Shepherds Rule
05:40:33 Shep
Im at work so horrible. My double shift is about to end though
Little Evergreen
05:40:25 Your Bread Lord
-WP Click-

Let's pray she got her mama's talent cause I want more albino babies <3
Little Evergreen
05:31:37 Your Bread Lord
I literally just woke up.
05:24:32 Marcy
how are yall doing today
Destinations End
05:21:03 Desti, Coy, Coydog
04:50:39 Marcy
04:35:12 AutumnPillows
hey chat how is everyone?
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:29:54 The Bone Collector
Its 5:30 in the morning and 'm off to bed.
Cypress Road
04:24:21 Thanksgiving, Love
Hello chat
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:14:03 The Bone Collector
He's such a WIP. I started him few moths ago and the progress is sad.
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:08:09 The Bone Collector
I work fast food. I own a pair of Timberland Steeltoes.
04:07:49 Heli the Chat Ghost
Will do :) I'm going to head out for the night. Take care everyone!

@Silver - I hope you got something nice from your geodes!
04:07:10 Heli the Chat Ghost
@Zodiac - can't be nursing if you're wearing Timberlands... some sort of a warehouse? manufacturing? I used to have to wear steel toe shoes for 12hr shifts 5 days a week. it SUCKED. I quit that job after about 4 months. The money wasn't worth not being able to do anything on my days off because I couldn't walk
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:07:03 The Bone Collector
Send me a link if you do.
04:05:14 Heli the Chat Ghost
*considers making a crime(show/podcast/book) lovers alliance* I'll think on it some more and maybe make a poll for it later
04:05:12 Heli the Chat Ghost
*considers making a crime(show/podcast/book) lovers alliance* I'll think on it some more and maybe make a poll for it later
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:04:17 The Bone Collector
That stinks. I wear Timberlands. They have built in anti fatigue insoles that are a major help. But i went 4pm to about 2 this morning non stop with no break and went 12 hours yesterday non stop.
04:01:31 Heli the Chat Ghost
@Silver - Good luck!

@Zodiac - I also have problems with my feet. I finally found a shoe store that has people who are trained to check your gait and stuff as you're trying on shoes. My new shoes help a lot but I still need custom orthotics which are gonna cost me ~$400 cause my insurance doesn't want to cover them.
Silver Dawn
03:59:57 Canis Aurora
wish me luck
Wolves of the Zodiac
03:59:35 The Bone Collector
its my feet.


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Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open September 9, 2020 10:39 AM

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Broken/4 Years/Lone Mare/Mentions: Vancouver

"Yes, I did actually" Broken said, smirking slightly before she shrugged. "As much as a curious mare would hang around a herd, you should go say hi to them, I bet they'll give you a warmer welcome," She said, her tone slightly taunting as she gave the stallion a way out, guessing he had other things to do.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open September 9, 2020 06:40 PM

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Whisper// 4// lieutenant stallion// M: Adder, Aureli (ind), Niabi (ind)

Seeing how Adder watched Aureli and Niabi nuzzle caused Whisper to glance away quickly. He gritted his teeth and swished his tail, annoyed at Aureli for constantly capturing the mares' attention. Whisper thought himself worthy. He believed he was hansome, kind, and willing to devote himself to a mare. He shook his damp mane, ignoring the feelings of jealousy. He didn't even know if she had been looking at Aureli, perhaps she was simpy admiring their love.

Whisper pawed at the ground, attempting to come up with a conversation to start with the beautiful mare. In a half-hearted attempt, he said, "So, rough weather, isn't it? I can't wait until we're moving on from this island."

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open September 9, 2020 09:04 PM

Former Pack
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|| 3yrs || Leuitenet Mare || M: Stryder
"Just some loners trying to put us into cardiac arrest." The large stallion said. She noticed him set his jaw in frustration. Adya glanced back at the treeline. She saw the large pile of sticks, who would do something like that? As she was about to ask something, and elder stallion bellowed his complaint. The mare pitied the old stallion. It was rough enough for him at his age, and being blind? That just made things all the more troublesome. After Stryder answered his question. She added, "Is there anything you need me to do?" asking quietly she shivered a little. The rain was colder than normal. Or maybe her fur wasn't as thick as what it once was.
(Sorry its so short)

Edited at September 9, 2020 09:05 PM by Red River Hollow

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