed to know more but staying in this room wouldn't answer her questions. She had to leave but she needed to be careful about what she did and who she ran into. Judging by the cries from outside some people were excited.

Walking over to her dresser she quickly changed into a pair of black cargo pants and a black tank top. Her black tactical boots blended well with the rest of her outfit. The silver dog tags of her father, grandfather, and hers remained on her neck. Who knows, if she dies and her body is found at least they have a way to identify her. Heading over to the bathroom she grabbed some dental floss, a plastic toothbrush, and a half-empty thing of toothpaste. She placed all three items in one of the many pockets she had on her pants. These items might come in handy at some point, especially for personal hygiene. Two small tubes of shampoo and conditioner were placed in the shower and she decided to take them as well since you never know. Before leaving the bathroom she drank some water from the faucet and looked at herself one last time in the mirror. She could break it and take some of the shards but she would get injured. Was it worth it? Yes, yes it is. Going into the other room she picked up her lamp and slammed it into the mirror sending shards everywhere. The lamp was surprisingly alright. Even though it would be a pain to lug this around it would probably be best to keep it on her. Grabbing a few of the largest shards (only 3 and a small one) she pocketed them in one of her pockets and grabbed the roll of toilet paper. Small drops of blood began to form at her fingertips which she quickly wrapped up in toilet paper. She wasn't about to take the whole roll with her so once she finished her hand she wrapped around half of the toilet paper around her hand forming her own roll and pocketed that. This was as prepared as she was going to be.

Fully prepared now she headed for the door, it was open. Taking one of the shards from her pocket she placed it outside to view her surroundings. No one was in sight so either everyone left or everyone was preparing themselves. The most important thing to do right now was to go where the food and water were. He who controls the food controls the people but that wasn't her intention. Sure, it would be nice to hoard the food all to herself but soon that place would be swarming with people each trying to get their fill. The important thing to do right now would be to go there fast, pocket a bunch of food and water then flee from there as fast as possible. Living on rations and conserving food was something she was used too so she was sure she could last a while without eating but water was a necessity. Once she was sure no one was around she pocketed the mirror shard and headed out. It was hot and her black clothing was doing nothing for her. Sunscreen was also a necessity right now but first comes food. If only this was at night. It would be a lot easier for her to sneak around then. Oh well, first food, then hide, then come back out at night. She knew where the dining hall was and the kitchen was sure to be close along with the food storage. She needed to take the fastest and safest way there. Who knows what everyone else had. Use all the training you know and get there unscathed, that was the plan.
> Fighting At Sea - Literate - Roleplay < September 8, 2020 07:22 PM

Spring Spark
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Quinn Ostar | Female | Copper wire | 19 | Mentions: None

Quinn wasn't someone who sleeps lightly, but there was no way she could've slept through this: her room was almost like how she found it, all of her friends were gone, it was just her and only her in the room. Though maybe she just came here alone, she could've sworn that she came here with her friends, she even remembers them claiming their beds. Quinn thought closely about these facts as the soothing feeling of cold water ran down her back, last night. Her thoughts snapped towards last night, she remembers distinctly that the looks of something were in the crew's eyes, she always wondered what they were trying to say.

As she stepped out of her shower, she ran her fingers through her knotted hair trying to forget about it and just let the day unravel. Grabbing her towel she started to dry off, a voice suddenly announced in a creepily cheery voice, "Alright passengers. You have each been separated to your own, personal rooms. Grab the item in the middle of your room and head for the doorway. It will soon open to let you out. And good luck. As of now, you are fighting for your life and a way off this boat."

Walking towards her suitcase, she swiftly changed into a loose-fitting blouse and a greyish blue sweatpants, she quickly snatched her jacket just in-case the night got cold and she can use it as a blanket of some kind. Her face was blank as she picked up her metal wire, by the looks of it the metal was copper maybe a 33mm whatever it was she quickly pocketed the wire. Quinn spotted her dark grey scarf that could be used for either a bandage or storage, she stuffed the large grey scarf into her pocket striding forwards, she took a glance back at the peaceful room it would be the last time she would see something peaceful.

> Fighting At Sea - Literate - Roleplay < September 9, 2020 02:50 AM

Half Dead
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Amber O'Konnel | 17 | Female | Pillow | M: None
As the boat swayed and rocked beneathe her, Amber slowly woke from her heavy, dreamless sleep in one of the beds of her family's cabin. It took her a while to gather her scattered thoughts, and she panicked for a moment, as she couldn't remember where she was. Oh right, She thought. I'm on a cruise with my family. I'm in my cabin. All's good. She began to get up, reaching for the lamp beside her bed. It flickered on, revealing the empty room around her. Her eyes widened when she saw no sign her family had been there. All their suitcases had gone, not a single crease on their beds, no dent of the soft chair her father had sat on yesterday evening.

Taking some deep breaths, she centered herself, forcing herself to stay calm, she looked around the room for anything useful. As she was rummaging through empty drawers, a loud tannoy came from the speakers throughout the boat. There were others on the boat... and they were supposed to kill everyone else. A shuddering breath came from Amber, maybe in fear, maybe from shock. Her eyes flicked breifly to the door. A small click could be heard. Either she'd been locked in and now it was open, or someone had justed locked it. She tiptoed to the door silently, just like she used to when she went out hunting with her father. crouching down to see if anyone was there, she relaxed a little when she saw no shadow or shoes. Jumping back up, she looked around once more to see if there was anything she could use, and her eyes fell upon the fluffy pillow she was resting on moments ago. She stepped back over to it, picking it up and seeing if it could protect her against a weapon. Deciding it would be useful, she headed back to the door, opening it cautiously and peering round to see if anyone was nearby. Seeing no one, she stepped round the door and closed it quietly behind her.
Her mind immediately went to food and water. Going down the corridor, she followed her nose, being able to smell the delicious scents of warm food nearby. Hopefully, she could get back before someone saw her and decided to kill her before she could hide. As she was nearing the end of the corridor, she heard the floorboards creak a little way off from her. She froze, before checking round the corner and dashing behind it, looking round carefully to see who was there.
> Fighting At Sea - Literate - Roleplay < September 10, 2020 04:07 PM

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Avery Fletcher

24 | Non-Binary | Pansexual | Flashlight | M: Irene

They scowled irritably. Yeah sure their family hated them, but leaving them alone? On a fancy cruise? That housed more than a hundred people? At least half of these folks had to have killed someone. Right? Yeah probably. Avery rolled their eyes and turned around to see a large flashlight perched on a wooden bedside table, gleaming. Experimentally, they snatched it and tossed the flashlight in the air. It landed in their hands silently, a slight slap of flesh being the only sound. They grinned and pocketed the thing alongside 4 more batteries. Avery made sure it was off. They had no idea how long they would need it. They looked around and didn't find anything useful. They started for the door, then heard a loud crash. Like glass. Avery's eyes snapped towards the bathroom knowingly. They inched towards it eagerly, almost dodging invisible lasers and darting around, expecting a ghost or something to pop out and stab them. They looked like a maniac, jumping at everything and hopping from foot to foot, even with the bathroom practically a hop away. They leapt in onto the tile floor and promptly slipped, banging their head on the counter and grumbling. Idiot. They washed their hands and grabbed a box of contacts. Avery snagged a bag from the closet behind them and started shoving their contacts, glasses case with the glasses, and other necessities. Toilet paper was tossed in as well. Avery looked at the mirror. Should they? Another person had done it as well. Well, from the sounds of it anyways.

A whoop and holler echoed nearby, the sound of crashing broadcasting along the hall. Avery winces and almost cranes their neck to peer and stare, until the sound of screeching is heard. They jump back, heart beating frantically. A snicker and the sound of a high five bangs into their ears. More sounds similiar to the first make their way into the ears of everyone. Death everywhere. Chaos splattered. Blood dripping. Avery turned back towards the mirror and grasped the flashlight. Here goes... They brought down the flashlight, slamming it into the mirror. As soon as it made contact Avery turned away and hid in their own arms. Nothing. Only the sound of the flashlight. They peeked out of their arms to glance at the mirror. Just a large crack spiderwebbed down the large thing. Avery slammed the flashlight into it again. Nope. More noise. They gripped the handle of it and hit the mirror again, slight annoyance hitting Avery sharply. The crack looked as if it were growing. Then the entire mirror snapped. Glass shards rained down and Avery ducked immediately, catching a shard on the face. They winced and felt their cheek. Blood was dripping from the wound, oozing out.

Avery ripped a toilet paper square out and pressed it against the wound. They regretted trying to get the glass shards. Avery took another square of the thin paper and grasped a shard. It was long and sharp, dotted with drops of blood from Avery's hand. They put that into the bag, covered and wrapped with paper and a face towel. A careful scan around the bathroom showed nothing. Except a toilet, but Avery didn't really trust it. At all. They stepped out of the stupid bathroom filled with blood-stained glass shards and blood itself.

They trotted into the room and steeled themself. It was nerf or nothing- Nope. Now or never right? Yeah. Geez, their brother was so annoying when it came to stupid things like that. Avery walked out and immediately spotted someone. They whipped out their glass shard protectively, leaning against the wall by their door cautiously. "Who are you?" Their voice was bland. Avery noticed it was a female.

> Fighting At Sea - Literate - Roleplay < September 10, 2020 05:01 PM

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Irene Cardel/21/Female/Lamp/Mentions: Avery

Chaos spread around the girl and she did everything in her power to avoid it. All the noise and howling reminded her of the time she spent on the training base. She could hear it all so vividly, the hard, heavy breathing of her sparring partner, dirt and mud covering both their bodies. His face screamed with annoyance and shame but she couldn't blame him. Losing to a girl half your size was sure to be embarrasing. The man was obsessed with being strong but lacked the will and resolve to fight with his life, that's why he lost. Well, that and because he was much less experienced then Irene. Who would have guessed that all of her father's insistent training would have paid off? Ah, her father's smug face was so vivid to see even if he wasn't here now. What kind of face would he have at seeing his daughter now? All his training prepared her for something like this he sure must be proud of himself right now, whever he is.

Footsteps from behind alerted her that someone was closing in. This wasn't the time to reminise about the past! Judging by the scent of blood that mingled in with the salty air it was clear the game had begun. What animals. Sure, the woman did say to fight for our lives but she never explained why or how to escape. The logical thing to do would have been to group up and retaliate but what they say about human's are true. They'll return to violence in an instant when given the chance. Still, any adult would have probably thought rationally about this so why is the smell of blood so thick? Were their children mixed in with the other guests? Children wouldn't act rationally so it's a possibility but what kind of siko would let children fight!? No, now isn't the time for that. As the footsteps got closer she quickly turned to a door and entered. Her body wouldn't be enough to block the people so she dragged the matress off the bed and pushed it against the door. It wouldn't do mucch but at least she would have time to prepare herself ifthey do enter. Normally she would never corner herself like this and she would have at least check the room before entering but she didn't have time and had no where else to go. Well, she had some time to kill so she might as well look around the room.

Nothing. How could there be nothing in a room!? Yeah, there was the matresses and bed frames along with the other furnitures but there wasn't anything else! Was this room already looted? Was this room never open to begin with? Grrr, someone explain the fucking rules to this game!! What was the goal? How does one win? Great, she was starting to lose her self to the stress and anger of not knowing what to do. A soldier needs composure and a clear mind to figure out the mission. That's right, this was a mission! She just needed to complete the mission and then she'll be able to go home. Ha. Haha. Who was she kidding? Without a clear idea on what to do this whole situation was pointless. All she could do was survive.

Once she was sure the footsteps were gone she creaked open the door and took a peak outside. No one was around but the smell of blood was thick and heavy. People were sure having their fun. In a fit of childessh anger she grabbed the matress and threw it over board. Perhaps anyone thrown over could find it and wait, no, ok it sinks so there goes that idea. Oh well, the likely hood of anyone even finding it was slim. After throwing the matress and relieving a bit of stress she turned to one of the camers with a wicked grin. "Hi there, I assume you can hear since what psycho wouldn't want to hear the lullaby of death? Anyway, your announcer is shit at explaining things so I'd appreciate a better explanation on how you win this fun little game of yours. If I don't know how to play I can't throw a good show for you now can I?" Ugh, every word out of her mouth felt like bile as it left. Such words were disgusting, not fitting of a soldier. What's more she probably pissed off the people in charge which was never a good idea but who cares? Like they'd be able to do something about it.

Someone was behind her. Turning her head swifty to her side she stared at the figure with an improper stance and a shard in their hand. So she wasn't the only one who thought to break the mirror for a proper weapon? Hmm, this person seemed older but not much of a threat. Irene was probably the stronger of the two but appearances can be misleading. Let's see, the way their holding the shard shows that they lack a better tool. Their protetecing their back which is a good sign, their cautious of someone sneaking up. They didn't seem scared which was a bit offputting. Normally when you see someone in a situation like this the best thing to do would sneak up from behind and slit their throat no questions asked. They were inexperienced. It would be best to be weary in a situation like this but Irene had nothing to fear here. "My legal name is Irena Cardel but I prefer the name Irene. I work for the U.S. Army as a soldier. I have my tag on me if you need proof but I won't allow you to come within a five foot radius unless I know I can trust you. If you come at me with the intent to kill or harm me know that I will come at you the same. I have answered your question now you answer mine. I don't have any need for your name or who you are. I just need to know if I can trust you. If not, let's leave and not face each other again." It wouldn't be a good idea to show the person that she had mirror shards as well so instead she tightened her grip around the lamp in her hand.

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